Scam letter(s) from Julia to Al (USA)

Letter 1
How are you? I hope, all is good. I wish to get acquainted with you.
I search for serious relations. I hope, you wish to get acquainted too.
OK, I am 28 years old. And I so wish to begin serious relations.
I do not play any games and I wish to create my own family.
I hope, you have the same purposes.
I have received your e-mail in marriage agency. They have told, that you the good man.
I hope, they have not deceived me.
I will wait your answer. Certainly I will tell to you more information on me directly.
Letter 2
Hello Al!
I am glad to receive your letter today. Thanks, that you have written to me. I so am glad, that now we can write and understand each other. It is very important for me! And I hope, you understand me too?
OK, I think, I should tell to you little bit more information on. I hope, it is interesting to you.
My name is Yuliya. I am 28 years old. I hope, my age will not confuse you. The age of the man has no value for me. I still lonely because I could not find the good worthy man here. And I have decided to go to marriage agency that they have helped me to find my love. They have offered me some questionnaires of men, and I have chosen you. I do not know, why I have chosen you, but my heart has prompted to me, that I should write to you. I do not know, where they have received yours e-mail. But it seems, they co-operate with dating sites. I believe, you have been registered on one of dating sites once.
Now about a place where I live. I live in Russia in the city of Moscow. It is capital of Russia and it is the big beautiful city with rich culture. I am assured, that you know about Moscow. I am right? Tell, you were sometime in Russia?
I live here with my mum. My father was lost, when I was the child, and my mum brings up me all life. I am grateful to my mum, I love her very much! I never was married, and I have no children still. I have no brothers or sisters. Tell to me about your family. I wish to know it!
I think, I should tell a little about my education. I have finished university and on a speciality I the economist. Now I work as the bookkeeper in small firm.
Tell to me, you search for serious relations too, or it only game for you? It is important for me because I am afraid, that my heart will be injured. I do not want it! I hope, you will answer my question fairly. I hate a deceit! I think, you too.
Well, I hope to receive your answer soon. If you have questions, ask. I will answer. Certainly I look forward your letter and I wish to see more than your photos if it is possible. I send you my new photos.
Kisses! Yuliya.
Letter 3
Thanks for your letter today! Excuse, that I have not written to you earlier. I had so a lot of work these days! Yesterday I have got tired very much. I have come home late enough, and almost at once have laid down to sleep. Yesterday there was a heavy working day and I could not write to you at all. And today I hurried up in Internet cafe to read your letter again. How your affairs today? I hope, you have good mood.
Al when I receive your letter, my mood improves several times. On my face there is a smile. And consequently I wish to tell to you thanks, that you make me happy. I hope, you feel the same when you receive my letter. It so?
I so am glad, that with each new letter we find out each other better and better. We become closer, I think.
I would like to tell to you about my former relations. I think, it is interesting to you. I had no many men in my life. I wished to begin serious relations only with 1 man, but once he injured my heart, and I could not forgive it to him. He had other woman. It injured me very much! After that I try not to get acquainted with Russian men. And I have decided to find my love in the Internet. I know, that many people get acquainted on the Internet and they are happy. I wish to find my happiness too. And I am madly glad, that now I can write to you.
If you can, tell about your former relations. I would like to know it too.
Also I wish to know more about your work. Tell as there passes your working day?
Now I should finish my letter. I hope to receive your answer soon! Remember, that I look forward each your letter!!! Also I wish to send some more my photos. I hope, they will like you.
Good-bye, my dear Al! Your Yuliya.
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