Letter(s) from Jullie Wilson to Stephen (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello Stephen, I am new to that site and also online dating too.I believe if it can work for others,it will work for me too.I saw your profile and i found you interesting and i will like to know you more.My name is Julie Wilson originally from the UK my mum is half American half Cuban why my dad is British,but i was married in FL in the USA before and i moved back to England UK when i got divorced I am a social researcher by profession and i am currently in West Africa, on a research project on Culture and Languages and it's impact on Political Behavior,how it affects the people and their environment,politically,socially,negatively and positively.It's fun but lot's of work to do too.I plan to come back to the US or any where nice to settle down finally immediately after my research work here in less than 1 week ,i have been here for a while and cant wait to come back home.you can write from our private emails too juwilson01@yahoo.com u can down load yahoo messenger so we can chat there when u down load it than u can add me with my user id so we can chat there it faster and better there so we can talk more about our-self there i will wait to hear from you now to know if we can chat and tell me little more about yourself ur likes and dislike and i have msn id too julieuwilson01@hotmail.com u can add me in any of them so we can chat there now
waiting to hear from you
Julie Julie

Letter 2

Dear Stephen,
Here are somethings you should know about me what i have on my profile wont speak everything about me and i will like you to email me back and tell me what you feel about it,my dad is British why my mum is America half Cuban my folks died a long time ago and i was married in FL in 1999 and got divorced in 2004 and that why i moved back to London and i have been working with a Non Governmental Organization in UK London, since then until i decided to embark on my own
self sponsored research Project here in Africa.I plan to come back to the US or or any where nice in the world to settle down finally immediately after my research here and this will be less then 1 week I am a kind and fun-loving person who wishes to meet someone with those same qualities. I would like someone who is passionate about life and wants to take it to it's fullest, someone who cares about other people, someone who enjoys spending time with and showing affection to their partner, someone who likes to pamper and be pampered, and someone who likes to laugh.
I know these are pretty big shoes to fill, but I bet there is someone out there who can.
I am a average size woman,but I am 5 ft 8 Caucasian White in and carry it pretty well. I try to wear clothing that is flattering and keep myself neat and clean.I enjoy going places to see new things, traveling when I can, going dancing with a date (not into the single bar scene), watching movies, and working around the house for a few. I would love to have a family of my own,although the last one i got myself into didn't work out and would like to have someone to share that with. I will be 33 this month but age is nothing but just a number to be and will have nothing to do with how i will feel for you if u the right man for me. But I would be willing to meet with the right person and i will want the man to be type of open minded man who will make me happy again and put that big smile on my face again, I have gone through many hurts in my life and i think is now for us to love again and live a happy life,and most importantly i don't like liars,cheats and pretentious people.Well i will be waiting to hear from you again and here is some of my pic, their this thing about you that makes u different you have this inner glow in u that why i choose to talk to u, have been hurt so so deeply before by my ex husband and i don';t want to go through same pain again my ex husband use to beat me and always get drunk and his a big cheater that why i divorced him if u happen to be the right man for me as soon as am done with my research project here i will be happy to see you just tell me more about your self and your likes and dislikes in a lady and if u have some of your pictures i will love to see it okay,tell me thing u think i should know about you.

Letter 3

okay recivers name for money....Julie Wilson
Address.........60 lee street,lagos,code..23401,Nigeria
when u send the money send it via western union go to the closet western union near u and when u send it you will be giving a western union 10 digit confirmation mtcn # as prove that money is sent it will be on recipte send me details to my email and ur full name and address so when u send it i will get it and change flight and fly to u and when i get there will use my card there and get money and pay u back