Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Gadzhimagomedova to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Gene.
It is very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter. I do not know even as it to explain, but I did not think, that you to me write and now I at all do not know from what to start to write to you the letter. Give so, I shall tell a little about myself and if I shall be really interesting to you also you ask to me the questions and I shall answer them. I want to tell to you, what in this first letter to you I shall tell about myself, it is good ? At once I want to tell, that I have been warned by that people from the Internet get acquainted with young girls that this girl has sent them the ***** photo. Understand, that I very serious in creating our relations with you and I never I shall send a ***** photo to you. I shall be frank in all letters and I shall demand the same relation to, on the equal rights of the man and the woman. I hope, that it is clear for you ! Well I shall tell to you a little about myself and that I present as the person. To me of 28 years and my day a birth on February, 2th 1981. At me grey-blue eyes if you see I use cosmetics and I do not like to render a lot of cosmetics on the person. My growth of 170 centimeters. I want to tell, that I the open girl for all conversations.I never was for the husband and now I want to get acquainted with you for this purpose, to understand as far as we approach each other. My former relations with the man from Russia were short, I was disappointed in it. To itself the man on the Internet for my acquaintance also has decided to look. I work as the designer (engineer) and my work takes away from me a lot of time and forces. So, that I ask to be patient with me as I shall write to you time to 1-2 days. Even at the work I constantly watch the taste and I try to be always in the form and a tone. To go to work as the designer (engineer) to me it was necessary to study at university and only having finished university I began to work from state organisation of designing. Also to pay my university to me it was necessary to work much to pay my study. I sold ice-cream, I was the seller in clothes shop. Understand , that I had not to choose in work as my parents could not pay my study and I had to work independently. At school I 3 years was engaged in Sports swimming in pool and was at city competitions. I am able to be pleased lives, in the life I had to meet a much and consequently I shall not allow to deceive myself. I heard, that it is a lot of people on the Internet deceive and consequently are afraid to get acquainted. I do not know even how to explain, but I for the first time on the Internet. On it I shall finish the letter and I shall wait for your letter with impatience. Therefore as you have woken in me hope, that we can be special to each other. If you it is valid so consider, I wait for your letter on this box. I shall wait, that you to me write, yours faithfully Ekaterina! P.S. Also I ask you ask the questions in your letter do not hesitate. I am very much interested in our relations.Also do not forget that my new e-mail the address: .
Would like to know your full name also?
Letter 2
Hi my friend Gene!
Today which you only sent your photo for me to me very much liked also you were simply remarkable on these photos you can understand me was very good on these photos. Thanks you for your so informative letter. It was pleasant to me to learn you, both your principles and lists of that what woman approaches you. And also it was interesting to me to read a line from the bible, and I completely agree with you that this love is fine and it is necessary to aspire to it, as it is the worthy purpose. I hope, that you do not object to my questions which I now I shall set. Because that we continued between us the correspondence very important as far as the person can listen to you and turn to you attention. And so my first question, what I would like to know than you are engaged in general? Your work? Than particularly you are engaged? Your hobbies? What would you like to make in a life? Why I ask on such with a kind simple questions attention. Because when you will start answer them I can to understand about you vital representation as you behave and in the life. I wish to inform you that I have studied English language not so long ago. I know English language not in perfection and in this connection I can read your letters many times to understand that you write to me. And please I very much ask to be patient to me because when you ask any question and I do not answer on it I ask you that you to me about it have asked more particularly. Tell to me about the work? Than you are engaged? How many you receive money from your work? In how many you rise for the work? How far to be your work from your house? Now I shall tell to you a little about the work. At once I can tell that my work very difficult and laborious, my work demands the big attention, imagination and a thrift in various designing. I work as the designer (engineer) of buildings. Main my duty consists in that that correctly and without erroneous calculation and to provide each project. My fellow workers also are considered with me and with my correct decisions when to me my work is necessary to do. Happens so on the successful termination of building of a building, to me and my colleagues give out prizes and flowers for successful work. I watch that all was carried out in conformity with rules of the schedule from A up to Z. You understand Gene, that I on the work should be firm The serious but when you are houses simply would like tenderness of love and caress from loved the man. Frequently when I am I am free on the days off like to read fiction. At me not so big library of a house and I frequently take books from city library to fill the life the fine moments. I do not like to waste time simply and never I do any acts before I shall not think of it well. Very important value which I adhere " Be dear and respect opinions of others (let even they do not deserve it) ". Now you understand Gene why I have decided to write only to you? I respect opinion of other person and I think, that the criticism is a good thing which sets the person thinking that you do, and whether correctly you do it. I allow to you small representation about that what I there is actually that have a little understood, that I for the person. I hope, that you write to me and will tell to me more about myself directly. Thanks for your attention. On it I shall stop, and I shall write to you later.
Yours faithfully in all sincerity, Ekaterina.
Letter 3
How are you doing Gene? I hope, what at you all is good?
Thanks you for all your photos, and me were very interesting to consider these photos. You look really very well. I again and again receive your letter and I am joyful, that I can write to the person who is somewhere very far. As to your last letter: I attentively read your last letter many times. I apologise for that that I have not understood in your previous letter a little. Now having received from you your today's letter I have understood all that you speak to me. I understand that you do not work, than you are engaged, and also that you want in a life. You set questions, here answers: I do not want the rich person, as for me important what person in a shower and in heart, not money. Before I was not married. I did not marry the person because of money. For me money not the main thing, for me important what person and as it approaches to me. I shall tell to you about myself. My period of the childhood was very severe, but not rigid as my parents gave me a lot of attention. I was the only child in family and consequently to not have brothers and sisters. My education was not absolutely modern at that time, but my parents of me never beat and tried to give in all to me understanding of world around. My mother Belief until recently worked in a Comprehensive school where she worked as the cook and prepared for a meal for children. She was considered as the good expert of the class and was very much appreciated. Now my mum does not work, as my mother already at the advanced age and has retired. But as work of the woman in Russia is not appreciated (at all female work here is not appreciated) pay very little. My father Ivan has died when to me there were 10 years. My father was the military man and worked in a hot point in the city of Chechen Republic. My father valorously battled to insurgents and as a result has been killed as a result of act of terrorism. My father struggled for the blessing of fatherland and has paid with the life. It was very hard to recollect it. When similar things occur to your close people it remains for all life. You now know some details of my life and I want to tell to you about myself in more detail and than I like to be engaged. I very much like dialogue with people and consequently from everyone with you letters I try to take something good for myself. Understanding of the person very important for me. I like to dance and on a regular basis I I see off gymnastics to watch for the figure. I do not like to use also a lot of cosmetics, I think, that the natural beauty is much better than use of any cosmetics. Sometimes with friends and fellow workers I can afford rest and we go in a wood and there we do shish kebabs or we collect mushrooms and berries. I certainly can dare to go in such days of rest on a disco, but I do not like music. I give in music the preference to such great musicians as Bethoven,Mozart and others. I very much like its composition " the Lunar sonata " if you did not hear necessarily listen to it Gene. I in general like classical and tool music. This music gains, except for that is pleasant on hearing. In the childhood I even tried to write verses and at me rather not badly it turned out. I already spoke, that I do not like to waste time simply and therefore I occupy time from a decline and till a dawn. I very much like to prepare for such dish (you probably heard about it) as Russian pel'menis. This very tasty dish. I also can cook to you and the Saljnka both "Olivier's" salad and salad "Greek", but some products that I was able to do it in domestic conditions are necessary for all these dishes. It is really very tasty when you prepare. My mother speaks, that I would be left by the quite good cook and I could earn good money somewhere at restaurant. But I have chosen for myself absolutely other trade. You know, we do not presume to buy phone or a computer and consequently I write to you from the Internet of cafe which it is a lot of at us in city. I also shall give my address on which I live with my mother. You can see it. my full home address:
street: I.Franko 15
Apartment 11
city Cheboksary
postal index 428000
Country Russia. Probably at me the address as my mother wants to change an apartment on cheaper for payment will exchange, but I in any case shall inform to you about it. You know Gene? I could call to you if knew your phone number. I shall try to receive the salary next week to try to talk to you. If I receive the salary I shall by all means inform to you about it and we can agree when to me to call to you. But I am usual can call only in the evening on time. On it I shall finish the letter and I shall wait tomorrow for your letter. Take care Gene!
Your friend Ekaterina!
Letter 4

Hi the my dear Gene!
You have sent me the photo in this letter I is very glad and very grateful for your photo. I hope, what you receive my photos? And again I receive from you the letter. And you know, I am glad to this letter from you Gene. Dialogue with you is interesting to me, I think, that it is very interesting to communicate with you. As to your compliment of "Librarian". To me your compliment is very pleasant. I understand all that you wished to tell to me about it. My favourite dish is Olivier's salad: the considerable quantity of sausage delicacies of the vegetables mixed with a small amount enters Into this dish. My day today has passed not absolutely well.Today I had a case to see an unpleasant situation. It happens in many countries and cities of our world, but I can tell it to you. In my house in the next apartment there lives very pleasant neighbour who to have problems with the husband. Their relations developed after marriage not so well and after it should give birth to the child, their relations only were difficult also distances an appreciable ***** in their relations. Mine the neighbour the name Oksana, and husband Sergey. This Sergey where does not work, and my neighbour Oksana very much suffers because of it. And today when Sergey has arrived home in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, and from a threshold of apartment neighbour Oksana has started to demand money that it could calm thirst one more bottle an alcoholic drink. But Oksana on all these requirements to give to it of money, has refused. And this person (I do not have words such as I could name it) has rushed on the wife and has started to beat our kind and good neighbour Oksana. This action to occur on my eyes on a ladder platform of an entrance, but I could not help and consequently Oksana to get some serious traumas from the husband. After that Sergey to leave a ladder platform and to leave where that on street. I recollect it with a pain. I very much to understand Oksana it very much loves the husband and that cannot make with it. While the husband used it. I against such relations. I think that it very badly when the husband uses in the similar way the wife in the similar purposes. Oksana sincerely loves the husband and does not notice notices bad things which her husband does. You understand Gene, I would like to have such person who would give me only love. I have more than anything from it it is not necessary. I would protect it so, that any trouble has not happened to him. Therefore I am not interested to have the man in Russia. I cannot rely on such the man and if I to not have any trust to the husband as I can trust such to the man? I would not want to love such the man. And consequently when I had long acquaintance to the guy. We met him 1,5 years, he started to use my trust in the bad purposes and I had to leave this person. My disappointment in the Russian men is very great, and consequently I have decided to get acquainted with you. I think, that it is good, that I have got acquainted with you Gene. I know, that is possible sometime you ask me about arrival in your country. And you already know, that I cannot with afford it to arrive to you. I also know about many a case when women from Russia deceive men from other countries and consequently I shall never ask your money. That there were no questions on mistrust. I saw people which life is very rich, but they are not so happy and now I understand, that I the girl who earns to itself of money and let it a little, but I to know, that I can be pleased lives, help for a life the to mother. I understand necessity of money, but it not the main thing for me. There are vital values for me which at the cost much more surpass money. And I shall be glad to know, that you also concern to the that person who appreciates not money, namely feelings. I ask to forgive me if I something have offended in the letter, I sincerely did not want it to do. But on it I shall finish the letter to you Gene. Thanks that you have read this letter. You for me are more than the friend.
Always yours faithfully for you Ekaterina!
Letter 5
Hi my dear Gene!
As it is interesting to receive your photos today to me very pleasantly and I am very grateful for your photos, thanks. I again receive your letter and I very much like to receive your letters Gene. You in 1000 miles from me and me it seems little bit strange when you somewhere there it is far, but nevertheless you continue to write to me letters Gene! Concerning my photos: I have rings on two my ring fingers. These rings that do not mean as this ornament and costume jewellery. There is no I not the ******. I have trusted in my guy, but it treated badly me and did not appreciate me. This guy was my first man. At present I do not know, that I would do if I became married to the American guy. I did not reflect yet on the further plans of my work. Probably I would like to be in author's work. I do not wish to work as the cook. I think that you carp at my words and my letters a little. I admit to you, that I sympathize you, and it is possible even more. You write to me already any time and I and at you never arose sensations? When you write or talk to the person, and at you feeling, that you know this person all life. As though you are already familiar with him, and that your life is somehow connected to you Gene. I for the sake of you have removed the structure on the Internet I correspond only with you you to me is very necessary and on it{this} I do not wish you to lose, I am true to you! I cannot explain it, but it is possible, what you can explain to me Gene? When you read your letters which you have written, I sometimes read several times really to understand, that you to me write. I sometimes have problems with reading your letter, as I use the program of the translator to understand your letters. But I try to understand completely that you have written to me. For very important your understanding Gene. Without understanding it is impossible any relations, you agree with me Gene? I think attitudes between the man and the woman should be equal in rights (50/50). I cannot simply allow, that the man treated me with contempt or smaller interest, you understand it Gene? I think that if choose to myself the woman whom you have decided to devote to yourself a life (not for entertainments) it is necessary not only to respect her, but also to like and properly concerns to her. And I know experience of mine girlfriend Oksana never I shall allow so to address with myself, you should understand it Gene. That if you have really decided to choose serious relations it should be not violence, over one person, and a mutual consent of two people which have decided to give the obligation that they will observe any conditions between the friend the friend, such as: respect, trust, love, sincerity. I could transfer this list for a long time, but it not so is important. It seems to me, that you in any sense trust me, and believe me, that it is not casual. Probably our meeting is destiny, but I do not know it. In the world so the person is a lot of things about which or does not know or simply does not understand it. And I now have question, you really want serious relations with me? It is very important for me to know as far as you sincere now, in the words with me. Because the further dialogue with me perhaps is not pleasant to you also you decide to write to me, that you do not want to see my letters. I now very much worry, and I very much would like to know your opinion concerning my letter that I could understand for myself so many things concerning me and you Gene. I wanted to send a photo of my city so you can see that place where I live and as I wanted to ask only you that you could send me a photo of your city and tell a little that place where do you live as I wanted to see only your house and your place of work and what you do and where go well I very much I hope that you to me tell all this? I now shall tell to you a small history from my childhood. In the childhood I tried to study the world, but have in most cases understood, that it is simply impossible. The life casual also is unpredictable. And in it meaning of the life. To be unpredictable. If you knew, what will be tomorrow, it would become boring to you to live, already today, unless not so Gene? And consequently looking at your letters at me the sensation is created, that you probably that person with whom I could be not only is happy, but also to give you a new life as well as I to you. But I do not know your letter beforehand and consequently I think, that for me it will be now important to know your opinion and consequently I wait from you for letters with hope, that you understand everything, that I write.
If I have written to you that that not so do not judge me I very badly I use a computer and the more so the Internet!
With all sincerity from the heart to yours Gene. Ekaterina!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Gene!
Thanks you for your letters. I regret for a delay of my letter. My work was very strained and I am very tired for these working days for this reason I could not write you the letter more likely. Today I also worked and is very tired. I will write to you again tomorrow.
Only yours Ekaterina.
Letter 7
Hi my dear Gene!
I was very glad to receive your letter. I'm fine with health and mine I spoke mum about you. What you the person also that you to me write.
I do not think, that I have acted badly, I wanted to express this act of feeling to you and as I concern to you. I wrote the last letter to you, that that person who really counts relations normal is really necessary for me. Such as 50/50. Because when there comes love I know, that this great feeling, and I also know, what not all people can love each other, understand, feel any sympathy for someone. I think, that love it something such, that heart forces to tremble, to excite your blood when you see the favourite person. When you start to worry and know from whom this excitement proceeds. I do not love such words as " I love you ". For me it is simple words. My purpose to search and find such person which words let also are not told by him in the person, and are written in the usual letter, it is sent by simple e-mail, really give such energy, that it is transferred and in the letter. I loved the person, but I loved him is not realized, as though in dream, instead of in reality. And when my dream has left from me, at me feelings to this person were gone also. You know, what I can love and you Gene? But the love is a long part of mutual relations between the man and the woman. And also as time treats, as well the love demands to itself the special approach. This feeling, instead of a thing. And to this it is necessary concerns with extra care. If you have lost such person Gene which you loved, and liked very strongly. I regret to you Gene and I express you the gratitude, that you really felt, that such love. I want to tell to you my history from my childhood. I was familiar with several families which were friends among themselves and lived in one house. At that time we were children and were friends together. Among us was many boys and girls and everyone differed in good or the bad side. Then, when these children have grown steel adults, all of us have together understood, that the world is not limited only to one dream which at us was in the childhood. Us such problems as cost of training in the supreme institutions began to worry how to find for themselves suitable and highly paid work. How to create family and to do for the life and a life of children all necessary. At once to you I shall tell, that someone has gone on a bad (bad) way. And subsequently we any more did not know about it anything. But I have such girlfriend as Irina and Oksana of which we are friends almost from the cradle. And even now we sometimes at leisure from work spend together time. I very much would like to notice, that you Gene, have understood all values of my words which I have written to you. Understand Gene, that now you for me very important person and I trust you. I never thought of making to the person bad. And I did not know, that such happiness (it is possible in my dreams). But I do not know as you to tell Gene, that you of very wide soul and the good person. And I shall be never capable you to offend even in ideas Gene. I wish you all best on light Gene. And it seems to me, that I test something to you. But let we shall name it not love, and very deep sympathy, it is good Gene? I wait for your letter with impatience and I hope for your sincerity Gene!
Ekaterina which tests to you deep sympathy waits from you for letters Gene! With impatience.
Letter 8
Hello my favourite Gene!
I wish to tell to you that I very much miss on you and under your letters. Why you do not write to me? Probably you are very occupied on the work and have no enough time to write to me? Or probably you have found to yourselves whom that instead of me and I do not interest any more you? But I wish to ask you that you have written to me and have dispelled all my doubts. I very much wait for your fine letter, and I very much do not have you in my life.
Always only yours Ekaterina.
Letter 9
Hi my dear Gene!
How with you, all is good? How do you feel today? I shall hope, that is good, because I very much like to receive your letters Gene. And I know, that you that person Gene which really knows me and likes to receive my letters. I regret for a delay of my letter the matter is that Internet cafes were problems with technical malfunctions. And for this reason I could not write to you and learn that you write me your letters. Love a strange thing Gene. You so do not think. I do not know such person who would not want to love and be loved also. I believe in love, I believe, that such feeling as love is capable to destroy mountains, to break dams, to dry up the rivers. In any sense this very dangerous feeling because because of love, and very much frequently because of blind love the person loses the most important, essence. I am sorry. You very much like me Gene, and I deeply sympathize you, but my love needs time and for you while this time has not come. And consequently I ask you a pardon if I something have offended you Gene. I ask to understand me, because for me love this deep feeling. It is not simple words and consequently to love the person time is required. Time does us by adults, our acts intelligent. Together with time we grow old, but in the same also time and heals our wounds, including soul of a wound. In due time when to me there were 16 years. It is awkward age at practically all children. To me the interesting case was recollected. I considered, that I shall forget this moment of the life, but I have now recollected it Gene! Showed on the TV such program in which the question was young pair. The husband the American, and his wife the Russian girl from Russia was. They have met on the Internet as well as we you Gene, and have soon got married. I can not recollect a name of this American, but on mine John, and his wife called Olga. Olga it was not familiar with laws of this country and John forbade to her to talk to somebody. Then John has moved her in other room. Girls of this country are independent and when the husband starts to beat the wife. The wife goes in police and the statement on divorce has the right to submit. John also has been married up to Olga, but this fact has held back. And when John started to beat wife Olga she did not know, that to her to do and suffered. I have drawn such conclusion, that the Russian girls are much more patient than girls from other countries. Olga did not know what to do with this husband. And did not know where she can address. Appeared, that John suffered manic prosecution of change the wife and for it beat her. He completely isolated her from a society. The only thing that this girl wrote down everything could do that did John in relation Olga. At divorce with first girl John has lost the property, and Olga also has decided to submit on divorce. And then John has decided to go on ******. He has dug a corpse near to a garbage warehouse. But when began investigation the police has found notebook Olga and have understood the reason of ****** Olga. At the end of this film John has incurred punishment as imprisonment for 29 years. And as with him the accomplice who helped him to the accomplice distances of 26 years of a prison mode was. But this accomplice has made a unique correct thing in this film. He has told about all on interrogation the truth. It is very deep film about feelings and in this film showed as well as the happy moments of a life of this pair, and bad. I shall finish the letter Gene, and I want to tell about much. When the girl of other country gets in other country. With culture unfamiliar to her, habits, people. She very for a long time comes to the senses. And it is required to her aeeeiaoecaoey by this environment new to her. It is very deep step for the girl to leave the country for residing at other country. Here again also much depends from the man, which not looking that she Russian is obliged as future husband to help her in all. To train the culture and language. I speak you thanks Gene, that you have read this letter and have considered my letter with understanding. I shall wait for your letter.
Your sincere Ekaterina waits for your letter Gene!.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Gene!!!
Today I have come to Internet cafe and have not received your letter.
I feel very sad from that that you do not write me your letters. I very much miss on you and under your letters. I wish to ask you that you have written me your letter. I very much do not have our dialogue with each other. I adore you! I with impatience will wait for your letter. I hope that with you all well and you write me your letter.
Now I will finish my short letter and I will wait your answer.
For ever yours Ekaterina.

Letter 11
Hi my dear my the soul mate Gene! How you? How a family?
In my country now summer and it very warmly and brightly shines the summer sun. Wanted to know, and to trust, that with you everything is all right. It is good to know that you help the to neighbour George with sale of its house. You simply excellent man, in that that help the to the neighbour, and distract the inspector from the detailed work. I regret that the inspector has found some defects with electric telegraphy. But you very much tried also I am proud of you. As to my last history about Olga and John: I do not live in fear!!!! I simply do not wish to repeat this experience, and it was interesting to me to hear your opinion on this history. I once again wish to tell to you, that I do not have fears and I am not afraid, only I wish to secure myself in the future!! Concerning my feelings to you: I consider that in any case the love is achievable. But meanwhile you very much like also I consider that you the remarkable person. I very much wanted to ask you what you feel to me? For me your answer Gene though I for the present cannot tell to you why is very important. I to wish to tell to you about my usual worker day. And so. I rise at 6.30 then I wash it occupies not a lot of time as I not always use cosmetics. Then at 6.45 I to do morning gymnastics, and after gymnastics I to put on for the working day, then at 7.20 I to have an easy breakfast. It basically coffee and sandwiches. My work begins at 8.00 and reaches 17.00. Now you see that I very much try to find for you though my work spoils me so a lot of time. My lunch break basically with 12 but sometimes my lunch break begins either earlier or later. Also happens, that I am exact at this time I write to you Gene. After a dinner I continue the work on designing. It is very difficult specialisation and The big attention demands and cleans many forces from me. But to like me my work. Therefore be not surprised, if any time you did not find out my letter. I hope, that you have understood that at me Tough job and so a lot of this work spoils me time. With this letter I wanted to send you my photo little bit hot and I hope that it only will be at you and nobody will see it promise me I ask you. It is my honour as my trust to you of 100 that is a photo you should see only and I ask you to make it for me my most dear person. Well it is a photo for you and only for you. Why I have asked you, about feelings between me and you Gene because I do not know as it to explain to you Gene, but I test the certain dependence that you to me are not indifferent also I very much I like to receive your letters. I really not only am pleasant like with you I very much wanted to talk to you in the person Gene. (it becomes sometime possible for me it is a reality). But we with you already know each other. I shall not tell to you, that I "love you Gene ", but I test to you very good feelings and I do not know as it to explain to you Gene. This such warm and as though native feeling of that As if we we with you already talked before and were already familiar. Both somehow we have again met and now for me this very big and beautiful feeling. You have told to me about yourself and I hope, that I also told to you about myself Gene much. But now business not in it. And I only wanted to know your opinion Gene about all it. I wait from you for the letter Gene.
Because now the person whom call Ekaterina very much waits for your letters and hopes only on good in relations.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Gene!
I again and again receive your letter Gene. And your letters charge me special energy. I feel deep attachment to you and your letters. Thanks you for your photo, very much like me all your photos. As to my photos: I will not do a photo in bikini. I so have sent you the hot enough photos! When we will be together with each other, you can consider all my body. I completely agree with your words, about that that we should not have fears and should trust each other. I very much would like to learn about America little bit more. Still any time back, I could not and think, that you Gene will begin for me so is important. And I really hope, that I for you also am very important. I very much like to communicate with you, and each your letter has filled me with harmony by a life. If still one month ago I did not feel similar paints of a life now when I so am familiar with you Gene, I am glad and enjoy a life. I never thought, that similar love, yes Gene, the love can be even under letters. I did not trust in it, but now when I made the analysis of the acts, the actions. I have understood Gene, that I " LOVE YOU Gene ". I do not know, how it is possible to explain it, but now I want to hear nothing any explanations. I want to receive your letters, I shall call to you, I only want to enjoy our time of happiness which is only at us with you Gene. And I know, that you Gene, also think and know, that it is love. It is very important for me, I already spoke, to like and be loved, but you Gene you force me to love you. And I cannot go against it, I cannot go against the feelings and consequently I go on a meeting to the feelings, on a meeting to you Gene. When in the last letters we spoke about each other, it was only any acquaintance and I tried to understand you as the person Gene. But now I understand, that I searched for you. I love you such what you is Gene, and from you more it is necessary nothing to me except for your love. I really appreciate our relations and is very cautious to not damage any your feelings Gene. I hope, that you understand completely and all sense of this letter, because for me Gene this very important letter. And I hope, that you understand it completely. Because in this letter I have enclosed the soul, love and trust that you have understood my fair and feelings are open and now I only want to tell to you, that which I to you test all those feelings to belong only to you Gene. It as music which flow whence from space and I cannot explain to you it Gene, but I know one precisely, that I love you Gene. You have enabled me to love and I thank you for it. Not all people in the world can love, but I know, that you also test to me the same great feeling Gene. Thanks for your attention Gene which you have given for me, for me is very important, that you read this letter and have understood all its sense. I shall say goodbye to you up to tomorrow Gene my love to write to you again.
I wait for your letter tomorrow Gene. With love from your girl Ekaterina!
Letter 13
Hi my lovely Gene!
How you my love Gene? Whether you Ekaterina is interested all at you well? I hope, that your health is good also you disturbs nothing. My life passes from my work seeing your letter Gene. I shall try to write to you Gene every day to know, that at you all is good also I appreciate you Gene for your care and love to me. You know, that I really seriously and very seriously concern to you. why our love till now did not meet you earlier. Tell to me Gene, probably we would avoid so many mistakes in ours with you lives Gene. My mother speaks me, that probably I would find that person with which I could find the happiness. My dear Gene my good girlfriend has told to me about travel agency which is at us in city. I could look really at the opportunities trying to visit you Gene. It seems to me, that it will occupy long time for me Gene, therefore I shall try to visit you and to start to save money for my arrival to you. In due course we can know very well each other and then when I at last can save up money we already shall know that we can to expect from each other. And then I shall arrive to you Gene. I shall wait, so much how many you to me will tell. I am very happy, that I have found you here on the Internet and I shall be always grateful to destiny, that we have met you. I shall wait Gene, so much how many it is necessary. My love to you is boundless. You the good person Gene and for it I appreciate this high quality as the person. At my age I think it only love because when I see your letters and your outlooks on life Gene your adult approach by a life and problems of a life I understand, that such person as you are capable to give such girl as I love. It would be necessary nothing for me from the person which loved me. All my care has transformed him into a life in continuous happiness. This would be only ours with you a life Gene. Now I shall finish my letter to you Gene and I shall write to you my following letter tomorrow. Yours faithfully and love to you Gene yours Ekaterina!
Letter 14
Hi my love Gene!
I hope, that at you all is good also I write you the letter as to the most loved person. Very much it is pleasant to me, that you write to me such remarkable letters. I am glad that you wish to present to me bikini when I will arrive. It will be very pleasant to me to accept from you this gift. You have sent me a bikini photo which to you it was pleasant. I also send you a bikini photo which like me. What do you of this photos? You like these bikinis? I love you Gene as persons and I hope sometime on ours with you a meeting. I really very much wish to meet you and to arrive to you. You want that I have in detail learnt about my travel to you? I plan to go and become interested about my travel to you. When you would wish to meet me? On my work at me it will be fast holiday and at this particular time I would like to arrive to you and to divide our happy moments and our love to each other. Today at me difficult day was and I was very much tired. My boss demanded of me too much and I asserted the point of view. Here in Russia it is very difficult to be the woman. As we in Russia have not enough women of politicians or borrowing high posts in the state. Work of the woman in Russia also is estimated too in small quantity though at some enterprises the woman performs the most difficult work. Except for that my boss tried to make so that I performed his work not connected with my work. And though I know, that my boss the good person, but he also is declined to opinion that the woman should do only that she is spoken by the man. Such system you may observe here practically everywhere, at work, in a dining room, in our government, in family and it yet all Gene. And still I know, that we with you Gene have happened not and I am grateful to destiny that we might meet you Gene! I trust you Gene on all of 100 of interests and very much I love you and I ask to not hurt me if you really do not love me or I am not necessary for you. I need in you after your letters and I think ours love a great miracle for us with you Gene. If to speak about trust I at once shall tell to you Gene, that I might not grow fond of you Gene if I did not trust. I wanted to tell you Gene, that the trust is such brick wall which every day grows slowly on bricks. And to draw any conclusion or to understand, that you like (it in my case to you Gene) me needs to be understood, that I trust you also this wall from bricks in our relations have reached a limit. And now here with you in this letter Gene I express you all my soul both my character and my life that you knew and felt me as it is possible better. And though I understand, that I have written to you many letters on it, but I would like, that you knew me even better and my aspiration to know you begins more. I shall finish on it the letter Gene and I shall write to you soon. I know, that you always wait for my letter Gene, but I sometimes has days when I not always can write to you about all. And I know, that your love to me also grows every day. I kiss you Gene and I wait with impatience of your new letter to me. I love you Gene, yours Ekaterina!
Letter 15
Hello my beloved Gene!
Today I again do not receive your letter, and it does me a little upset. With you everything is all right? Why you do not write to me? I very much miss on you and under your letters. I very much require your letter, with answers. I with impatience wait your letter! I love you, and you the man necessary for me.
Always only your loving Ekaterina.
Letter 16
Hi my dearest love Bear cub Gene!
Thanks you for a photo. This your photo very beautiful and I love this your photo. I am very glad to read again your answer and your letter. You write very beautiful letters and yours words bring me only each time all closer to you I cannot express that that I feel in relation to you I simply I love you I it was possible shall tell? Rather our meeting with each other: In the last letter I spoke to you about manufacturing of my visa. You that do not speak me about the visa. What do you think of reception of my visa? And still I wanted to ask you I shall be possible to name you my favourite bear cub? Well I wanted to speak only with you about us about our relations and to find out with you why it happened? I so was glad when we started and wrote every day letters and it only I so liked to write to you the letter much. And as it turned out that we met as you think I only I think that destiny and destiny it so much she always only conducts us to that that we could meet to speak with different people destiny reduces all in this life. She means during our life much and I think that you spoken with destiny and happens. How you think? I have trusted in destiny and the ambassador all these letters I so is glad that I liked you and you like me yours words it is such depth yours words you simply at me in soul and I am very glad that you are in my soul near to heart. I shall wait only for you always and I at all do not know as you to tell you for me simply an ideal the man. You that for the sake of which I would give a life and it is not simple words so I ask ponder upon my letter and understand who I and that I see in you as in the person and you only should represent as much you mean for me and as much you only imagine for me. I precisely do not know you can understand it whether or not? You can as to become attached to me whether or not. Also that for us with you waits in the future we do not know but only remember mine words that you for me which that person I always wait and believe what be fast we can together I believe in it and only I expect when all this can happen. As I want to speak you how many yours words mean for me so I ask only do not speak mere words if they only have no value to me important that if you speak by not a lot of word and their value for you. And if you and in the truth all this so feel for me then this that much that is necessary. And I wait tell to me the most important words which you wanted to speak me and till now did not speak. In this letter I wanted to speak you that at me now so many work and that my holiday soon and it only will be about in 2 weeks I so I do for mine clients much and my work I give myself to my work. Simply I know and saw such workers which do not give myself to work and only all spoils it spoils work and all that there occurs. I very much hope for you that all well and that you only do all as it is possible well. Which I only wanted to speak some more phrases for you you very good and kind person know it presently remained good and kind people very little. I am very glad that have found you and never I want to lose you. Well now I only want to finish my letter and to speak you that I very much I love you and I wait for your answer my. I shall be here for you as soon as I can and I hope that I can read your answer.
Always which that woman you are not indifferent also which waits always for the letter from you because I LOVE YOU. Yours Ekaterina!!!
Letter 17
Hello my beloved Gene.
Thanks you and I am very glad to receive your letter for your letter. You have extremely seldom started to write me your letters. Earlier you regularly wrote me your letters. Why you not regularly write me your letters? As to my visa: I investigated my visa and I know how many it will occupy time. Before I wrote to you about my visa in detail. You not attentively read my letter and on that that I have learnt in detail about my visa? I have completely painted to you about my visa and about that that I have learnt about reception of my visa. My visa costs 300-350 dollars. You agree to help me with my visa? Or you want that I saved money for my travel independently, long time? As I understand from your letter that you very much love me and wish to meet me as soon as possible. It so? I very much love you and I wish to meet you face to face and a body to a body. I will be confident that that our meeting with each other unforgettable and the most grandiose. Now I should finish mine letters as I need to be in time on my bus to reach to my house. I very much love you and I wish to be with you, as you the ideal person for me. I send you all my love and kisses. I with impatience wait for your letter.
Your loving girl Ekaterina.
Letter 18
Hello my beloved Gene!
I again once again come to Internet cafe and I do not receive your letter. Where you? Why you have ceased to write me your letters? To me it is very lonely and sad without you and without your letter. If you any more do not wish to write to me, I ask to tell to me about it. I will wait your letter. Your loving girl Ekaterina.
Letter 19
Hello my beloved Gene!
Thanks you for your long-awaited letter, I very much waited when you write to me. You have started not enough time to give for me. You had any affairs? What do you do today? I regret for a delay of my letter. The matter is that yesterday did not work as Internet cafe as there there was no light. And for this reason I could not write you the letter. I hope you understand me. Today I had very difficult working day as the weekend and me needs to be made some still. I very much wish to be with you in your strong hands. I am ready to arrive at any time to you and to meet you and to divide our happy moments with each other. Concerning my visa: In the last letters I have in detail painted to you all my expenses for the visa. In the last letters I already spoke to you about the visa price. On all my expenses it is necessary for me for the visa 300 - 350$US. I very much hope that you understand now how many money to me it is required to make my visa!? When you plan to help me with my visa? To me to go to bank and to become interested about that as you can send me money for my visa? Here I will finish my letter as it is time to me home. I very much love you, and you are necessary for me as air. I hope that you not begin to detain your letter, and will write to me at once. I wait your letter. Your loving woman Ekaterina.
Letter 20
Hello my beloved and my bear cub Gene!
Thanks you for your letter. I am glad to receive your letter. Today I had good enough day. And this day I together with my girlfriends and with my mum went to wood on shish kebabs. We have remarkably spent time on the nature preparing meat on fire (fire). But then to me it became a little sad and lonely, that you were far from me. I very much would like to spend this time for the nature together with you. I very much love you, and you have lodged in my heart on always. I very much trust you, and I trust you the love and the heart. You the special person for me, and I wish to be together with you face to face. I wish to embrace you, both to kiss, and to make with you all fine moments of our happiness. I am confident that you can to make me the happiest woman on light. Concerning my visa: It is good, that you know now how many money to me it is necessary for manufacturing of my visa. Yesterday I went to bank to become interested as you can send me your money. In bank to me spoke system through which you Could send yours money it MoneyGram. So you could To see how to do and where to find it here their sites which is in The Internet So as soon as You can find and send all to me it: So I will wait for yours The answer and when you nevertheless can send me yours money. I wait Your answer, your full name, your full address and MTCN without which I cannot receive yours money. And also in bank to me have informed that you will require my full name and in my address. Here I will put my details: My full name: Ekaterina Shvetsova.
my full home address:
street: I.Franko 15
Apartment 11
city Cheboksary
postal index 428000
Country Russia. Now I will finish my letter as I need to go home to make some cleaning on the house. I very much love you, and it for ever!! I will wait for your fast letter.
Only your loving woman Ekaterina Shvetsova.
Letter 21
Hello my beloved Gene!
Today I again do not receive your letter. You said in the last letter, that you immediately will answer me. What with you? I very much miss on you. You went in moneygram? When you plan to help me with manufacture of my visa? To me it is very lonely here. I very much wish to be together with you and to feel your warmth, love and care. I very much dream of you and about our meetings with each other. I ask to write to me as soon as possible. I wait for you and your letter.
Your loving Ekaterina.
Letter 22
Hello my beloved Gene!
Today I again come to Internet cafe and I do not receive your letter.
Why you do not write to me? What with you? How you feel? You have forgotten me? I have a set of thoughts why you do not write to me. I very much miss on you, and I require you! I ask you to write to me. I with impatience will wait for your letter. I love you!!! Write to me.
Your loving girl Ekaterina.
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