Scam Letter(s) from Anna Johnson to Jim (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello JB here are the informations and i hope that u keep in mind that it is the photo ID of my Muslim friend.

Name:Aisha Iddrisu
Zip Code:00233
Question:Best colour
hope to hear from u soon

Letter 2

Hello JB i will be very glad if u will send me the money rather to the present cos i will love to get something special with the money.....i will be sending u the information so that u can send the money...and remember i will be using my ID cos u well know i am not a citizen over here.....

Letter 3

Hello Jb,i will be very glad to receive any amount of money from u and i will like to tell u that since i am not a Ghanaian i will not be able to use my own ID and so i will get an ID of my friend and then we use that one....pls e-mail me when u think u can send the money.

Letter 4

Hello JB i have sent to u some of my pics and i hope that u love them...And anyway i would love to have anything that u are ready to offer me as a birthday present....From me Anna...Byee.....



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