Letter(s) from Zoya Rybakova to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1

My dear I am now at work I have a lot of work, I napimshu you a letter in the evening and send you my pictures I look to you more of the photos I want to admire you, always your friend Marina

Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Jake!
My name Marina, Im 29 years old, I am blonde with blue eyes. I cheerful and sociable, all was interesting to me in a life, I want to look all world, I want to know all!
I work in the big shop, I am manager. I answer for deliveries of the goods, for good assortment in shop, therefore I frequently go in other cities. I like to spend time with the good company, to like me dialogue, I love something new in a life, to me to like to learn people! I have many friends, but I do not have favourite person with whom I want to spend all time, to give him the love and tenderness. I want serious relations, I want the true feelings that it was mutual! I hope, that at you and we can understand the same ideas each other!
Still I like to travel! I have visited many cities in Russia, to like me it! And the last summer I went to Crimea for 1 week. I never was on the sea, therefore very much it was pleasant to me! The sea, the sun, palm trees, sand - so is romantic! I went with the girlfriend, she has met there the good person, they till now together and are very happy!
Write to me about yourself, that you like, what your interests, your plans. All is interesting to me! I shall wait very much!
Take care!

Letter 3

Hi dear friend, Jake! At this past weekend I was at a birthday party of his friends, I'll send photos of their homes. How are things with what's new my feelings for you are constantly increasing, I expect your reciprocity, I'm very much miss all my thoughts of you and our joint vacation. To communicate mnya cherz Internet PC's strange that something is not clear if the new you something do not understand you telling me Ok?! I want to communicate with you in reality in real time, you know English is not my own, my native language is Russian, I Gauvreau better than I write, I feel better to talk to you over the phone or via skype! I send you many sweet as honey kisses and burning, the most passionate embrace wholeheartedly and sincerely your friend Marina, I am waiting for your soon reply, send me some mutual kissing and hugging!

Letter 4

Hello my lovely Jake, I am very glad to receive your letters! To me has carried in a life, that we have met! I with impatience wait for your letters, I think of you frequently, I would like to be with you not only in dreams! You feel similar?
To like me our dialogue, but we should not only write letters and communicate through the Internet, I want to hear your voice and to feel you in a reality (even by phone!). How you think? It seems to me, that it is better for us. Therefore I wait for your bell or messages on my mobile phone, my number +79877145164 I want to speak with you about us, our relations, our plans for the future! I want that we have soon met and have spent together. It is better, than to communicate through the Internet, we shall understand character each other faster and we shall see to like us to be together whether or not. I do not like to write long the letter on anything, the whole months to plan on the future, to like me real dialogue. If you think as we have found each other and soon we shall together and we shall be happy!
I shall miss you, I wait for your letters and bells!
Many sweet kisses for you!
Your Marina.

Letter 5

Hello dear Jake! I am very glad to meet you, I want us to communicate with you often, always in my great interest to you, I expect reciprocity! I work in a large shopping center sales manager, I am very tired, I have a lot of work, on vacation, I dreamed of a year, I want to quickly come to rest, do you understand my feelings! In free time I like to go relax in the sauna, I like to play tennis, but you love tennis? We have now is very hot weather, about 35-40 degrees, I often go to swim in the river or lake, and the weather with you? You know my native language is Russian, I speak better than I write, it would be easier to talk to you on the phone, internet for me strange communion I want to talk to you in reality, call me I miss you I am sad to be one of my dream to be happy in the arms of love! I send you many sweet kisses and hugs burning your friend Marina, I'm waiting for a response such as kissing and hugging all waiting for your early reply!

Letter 6

Hello lovely Jake! How your affairs? Why you do not call to me and do not write? I think of you constantly! I suffer about you! At you all is good? You're probably busy with their own affairs? I hope that you will soon solve all problems and will write to me! I very much wait for it! I every day dream of you and I build plans for our happy future! I shall tell to you about them, I think, that to you to like!
Write to me even one line that I could sleep easy :-) Ok?
Many kisses for you!
Your Marina.

Letter 7

My darling, I gave you my phone number call me I want to know you like me if so call me I want to communicate with you in reality, do you understand me your friend Marina!

Letter 8

Hello my pleasure Jon! Really you my pleasure because you have made me happy! I for a long time searched for such person as you! I am very happy today because you are at me! I am ready on all for the sake of our happiness!
Today I went to agency, there to me have told about trip to you as as it is necessary to make and issue. I have given documents on registration of the visa and the order of tickets. I shall take off for USA from Moscow, and to Moscow I shall come by train from my city. I shall write to you as soon as I will have news about my trip. I hope, that official registration of papers will not borrow a lot of time.
I cannot wait this day when you will meet me! I am very happy, I feel perfectly! You the best the man, me have carried! I very much am grateful to you, that you have invited me to yourself to spend together! I am tired to be one and I want to have a rest pleasantly. We shall walk, have fun, enjoy the friend the friend, we shall be very happy! For me it will be the first trip abroad, and it for a long time to me will be remembered, I do not doubt!
I hope that you too are very glad. I wait for your answer very soon! I would like, that at us with you all was magnificent!
Many gentle kisses and warm embraces for you!
Your Marina.

Letter 9

I'm waiting on you I want you to understand why you're so not decisive in what you have

I do not trust you because you're not calling me understand my feelings, I do not want to spend time with you I'm waiting for your determination, I love when a man determined Ok!

Letter 10

Hello lovely Jake, I wish that you and I were all seriously, how do you want me to call you, something you replay, I'm waiting for your determination, if you want a serious relationship so do not joke Ok! All my ideas about you and about our happy appointment, I want to receive the sea of pleasure about our joint rest, I want to see your city, I want that you have shown me the favourite places, the most romantic, to me wants to try your culinary kitchen, what your favourite dishes, I dream to dance with you to listen to pleasant music when I think of it to me to become well on soul!! Lovely at you all is normal why do not call, I want that you today have called me urgently, I on you very strongly miss!! I think of our first kiss and the first embraces I want to feel all this more quickly all in love for ever Marina!! I happy that we have found each other I want to be with you always, constantly, I want that we with you in attitudes always had big mutual love, it is my biggest dream!!

Letter 11

Hello lovely Jake at me all is normal, as your affairs, with my preparation for travel all well I want to be with you always to me called from agency of travel tomorrow I there will be all find out, lovely at me all is ready I can to take off to you, lovely write the detailed address, the most nearest airport in which you me you can arrive to meet, all phones on which we can communicate without problems when there will be our meeting, I is very happy that has found you I dream to see you in the near future, I want to receive the sea of pleasure from our joint rest!! I send you much the most sweet as honey of kisses and burning, most passionate embraces I shall be happy what to kiss you I want to test all passion of our first kiss your in love Marina!!

Letter 12

Hi my lovely Jake, I miss you I want our conversation, I now for my company in another city, I decide the question of supplying the goods, my work mobile number in this city +79628827217 I am waiting for your call, I am sad without you all my thinking about you and about our meeting I want to quickly relax with you! I am sending you a lot sweet as honey kisses and burning the most passionate embrace your Marina I expect mutual kisses and hugs from the heart and with all my heart!