Scam letter(s) from Zuwieratu Abubakari to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
How are you doing my dear hope you are doing great and it fine with you over there..Well i know you don't have time for social life my love just that i miss you so much and i have not been hearing from you that is why i was saying maybe you ahve found some one but as you do still think about me and i know you do do love me...there is something i will like to tell you and i need your help now .. ending of this mounth my internet bell will be in and also this mounth i don't have anything with me..Am worried about it and also i have been thinking about it because am afraid to lose you and you know we are now in the middle of the road i don't won't us to lose comminucation my love.. i do not want to feel alone when I need help, and I know it can be difficult for you to realize that I need you now, i send an SOS just like our daughter or any other person.. i need your help now and also am counting on you now yu are the one i can call for help...My dear i will like to end it now maybe is bad to ask for a help from you.. i miss you and i will be waiting for your reply soon my dear.. Love you and take good care of your self and also have a nice day at work ...
Letter 2
My Dear how are you doing and how is work hope you are doing fine by the grace of God.. my internet bill is $145, Dear i use to work at the restaurant but i have been thinking about getting my own and also i have been planning that with my mother that is why am not working now... i think western union will be okay to send the money to and also i don't wont to be rush in this relationship so tell me if you don't have the money now i can wait so any time you get the money for my bill.. love you and take good care of your self...
Letter 3
Hello my love
Hey my love and how are you doing this weekend..Hope all is well with you ..Dear i know you are serious my love and also if you are not i don't think you even be mailing me my love and i have been praying to find some one and i thank God for giving me some one like you whom love's me so very much and i am praying to God so that we meet one day face to face together and we will show how much we love each other JB and that is what i have been praying for and i have now find you some one that i can love till the end of the world..
My love about the money i will wait till you send it so that i can go to the office to pay my bill.. Yes you are right about the name you have to use Rita Adu to send and also i have to get the quitions and the answer before i can go and cash the money from the westen union also you have to give me your full name that you will use to send the money
This is my information to send the money trow me my love...
Name... Rita Adu kt 115
Country...Ghana Accra
Zip code....00233
My love you and take good care of your self and have a nice week end my love and only...
Letter 4

when u here wait for i will be back okay yesterday i see u i get ur text me to me when u back to jimmy i love u soo much with all my heart and my soul okey do not todai my birthday my love the gift u say u send it do not see it my love where are going to the truking number my love okey
Here is my ship address my love:
Ramatu Ali
Country:Ghana West Africa
City:Accra Nima
Address:Alata Street25
Bank:Western Unio
Letter 5
Okey Jim now you lie to me. You said you send me money for my dress and now you not send,, i am sad Jim do not do this to me cos we love each other,, i am sooooo sorry i make mistake and send you wrong picture first time. I think my friends messing with me,, please forgive me pictures i just sent you is real me,, it is my birthday today an soooo sad cos do not have my dress,, i want to surprise you and send you picture of me in new dress and shoe,, please call me so we can talk,, i need to hear your sweet voice my number +233548129850
i love you so much jim and i need you love,, god brought us together for a reason.
Kiss u
Letter 6
Here are some pics for u **** and here is my number +233548129850 i cant wait to call me
Letter 7
well ama_rose is what i use to send mails but single_soul is the were i do chat
Letter 8

Okey Jim i can now met u at the rite time
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