Letter(s) from Anna Ivanova to Al (Italy)

Letter 1

My love Alcide, how you? So it is pleasant to receive your letters and so I like to write to you. It seems to me is surprising to be on the Internet, but you beside are not present Alcide. You somewhere away I here. As life and as each day is unpredictable is surprising when we may write each other the letter.
Thanks for your gentle congratulations in my birthday. I had not bad time yesterday about mine mum and the girlfriend. I very much would like when we sat at a table that you too were near to me my sweet prince! I would like to arrive to you and to remain with you for three months wash prince Alcide. I would like to be with you in Bologna and after that to go to Rome to have the most remarkable vacation with you together. Mine Alcide I as should have the ticket of a train from my city to Moscow and it to be not few money. Therefore expenses to leave completely justified. Thanks for your council concerning hotel. But it is a pity to me wash love Alcide because I cannot have money for a trip to the Christmas beginning because it is the big money. I would like to spend with you a lot of time to Christmas, this best time would seem to me in wash lives. You probably understand to keep 840 euros to me it is required approximate 6 months. I will try to call to you tomorrow my sweet prince. Please do not pass my inquiry I very much I wish to hear your voice and to speak with you. Mine Alcide mine the date of birth was not in that document, I wrote you about it in the second the letter!
I always wait for your letter and am very rare when i come the same day in the Internet of cafe if I do not see your letter to me it becomes very sad though I know, that you for certain do not have time and you may not write to me so quickly. I began to save money to see you in the personally and I hope when it really will take place it there will be a great holiday for two in love people which really want a meeting with the friend the friend. You have dream Alcide? My dream is, that we could see each other and I know, that the destiny does not do a thing simply so. And I believe, that we really shortly might meet. When the person openheartedly and soul devotes the body and soul to other person, unless there may be something that was so highly in ours with you relations Alcide? You agree with me Alcide? I hope, that my following question will not cause you any negative phenomena in my address because I wanted to ask you Alcide about some part of sexual relations. I do not think it criminal, but your opinion a little bit others will be possible as against me and to me it would like to know.
I think, that we with you love consisting in letters develops in us with you Alcide higher and moral feelings and consequently the question on the sexual relation seems to me accepted in the given situation. And consequently I hope, that you will understand me in it. I only wanted to ask you if erotic dreams dreamed you and you saw us with you together, you counted it normal? I understand, that anyone the man as against the woman demands that its need was satisfied (me it seems, that with a nature will not argue) and consequently I shall understand you Alcide that you communicate with other women and even it is possible not only it. I shall never judge you for it, and I simply wanted to tell, that when we would shall be near to you I never has dared that, you did something similar with other women but when we now so far apart I always can understand it. Here in Russia I have not found such the man and consequently to me have prompted to find the man in other country and when I have found you Alcide I think, that this big happiness for me lets to not be at all with you beside but to know, that you are also you need in me as well as I in you. And consequently when the woman does not have a near of the man it tries to leave in work and to think only of the family. Absolutely is not present, I did not begin to hate all men after my last experience with the young man who enjoyed my trust. I have simply understood, that it will be difficult for me to find such person who might not release me and which would trust me in all. Alcide you are very important to me and important as never in my life and consequently I feeling necessity of our meeting shall try to do all that we Alcide have met you. In my life anybody might not be yet so close as you Alcide and when our meeting happen, and I know, that it necessarily happen, I shall be very glad to that we have met you also I I know, that our first meeting will be remembered to us with you Alcide on all stayed life. I finish on it the letter to you Alcide and I shall wait for your letter my love! I wish you successful day, yours Juliya!