Letter(s) from Tatyana Cheremiskih to Al (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Al!!!!!
Al I have received today your letter, and I am happy. I so wish to learn about you more. But I do not know from what to begin. I have seen yours profile, and you have liked me. I hope, that to you too I like. I would like to answer your questions all over again.
I live in Russia.
I as wish to tell about myself more. My name is Tatiana.Me now 30 years and I live with mum in one apartment. I was never married and to not have children.
The city in which I live, refers to Izhevsk region, village Lenino!!!
I work in local hospital. It is small hospital.
Therapeutic item. I work there nurse and I help the doctor. My work is pleasant to me, because I can help people. To me like, when I to see their happy faces.
Al I have started to use Internet recently. After at us has appeared the Internet of cafe in settlement. I all over again did not think of it. But has decided to try. Al that you would wish to learn about me??? Ask me, and I am obligatory to answer you. I hope, that you will send the photos also. I would like to receive more them.
I hope,that it is pleasant to you. Tell to me who are Al. What it is pleasant to you in women? What character? What should it be able? I very much would wish to know.
I hope, that tomorrow I again shall receive your letter and your photo. I shall wait very much. Al you will not forget to write to me the letter? I hope, that was not present.
I very much wait......
Your new girlfriend Tatiana...