Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Gadzhimagomedova to Anthony (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my darling. I very much miss on you. I do not like football, I not the fan and not the fan. To me it is very bad without you, now I test loneliness, and I hoped to see your letter, and I am really happy. Today at us fine weather, shines today the sun and in the street a lot of people. They go and smile, and I do not know that occurs to me, but now when I see the guy and the girl I have a feeling of envy, and I cannot that with it to do. I very much wish to be with you, now I sit and I think as it will be well simple to sit somewhere with you together and to enjoy happiness. For happiness it is necessary for me to see simply you and to have possibility to feel that you nearby, that you care of me and protect me. I very much hope what be fast I can with you and I can do real my dreams of happiness.
I love you. Yours Tanya
Letter 2
I any more do not want that you wrote to me!!!! You have bothered me with the SPORTS and I already spoke to you that I AM not the FAN of YOURS "Y A N K E E S" Any more do not write to me!!!!
Letter 3
Listen here if in my iinuiyouny address again these threats and insults I will address to the acquaintances which concern Russian mafia and then it is necessary to you it is not sweet, you should think that write to me if you the mongrel once again tell to me a bad word to you will be worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember that the distance has no value if you have offended the girl!!!!
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