Letter(s) from Karla Worland to Glenn (Australia)

Letter 1

Hi there,good to have your email and how have you been doing?I guess you are having a great time with you,well let me tell you more about myself here..My name is Clara Worland,i live alone with my dog in a 3bedroom apartment in Apollo bay town in Great Ocean Road,Vic,since i lost my both parent in a car accident few years ago.I was left homealone with all cos am the only child they had.I'm single with no kids and currently seeking for a serious man for a date,i think hanging out for fun first will be fine so we can discuss to know more about each other..Well,i work as a nurse attached to the UNICEF team on a mission,while presently we are in UK for a month contract with the UNICEF Authorities.Mission would end nextweek Wednesday while we'll be leaving here on Thursday night..Things has been moving on fine here with us and i hope to catch up with you soon as i get back home..I enjoy the life on the beach at most of my free time back at home,watching movies,singing,listening and dancing to music,shooting pool,road walking,camping,reading newspapers and interesting magazines,dinning and cooking for fun,while my favorite meal are sea foods..I have passed through a lot being in a relationship and i wouldn't allow the past to ruin me again,i believe failure teaches success and building my future with the experience i had..I also believe inside looks would determine if couples are compatible,though attraction is part of it but the most important thing that does it all is personality traits..I am seeking for a man that's caring,understanding,easy going,hard working,trustworthy,responsible,intelligent and have good sense of humor..I don't know what you still want to know about me,but i'd be glad if you ask..So tell me more about yourself here and send me some more pics of you to take a look at.It's my pleasure to get a message from you on the site,i hope to hear more from you soon..XOXO

Letter 2

Hey Glenn,good to hear from you here..Hope you are having nice time with you this weekend?Yes,working with UNICEF has been great and kind of interesting to me either,but working outside the country is sweating though am happy our mission will end up soon.Am glad to have know little about you here,thank you for your comment over me..Wow,you seem to be a very hard working person to me,that awesome perhaps.I'd like you to discuss your last relationship with me,cos mine was weird and pain in the ass feels like killing myself that day but am so happy i didn't.I also would like to meet up with you as soon as i return home,so we could have more discussion and some examination of the inside looks.I really appreciate your console over my parents death,i've had difficult time when i just lost them but i've got over it though..You sound very caring,cool and calm to me,i wish you are what am really looking for anyway.I have attached some of my pics for you,hope you like them..Hoping to hear from you soon,have funxxxx..

Letter 3

Thanks a lot for your comment over my pics Glenn,am really glad meeting you on the site and i hope things get right with us.Am so sorry to hear about your ex died of cancer,i understand how it feels it's really a big pain in the ass to have lost someone you love so much..My last relationship was hell,while in a party attended i caught my ex boyfriend fucking my very close friend and that was the reason why i had to volunteer myself to go on this trip with UNICEF so i could get over it.Glenn i don't really know what you want from me but i'd like both of us to hangout for fun when i arrive so we can examine each others inside look to see if we are compatible for each other.I think i like you,but need to be careful before something goes wrong again.Am a very caring and loving person with good sense of humor and i don't like to see people in a sad mood,so i always choose to be observant most especially to my partner..You sound pretty much like a kind man to me Glenn,i can't wait to catch up with you soon.Our flight will be leaving here nextweek Thursday,it would be a very long trip back home about 40hours journey if we leave here Thursday our plane lands on Saturday at Hilton Melbourne International Airport.It would be my pleasure to meet up with you,i will fix in a restaurant to catch when i return.I want you to send some of your pics to me here,the UNICEF shuttle is waiting outside for us to go on tour i have to catch up with them now..Talk soonxxxx

Letter 4

Glenn how are you today?Glad to read from you hear again,i hope everything is moving on fine with you over there..Well all i have to say about ex is God knows why she had to leave,you just have to move on with life i suggest okay.Though what would i have done about my own situation about ex boyfriend and best friend,i think i made the right decision to have volunteer myself to go on this trip just to get over the incidence.I really do appreciate your console and comment over me,it's like you did put some kind of a smile on my face again.I can't wait to catch up with you soon,it would be my pleasure to have you around me.I started working with UNICEF about four years ago,it has been good working with them in the country though this is my first trip outside aussie.Am also very happy to have met you online and that am coming home soon to see you in person,i wish you could be the right man to always be with and keep me away from loneliness on my arrival.I will be very grateful if you would be picking me up at the airport on Saturday Glenn,thanks alot you really brighten up my day this morning here..I will forward my flight details to you as soon as the authority hand it over to us,be cool and safe there..Talk soon byexoxoxoxo

Letter 5

Hi Glenn,thank God you reply me back in time.I just have to tell you what's happening to me here presently.I'd have a good news!We were given our paycheque with some money yesterday evening,but still yet not happy about the whole thing..We had a meeting yesterday with the UNICEF Authorities from Somalia,while they address us our mission here is no longer ending soon that it has now been postponed further,which means we will still remain here working.They didn't even let us know when exactly our mission will be completed,that was because our mission hasn't been accomplish.They pleaded with everyone though a paycheque of $28,000us dollars was given to everyone of us,with an extra $1000us dollars cash to use for our up keep till when our mission is completed.But we were told that anyone who wants to leave can since we have our paycheque with us and they said as for the UNICEF free flight back home will be till when mission is accomplished..I don't want to stay here any longer Glenn,cos i feel connected to you already so i just want to come home soon to meet up with you and to have some discussion to know more about each other and see where we go from there.Also i need to return home for retirement and the start up my own hair salon business after retiring this month..I asked the camps commandant about how to get my flight book to Aussie,she said that i have to book it here in U.K..So i went to see the flight agent today then he told me to book for flight to Australia is going to cost me $2,600us dollars plus me and my dog but i am with only $1,900usd the extra cash given to me by the authority and the remaining cash in my pocket..I am just so confused cos am still in need of $700us dollars to complete for my flight ticket back home..I also asked the camp commandant if i can cash my pay check out here to book for the flight,but she said that it's going to take a month to clear at their bank here cos the cheque is in dollars not pounds..I can't wait that long here anymore so i have to make a deposit of $1,900us dollars for my flight to the agent today and i told him that i will bring the balance soon that i have to talk to you first.That's why i had to let you know what exactly happened,so Glenn i need you to loan me the remaining cash so i can balance up for my flight ticket to be able to get my flight details and send it to you so as to leave here immediately..I promise to pay back your cash when i return home to meet up with you,i still have some money i can pay you from in my wallet at home asides from getting my paycheque cleared in my bank at home.I don't know UNICEF are going to change their plan,i could have came here with enough money..I will be very grateful if you can help me out with this when you get my message,i'll remain unhappy till i get a message from you Glenn.Hope to hear from you real soon,take care bye..

Never mind Glenn,just want to know if everything is alright there with you.Sure everything is well with me and am excited mission ends today.We'll be holding meeting in fews mins time today in the UNICEF camp for our departure,i will send my flight details to you if you would be able to pick me up at Melbourne International Airport..It would be a great pleasure to drive home with you,guess what am happy am coming back home tomorrow cos i feel connected to you and do want to see you soon.Seem you are having lots of fun with friends over there nice,i like to have much fun hanging out with you though,do you like surfing on the beach?Glenn i need to get ready for the camp meeting now,i hope to read from you when i get back here..Talk soon bye xoxoxoxo

Letter 6

Oh thanks a lot Glenn,i'll really do appreciate it if you get me out of here fast i promise i will repay you back and would show my full appreciation when we catch up on my return..I ask the camp commandant how you can get the cash to me,she told me you can send online with credit card it's easier that way.You go to www.westernunion.com then click send money online from" which would be Australia then register with western union so you can be able to forward money to me here or go to any western union outlet around you to send it in cash.After sending they will give to you 10digit mtcn number you will pass to me to cash the money here and also send your full name you use in sending,this is my details to send to below,


I will be very happy if you bring me back home soon Glenn,hopefully waiting for your favorable response here,take care bye..