Scam letter(s) from Rosemary Asomani to Ian (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello My Sweet Heart Lewis...
How are you doing to day Lewis Ian...Thank you very much for the offline message that you sent to me,,,,Anyway i have understand you But all that i want you to understand is that i am very serious about you too and it's my great pleasure meeting some one like you.. and how you feel for me and i really love you with my heart is not that i want money from you but just that i need a help that's why i ask you if you could help me or not and i know you where going to help be-cos you loved your children than me that's why you didn't send the money to me but anyway am happy to see you online again...Honey you know i really love you and i will be happy if you help me in this problem to pay my Exams fees and i don't want to loss my Nursing Course and you know that Lewis be cos i didn't meant to ask you anything this time i have broke this time just send it if you really love in your heart and that will make so much happy .Please and Please and Please help me and i don't have any hope from any place OK.....Honey If you can send the money and your kids will not see.... Place and Please i will very much happy if you help me to pay this Exams fees and God will Richly Bless you and your kids...Take a very Good care of your self and Good Luck is anything you do . I'll be willing to hear from you soon. Yours sincerely Christiana..please help me....
Letter 2
Hello My Love Lewis How are you doing today i hope you are well there..i hope this pictures that am sending you now you will like them as i also like yours.Anyway this is the Agent's information that am Discussing with you yesterday.. AGENT'S NAME : MR.SANDAR UMAR
PHONE:+233-545-175-541 I hope i will see you this evening so we can talk more i love you and take care of your self there....
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