Letter(s) from Victoria Kazaeva to Brian (UK)

Letter 1

Hello. I'm glad you let me, email on Russianeuro.
I am very glad that you manifest the desire to make closer acquaintance with me.
My name Victoria me 38 years, I work the teacher at school.
I teach lessons to children in primary classes. My work gives me a lot of book pleasure. I wish it was closer to learn each other. If I've suddenly interested, I am very glad to receive your letter, and get to know it better.

Letter 2

Hello. I'm glad you responded to my message, it makes me know about this you have an interest for me. I hope we can find common ground and learn it is closer to one another. I just want to tell the story of myself that you could know me a little more.
I just want to tell myself: my growth of 170 sm, my weight 56 kg, my eyes are brown.
I am the teacher at school. What work at home? I was never married, and accordingly I have no children. I learned at school 3 cities Zhigulevsk.
After leaving the school I started learning at the university professor, the teacher of primary classes. you have a question why I seek the person of another country, and not Russia, I can answer you. I had many relationships with men Russia, and in the 38 years I never met the man who would be ready to build serious personal relationships, play, fun, alcohol, sex, the drive, the disco they are necessary.
They have no representation what is family and family life.
That's why I decided to look for myself the man of another country.
I addressed on the service of knowledge in Internet because Russian men are not ready to make serious precedence over meeting to build family relationships. I turned to the Internet, because I am tired of loneliness, It's not enough love for men, care, and strong shoulder, on which I could be putting a difficult minute. To me already 38 years and I think it's already big enough as the age for the girl alone.
I want to find the man to give him all the love, warmth and care, I want to offer has human happiness, I want him so we have something that will unite us all throughout life remained.
I never before was communicating not with men of other countries, for me it something new.
Here, I think I have written a quick narrative of. So I hope you receive the same information, a little feedback from you.
My new friend, I hope you have me interested.
I am pleased to continue our relationship with you, I hope not to scare you in the plans for the future me and you are also interested in me.
I will wait your letter.

Letter 3

Hello Brian.
I am pleased to receive your reply message, this gives me an understanding that you are interested me.
Brian, We shall continue our acquaintance. In this letter, I want to tell more about themselves.
I live with their parents in Zhigulevsk. This the middle part of Russia, about 1000 km from Moscow. I have a good and trusting relationship with their parents. The name of my father, Nikolai, the name of my mother Svetlana. I also have her sister Nataliya.
I have never been married and therefore I have no children.
I do not know how much I would like to have children, I am still in the undecided.
I have failed to find the right man in Russia. Also in Russia men do not want to become husbands, they prefer to walk and drink plenty of fluids.
Of course there are many men, but most of them have one purpose - only sex. I am looking for a serious relationship, probably therefore, I do try to look for love and affection far away.
I have some experience in relationship, but now I'm alone.
I have no bad habits, I do not smoke and I do not drink alcohol, if only in small amounts on vacation.
From alcohol I drink only red wine. From the food, I prefer Russian kitchen.
Excuse me if I'm going to do a lot of mistakes in the letter.
If you something is not clear, then ask me again.
I want to find someone who would love and respected me.
I think that good relations between man and woman should be built on trust and respect each other.
I think that we should know each other better, that our relationship was stronger.
Brian Please, tell frankly, what kind of relationship are you looking for?
If you have no purpose to look for a serious relationship, but only sex and fun, we better stop our acquaintance. I am very quickly getting used to man and therefore I am very hurt when relationships break.
I am very sensitive person and I am easily hurt.
By nature I am a cheerful person, try to enjoy every moment of my life, and overcome with a smile all difficulties of my lonely life.
In my spare time I enjoy going to the movies and listening to music of different directions.
What do you like to engage in leisure?
I really love to cook, bake various delicious cakes for tea.
Usually I like to use a little imagination in cooking.
I would like to ask you some questions.
Why did you decide to find each other through the Internet?
you for a long time looking for love online?
Brian Please, carefully read my words and write sincere the answer.
By the way, Brian, many thanks for your photo, it's very attractive to me.
I'll wait and your other pictures.
I look forward to your messages.
Your new friend Victoria.

Letter 4

Hello Brian!
I am glad that you are not rejected my letter and very happy that I am writing to you again.
I really want to know about you as much as possible. I'll try to write you about myself in more detail.
I want you to be studying me as much as possible and not mistaken in his choice. I would very much like you to be the right person whom I was looking for his whole life.
I think if two people in all honest with each other and they have a mutual understanding, that they ensured a bright future and long love. I can only fall in love in a frank man.
Write to me more about yourself and your life.
You know I'm lonely, and your letters - it is a good cure for my loneliness.
Brian, I send a new picture of myself, I hope you'll be glad!
Tell us about your family. Of how many people is your family?
What is your relationship to the family? I have already informed you that I live with my parents.
My relationship with my parents and close friends. Sometimes we have fun together.
Summer - a beach in winter - skates or skis.
Previously, I lived alone, I rented a small apartment.
but when I parted with a man who broke my heart. I felt pain and sorrow.
my mom saw my suffering and called home back! Now again the whole family together!
I work till 7-8 pm. In the evening I sometimes talk to friends, we go to the cinema or just walking.
But usually after work I'm just going home, watch TV and communicate with parents.
I also go to the gym three times a week to maintain a beautiful figure.
I love the water - a swimming pool or just a bathroom.
I hope you will not find boring my letter, you'll continue to write to me.
I hope that I write clearly enough and much about myself. I'll try to answer all your questions.
If I do not answer your question, then I could not understand it, do not be angry with me and write it again.
I think that you understand that the main goal in my life - is to find friends and possibly, my second part of me, with whom I can overcome all the difficulties of life.
I think you understand me and your vital purposes are similar to mine, I hope in my heart, that one day our hearts will meet.
Brian, Tell us more about his life. how you spend your free time?
What was a typical day? What thoughts go to you?
what relationships are ideal for you?
What do you dream? Can you imagine in your life such a man as I am?
I'll wait for your messages.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Brian! Can I call you that? I Have a good day today.
I was pleased to receive your letter.
I'm more and more became sure that I have already attachment to you and already waiting for your letters with impatience.
Thank you for your new letter, to be honest, I was waiting for him all day. I am afraid that you will not write to me.
With each new letter we get closer and closer to each other. Increasingly, we know each other.
Sometimes I think I'm stuck in one day. Every day when I go to work I see the same people.
In my work as usual. Without leaving your home in the morning I know what will be my day.
I constantly think about what would change my life. I have a dream that would start a family.
I'm tired of living for themselves. I want to live for a loved one.
Yesterday I could not sleep. I thought of you, I suddenly understood. we have not even talked on the phone.
I want to hear your voice. You can leave me your phone number?
I leave you my phone number +7-987-714-1327.
But my phone only for calls within the country.
Therefore, I request your phone number to call to you.
I really want to hear your voice, do you want?
The main thing in my life, what would people who like me were happy. I hope you understand what I mean?
I find it interesting that for you happiness? For me happiness when next to me close to me people.
I am happy when I have the care of relatives. I was very tired from loneliness. I am looking for someone which will destroy my loneliness. Your letters help me not be lonely. Communicating with you is very important to me.
I have the desire to learn more about you, and also see more of your photos.
Brian, I think that in future we can have more confidence and affection for each other.
Now I must go. My break from work ends.
Let this letter will end with you in our dreams.
I can talk to you again tomorrow!
Waiting for your messages!

Letter 6

Hello my dear Brian!
I look forward to getting to the computer to read your letter.
In recent days, I think a lot about you and these thoughts worry me!
Brian, You changed my life! Now, my loneliness is replaced by the expectation of your messages.
This feeling makes my heart beat faster.
You know that I first used the Internet to find love. These new feelings fill my heart!
I understand that we are separated by thousands of miles, but my thoughts are attracted to you.
In my character is a feature that if I encounter difficulties, the desire to achieve this goal is increasing.
The distance between us - this is difficulty. It makes thinking about you.
Brian, I think I have to capture your heart.
Brian, What do you think about this?
I want to warn you, now your heart is an important goal for me.
I want to ask a question, which is important for me:
What is your main thing in life: Family? Work? Wealth? or both?
For me the most important thing a family, as a family - a continuation of our kind love, affection, understanding, children. In a word - is happiness.
Your letters make my mood high. I get joy in my soul.
I often imagine our meeting. I wonder about our conversation during the meeting.
How do you imagine it? I imagine it as a meeting of lovers.
Any relationship - is communication. Are you glad we communicate? It seems to me that with each letter I learn a lot about you.
This means we are getting closer. Unfortunately, now I'm alone. With me not there man she loved.
I would like to run away to you. I always imagine you in my thoughts. Yesterday I had a dream, where we talked at the meeting. My dreams tell me about my innermost thoughts.
On this I will finish my letter.
Write to me! can you tell me any thoughts.
I'll wait ..

Letter 7

hello my love Brian. I was glad to hear your voice last night. I did not like to call to you and ask your assistance, it is uncivilized to me, but I had to do it, because I can not imagine my life without you. I need you, I really want to be with you.
When I was in a travel agency, I do not think that the trip will cost so much, I hoped for a cheaper price.
Yesterday I told you that the whole trip will cost 897 euros, including all documents and tickets.
I have a small savings in the amount of 400 euros, but this is not enough to come to you.
Brian, If I had the full amount for the trip to you, I would not ask for your help.
I can make an advance payment of 400 euros, but when all documents are ready, I have to make the rest of the amount that I was able to receive all documents and come to you. So I ask your help to pay the entire amount, and expect when my documents will be ready.
Okay, I'll send you a copy of your passport, so you could see it. I trust you, and is ready to provide your passport for you.
Brian, I really love, and I miss you. I miss you.
I will await your news. kisses.
Your Victoria.