Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Ivanova to Leo (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello Leo!
Thank you for writing me. I hope that with this letter we will start to get acquainted closer. And maybe one day we will realize that we are very close to each other and that we understand each other perfectly. I hope you will like me.
I want to believe that in everyone lives a good man. Some people just hide it because the world may be cruel sometimes. we just should not leave the hope and belief in goodness. The greatest sin of people is dejection. I believe that everyone must enjoy the life and give all the positive energy and the beauty of the soul to those who surround you. I always try to make everything what is in my force to make happy people whom I love. I just can not stand when people around me feel miserable.
And now I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am 25 years old, work as a teacher. I was born on the 12th of January. My zodiacal sign is Capricorn. I have grey-blue eyes, black hair. My favorite colors are black and white. I listen to classic music and soft rock. My favorite author is Ray Bradbery. My favorite painter is Salvador Dali. I just adore his surrealistic view of the world. I love pets very much. Especially I like cats and have one at home. I live alone. I was born in Krasnodon and now my parents live there and I work in Lugansk. I have neither brother nor sister. But do not think that I am egoistic person because of this:)
I hope that you liked what I wrote about myself and will write me as soon as possible. I will wait for your answer. I am sure that we will find a lot of in common between us.
Your Nastya
Letter 2

Dear Leo!
I was very glad to receive a letter from you and to find out that you decided to continue our correspondence. Thank you for your beautiful poem. You can not even imagine how much you do to me and what an influence your letters have on my life. You make it brighter and more interesting. I do not think that my life is absolutely boring but I have never felt such strong emotions in my life. I understand that we know almost nothing about each other but this actually brings some pepper to our correspondence and everyday life. For me this is absolutely new experience in my life and I want to believe that one day this experience will flow into something serious.
I wanted to ask you if you have bad habits. I have one bad habit that relates to our correspondence. When I have a very good mood and feel very strong affection towards somebody I start eating chocolates. I know that mostly people eat chocolates to increase their mood but only not in my case. Do you find it strange? This my habit always gives me away and now my friends and colleagues ask me if I met someone. But they would be surprised if they knew that this "someone" lives in another part of the world. But soon I will anyway tell them about you because I really want you get acquainted with them. And did you tell anyone that correspond with the girl in Internet?
You know earlier I thought that world is very huge but now thanks to you I realized that in fact it is small and nothing can prevent two hearts from meeting each other if they really want this. All the distances can be surmounted if you heart is sincere and passionate, if your eyes sparkle with love and desire to live. Today my cousin's son has a birthday. He is two but he is already so smart that I often wonder whom he inherited this from. I think from me:) I love him very much and often while playing with him or going for a walk I catch myself on thinking that I really want to have my own children, to become mother.
I want to believe that my letter helped you somehow to escape from everyday routine because I really want my letters have a good influence on your mood. I will wait for your next letter.
Your Nastya
Letter 3

Dear Leo!
It is very sad for me to write this letter to you because I am afraid that this letter will be the last. I did not want to hurt you and play with your feelings but I can not afford myself to correspond with you as it costs me big money. My account at the translating firm which I pay is running out. And this brings to my heart a horrible pain. But I do not see another way out.
It would be just great if I could continue relationships with you because I really like you and I always had a hope that one day we would be able to meet and move our relationships to another stage and grow into something serious and beautiful. I really wanted to get acquainted with you closer and become very special to each other. But fate turns against us and stands a huge wall between us.
Please I do not want to lose you because you are very dear to me and it is very interesting for me to correspond with you. Please help me if you also have an interest in our relationships.
Yours Nastya
Letter 4

Dear Leo!
Thank you for your offer. I will except it! Actually this message are unpaid. I do not want to loose our communication. Because I like you.
I burn with shame because I have to ask you about this. If you are able to make up my account you can send me as much as you want. One letter costs 5$ without photos. I do not have bank account. It is not in use in our country. Only a small percent of people can allow themselves to have bank accounts.
There some tariffs and it is possible to save some money - translation services are provided without any limitations, scanning or printing photos are not included in. It costs 150 USD; translation services are provided without any limitations, scanning or printing photos are included in. It costs 200 USD.
My full name is Anastasia Ivanova, the address is 91000 Ukraine,
Lugansk, SOVETSKAYA, 39. You can send money through the WESTERN UNION SYSTEM.
I like you very much, please do not forget me. If you will reuse to do this I will understand you. Please forgive me that I did not inform you about this earlier. But I did not play with your feelings. I really like you. I hope that you will understand this.
Letter 5

Dear Leo!
Thank you for your reply. I am really sorry for making you suffer because of my delay. The firm where I write did not have electricity so I could not answer you. I was very glad to receive your letters especially now when it seems to me that all my hopes were not in vain.
I am not sure if you have the same feelings towards me but I want to believe in this. This looks like a fairy tale but only in real life.
And this is the first time I experience such a feeling in my life.
Thank you so much for your beautiful poems. They make me so happy.
You know people come into our life and sometimes go without no reason.
These are circumstances that make them leave. Some people are temporary and some stay in your heart for the rest of your life. I do not know how the fate turns but I want to believe that our relationships will never be like a wind that bursts unexpectedly but then the same way calms down. I hope that our relationships are not for season but for the whole life. If we are not able to find the sparkle that will light our hearts when we meet, then we still can stay close friends.
You know Bradbary has a story about a dinosaur that lived in the deep waters of sea. It was the last dinosaur in the whole world. It represented itself the loneliness in all its manifestations. It could not resist the great sorrow that lived in its heart. But once it saw the lighthouse on the bank and it looked so similar with dinosaur that dinosaur started screaming in order to call it. The dinosaur thought that found another one dinosaur, the same as it is. You will ask me why I tell you this? I also used to feel myself like this dinosaur. It seemed to me just like there was no other soul that would be so close to me that would understand me like anyone else. But then you wrote me and simultaneously gave me a hope that things will change. And it seems to me just like I was not mistaken, not like dinosaur in Bradbary's story. Please do not be like that lighthouse,
do not keep silent when I am calling you. This will hurt me very much.
You maybe think: "This girl is strange. She always flies in clouds".
But why not fly if you have wings, if you have freedom in soul, in mind and way of life? For me the feeling of freedom plays a very big role in life. And you? Do you believe that person without freedom will never fill himself happy?
I will wait for your reply. Please be honest in answering my questions, especially concerning our relationships. This is very important for me. I do not want to wait for something special in vain.
Your Nastya
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