Scam Letter(s) from Evgenia Medvedeva to Steve (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello my dearest Steve, I missed you so much. I cannot live withoutcontact from you Steve. Yes, I called florist. But phone was outsideof an operative range of a network. For what is more important?? Myvisa or florist???? You are all I think about and I too thank the lordfor having us find one another. You are the greatest gift any man canhave. You are full of joy happiness and love and I have fallen madlyin love with you. You give me hope in life to end this dreadfullonliness. It will be a great feeling for the both of us to havesomeone to come home too. I thank you so much for being my best friendand I will show you all the love that I can Steve. I very much loveyou and I want to be with you. I today went along the street and sawthe man and woman together. They went both were embraced and werekissed. I very much want also to go with you, to observe of birds andto look at the sky, to be kissed and to be embraced. We went for awalk much with you and then have got tired and send home. I haveprepared supper, we had supper and then send to sleep. I left atfirst, and then you have come. You looked at me and I could not waitto be engaged in sex with you. You gently have kissed me in lips, thenin a neck and you kissed me all below and below. I flied in heavensfrom pleasure, then were engaged in sex, both of us have received alot of pleasures, I was the happiest woman in the world, because I waswith you, with mine most favourite the man. I do not know, how to youto tell, but I have bad news. I learned concerning the ticket toarrive to you. When I learned, concerning cost of the ticket. That Iwas in horror. Why tickets so will cost much???? Why??? I thought,that tickets will cost less. My father saved money for my wedding andalready gave me all the savings. I too have no additional money. Itried to borrow in bank of money, but the bank refused to me oncredit. What to me to do? I require still in 420 uk pound to arrive toyou. I very much require yours the help. You can do the help tome????? Please, do not throw me, please, do the help to me, I cannotlive without you. I love you very much very much very much. I waityour answer very much. Always your Marina. I very much love you.



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