Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Starigiana to Steve (England)

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Letter 1

Hello nazca2010!
Your body is so fit!
I have a large collection of big bright photos!
And maybe we will create a mutual gallery of our photos together in future?...
Ok, I have carefully looked through your profile. You are married?
I like what you write in your profile!
Honey! Your age is my favorite one! I don't like men who are younger than me and even those who have the same age as I do! I am sure that a man should be elder than a woman. With years men get much more of life experience and have already reached something in their lives.
They are much more considerate... You agree with me, my dear?
And also...You are possibly wondering why my profile is hidden on this site?
I decided to choose a good man for me by myself and that's why I closed my profile.
I hope for your answer...

Letter 2

Hello Steve!
Thanks a lot for your answer. I'm very glad to get your letter.
It is very pleasant for me that you are watching baby...i see a noble behavior in you ! Probably you have very good parents? You are a real gentleman, my sweet, and it is so pleasant for me to hear your wonderful compliments! If i were with you now, i would kiss you ! you really deserve this kiss! Honey! I am ending you my air kiss and hope you catch it!
My kiss will be flying over the seas, woods and will tenderly lay down on your you feel its warmth, my baby?...i would like it to be very pleasant for you....
Steve, and now I would like to tell you more about myself!
Iam looking for a serious relationship! I've never been married.
In Ukraine there are a lot of man, but they don't respect our women.
Maybe because we have a large choice of beautiful women I want the man who would be tender and respectful to me. I will pay him back with the same reaction.
I am a tender woman, you know, If I fall in love, I would do everything for my beloved, and of course will please him.
And also... Speaking about my character I can say that I'm friendly,I never let my friends down.I'm kind, honest, fond of children and animals.
As for my hobbies, my sweet, I like cycling, reading books,magazines,cooking, watching films(my favorite types are thrillers and romantic comedies).
I wait for your answer, my baby...

Letter 3

Hello Steve!
With it to eat interestingly and in detail. Thanks.
I hate lie and betrayal!!! I am going to have sincere and serious relations with you only!!!
I hope that you will be sincere and fair with me too!!!
Steve! I have sent you 3 photos of beautiful women's faces. I would like you to choose a friend for yourself among these 3 photos, maybe your future wife? Which photos do you like the most? Choose! I am waiting !
who would you like to live your whole life with, who would you be able to love? Which face would you like to kiss every morning when waking up and whose lips would you like to touch when going to sleep...?
These 3 women have tender lips...these lips could bring you lots of happiness...lips of these 3 women dream about finding a good man for long photos do you prefer? choose, and then read further! i am waiting...
It was a joke All 3 photos are mine. I would be happy if you have chosen at least one of them. It means you liked me and we will be good friends, passionate lovers and maybe even more !...i close my eyes and imagine....imagine how i am kissing you feel my tender kiss?...

Letter 4

Hello Steve!
I have sent you pictures of these 3 different ladies for a means that I have to receive warmth and care from you for all these 3 ladies to have you have enough forces for 3 women who adore being loved and cared about?
All these 3 ladies in my one face are waiting for a meeting with you with of them likes slow caress and long kisses...
the second one enjoys playing different love games, and the third one has read a lot of magazines about sex and dreams about taking a lot of experiments of love making on you!
Btw, all these 3 ladies do not only enjoy receiving love, but also like making their beloved man happy! They are very giving!
A lot of passionate ladies are living inside me. I wanted to share 5 or 6 pictures of them with you, but unfortunately this site allowed me to share 3 only...
Steve! You are probably scared already and want to hide from me?
Don't worry, I am not a harem in one face...and i realize that it will be very hard to make love to each other all days long. We will need to make short breaks for dinners and a little bit of sleep...ha-ha ?)))))
And here appears to be a question! Will you be able to gift so much love and caress and will you be able to cope with love and caress from 3 ladies at once? least of 2 of them..because I don't want to have a small love...
Well, I think I am too sincere with you...maybe I scared you and you are not reading my letter already even?!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..
Your Elena and Elena2 and Elena3 ...

Letter 5

Steve, possibly you are my man and boyfriend!!!
You should propose me your address first! It will be very interetsing for me to exchange my thoughts and pictures with you. If you are intereste din me...
You didn't write your message till the end or it was cut?
Steve! As soon as i have your e-mail address, i will show you lots of my photos!!! you would like to ask me now why i need this...i like you very much and i would like to be attractive for you too !!!i want you to fall in love with me ! i am a very good woman...for home and love...just, i haven't been lucky before, unfortunately...( i hope to receive a long-waiting happiness....
i am sure you and me deserve it!



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