Scam Letter(s) from Juliana Baiden to Steve (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi Honey,

I am just coming from work and great was my joy when i check up my email and find your reply..I am very happy to read from you and am glad you accept my apologaize...I hope you are taking very good care of your self for me and hope everything is moving on well with you..I hope you had a nice day at work...Well honey just go to any western union office and ask them you want to send me..I remember you sent me money throuugh westerin union sometime ago..So you can go to the western union office and ask to send me to me ok..Well here is my address you will need to send the money to me..Name Juliana Baiden,P.O Box,744 NB,Accra Ghana,West africa.Zip code 00233..Let me know when you send me the money and email with me the inform i will need to go and pick up the money ok.....Here are some pictures of me hope you will like them...I miss you so much and i can't wait to be with you...I love you so much Steve..Well let to go off you now to cook dinner will check my email later and write you back when i am going to sleep ok...Take care and have a nice day...

Love You,




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