Scam letter(s) from Shela Rae to Val (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Sweet ****, You were in my dream all night . After i woke up from bed this morning, i was on my bed and i heard someone whisper your name, but when i turned around to see who it was, i was alone...then i realized that it was my heart telling me that i miss you.Ever since you walked into my life i have been smiling. There hasn't been a night when i have gone to sleep with a frown on my face, and it's all because of you. Val, I am glad that you came into my life. I have always wanted the love of my life to be Good Hearted, loyal, understanding, loving, caring, and faithful. I wanted someone who would accept me for who i am and i know that i have found that person in you. My heart told me that my prince was there when i first said hello to you on the website we met.I knew that you were the perfect match for me. I don't think that there is, or that there ever could be, anyone better than you out there for me because i believe God brought us together. I love you with my whole heart and i know you will never break it . I have never trusted anyone the way i trust you in just some few days. Sometimes I even doubt myself, but i know i will never doubt you because you are my true love. I know deep down inside that you will never break my heart or let me down in any way. Thank you for everything,Val. I pray to God every day to bless you with everything you deserve. I will love you until the end of time. Let me know if you get online from now to 8am. Have a Blessed Day! Yours, Tina.
Letter 2
I am online at yahoo now, can you be online?
Letter 3
I will hang on there but i dont have much time to stay on. let me know when u get on.
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