Letter(s) from Vivian Tony to Shawn (USA)

Letter 1

I want the money secured under your care pending my coming to meet and stay with you in your country or any country were the money will be invested. i do not have international passport nor can i afford air ticket and visa.My plan is that as soon as the money is transfered to your account,you can come here and pick me with you or you sent me some money from it to get my traveling papers to come overthere,ok.According to my late father,this money was deposited in finance house for security purposes only and not for business,that is the reason the money was not been adding any interest since it was deposited.They called it bond or fixed deposit.

I must thanks you once again, as you render me of this assistance because this money is all my life and i need you on my side in doing this transaction due to i see you as a man of vision,trust worthy and reliable responsible man for me to expose my full life to and PLEASE all i need from you is your CONTACTS INFORMATIONS AS TO GIVE YOU THIS FINANCE HOUSE CONTACTS FOR THIS TRANSACTION TO BE TRANSFER.ie your phone number,home address which you have giving me, and any other informations concerning you even your photos is also needed including fax if you have it ok.and here is that Rev phone number so that you can reach me through there if you can like to call me 002215275550 00221 is the code ok.

My Best Regard,
Yours In Love,
Miss Angela.