Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Zhurov to Domenic (Malta)

Letter 1
My dear Domenic.
I am madly happy to see your letter, your letters are always filled by huge love to me which heats my heart.
I cannot wait that moment when I will be with you my darling!
Today, as I promised, I went to a travel agency and learnt about my possible trip to you.
In the travel agency explained to me that the easiest way to our meeting is a tourist visa!
With a tourist visa I can stay in your country within 3 months.
Visa will be processed within 12-16 days.
I was surprised that everything will be done so easily and so quickly.
But then I learnt about the cost of a visa.
In addition to a visa, I will need some documents:

1 Visa - 95 euro
2 Passport for travel abroad - 115 euro
3 medical examination and inquiries - 125 euro
4 insurance - 215 euro
The total cost - 550 euro.

My darling is very big money for me!!
But I hope that you be able help me with organisation of our meeting.
Without your help I can not come to you!
My dear, now everything depends on you, but if my costs will be expensive for you of course I'll understand you.
I want to tell you that you are very important to me and I very much want our meeting.
And I hope that our meeting will take place soon.
I am confident that our meeting will change our lives for the better.
And this step is very serious for both of us!
I with impatience will wait for your letter.

Your Karina!
Letter 2
Hello my dear Domenic!

I am very glad to see your letter and I am happy that you agree with my thoughts about our meeting.
This is indeed a very serious step for us.
Our relations are developing very rapidly and it is even a little frightening to me. :)
probably so should begin to really long and strong relationship.
During our conversation, I realized that you're special person for me.
in you a lot of positive qualities that I look for in a man.
We understand each other and we have the same goals.
I hope that I also have the qualities that you seek in a woman.
Of course I still do not know much about you, but now you are well suited for "my ideal man":)
Now just between us are born with real feelings and our meeting will help us understand whether we made for each other.
I think that the thousands of letters can not replace us one meeting. Do you agree with me?

I've never been outside Russia, but I think that it would not be so difficult.
I'll go to a travel agency and find out that I would need to travel to your country.
As soon as I know, I immediately write to you.

I look forward to wait for your answer!

Your Karina!
Letter 3
Hello my sweet Domenic!!!

Are you ok? You even can't imagine what pleasure your letters bring to me. With each your letter we become closer and closer to each other. And I want we to be so close that we could tell each other about our ideas, our secrets. It's very important for me to know that you can listen to me at any moment and support me morally. You know, before our acquaintance I used to ask the God to help me to find a man who will be a true friend for me. I think that you're my man. I see a friend, a lover and a man who respects me. That makes me so happy!Do you feel the same? I hope so! :) I want to be with you. Today I thought about you a lot. So now I can tell you for sure that I have fallen in love with you! Love is such wonderful feeling. It makes me be abore the Earth, be in my dreams! I can't stop thinking of you. My mum tells me that after our acquaintance I began to smile more. My eyes are shining. She says that I have never been so happy before. She's glad to see me like this. I ask you only about one thing. Don't make me disappointed. I want to continue relationship with you very much. You've become a close person for me. I wanted to tell you.... If our serious relationship continues then I will be ready to leave Russia to live with you! Nothing keeps me here except my parents and friends, but I won't be able to live under my parents' wing forever. I spoke to my mum about this situation and she said that she was ready to it. My honey, I have an idea. I hope you will support me with that. I think that even if we write each other for 1, 2, 3 or more months then I suppose we will learn each other for no more than 10-20. I don't want our relationship to develop only by Internet correspondence. I wrote you e-mails on purpose to find a good man for meeting and maybe to create a family. But we can discuss such serious question only on a real meeting. I believe we will clarify this thing together. I want our meeting to be real. I'd like you to treat me as a woman who is worthy and whom you're searching. Probably after some days which we will spend together we will make clear our future and destiny. So we should decide what to do. As for me, I want to meet you. My dear, I say all these words from my heart. I feel that you're my destiny. I am sorry, I didn't answer your questions but I think this topic is more important for us. So please think it over and let me know. ok? Did you think about our meeting in reality by the way? So if you're agree then where and when can we meet? As for me I try to learn about my vacation at work. Ok, I finish here. I miss you! Take care! Forever your Karina.
Letter 4

Hello my honey Domenic!

How are you today? You know I realize that I begin thinking of you more and more. Your letter cheer me up for the whole day. I hope you feel the same. I realize more and more that there's something in common between us. You're unusual. There's something in you (in your style of writing) that attracts me. That's true! I can't explain why but it's like this. I feel that you're are a good person. You're a man of a strong character. You takes care of me like my father. One day I told myself that I'll marry a man like my dad. I saw and followed how he cared about us. We were always in safety. My mum repeated this all the time. Well, it's not fair to compare people but I really like your features. You're a man who I was looking for, during a lot of time. Finally I managed it! =) Actually I want to ask you. Do you think that our characters suit each other? From my point of view you have all the features which I respect in a man. I understand that I need only you! Today I had a dream. I saw you in my dream. Imagine. We're sitting on the beach. There is noone except us. The sun is setting. We are drinking a red wine. You're taking my hand and beginning to hug me. I feel your smell and my hand is going round. That's an unreadable harmony. We keep silence and can understand each other by our eyes without words. We're beginning to kiss each other and at this very moment I hear the sound of my alarm-clock. I was ready to throw this alarm-clock. =) But I woke up with a good thought about you. That's great. So I feel something towards you. And now I want to know if you feel something too. I want to have reciprocity from you. It's very important for me. Well, in this letter I told you everything what I feel. I suppose if we were speaking on phone, I wouldn't tell you all these things. But in the letter I could put down everything. Please write me your thoughts. Now I have to go...

I kiss you! Karina.
Letter 5
Hello dear Domenic!!!

Again your letter makes me feel happy! Every your letter let me learn you more and more I hope that my letters also give you a lot of information about me. Yes? I'm so glad that I have met you in my life. I feel that we have something in common. Do you agree? Even the fact that we look for the second half in the Internet makes us closer to each other. My relation to you becomes better and serious. What's a pity that we are far from each other. I'm tired of being alone. But I feel your kindness and care from thousands of km of the distance. Sometimes I come back home after work, I feel disappointed that noone meets me but your letters make me stronger now. Help me to get rid of my loneliness once and for all. I want to tell you: thank you very much. I'm sorry for such an introduction but I want you to know what I feel. You have become a good friend for me. Yesterday I told my mum about you. I explained to her that I met a good man in the Internet. But she treated my news skeptically. I can understand her. She doesn't want me to be deceived by you. She loves me and wishes only good for me. I think that you won't betray me. I'd like to say that it's very important for me to know that people won't let me down. I hate lie, I hate when people tell lies. It's awful. When I understand that a person begins to tell lies I stop communicating with him or her at once. Do you trust in God? As for me I believe that there's someone above us who helps us and makes us stronger. Now I want to tell "him": thank you that I've got acquainted with you in this huge world. I go to church seldom because the atmosphere in Russian churches is very persevering but I believe in "him" inside my heart. So I'm not so religious. What about you? Sometimes it's hard to say all things in a letter even if I want it very much. But I try to be sincere with you. I tell you what feelings I have at this moment. You begin to play a great role in my life. Is it good or bad? =) Today I tried to describe my thoughts directly as much as possible. I told you what is in my mind and I want you to understand me better. I have started to write you not on purpose to have a simple correspondence but on purpose to find a right person for me. I finish here. I'm looking forward to your reply. A sensitive kiss for you.

Forever your Karina.
Letter 6
Hello dear Domenic!!!!

How are you? What are you doing? I begin to think about you every day.
Your letters raise my mood. Thank you. Yesterday I went to the gym. I was tired so much that in the morning it was so hard to leave my bed. Even a hot bath didn't help me. What about you? What did you do yesterday? I also met my friend Tanya. We decided to sit in the cafe. She has some difficulties at work and wanted to consult me. Then we were remembering our childhood. It was quite nice. As you know I was born in the village, in the house where my granny lives now. I don't remember it very well but I can easily imagine my granny's garden with a great amount of flowers. She loves to grow flowers (especially chrysanthemums). At the age of 3 I was taken to the town. My parents took me in the kindergarten. I was a social child. So I didn't have problems with other children. But I didn't like one educator. There were 2 educators in my group. I really adored one of them and my eyes were shining when it was her shift. But when my mum took me to the kindergarten and I saw the other educator I began crying asking to take me home. My mum told me this. So I think I could easily feel people when I was little. May be this woman wasn't so kind though she didn't harm to me. Then I went to school. My teachers were wonderful. They supported every our step. Even now we go to visit them and congratulate on the Teacher's Day. On the whole my childhood was happy. My parents noticed my abilities for dancing and took me to choreography nobby group. I learnt to dance ballet dances. That was an amazing period in my life. I was travelling to many cities with concerts. But on the 9th form I gave up dances because my partner left Silikatny and I couldn't find another one and I didn't have good results at school. So I had to catch up with my class. Now I'm sorry that I couldn't continue these dances. But it's ok. So my childhood was really wonderful. Thanks to my parents of course and friends who are ready to support me any minute. What about you? Can you tell me some words about your childhood? I can say that my childhood helped me to clarify what I need in this life and what I must value and forget.
Ok, I finish here. I was glad to see your letter in my mail-box today.
Have a good day. Kiss you. Karina
Letter 7
Hi dear Domenic!

I'm happy again to get your e-mail. You even can't imagine how happy your letters make me! So I read each of your letters with pleasure. How was your day? What's the weather in your city? As for us, it has been raining all day long. My mood is not so high. But now my mood is better because I have read your letter recently. It is a pity that we live far from each other. But I believe that one day we will find a chance to see each other. Frankly speaking I want to have someone near me who will love me, will take care of me and will respect me. I'm tired of being strong all the time. I want to feel weak and to have a strong man to protect me from everything. I would like to believe that one day this will happen in my life. What are you dreaming of? What is the most valuable in your life? I know that the first place is a family. It's the most important thing in people's life. My mum and dad even not too old. They are rather understandable and modern. They brought me up in kindness and love. They've never raised their hands on me. They managed to find a way to me and brought up an intelligent and hard working person. They did their best to bring me up and to give me a good education. I'm grateful to them for everything. I remember how tired they were both after work but still they come to me and helped with homeworks at school. I will never forget this time. But my parents were not rich. My mum had been working at school for many years. She taught Russian and literature and she adores kids (no matter junior or senior). She often says that she misses children but her job is ill-paid in our country. As you know this profession is not popular. My dad was a military man. He had been working with soldiers. He is used to giving orders (even in the family). But he was a real professional in this affair. Now he occupies with his old car in the garage. :) So my parents worked only for me to give me best things in this life.... They worked so hard and didn't get good salary. It is unjust. As for me I don't want to live like this. I don't want to buy something good from salary to salary. It's not my cup of tea. I want a "real" life. I want to see the world. I don't want to count every cent of my salary. I hope I will archive my aims very soon. After it I will buy a big house for my parents and they will look after a big garden. I want to believe that my dreams will come true! Please tell me something about your parents too. It's interesting for me. Please tell me also about your job in detail. How many hours a day does it take? Do you like it or do you want something better? Ok dear, I have to finish here. I'm looking forward to your reply. A sensitive kiss!
Your, Karina
Letter 8
Hello my friend Domenic!

I'm happy that you answered my letter. How do you feel? How is your mood? As for me I feel wonderful. Today I woke up earlier than usually and the first thought was about you. I thought that I will write you by all means supposing that you have already written a nice letter to me. I was right! Again I have questions for you. :) I really want to know you better and only facts about you will help me in this case. Do you have many friends? Are you communicative? As for me I'm talkative and sociable. I can feel convenient in any company even if I know nobody in a company. I can find ways to have a common language between me and other people. But the Russian proverb says: "Trust but check". So I trust all my secrets only to my mum and to 2 my best friends: Tanya and Olga. Tanya and me are former classmates. We were sitting at one desk since the first form. Can you imagine? :) I forgot to tell you. I was born in the village (50 km from the town). When I was 3 we moved to Yaksatovo. Only my granny decided to stay in the village. She says that she needs fresh air and her favorite garden, where she's ready to work 24 hours without a break, in spite of the fact that she has a high pressure and hard work is forbidden for her. We ask her all the time to move to our flat but she insists on staying in the cottage with her garden. She says that work gives her strength. And she doesn't know what to do if she moves to us. We understand her. So we try to visit her every weekend and to spend as much time as possible with her. Her eyes sparkle when we are all together. My friend Olga is my neighbour. Her flat is above mine. We are together for more than 10 years. She's web-designer. She has a boyfriend from England as I told you before. Tanya is a teacher of English she has a family already: a nice husband and a wonderful kid. His name is Max. He is 4 now. I spend a lot of time with her son because Tanya is busy very often but she doesn't have anybody who can help. She lost her parents when she was 10. The accident... But now she's happy and I'm happy for her. I envy her a little. I also want to create a family and to have a son as Max. He is 4 but he is so clever. He can already read and count. That's unbelievable. Do you like children? Are you going to have a kid? I finish here. Please write some words about the place where you live. Good luck. Sincerely, your Karina
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