Scam letter(s) from Natalia Zavierokhina to Finn (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello, my new dear friend Finn. Thank you very much that you answered to me. I am madly waiting for your answer. I am pleased that we can recognize each other through the Internet. This is very interesting. Early I never had any experience in communicating via the Internet. It turns out that this is very exciting. I wish to have two children. What is my financial situation, I receive very small salary. In today's letter, I would like to tell you a little about me and my life. I was born July 14, 1983. I live in Russia. I live in city which call Kanash. My city is not big - 47000 people. It is located in the republic Chuvashiya. The distance from my city to Moscow - 700 km. We have a large number of architectural values. Old churches, monuments. I like my city, because it calm and kind. Here I live my whole life. I am not married and never had children. At age 7, like all Russian children, I went to school. After 11 classes, I entered the State University, specialty in "Manager of the Organization." After graduating university with good knowledge, I immediately went to work to help my family. I am currently working manager to supply household appliances. My job is difficult, but I like it. I work 6 days in the week. Do you like your job? In his free time, I enjoy cooking various dishes of Russian cuisine. I like clean in the house. I am an economical person. After all the household, I like to go for a walk. I like listening to music, read books. I was particularly fascinated Russian classical literature. Have you heard about the Russian writers? Also in my life is the main sport. I like to swim, play volleyball. So I go to the gym. I think that every woman should follow her figure, that to like men:) My parents were ordinary citizens of our country. My dad, his named is Oleg, his life worked as a driver. He was transporting construction materials in different cities of Russia. But last year, he was in a terrible car accident. His heart stopped. My mother and I experienced a very long death of the daddy. Even now, it seems to us that he is near us. My mother, her name is Elena, works as a the seller in shop. I respect and love her. In my life lacks only one is real, pure and true love. I'm not trying to look up any game. I just want to love and be loved. By this letter I attaching my photos. I think you will like my photos. Please send me your different photos too. Only, please, do not send big a photo, it is not more than 500 kilobyte, here slow the Internet-connection. I write to you from the Internet-center. Once again, thank you very much for what you answered to me. Please tell me more about you! I am very interested to know you! I look forward to your new e-mail me. With best regards, your friend from Russia, Nataliya.
Letter 2
Hi my dear Finn! I was very pleased to see that again you have written me a letter. I am very pleased to find out more about you. And with each letter I understand that we're very similar people. Do you think the same way Finn? I have never been in other country. I like your pics. You are nice. I like you. Today I had a very busy day. Today is a day I had to deal with the supply of goods in our company. I also filled some agreement on credit purchases. I am very tired. All day I thought about you, and I very much wanted to write to you. Finn, you became my very good friend. Even a bad day spent does not prevent me to write you a letter. I feel that between us there is some connection. In my life there were very few friends, but now I am very pleased that I had a such a good friend like you Finn! Some employees tell me that I became very cheerful and cheerful. I think it's all because we have got acquainted with you. Do You think also Finn? Do you consider me your a friend? Please tell me how your day has passed. I am very interested find out more about you! You can ask me anything you want. I will give you the answer to any your question. Because I trust you how a friend! I look forward to wait for your next letter to me, because it gives me strength and gladness. Your best friend, Nataliya.
Letter 3
Hi my dear and beloved Finn!!! Sorry, that I have not written to you yesterday. I was very much busy work. I worked till 23 o'clock. I cannot write also to you tomorrow, because the internet-center close on Sundays. I am very pleased to read your letter. Since it is filled with warm words to me. You are very kind and gentle man. Each new letter from you, for me very important. I am grateful to God for what he has allowed us to meet. What takes place is your day my dear Finn? How is your weather? I hope you feel well? Yes, I deserve the best, my husband can be there will be you, despite of age. The age has no value for me. Know Finn, during the time of our conversation, I really realized that you are more than friend for me. Fate has allowed us to meet. I am grateful to it for that. I consider, that between us there is some shell love. About love and I would like to speak in this letter. You probably ask what it was for me to love? What does this wonderful word? I would like to tell you about the word love in my understanding. Love this same maximum feeling on earth that never dies, it is eternal. Love can not nobody break, it does not cut off as the rope. Love for me is what I live. Love means never refuse and trust the person who next to you. Care for the man who next to you every moment of life, worry about him in a difficult moment. To love means to do everything possible to be happy together. Even animals know how to love. Their love cleanest in the world. Since they have no obstacles in life. Their lives do not solve the money. Love means trust. Love means never to offend and not to deceive. It is most important in the love between people. I open my heart to you, because trust you and I think really, that my love for you is true. Love does not exist without friendship. Friendship, on common views, common tastes and purposes. Moreover, it is in the relations between man and woman, friendship can reach their maximum heights. In true love, friendship reaches of intimacy - a sense of unity in which all the personal becomes common, a common personal. Man is happy and joy of another upset on the fact that, another sad. I also consider, that love can not exist without respect. I trust you, respect you and never want to deceive you. I'm ready to rejoice with you all and grieve with you. I LOVE YOU Finn! I am very glad that I was able to tell you that. Since I consider, that between us true love. Please tell me what you think about this? Are you ready to love me for real! I'm ready to do anything 100. I'll look forward to your next letter to me. Your love Nataliya.
Letter 4

Hi my dear and darling Finn! My angel, how are you, today? I'm good. I am very pleased to receive again your beautiful letter. I know, that you correct the man for me. I love you. I think that you too fall in love with me. If you will be always old I will support you. Your age does not disturb me. Today I woke up with thoughts of you. I wake up in the morning and immediately think of you. I know that you are love me! I love you too very much. Certainly, through e-mail can express their feelings, but these feelings are not those that can be awake. I fall asleep, hoping to see the beautiful dreams, where we're close, and we have nothing else. My feelings have passed, into something more. It is much more simple letter! I love you with all my heart, every corner of your body. I can not hide my feelings, and I say what I feel for you. How do I want to meet you, approach, pull over to you all over, feel your breathing, heartbeat! Feel that only you and I together, without anyone noticing, hold together in the evening ... I do not know what to say any more. When I read your letters, I have delayed the breath from your warm words. During the time that we communicate with you, we have so found out each other, that I will consider the closest person in my life, to whom I can rely on at any time. I am confident that you will help me in any situation, because you have a good soul and pure heart. I would very much like to walk with you, wake up in the same bed, cook you breakfast, relax together in nature. I want to lay on the grass and look into your beautiful eyes. Do you want it? Finn, I want to kiss you constantly, passionately, and that you were mine and only mine. Sometimes, dark and dreary evenings, I sometimes feel so sad and lonely. But on the other hand I am very glad that I have you! I LOVE YOU, MY DEAR Finn!!! Your love for ages. Nataliya.
Letter 5
Hi, my love Finn! I received your 2 nice letter. Thnak you. I am ready to give you all my life! In my heart always the sun, as we have got acquainted with you. I have visited travel agencies, in order to to find out all about our meeting ... I asked the manager of the company and described him the whole situation. I found out, what documents I must make that I have officially been able to fly out to you. I was told that the flight to you will need a passport, tourist visa, and, of course, a plane ticket. Preparation passport occupies about 2 weeks. Its cost is 70 euro Visa is issued about the same as passport - 1.5-2 weeks. This is the main document, without which I can not fly to you. Its cost is 160 euros. When I have found out, that I need 230 euros, I wanted to cry. All my dreams about our meeting immediately destroyed. After all, I do not have such big money, my love Finn, I do not know what to do. I can not save up that amount from my salary. I am very want to be with you! You're very dear and beloved person to me! You're my whole life. You're the air that I breathe every day. I walked down the street and thought only of you. I wanted to quickly write you a letter. Now I sit, and my eyes are tears, tears of sadness and grief. I got only one hope, that your help, my love Finn. I consider, that this money is not important in our lives. The most important thing that we found each other and we are happy. We love each other and there is nothing more important in this life! But now, in order to meet, we need this amount of money. My love Finn, you are ready to help us in our meeting, this sum of money? On it depends our future. I have full confidence in you. I know that you help in any situation. You'll never leave me! You're my guardian angel, whom God sent me. I want to feel the warmth of your lips, hug you and feel your strong hands. I know that you are very kind and honest man. I can see how you're going through, I see how you really want to be with me and it is very important to me. I found true love in you. Now for me the day without you is ****. And your letters for me is the sun, which visits me every day. I am madly in love you my dear Finn! I am grateful to fate, for what its allowed us to meet. I want to make our meeting as clearly as possible and cheerful. I want as quickly as possible to meet with you, because you are my whole life! After all, I just can not live without you, my love. As soon as I receive money from you, I will immediately begin processing my documents. After that, very soon we will be next to each other Finn. I love you very much Finn, you are my sunshine among the clouds. You're my whole life! I look forward to your response to my love! Your Nataliya.
Letter 6
Hi my dear and loved Finn! I am very pleased to once again get your full of love and affection letter. Because for me your letters are very important. I shall wait while you will not return in next week from my hollydays. I so am happy, that we shall have our meeting. I love you and I wish to see you as soon as possible. I found out the best way of a remittance for me. I have gone to bank where to me have informed, that the best variant of a remittance is system of remittances Western Union. It is very fast and reliable system. As soon as you will send a remittance, the same day I can receive it. Especially this system of remittances is in any bank now. After you will make to me a remittance, you should name to me your data with whom you have filled in the form. Write to me your address. As to me it is necessary, there will be control number of a remittance which refers to briefly MTCN. Then I can take away a remittance. I can not live without you. After our acquaintance, I became more cheerful and jolly girl. I understand that I have a sense of life. This sense of life are you, my love Finn!!! In the morning I get up only with thoughts of you. All day, even at work, in my head is just you. Now I know what is true love. You gave me a wonderful feeling. Most maximum feeling on earth. I am grateful to you for all the warmth, kindness, good humor and love that you gave me. I will never forget you. I will love you for life. My feelings for you will not destroy any barrier. I'm ready to be with you in joy and sorrow. I want to go with you on the edge of the earth though. I want to greet the dawn and sunset to accompany with you, my dear Finn! But now, we separate insanely large number of kilometers. In my mind there is no peace. I think that my heart is torn. My heart to reconnect, I need you, my dear Finn! With you I will feel calm, gentle and cheerful girl. My dear and beloved Finn, I know that our meeting very soon become a reality. I am grateful to you for what you give me a helping hand. Without you, our meeting will not be a reality. I am confident that our love cleanest on earth. Between us there will be no barriers. Quite soon, I can look into your beautiful eyes, feel the warmth of your lips, your tender touch. I LOVE YOU Finn! I'm ready to scream it to the entire globe. You're my guardian angel who protects me for many days without you. I want my future family was the most robust and reliable, as the strongest metal. For me, our meeting is something supreme, something divine. I do not even believe that very soon, I can see you in reality. My sweetest dream will become reality. My dear and beloved Finn, please write me a letter. Your letters give me energy and love. I dream about our meeting. Your love for life, Nataliya.
Letter 7
Hi my sunshine!!! How are you doing today? Are you thinking about me? As for me I am thinking about you much and I am very glad that you are in my life. You likely have not understood me when we shall have our wedding you should pay a symbolical payment to my mum, a maximum of 100 roubles (USD3,3$). And will suffice and 10 Russian roubles. It is such tradition that young did not live poorly, and lived happily. I never look at material things. I never shall marry because of money. I shall marry only on love! I love you and I very much wait our meeting. You do not need to reserve hotel in my city. You reserve hotel in Moscow. I shall meet you in Moscow. We shall live in Moscow some time. And already then we shall go to my city. And then we shall reserve hotel or will rent more cheaply an apartment in my city. And if you should reserve hotel in Russia too, let's I shall arrive to you to Denmark? I very much wish to see your country. It will be cheaper. Then we shall change the visa and I stay with you for ever. Please, make so that my desire to see you in Denmark has come true more likely. The passport for travel abroad costs 70 euro. I would like to make out the passport now. I shall be learn speak Danish when I shall arrive to you. I would like to work as the manager in your country. Honey, I was thinking so much about you. Every day I feel that we are getting to know each other more and more and I am very happy that you’ve appeared in my life. I can feel how our relationship is growing and I like it a lot, dear. Honey, I think that in any relationship both of the partners should understand one thing, that this is impossible to change each other and both should try to accept each other as they are. I think that many arguments exist because one think that the other is not doing the right thing. I mean in his or her understanding this is not right, but partners in many cases do not even try to understand that this is the way the other person is. When the relationship just starts and people feel great affection to each other they do not pay attention on developing friendship between them also, they just too much into feelings. And this is not right also I think. In my personal opinion, they should try to learn as much about each other as they can and accept each other as they are from the very beginning, but not living in the dream of future change of one another. What do you think about it, Finn? Ok, my dear Finn, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your fast reply! I miss you!!! Nataliya.
Letter 8
HI my sunshine! How are you today? How is everything? I hope that you are fine. My day was fine, I was thinking about you all day long. I need you so much and I want you to be near me, I can’t wait till the moment when we meet, I hope that it will be soon! It will be the best day in my life, I am sure! I miss you so much, Finn. Yesterday when I went to bed I was dreaming about you, I looked at the window and I was thinking about you and me, I’ve imagined us together and very happy. I think that you are the one I was looking for all my life, you are so tender, kind and caring. You have a wonderful soul, Finn. I am very happy that you are in my life now! You make me smile :) and bring me joy and that special romance and care that were missing in my life before I’ve met you. Let others think of us that want. I really love you and I do not leave from you ever. I need not young the man. I need only you. I always wished to find mature the man. I miss you. I shall meet you in Moscow in airport when you will arrive to Moscow. But I have no money for the ticket for a train up to Moscow. The ticket for a train up to Moscow costs 120 euros. You will be help to me with it? I love you and I very much wait our meeting. I wish to work in Denmark when I shall arrive to you. I am finishing my letter now and I am sending you all of my tenderness and care that is in my heart! Have a great day, honey! And always remember that I miss you a lot and think about you! You are on my mind! Looking forward to your reply, Hugs and kisses for you, sweetheart! Your Nataliya.
Letter 9
Hi, my love Finn. I am sad that your friend has arrived to Kiev, but the girl has not arrived. Can be she was ill or her has brought down car? I so never acted. I have given yours email to my mum and if something happens with me she will write to you. I have read your letter and very much was upset. It is my photo there. But I do not know as my photo there was and why a name not me and lives she in other city. I spread many photos on Russian sites and probably, someone used my photos for the purposes. I am very sad. I understand you, that you will not trust me and will not want to meet. But I shall not take offence at you and I shall understand you. I shall always love you and it will be difficult to me to forget you. I wait for your answer. Yours Nataliya.
Letter 10
Hi, my love Fin. I have been registered on a site in the past to year. I want to get acquainted with the guy, but have been disappointed in all men with whom corresponded. All of them offered ***. I am not such woman! I was there nearby half a year. Then I have removed the questionnaire (profile) from this site. I am not scammer. I do not need your money. I only wanted to meet you. I understand, that in the world it is a lot of not the truth and fraud. It is very bad. The people to care only of the benefit and do not think of feeling of other person. By him the sufferings and experiences him are not important. Their heart empty and without life. It is a lot of such people all over the world and in Russia too. I very good understand you and I respect you that you have told me it. It is the very important and responsible step to trust the man, which is found so far from you. All this is very unusual. I when to write to you first time too very much doubts, that I can find the love. I choose you. I choose you, as you very much to like to me. I wanted to find the love and to not trust in the beginning, that it at me will turn out. But I write to you and to understand, that only this way the help to me to find the love. I love you and you to me are very necessary. I can not without you. I shall wait very much your letter and to worry, that you tell me. Your Nataliya.

Letter 11
Hi sweetie!!! How are you today? How is everything? I am fine over here, I just miss you a lot. Only your letters make me feel good and bring me good mood. I was very glad to receive your letter today. Thank you for your tender words and your care, honey. I really need it and appreciate it so much. You are very dear to my heart, Finn! The weather is nice, but it is a little bit colder today than it was yesterday. But the warmth of your heart keep me warm :) Honey, there are no words that can express the way I feel to you, so today in this wonderful day, the inspiration came to me :) and I’ve composed a poem for you. I hope you will like it! Here it is:

How much you mean to me, my dear,
That I don’t want nobody near,
Just me and you are by my side
This is the way I feel inside!!!!

The emptiness in heart is gone away
You filled it in your special way!
The sun is shining in the skies
And I see you with my closed eyes.

Thank you for being in my life,
I think I want to be your wife ;)
To share sorrows and joys,
I am so glad to be your choice!

I know that we need to meet
And it feel happen soon indeed!
And now all I dream is YOU,
I hope you feel fine, are you? :)

How did you like my poem, Finn? I composed it only for you. Because you are very important to me, really. All of the words are coming from my the bottom of my heart. Yes, my love Finn. I asked a few money for our meeting because I have very low salary. I shall wait our meeting. I shall meet you at the airport if you will arrive to me to Russia. I am ready to wait. You know, Finn, I am going to my best girlfriend’s house today’s evening. We are very close to each other and she knows a lot about me. I’ve told her about you and she is very happy for me. There is only one thing that is left for now, this is our meeting. This will be the best moment! I am looking forward to seeing you for the first time in person, to look into your eyes! And what are you going to do today? Any plans? Tell me how you usually spend your evenings, ok? It is interesting for me, actually everything about you is very interesting for me ;) Ok, I am finishing my letter now. I wish you to have a wonderful day!!! With all of my tenderness, Your Nataliya.
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