Letter(s) from Anastasia Baranova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings my name is Tatyana, me 27 years. I was born and I live now in city Saint-Petersburg. I worked 3 months in USA in New York. But I did not like there my work. We had very bad chief which wished to oversleep with me. I too there worked as the seller as well as now. But I do not wish to speak about it. And my visa is over. It was on 3 months.
But i have the passport yet. I at once wish to tell,
That at me very serious intentions and mine
The purpose to construct serious attitudes. At once I want
To explain to you why I has chosen the Internet and correspondence with
People from another the country.
First, I for a long time was disappointed in our men,
Because they on the first place have sex and binge,
And serious attitudes in the end of this list.
Secondly, I was disappointed in the politician and
Economic situation of our state. At times to me
In terribly evening to go along the street. I think, that you
You look news.
That at us the plane with terrorists, school with children,
Theatre. Unless I am similar on not the normal person,
That at such situation in the country to get children.
No. I do not wish to sit at home and to wait for my child from
Schools, I think only of that that there that not
Happens, that Something its drunk driver not
Has brought down on road...
I work works in shop of shop of " Jeans ".
I the seller-adviser.
Well will suffice about it. So, as I have told at me very much
Serious intentions and I very seriously concern to
To it. I corresponded with many men and
Have ceased to write to them after the request to send intimate
Photos. In my opinion, people which ask it
Are interested only in my body and them does not interest
My spiritual condition, mine Internal the world, washing a shower.
Men for some reason forget, that under laws of the nature
Choose women, therefore I shall be choose them, instead of they
Will choose me. And age is not important for me. Important that
the men loved me. I saw the program on the TV
About international marriages also has come to conclusion, that
The man choose the woman, as a thing. First of all,
Them interests: a breast, legs, a teeth and the sizes separate
Parts of a body.
And here that such there was no I shall choose
To itself the man... I shall listen to my heart and to read it
Letters. If it does not suit you give
Let's stop on this letter and we shall not continue
To prove to you, that I am serious also to me there is nothing
To hide I send in the first letter two
Photos of my work.

See you.... Tatyana

Letter 2

I pleased that you has written me and you liked my play. I you else little shall presently tell about itself. I think that you is of interest little learn of my childhood. In school I will go at 5 years. But already September 18 I was performed 6 years. In school I learned;learnt on 4. This is a good estimation beside us in school. But already I have finished the school at 16 years. I have much school friends also. In school I have taught much good. I loved my past school. :) Here in my city Saint-Petersburg.
St.-Petersburg with administratively subordinated territories occupies the space 1439 ei2. It is located at east extremity of gulf of Finland of Baltic sea. Geographical co-ordinates of city centre - 59°57 ' northern width and 30°19 ' east longitude.

St.-Petersburg which is in the centre of crossing of sea, river ways and land highways, is the European collars of Russia, its strategic centre most approached to the countries of the European Community.

St.-Petersburg - the second (after Moscow) on size a city of the Russian Federation. Here there are representations of the international organisations, consulates of the foreign states, territorial bodies of the federal ministries and departments.
Now little about my work. As I have already said I work in shop. There we shall sell the jeans. I much like this work.
In the same way evening I love to look the films and listen the music.
I love the romantic films. In the same way comedies. But music I love to listen the differ.
I much powerfully like to travel. I much love the city Moscow. But I while only only there 3 times. I much powerfully love to go in circuses, museum of the waxy figures. In the same way I love our national park.
Well but now your queue my dear Reggie tell about yourself. With each letter we all shall more learn of friend friend. Send the regard its family. But I shall wait the dog from you. Respectfully yours Tatyana

PS: I send you my photo. Send me your photo also Tomorrow I must receive money from my girlfriend and pay for trip.
I can take my documents from travel agency after payment.
I hope, you will glad to meet me in your country too.

Letter 3

That your the attitude to search satellite lives too is serious. So, only after the first letter each other we have already one general feature - both of us very seriously concern to search of our second half.
You know dear I wish to suggest to play to you in one very interesting game. So as to name to us it, give we shall name it, hmm " let me tell you about myself ". Game rules are very simple, if
Fairly in it only one rule :)....

Rule 1: the participant of game " let me tell you about myself " in each new letter should something new tell about itself.

I am assured the more letters we shall write, the we shall be better to know each other. I hope, what you agree?
Allow me to begin.........
As I have already told in my first letter my name is Tanya. This name to me was given by parents in day of my birth. A name of my father Sasha, and mums Nina. They have got married when it was only 20 years.
By the way in our country early marriages very widespread phenomenon.
Oh, has distracted... I continue :) they have lived a long and happy life, but about three years back my father has died of heart attack and now we live together. At me is not present brothers sisters though if to be fair that at me there is a cousin.
Since the early childhood my parents spoke me that the most important this FORMATION (well they have started it to speak not absolutely since the early childhood :) and approximately from 13 years when I have started all to understand :)) and good WORK (and it at me is, thanks mum the daddy). Therefore after leaving school I have entered the university. By the way I precisely do not know how many you go to school in your country, but in Russia we go to school 11 years. And so after 11 years of study at school I have entered the university, which have finished in 5 years. In the end of study to me have suggested to remain at university for 2 years, here it refers to postgraduate study. As suitable work there was no I have remained. You represent, me 28 years, and I have studied 18 years.
After postgraduate study I could remain and sometime receive a scientific degree the DOCTOR. But I should work, not well in 28 years to live on moms the salary. And here I work as the seller in shop. But i recieve a few salary only 220$ in a months.
Well my dear your turn to tell to me about your parents, sisters, brothers and about the childhood......

Go ahead!!! I will be waiting for your letter. Tanya
PS: Now i do not have msn or yahoo or icq that we could talk with each other. And about phone: please write me your mobile number that i could send you sms in next time.

Letter 4

Hello lovely!!!!
I am glad that you have written to me. I think that there is no sense to correspond one million letters each other.
We should meet. I think that I can arrive to you first. And then we together come to me and i will show you where i live. I as can start to plan a trip to you my dear. I wish to be together with you as soon as possible. I as can descend in travel agence and learn how many and as papers will be long legalized. My mum is glad for us with you. It is very glad that I have chosen such good person as you mine Reggie. I shall look forward to hearing from you, yours Tatyana
PS: I am full serioz with you. Hope that you too...
Also on which airport nearest with you i must see the ticket???
Please write me it or the city where there is the airport.
I hope, you can try for me.

Letter 5

Hi my darling!!!
I am very glad to receive the letter from you. I am very glad that there is trust between us.I believe we shall meet each other sometime because love can overcomes any distance. Everything is in ours hands.
write me what you think about our future meeting. Do you trust me?
I do not want everything we write each other to only words. Love consists of three components:understanding,trust and patience.
Do you agree with me? I am waiting for your answer.
Oh, God, I'm so nervous! It's the first time when I go abroad! I'll need your help with money, I know you understand it. The other country is absolutely another world for me but you'll be close to me always, you'll be with me forever, I know. I do love you and I'll do everything to make you happy, I promise.
with love Tatyana