Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Baranova to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
How are you doing?
It is pleasant to me to receive the answer from you. Thanks for contact to me. To me it is very pleasant, that you have written me the letter. I do not know why, but I have decided to write to you. I hope, that you have time,
To write me the answer that we could find out about each other more.
And now I will tell a little about myself though you already know a little about me from my profile. To me of 27 years, my name Marina. I was born on September, 25th, 1981 in Russia in small village under the name: Orehovka. It is approximately in 700 kilommetrov from Moscow.
Tell to me about itself.
I rejoice each minute of the life. I try to overcome all failures and obstacles itself. I do not love false, greedy and hypocritical people.
I wish to get acquainted with the fair, kind, serious man and if at all of us to turn out to create serious relations. What do you search in Interne?
I was not married, I live in apartment with my parents. You live with parents? I work as the tutor in a kindergarten. My work is pleasant to me. And you like your work?
Than you are engaged at leisure? I like to prepare to eat on kitchen.
I have many friends and sometimes we with them go to cafe or at cinema.
I prefer a healthy way of life. I do not have bad habits. And you conduct what way of life and whether you love sports? Tell to me.
In my letter I will enclose the photos. Also I want that you have sent me your photo. Also inform concerning itself, your interests, what you like to make, your hobby, what your character? I hope, that we will have time to exchange letters. Write to me, I will give your letter.
Your acquaintance Marina.
Letter 2
Hello my favourite.
What's up? How mood?
I hope, that with you everything is all right.
I am very glad, that you have written to me, it is pleasant to me to read through each your letter the darling.
Favourite, I'm fine. Here only that we with you still not together, and so would be desirable me of it that you were now a number is bad. I very strongly do not have you favourite. I very strongly love you, you unique the man which are necessary to me. Kisss
Favourite I am sorry that have not answered you earlier your letters.
Today I went to the aunt in city to visit it. Because I already very long did not see it. After I have come home I have laid down to have a rest, as I am very strongly tired. I at all have not noticed as I have fallen asleep. As soon as I have woken up I have gone to my computer of what to read through your letter. Because I know, that from you the letter should come, from my which beloveds I love most on light. Yes it is the truth, you unique whom I love. You that who are necessary to me. I very strongly love you. Kisss
Still I went to travel agency, what to find out, how many to me official registration of papers will cost.
In agency to me have told, that all trip to me will cost 570 euros.
1. The passport for travel abroad costs 150 euro.
2. The visa is given for three months, its cost makes 120 euro. The Visa becomes from 7 till 10 working days.
3. Medical insurance cost makes 135 euro.
Cost of documents and the ticket makes 405 euros, to all this to me needs to pay to a travel company, therefore to all sum it is necessary to add 165 euro for services of travel agency. And in the general result to me have counted up, that official registration of papers to me will cost 570 euros.
Favourite I am simple in a shock from the sum which to me was necessary to legalize necessary papers. Favourite mine, I miss on you very strongly. Yes, I require your financial support because I do not have such money of that I could pay pay for documents without which I cannot to take off from my country. Because all my salary makes 150 euros. From this sum I need to buy good clothes, and still I need to live on something the whole month up to the following salary. I love you. Kissss
Favourite in village work is monotonous. The Most part of time to have to spend in a kitchen garden, to be tidied up at home and to help on a facilities.
The darling very strongly would be desirable me will meet you. I constantly think of us as we with you walk on your city. I even have taken boldness to present ours with you a meeting. I in your city am registered by an arrival, and at this time you with huge impatience wait for me in a waiting room, with a huge bouquet of colors. We at once have found out each other. When we with you have come nearer to each other you have presented me a bouquet of colors, has embraced me strong, strong and has kissed. After we have met you we have gone to you home. When we went to you you has shown me a small part of your city. It so is beautiful. I saw such beauty only in two places. It to be in Russia in village in which there lives my grandmother and in your city. I very strongly love you.
The darling, I have no mobile phone, what to call to you.
Certainly I can call to you from telegraph, but the call to you to me will cost very dearly. And still I shall try to call to you but how we shall speak by with you to phone? And one more thing without which I cannot call to you favourite mine. Write to me the number to phone that I have called to you favourite. Kisss
My dear you unique the man which are necessary to me. I very strongly love you and with impatience I wait for ours with you of a meeting. Favourite now we speak all this through the Internet, but soon this all to change, is very fast we with you we shall meet and we can tell it each other in alive. I very strongly want it, and with impatience I wait for this day when it will come. Favourite.
I think, that on it I shall finish my letter that, as soon as possible to receive the answer from you favourite mine.
I with impatience wait for your answer my favourite.
I very strongly love you.
Your favourite Marina and only yours.
Letter 3
Hello my love,
How are you doing, how mood?
At me all is fine, it is all because I have received the letter from my beloved. I am grateful to you, for your letter which you have written to me. It was very pleasant to me to receive it. My dear how there has passed your day? Than you were engaged today? Tell to me, it is very interesting to me, as there passes your day.
Today I had a fine day. In the street there was a fine weather, that you are not present nearby is bad only. I very much would like to walk with you, in such fine weather, I very much would like that YOU , was always near to me. What weather was in your city? My dear I is confident that all very soon to change and we with you we will be together, to walk on park, to go to cafe, I very strongly wait for ours with you of a meeting.
But when I have checked up mail, I very much was delighted, because I have seen your letter my prince. I am very glad, that you have made the following step to our fast meeting. I love you and you are ready on all for the sake of you, that person of which so long did not suffice me in my life. I am very glad that soon I will meet you.
My dear, in the letter you have written to me that you wish to help me but you to me have not told, how you will send me the financial help that I could legalise papers and arrive to you to which my beloved I very strongly love. Once on the TV I saw, advertising about company Western Union. In this advertising it was said that company Western Union, is engaged in remittances. To receive about company Western Union all particulars, I have looked on the Internet, everything, that is necessary that you could send to send me the financial help for official registration of papers.
Favourite I wish to tell to you, that, You can help me through Western Union.
Favourite I wish to tell to you, that in my village was not present Western Union and you should translate money in the nearest city where is Western Union. And this city is the city of Ioshkar Ola. As I was explained by the employee of bank, that for transfer it is necessary to specify only: the Surname, the Name, the country and a city in which you wish to translate money for a trip.
Last Name: Melnikova
First Name: Marina
Postal Code: 424000
City: Yoshkar-Ola
Land: Russia
I hope that you will mix nothing also I can receive this money.
I was still explained by the employee of bank, that that I could draw out money to me it is necessary to know yours:
Last Name:
First Name:
Postal Code:
City from which you have sent the help:
Confidential code from 10 figures:
The sum:
I completely trust you because very strongly I love you. You much mean for me and I do not represent the further life without you.
Our future in your hands. We are born to live together and we soon will live together. I love you my prince. Remember it. I mentally always with you!
I hope, that you will write me the answer as soon as you can. And I hope, that I will receive a news from my beloved in the evening when I will come from work I.
Yours Marina. Kussssssssssssssssssssssssssse
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