Scam Letter(s) from Julia to Martin (Belgium)

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Letter 1

How are you? I hope, all is good. I wish to get acquainted with you. I search for serious relations and any games. I hope, you wish to get acquainted too.
OK, I am 28 years old. And I so wish to begin serious relations and to create my own family. I hope, you have the same purposes.
I have received your e-mail in marriage agency. They have told, that you the good man. I hope, they have not deceived me.
I will wait your answer. Certainly I will tell to you more information on me directly.


Letter 2

Hello again!
I am glad to receive your letter today. Thanks, that you have written to me.
I so am glad, that now we can write and understand each other. It is very important for me! And I hope, you understand me too?
Well, I think, I should tell to you little bit more information on. I hope, it is interesting to you.
I wish to tell about my city at first. I live in Russia in the city of Moscow. It is capital of Russia and it is the big beautiful city with rich culture. I am assured, that you know about Moscow. I am right? Tell, you were sometime in Russia?
I live here with my mum. My father was lost, when I was the child, and my mum brings up me all life. I am grateful to my mum, I love her very much! I never was married, and I have no children still. I do not have brothers or sisters. Tell to me about your family. I wish to know it!
I think, it is interesting to you to know about my hobbies. I like to read the interesting literature, especially I love the Russian literature. I like to listen to good music. I prefer pop music. I like to dance. And you like to dance?
I like to go in for sports. Sometimes I visit a swimming pool and fitness.
I think, I should tell a little about my education. I have finished university and on a speciality I the economist. Now I work as the bookkeeper in small firm.
Probably you will ask, why I have not found the man here in Russia. I will answer. Men here cold, insensible. Many men want only sex. I could not find the worthy man here in Russia. Therefore I search for my love abroad Russia.
And my mum supports me in it. Therefore I search for the man who will make me happy! There can be it you :)?
Tell to me, you search for serious relations too, or it only game for you?
It is important for me because I am afraid, that my heart will be injured. I do not want it! I hope, you will answer my question fairly. I hate a deceit!
I think, you too.
OK, I hope to receive your answer soon. If you have questions, ask. I will answer. Certainly I look forward your letter and I wish to see more than your photos if it is possible. I send you my photos again.


Letter 3

Hello again Martin!
I am glad to receive your letter today. Each your letter brings a lot of pleasure to me!
I am glad to receive your pictures. I like it sooo much!
Today I have good mood. In general I try not to long. But I can sometimes be sad. Usually it depends on my work. I said to you in my first letter, that I work as the bookkeeper. I work in small firm some years. Certainly I cannot tell, that it is work of my dream, but I cannot leave her because this work is necessary to me. I work 5 days in a week. On Saturday and Sunday I have the days off, and I try to have a rest as much as possible for these 2 days.
Usually during week-end I help my mum with house cleaning. I can sometimes go to walk with the girlfriend. But I can sometimes work in the days off if my boss asks me about it. I like to visit cinema or theatres. Unfortunately, recently I visit cinema and theatres very seldom. And it is pleasant to you to cinema? You often visit cinema? There can be we can go to cinema together:) you want it?
I wish to know more about your hobbies. What do you make in the days off usually?
I would like to tell to you of more details about me. I hope, you wish to know it. I studied at university as the bookkeeper. When I have finished training at university, I have gone to work in this firm where I work now.
By the way when your birthday? My birthday on May, 4th. So it is yet fast:)
By the way my growth nearby 165 cm, and my weight 54 kg. I think, you should know it.
Well, I should finish my letter. I hope, my letter was interesting to you. I will look forward your answer! I hope, you will answer me. I wish to learn you more and more with each new letter from you!
Good-bye!!! It is a lot of kisses!!!


Letter 4

Thanks for your letter today! Excuse, that I have not written to you earlier. I had so a lot of work these days! Yesterday I have got tired very much. I have come home late enough, and almost at once have laid down to sleep. Yesterday there was a heavy working day and I could not write to you at all. And today I hurried up in Internet cafe to read your letter again.
How your affairs today? I hope, you have good mood.
Thanks for your photos! I like your photos very much!
Martin when I receive your letter, my mood improves several times. On my face there is a smile. And consequently I wish to tell to you thanks, that you make me happy. I hope, you feel the same when you receive my letter. It so?
I so am glad, that with each new letter we find out each other better and better. We become closer, I think.
I would like to tell to you about my former relations. I think, it is interesting to you. I had no many men in my life. I wished to begin serious relations only with 1 man, but once he injured my heart, and I could not forgive it to him. He had other woman. It injured me very much! After that I try not to get acquainted with Russian men. And I have decided to find my love in the Internet. I know, that many people get acquainted on the Internet and they are happy. I wish to find my happiness too. And I am madly glad, that now I can write to you.
If you can, tell about your former relations. I would like to know it too.
Also I wish to know more about your work. Tell as there passes your working day?
Now I should finish my letter. I hope to receive your answer soon! Remember, that I look forward each your letter!!! Also I wish to send some more my photos. I hope, they will like you.
Good-bye, my dear Martin!

Your Yuliya.

Letter 5

Good afternoon Martin!!!
I so am glad, that you have written to me again. When I go to Internet cafe, I hope, that I will see your letter. And I am madly happy, when I read your new letter. Your letters raise my mood. I so have got used to receive your letters, that without them my day will not be bright and solar. And I know, that you wait my letter too. Earlier I did not think, that someone will wait my letter abroad for Russia. And this pleasant feeling!
I like your photos! Thanks that you have sent it to me!
I would like to tell to you about my feelings. I think, you would like to know it? We know each other short time, but I already can tell with confidence, that you very serious, responsible man. And it is important for me! It is interesting to me to read your letters which pull together us with each new day! You agree with me?
I would like to speak on the phone with you sometime. But unfortunately I have no phone. I had a cellular telephone, but once it have broken also it is not subject to repair. But you can tell to me your telephone number and I will call to you from a telephone card. OK?
By the way I have told to my mum about you. I have told, that I have found the good man and now I write to it. My mum so is happy, that I have found you. My mum always supports me. I love my mum.
The my dear man, I would like to appear with you now, at least for some minutes. But unfortunately it is impossible right now. I hope, in the near future we can meet:) you would like it?
Certainly we should find out each other better and to be assured of our feelings.
Well, I should come back to my work now. And I will wait your answer. I so do not wish to leave. I would like to read yours the letter again and again. But I should go.
Good-bye, my dear Martin!

Your Yuliya.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Martin!
How are you today? I have good day today. Now I have a lunch break and I have come to Internet cafe to write you the letter. I have so a lot of work today! But I hope, I will not be very got tired to the end of day.
OK, I wish to tell, that when I went for work this morning, I thought of you. I dreamt of our meeting. I would like to go on a city, holding you for a hand to talk to you about different things, to hear your voice and laughter! I hope, my dream becomes a reality sometime! Also I dream to go to travel with you! Certainly I am not assured, that it happens sometime, but these are my dreams:) Tell to me about your dreams? You would like to meet me sometime there at the airport? Oh I am assured, that our first meeting would be unforgettable! What do you think of it?
How you represent your future? I wish to know about it? I would like to have a happy family, and to be happy till the end of a life! I wish to work and receive money for my family. I do not love lazy people. I think, people should work to earn money. You agree with me?
Life in Russia difficult enough. Here corruption is very developed. Here money and the power is solved by all. It is a pity, but it so. If I have possibility, I will leave Russia with pleasure.
Also today I wish to visit my aunt who lives here in Moscow too. She the lonely old woman. She is sick now and she lives one, therefore I wish to visit her.
My dear, I hope, you will be glad to receive my letter again. I should finish it unfortunately, I should return to my work. I will wait your letter!!! I cannot wait to receive your letter again.


Letter 7

Hello my angel Martin!
Oh I hope, you will not be against if I name you "my angel"! You became really my angel for this time of our correspondence. Now I cannot live without your letters, without your fine words!!! I love each your letter, and I always read your letters with a smile. It means, that I have warm feelings to you, the my dear man!!! Now all my thoughts only about you!!!
Earlier I had no such warm feelings to the man! And I feel your heat and care!!! Tell to me fairly, you have feelings to me? I think, if two persons have met each other and they start to have feelings, it is very important!
Without feelings it is impossible to begin relations. Certainly it only the first feelings. When the woman and the man meet each other, look in the face each other, they start to test more strong feelings, they feel affinity and warmth. I would like to meet you and to take your hand, to feel your heat!
Oh I dream of it, Martin!!! And you? I do not know, when we will meet, but I can tell with confidence, I very much wish you to meet face to face and to learn your eyes, my angel!!! I very much want it!!!
Tell to me, is life difficult there? I think yes though I never was in other country. I would like to visit many countries in my life. I like to travel, though I do not travel almost. It so is a pity.
Unfortunately time has approached, and now I should go. I hope, you will answer me soon!!! You know, that I will look forward your letter!!! And I hope, your letter will bring to me of even more pleasure and heat from you, my dear!!! It is a pity, that I cannot kiss your lips right now...
Nevertheless I give you 1000000000 kisses!!!

Your Yuliya.

Letter 8

Hello my dear!!!
How you today? I hope, you have good day. This morning I have woken up with thoughts on you, my angel!!! I wished to tell "Good morning, my angel Martin!!!", but I have understood, that you not with me. It is a pity, I so wish to wake up about you every morning!!! Tell to me, you too want it?
I so wish to tell to you about my feelings. But it is difficult to speak about feelings words. If I was there with you, I could express all my feelings!!! Back I could not present some time, that I will meet the man on the Internet and I will have warm feelings to him!!! Earlier I never had such warm feelings to the man! But I so am happy, that now I have the man of whom I can be assured!!! I have opened to you my heart and I hope, you will carefully keep it! You promise? I do not wish to be injured sometime! I trust you completely!
Certainly we can speak about our feelings in letters infinitely. And I think, we should plan our meeting. I wish to find out the information on arrival to you! I think, I should find out it in embassy or in travel agency. I will find out this information and I will inform you.
My dear Martin, I so wish to kiss your sweet lips!!! I wish to feel your hands on my waist... And I hope my dreams become a reality very soon!!! I would like to spend much time with you!!! And certainly I wish to begin a new happy life!!! And I believe, that only you can do me happy!!! When we will meet, we can be convinced of it!!!
My angel, I should finish my letter now. I should come back to my work. When I find out something about arrival to you, I will inform you. Do not forget to inform me the airport closest to you. OK?
I give you many kisses!!! Please write to me!!! I wait!!!

Only your Yuliya.

Letter 9

Hello my dear Martin!!!
I so am glad, that I have received your letter again. And certainly your letter has brought a lot of happiness to me. My angel, now I understand, that I cannot live without your letters. Each time I hurry up to read it, and I am ready to forget about all problems, only to read your letter again.
My feelings grow every day. And now my heart says to me, that I should be with you! I so want it! I do not understand, how I could live without you earlier. I searched for you all my life and I so is happy, that we have met each other. I am assured, that it is our destiny and we will be together in any case. You think so too?
Today I will go to find out the information on arrival to you. I cannot wait more. I wish to be with you so soon as it is possible. And I hope, you want it too.
I spoke with my mum. My mum thinks, that we should meet now to be assured of our feelings. Though I am assured of my feelings to you absolutely. I think only of you these days, and I understand, that you the man of my dream. My heart belongs only to you. I feel, that you will never injure or deceive me. I trust you completely!
My angel Martin, I will write to you tomorrow and I will tell, what I have found out about arrival to you. OK? Certainly I will look forward your letter!
10000000000000 kisses for my prince!
I miss you!

Your Yuliya.

Letter 10

Hello my love Martin!!!
Now I can say safely, that you my love! And it will be the truth! I hope, you will not be surprised by it! I do not wish to hide from you my feelings! I wish to speak you the truth! And all my words only from my heart! Certainly, to be assured of all things it is necessary to meet. But I do not wish to hide my feelings from you!
Well, my angel, I wish to tell to you some news. This morning I have decided to go to travel agency to find out the information on arrival to you. I spoke with a travel agent. He has told, that I can easily receive the tourist visa in your country. Also I should make the international passport and some other documents. Also I should pay the state tax. Full cost is 16 530 roubles. It is about 435 euros. This cost includes the visa, the passport, all documents and inquiries, the tax. They can make my documents very quickly, approximately in 1 week after the contract conclusion! Certainly I was glad, when I have learnt, that my documents will be ready in short term.
And I have decided to conclude at once the contract with tourist agency for reception of documents. I should pay cost of documents for the contract within 10 days. The tourist agency will be prepared all documents for me and I will receive the tourist visa for 90 days. When documents will be ready, I can receive it at once.
But 435 euros are huge money for me! I do not know, how I can pay it... I so worry about it! I wish to arrive to you. And I know, that you wish to meet me too. I do not want, that this money hindered for our meeting. My love, I think, you agree, that it will be silly. I asked money friends, at my boss. They cannot help me. My mum on pension, and it is final she not in a condition to help me too. I even tried to speak with bank about the loan, but they have told at once, that they cannot grant the loan to me because I will go abroad.
My dear Martin, I so worry, that money will hinder for our meeting. But I hope, it does not happen also we will solve this problem together! What do you think of this problem? May be you can help me?
I believe, that the happy future waits for us ahead. And we should aspire to our purpose! I wish to be the happiest woman with you, and I want, that you were the happiest man!!! And I will make you happy!
My angel, I should finish my letter now. I hope, you will answer me soon! I wish you good day!!!

With love your Yuliya.



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