Letter(s) from Maria to Paul (USA)

Letter 1

Forgive for that I could not write to you. At me it was valid a lot of work. How are you Paul my boy today fine weather! It is dazzling the sun shines. Here warm summer weather. And at midday in city, becomes warmer. Now summer here. It would be desirable to sit in the whole days in water or to lay on coast of any river. Only you are not present near to me. It would be wonderful to spend together all the day on a beach, to bathe together, to sunbathe and drink cold cocktails from exotic fruit, there, where it warmly. Today my uncle together with the family have left to itself home, we all family and relatives to go to see them off on the train. They will go home seven days. I simply to not represent as they will reach a house at this time. In trains at this time it is very stuffy. Tonight I to leave to one of the girlfriends on a summer residence for city. Probably in one hour I to leave but before to leave I to decide to write to you the letter. In fact if I shall not write, you will be upset. I know. And I do not want, that you had bad mood. But the most important, that I feel very badly if not I shall write to you. I read your letters and on soul at me it is warm and bright. And I am sure that in this world there is a man which me to understand, it is very good to concern and perceive to me me as the dear man for him. And I shall answer you with all love and reciprocity. I to catch myself on ideas what very much to want to see you. And this idea does not give me now easy to live. I every instant think of you, I to try to present you to lives. I would like to visit your country, to see as you to live, get acquainted with your friends, relatives. Certainly if you to want it!!?? If you not against? You are a good person, and I know that, we can develop our relations! My dear Paul. If you want it also, as I, we should not waste time! Please, write your airport. I shall find out the information on trip to you. Write to me soon. I shall wait your letter and your good wishes and ideas about our meeting.
With love yours Mariya.

Letter 2

My dear Paul, I to not know how to begin this letter at all. At me very strong shock and I cannot gather.My dear there was awful at us a big misfortune.My brother Dmitry dies. Therefore I to not write to you long time. I with the big horror to recolect, that it was possible to not know also I as you about it to tell. It is very difficult for me to write this letter, I just to come in Internet- cafe from hospital. Paul, I in despair and to not know that to me to do. My mum in despair as. I canot already sleep for a long time, I cannot fall asleep, I was very bad to feel myself. But with me all will be good, important only health of my brother Dmitry. To me informed, that in the palace of culture this evening to pass celebratory actions devoted to evning of graduates of educational institutions. Dmitry has gone in the evening for this holiday. Was already late when he and his friiend Kolya to come back home. Kolya spoke, that to them towards there were four drunk unfamiliar the guy. Whether these guys have asked my brother Dmitry and his friend Kolya there are at them cigarettes.Dmitry and Kolya have told him, that they do not have cigarettes as they do not smoke.After that unfamiliar guys have started to beat very strongly my brother and his friend. When I present, as it was, I would like to cry. They beat for a long time and strongly. Then guys took away a chain from a neck of my brother, and at Kolya took away some money. All this was very awful. It is very difficult for me to write it to you. These guys have left. And after a while casually taking place the man has seen Dmitry and Kolya laying in blood. They were without consciousness. The man to cause the first help and boys have taken away in reanimation. When to me and my mum informed about it, I was in a shock, and my mum has fainted. We threw all and went in hospital. Appeared, that at Kolya a brain concussion, and at my brother Dmitry difficult crisis of a hand and the liver is damaged. Doctors have told, that Kolya has carried and after he has carried out week in hospital, let off him home. He told to us, that happened.My btother Dmitry three days was in without consciousness after that. Us long time did not start up to him. When I have seen Dmitry, I was horrified. Doctors have told, that it is very difficult trauma of a liver. Doctors used the best efforts, but after three operations complications have begun. Now for Dmitry one more operation is urgently necessary. Doctors have told, that they cannot do it at us in city as it is very dificult.It is microsurgical operation. To us have told, that is necessary to go urgently in Saint Petersburg. Only surgeon Saint Petersburg can do such difficult operation on a liver. Most terrible that that Dmitry can die if not to make this operation within 5 or 9 days. When to us today have told it I did not want to live. But I should make everything to help my brother. My dear Paul, I to not know as me to you to address. My dear, your help is necesssary for my family. Dmitry operation within 5 days in Saint Petersburg is necessary. It is very difficult operation and it to cost many money. Its cost is equal $4500. Such operations do not make free-of-charge in Russia. Under the law to my brother as to the student have discounted. But all this equally is very expensive for us. We have urgently sold everything, that could from a house. All my friends and native helped us, than could. We could collect only $3900. Tomorrow to us there will arrive the aunt and will bring still $350 For operation does not suffice us still $250. These are very big money. In Russia it is impossible to find this money for short term. We tried to take the credit in bank, but to us have given up in it. We shall change our apartment for smaller. But for it to leave it is a lot of time. Dmitry urgent operation is necessary. It is impossible to wait. It is necessary to do it as soon as possible. Only in Saint Petersburg to do this operation. Dmitry have not told, that he can die, to him speak, that all is good. But I to think, that he feels it. Today he has asked to me a question. He has asked, Mariya, I shall die? I have not begun to cry nearly, but have restrained. I have told, that all will be good also he will be fast to run along the street, as well as all boys. I cannot look, how to him it is bad. He needs to be strong. Paul please I ask you to help my brother. We shall return to you this money as soon as to sell an apartment. It only a matter of time. But time at Dmitry is not present and it will not be possible. I have nobody to expect except for as for you. You unique who can help us. I would give the health if only my brother was healthy. And why these villains could not ask simply that that is necessary for them. If my brother to know as all will be wrapped up, he to give them all. I to not understand their cruelty. Unless they not know about consequences of that that could to be. My brother and his friend to not make to anybody anything bad. Why all so is awful. Why people such severe to each other. Paul so you to not suffice me during this moment. Please have gone to me about this money in the near future if you can. It is very inconvenient for me to ask you them. I to ask you to understand me. If you will help, anybody never will overlook your kind act. I hope, that once you can see my family when Dmitry it will be healthy. I ask the god that all was good. I never to lose hope. I to trust in you and in a miracle. I to trust,that my brother will be healthy. Wtite to me as soon as possible. Each hour of delay can influence condition Dmitry badly.
Your Mariya.