Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Parhomenko to B. S. (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings my love. I am very glad to speak with you, I went to look a mail and have learned that the ticket has not come yet but it it will be necessary. Money for me are really necessary that they were at me on hands and I did not worry about that that something can happen, so it will be much more reliable and more convenient, you I hope me understand. You can not worry for the ticket it will come in any case even if it tomorrow I will not be simple I speak and I assume that when I shall be already in Moscow my mum will send to me it directly to Moscow fast mail and it will come to me in 4 hours that is we have air mail with which help deliver a urgent mail, and so as I have told in any case even if I shall not receive the ticket till Sunday that mum will send it to me and all will be good. I too shall go from mind and I die from melancholy when I understand that yet with you, your dreams are so beautiful also I is sure when we shall be together we carry out all conceived I with impatience I wait for this moment of the moment when for the first time I shall see you to a kiss I shall embrace and I shall tell about the feelings. With impatience I wait for your letter. With love and strong embraces Ekaterina!!!
Letter 2

GREETINGS Brent I have just received your letter, I did not write to you as I passed full medical inspection and on this I was in hospital and could not write to you. There is no you I am not right want to be with you and I always spoke you the truth, I really ordered the visa and the passport and they will be soon ready. But passed medical inspection. I am very glad that you booked a ticket, I send you the address that you could send me the ticket that could arrive to you .My full address, street Krasnaormejskaja the house 88, 27 boxes, my postal index 424020, the city of Ioshkar Ola, Parhomenko Ekaterina. I think that you understand me why I could not write to you. Please trust me as I never deceived you, and my feelings to you are pure as tear and consequently for me it would be very bad if you thought that I deceive you. I very much want to be with you. I shall check the letter box to receive the ticket. I send you many kisses. Ekaterina I shall call to you tomorrow to speak with you
Letter 3

GREETINGS Brent. I also am very glad that we can to be soon a place. I think every days up to our meeting. Yes I have told that which I have written the ticket to you have left. But unfortunately I have no such money to pay the ticket, and I very much need in your help. I think that you understand me, yesterday I spoke with the manager of agency and she has told to me that the ticket needs to be ordered desirable till Thursday that then there were no problems with his purchase. If we shall book a ticket till Thursday that we can meet on August, 21, I very much want it, I wish you good work that at you all was good. When I shall arrive to you I want to prepare you for the favourite dish, I think that you will not object if I shall prepare for you for a meal as I very much like to prepare. I shall take with myself two luggages, I shall call to you on following weeks, I shall call also to you from Moscow before a start to speak with you. Now I shall require your help to buy the ticket it there are 1349 dollars. I very much want to see you. Your Ekaterina.
Letter 4

Greetings, now I have just come from agency, there is no you me have not correctly understood, I had to a kind that I cannot pay the ticket completely, I understand that it is the big money as well for me and consequently I asked to help me with the ticket as I took on work the credit and me distances for 700 dollars as I understand that it is the big sum and it will be difficult for you to pay such sum to one, and I need in 650 dollars. I think that if I shall book a ticket in agency that it for me better as, cost of the ticket includes travel up to Moscow, and hotel accommodation. And I shall go not one as I shall go with group as I am afraid to go one up to Moscow by train. As if you ordered in yourself and sent me I should go one in a train, and I am afraid as I even would not know with whom to me it is necessary to go, and so I shall go with group. As soon as we shall arrive to Moscow us will meet and will bring up to hotel, and to me it will be much easier, the matter is that Moscow very big city. I think that you understand me why I want to book a ticket in agency. At present I need in 650 dollars to book a ticket till Thursday, to me it is very awkward that I have expressed the ideas as as if I ask that you to pay full cost of the ticket. Certainly I understand all your situation and consequently I have decided that to you and to me it will be easier if we shall pay the ticket together. I think that you will agree with me. I also very much wait for our meeting, my mum speaks you greetings. Now we need to pay the ticket till Thursday, than before themes it is better. I send you many kisses, Ekaterina. I send the big kiss to you.
Letter 5

Greetings I was very glad to speak by with you today to phone. And I very much want to see you. I have learned, that money it is possible to transfer through bank system WESTERN UNION. It is very reliable system of translations. When you will send money I at once I can receive them. The information necessary for sending money: RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Yoshkar-Ola Ekaterina Parhomenko. After sending money you should me inform MTCN (money transfer control number). It prevents removal of money by other people. Also I should know the exact sum of translation and your full name. After that I can receive money. I very much wait for our meeting, and now I need to pay the visa this weeks that I have had time to book a ticket to August, 21. I very much wait from you for the letter. Ekaterina
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