Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Gorodilova to Didier (France)
Letter 1
Hello my dear Didier. How was your day today? I hope that everything was in order. My working day has already come to an end and I immediately decided to go to internet cafe and write you a letter. Darling, I was surprised to read your letters. I want to thank you for your help that you gave me. Darling, I do not even think that we will be able to do so. Now, I can come to you in Toulouse and I do not have to come to Paris, to where you met me. I also think that it will be convenient for both of us, because we can more quickly see each other. And it's all about what I dreamed. I want to hurry to see you, my love. Especially when I read that you have to get to Paris more than 7 hours, now I am more than confident that it will be better. Although I would have been enough to 200 euro. But, now I will have money to buy you some gifts;)
Dear, I've never been faced with such a system, like Western Union.
But, I heard about it. Once I saw the ad on TV about this system.
Darling, I just saw the form that you sent me. And I must tell you that when I gave you my full name, I made a stupid mistake. I accidentally missed one letter in my name. My name is not Gordilova, and Gorodilova. I sincerely apologize to you for it. I hope that you're not angry. I just read from you that so that I could get money, I probably need an identity document. The fact is that now my passport is at work. I had to give him up due to my vacation. And now I have no passport. But maybe tomorrow I can pick up my passport. My Didier, I thank you for what you wrote me the address of offices Western Union. Among them I found one which is not far from me. I think I'll stop there tomorrow to find out everything.
My love, I am so happy that everything is going to ensure that we meet with you. I am increasingly thinking about you. I am so happy that I met such a man as you. With you I can talk about everything and I have nothing to be ashamed of, because you always understand me. My favorite, tomorrow I want to visit a tourist company in order to agree on my journey to you. I hope that all goes well. My dear, it is interesting, and when you'll meet me at the airport, then how can we know each other. I mean that we probably will need to make some sort of symbol;) How do you think?
I'll write you tomorrow. I hope so see your letter.
My thoughts only about you. Most sweet kisses for you.
Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Didier. I am happy to write to you again. As you slept this At night? Today I write to you little bit earlier. I have taken some hours Rest from my work to come in Western Union and in Travel company. The darling, unfortunately, to me was not possible to take away mine The passport from work. The matter is that the worker of a staff department is absent, And my passport is at it in the safe. But, I think, that in it There is nothing terrible. As I have other offer. Favourite, today I as was in a travel company, I Talked in occasion of my travel to Toulouse. I as Has explained to the manager about my situation and that while I do not possess The sufficient sum for payment of my travel. But, I have mentioned about The volume, that the favourite person who waits for me in France wishes to help To me with it. The manager has understood my position and it has offered such variant, As an opportunity of translation of means for one of employees of agency. And I have thought, that good enough variant. As to me not It is necessary to wait for that moment when I can take away my passport. You Me you understand? The darling, then I as have visited Western Union, and to me have explained, that Probably to translate money for other name. But, it is necessary, that you Has corrected data whom you have specified on the first translation. My sweet Didier, I really think, that so it will be easier. We shall save It is a little time. And now time for us the most important. In fact, I want As soon as possible you to meet. Favourite, if you not against, I leave that to you data of the employee of agency. first name VLADISLAV
Last name CHESALIN
saint petersburg
russia My favourite it would be not bad if you have had time to change a name of the payee addressed to my tourist agent as from tomorrow till Tuesday banks will not work because of a holiday in Russia therefore it would be good if you have had time to make all today. Do not worry favourite this information I shall know only and I shall go in westernunion together with my manager to receive money. Then I at once can sign the contract. My darling, I with impatience wait for ours with you of a meeting. I understand, That every day we all become closer and is more close to each other. The darling, I do not cease to smile that I have met such Remarkable the man, as you. Interestingly, and what you now do? Likely, you now on work. I nevertheless hope that you now will see my letter and will answer me soon. But, I wish for you good The working day. I hope, that your mood the best. My favourite I shall wait for your letter here still some time. I love you. My most gentle kisses.
Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Didier. I am pleased to read your letter. As I told you that I'll call later in the Internet cafe and write you. This afternoon I was waiting for letters from you, but never got it. Most likely, you were busy. Dear, today I was not working. I took the day off. I also read that you could transfer the funds to staff the agency. Today is already very late and most likely we can get them tomorrow. I think that tomorrow I will have a few free hours from work. Yet tomorrow to go back to work, although I would not be full time.
Darling, I am so happy that everything is going to ensure that we meet with you. I have so many dream of you that do not even feel like my face a smile. My friend even asked me once ... "Why am I smiling so much?" My love, I am really very happy from what greeted you. Yes, you are right without the Internet and good luck, we never would have failed. I am glad that luck is on our side;) And now we prepare for our meeting to see each other. I must tell you that I am a little worried. After all, this will be my first such trip. I hope that all goes well.
My Didier, and when I come to you, then you can teach me how to ride a horse? I do not remember whether I told you this before, but I really like horses. This is such a graceful animal. While in St. Petersburg is very rarely seen a horse. Darling, I'm happy that you are with me.
You are my treasure ...
Dear, I will write you more tomorrow. I hope that you all well. I wish you wonderful dreams. My washing only about you.
My sweetest kisses.
Your Elena.
Letter 4

Hello my love. I am happy again to write you a letter. How was your day today? What are your plans for tonight? I noticed that you wrote me a letter not so long ago. My tender, I have good news for you. Today, we were able to obtain funds that you sent and I immediately paid to the agency prior to my trip Touluse:) My love, now we can only wait. The agency began to prepare my documents that are necessary for my trip. And they told me that about 2 weeks after my papers are ready. Darling, of course, I would like to meet with you earlier. Unfortunately, it is necessary to await the moment when they are ready documents. Another thing I just have to go through several medical examinations and make a couple of vaccinations.
My Didier, I'm happy that I have you. You are my treasure and not get tired to tell you this because it's true. Darling, I want to thank you for your valuable advice, which you wrote to me. Darling, I am very pleased that you care about me. Of course, everything that you asked me to clarify the agency, I will clarify. Although they have already told me about many things, but your advice is much more valuable to me) I even print out this letter separately, so as not to miss a single moment that you wrote to me. I also separately recorded your mobile number and home number. I just recorded your address. But it is at the most extreme case.
Now I can not express in words how happy I am. Darling, I was filled with joy, because everything is going to ensure that we meet with you. Our first meeting will be like magic and will be the main point of our life with you. Interestingly, as the weather today in France? In St. Petersburg already -20 ° C. It is very cold and will be even colder. Now I'm going to go to the swimming pool. Today you can sleep a little later. After all, tomorrow is not anywhere to be and get some sleep. Dear, I hope that you're just going to have a good sleep today. I always think about you. I wish you pleasant dreams today. My most sweet kisses only for you.
You are my treasure. I look forward to our meeting with you.
With love, your Elena.
Letter 5
Hello my love Didier. I am pleased once again to read your lettertoday. You know, I'm so happy that you think too much about our futuretogether with you. As I think about it as much. I have visited thissite, which you left me. Of course, I realized that I need to get anew education in France, in order to find a decent job there. I alsothink it is very important for our future with you. I also realizedthat at the time of my training I will provide full support. But, mydear, I think we still too early to talk about it. To begin, I wouldlike to meet you. After all, we can discuss this with you at our firstmeeting. And many different parts, we also can discuss. Indeed, for astart I'll be able to come to you only for 30 days. This is the timeof my vacation. Then, I will need to go back to Russia. But when Icome to you again, I would like to have stay with you for a very longtime. It is possible that at all. Therefore, I think we will be easierto discuss everything with our first meeting. Do you understand me? Ihope you do not mind.My tender, today I was not working. Since Sunday and my day off. Now Iam writing to you from internet cafes. I would not want to miss asingle day in order to write to you. My Didier, I'm so glad that weare now on the way to our meeting with you. After all, our meetingwith you, this is only the first step towards our common future. Andhow I wish that everything was perfect. My love, I can not express inwords how glad I am that I have you. But, you know, if we could seeeach other, it did not need any words. Because everything would be andso can be seen. Now I am again looking through all the photos that yousent me. And I can not admire your smile. In all the photos yousmile;) Your smile so sincere. Ah, beloved, I miss you terribly. Iwish I could bask in your arms ...My Didier, my most tender kisses just for you. Good evening to you. Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 6
My dear Didier. First, this letter, I want to immediately send you mykiss;) It is good to read your letter today. Very beautiful picture. Ilike it a lot. In general, the favorite, I love all the photos thatyou sent me. Ah, my dear I miss you. It is a pity that I can not seeyou now, beside me. It would be a very good gift that you can imagine.Darling, I am pleased that you understand me. This is what I have togo back to Russia. Of course, this separation seems to us to you isvery painful. But, then, we'll have much more time together;)I realized that today you're at work. I do not know whether you athome when I read this letter. But, I hope your day was a success.Today, I was not working. And tomorrow I will have no time. This isdue to the fact that in Russia tomorrow, February 23 will be aholiday. This "Day of the Defender of the Fatherland. I want tocongratulate my dad on this wonderful holiday. And I probably will gotomorrow to my parents. Darling, I want to warn you that if I suddenlydid not write to you tomorrow, then please do not worry. Perhaps backin town I will come back very late and I simply would not be possiblefor the letter. I hope you understand me.I understand that you are waiting for the dates of my trip to you. AndI will give you this to know when she will have such information. MyDidier, you know, I have long realized that you are the man, whom I solong sought. And I want to tell you that no one is perfect in thisworld. But, I love you for what you are. And I'm not afraid to tellyou that I love you. Since this is true. My love, tomorrow I'm justgoing to tell my parents about my journey to France. I am sure theywill welcome this news. But, like any parent would worry about me. Iam pleased that the supermarket is not far away from your house. I canquickly buy food and prepare you for something very tasty. Every yourmorning and evening, I will fill you for a pleasant and deliciousmoments. Darling, I want to do for you pleasure. I sincerely wish thatI did it;) My Didier, I do not remember whether you told me thisbefore, so I'll ask about it. Tell me in your house have any householdpet? I do not have a pet. But, I am very fond of animals.I look forward to our meeting with you.My kiss your sweet lips. Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 7
Hello my love. I thought that you write me some time and thereforedecided to wait here in the internet cafe. At work, I was all good.Today I had only 4 patients. This is very small. It seems that afterthe holiday, no one wants to go to the hospital;) And how was your dayat work? I hope that everything was fine. Well, now I'm going home. Ilove you. You're the best.
Letter 8
Hello, my sun. I realized that in the afternoon you are busy at home.You do cleaning? I hope that this will bring you pleasure. Darling,when we are together, we can jointly do cleaning at home;) I'm alreadythinking about how we conduct our free days;) This is a magical and Idream about it a lot. Beloved, I am so happy that I met you. I loveyou! You know, they say that if you love a person, you need to talk tohim about it constantly. And I never want to forget to tell you aboutit. Because I love you and you are my treasure, the most precious andbeloved.I noticed that yesterday, after I wrote to you, you wrote me amessage. Unfortunately, I could not answer you. The fact that Itraveled by car with my girlfriend. She was waiting for me about theinternet cafe. I had a wonderful ride;) And of course, my friend knewwhat I was doing in the internet cafe. Many times I have told herabout you. It would also be happy to meet you one day;) Today I sleptjust fantastic. I dreamed beautiful dreams. But, unfortunately, I donot remember what they were. You have such a state is that when youwake up in the morning, then you know that you dream some dreams, butyou can not remember what they were? ;) Sometimes I have is a state.And as I had not tried to remember what I saw in my dream I would notsucceed. Darling, I very much think about you. And most of all Idreamed about you. Because if a person whole day thinking about onething, that then he will see a dream about it.Beloved, I am very pleased that you remembered my nickname on Meetic.You know, I named my account "kikimosik", because I just love thatname. I remember that in my childhood I have seen a Soviet cartoon.And in this cartoon, one character had the nickname "kikimosik".Probably, since then the name remained in my memory. My Didier, mylife in Russia is the most common. Until that time, I met you, I justhad a job, and of course a little rest. But, I really did not havesuch a man like you. And now the most important part of my day, thatyour letters;) Even when I go to internet cafe, then my heart startsbeating fast. Since I understand that now I will read the new linesfrom my favorite. No, I usually always write to you from the sameInternet cafe, which is not far from my work and from the swimmingpool. I always try to write you after my working day. But, sometimesafter work, I immediately going home did not go to the Internet cafe.Then, I go to the pool and swim before I write you a letter. mmm, wehave at work is an excellent dining room, which serves very good food.Day during a break, my colleagues and I have lunch there. I like toorder a salad, no matter what. And the chicken broth. It is verytasty;) Yes, I have traveled to Russia. I was on the "Black Sea". Haveyou heard about this? There are many beautiful places and verybeautiful mountains. One of the most beautiful places called "KrasnayaPolyana". I went there on tour. And I was on Lake Baikal. You probablyheard about this. After all, it is considered the purest lake on ourplanet. Yes, in Russia there are many beautiful places. Darling,unfortunately, my phone was not repaired. I do not know what it was,but I think they will still be a long time messing with my phone. Ihad no plans for the weekend. I must say, I was always planning littlesomething for the weekend. Now I'm probably just going home to justthinking about you. I realized that night you play tennis with afriend. Perhaps you are really good to play this game, because yougive this much time.Beloved, on this I'll finish today's letter. I look forward to meetingwith you. I was beginning to choose clothes that I will take withthem. I hope that I will not forget. I love you!Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 9
Hello my angel. How are you today? I hope that you're not too tired atwork today. Today is Sunday and I have a day off and as usual I amwriting to you from internet cafes. I am glad that France is quitewarm. In St. Petersburg has already come spring. Around the meltingsnow and standing puddles. This slush on the street will last a longtime. Indeed, for the whole winter fell much snow, which is toconceal. Dear, I'll be happy one day to visit with you in Madrid. I amsure that you can show me all the beauty of this city. And they saythat this city is very beautiful. Now I know more about your past.Darling, I never cease to wonder, what are you interesting. I am happythat you are with me.My sun, I have not very good news today. Yesterday, after we'd talked,I immediately went home. I decided to make cleaning the house, wash myclothes. I put my things in the washing machine, turn it on and andlay on the bed, I was a little tired and fell asleep .... I woke upfrom a strong knock on the door, and when I got out of bed and wentinto the corridor to open the door. I saw a lot of water. Then Iopened the door and saw my neighbors perturbed below, who have settledin our house in early January. They went into my apartment and saidthat they had the rain from the ceiling, and then we went into mybathroom where there was a washing machine and I saw that there was aburst hose and it still was flowing water. I immediately turned offthe water and did not know what to say to my neighbors. I felt veryuncomfortable and I tried to explain to them that I fell asleep and Ido not know how it could well turn out. Then, I proceeded to theapartment of my neighbors when I came to them, then I saw that theyhad a completely different layout of rooms. It turned out that undermy bathroom with them is a living room and saw that their ceiling isreally going to rain. It was awful! The neighbors told me that beforeyou drive into the apartment, they were within 2 months to makerepairs there. We were trying to call building maintenance workers,but yesterday it was too late and we have neither of which failed.Then I climbed back into his apartment and began to wipe the water,which was very much. This morning I woke up and saw that my floor wasruined by the water in the bathroom floor dry and tiles started to dryand fall off in the corridor was ruined parquet. I tidied up a bit inthe apartment today. And nearer to the dinner I went to my neighbors,along with building maintenance worker. This worker had visited myneighbors, and then began to examine everything I have. Once helooked, he said that he should determine the extent of damage causedto me and that tomorrow he will return with a person who is engaged inthe "assessment of property." Then they all went away and I closed thedoor behind them. I'm still in shock at what had happened and I do notunderstand how could this happen to me. After all, I have always beenso attentive, and I have never had anything like this. Beloved, I amvery worried about what I will say tomorrow. After all, I have noteven insured apartment. And because of this I probably would not beable to go to work tomorrow. Now I am very upset because of all this.My Didier, I hope your day went much better. I miss you and lookforward to our meeting. How do you say to me that our meeting withyou, it's just a matter of time. And even now, when I was in a badmood, I need only a moment to think about you on my face as soon as asmile;) I love you and you are very dear to me!You are my treasure. Darling, I'll sit here a little internet cafe andwait for your letter. It is possible that you write me soon. Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 10
Hello my favorite Didier. I realized that you have three days off. Iam very happy for you. I hope that you will be able to relax properlyand I wish you a pleasant time. My angel, I was born on April 15. Ihope that this day I'll go with you in France) And together we will beable to meet this holiday. But, as much on your birthday, I am surethat we will be together. I still have a lot of time in order to comeup with you some pleasant surprise;) I will definitely want to makeyou such that you will remember for a lifetime. My love, I thank youfor what you created for me an account on MSN. Of course, we couldcommunicate through MSN and I do not have to look for you because youare immediately added itself to the contacts list;) True, I have toask the manager of an Internet cafe that he has helped me a littlewith MSN. Dear, it's very nice of you. Yes, the next Olympic Gameswill be held in Sotchi. Incidentally, I was there. But, you alreadyknow about it. Perhaps we will be able to attend these games. InSotchi, very beautiful.I thank you for your words of support. Of course, this is not the endof the world. Yet because of all that has happened in my bad mood. Howcould this happen in a moment ... I do not understand. Darling, youknow, today I went to work, because I had to wait for an employeeoperating the buildings and property appraiser. " And so they come tome about lunch. I also had a very long conversation with my neighbors.Then this appraiser estimated the size of the damage caused to me andtold it to me. My neighbors told me that I should compensate for thedamage I have them soon. Otherwise, they just served to me in court. Itried to negotiate with them and even explained my situation regardingmy travel to you. I wanted to explain to them that I'm sure allrecovered, but after I return from France. I asked them to wait alittle time. But they did not send me to a meeting. This is mostlikely due to the fact that we almost do not know. Moreover, inaddition to all this, I still have to do repairs at home. Now, Iprobably will need to take the necessary amount, as I do not have suchan amount, which I can repair the damage. Is possible that I can helpmy parents. I'll try to ask them for help. Dear, I hope thateverything will cost, and that soon everything will be fine.Beloved, all the same, I have good news. Today I just went to thetourist company and they told me that my documents will soon be ready.It is possible that this week I was able to pick them up. And justthis week to send a confirmation of the fact that it is ready, mytourist visa. This is indeed good news.My angel, I am looking forward to our meeting with you. What I want togo quickly for you. Together with you I will be very good. I love you,and I want you to whisper in his ear, these three gentle words.Darling, I'll sit here a little internet cafe. It is possible that youwrite to me now ...My most tender kiss ...I look forward to meeting. Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 11
My favourite. I am glad to read again your new letters today. I writeto you enough late. Simply I could not write to you earlier. I haveread through, that you will be borrowed till 22 o'clock on local time.Then I shall not wait for your answer.Yesterday I have safely reached the house. I was happy to communicatewith you through MSN and to see you in web cam ;) It so not usually.On work at me as everything is all right. Favourite, I haveunderstood, that you wish to learn about my last attitudes. Certainly,I can tell to you about it, in fact, I have nothing to hide from you.In the past I had some attitudes with men who came to an end is verypitiable for me. I had pair such attitudes. And my last attitude withthe man has ended about one year ago. I thought, that between us thereis something especial and that our feelings are mutual. But, it hasappeared so, that it to me has changed. And I could not forgive it.Actually I to it was simply indifferent. And then, I long time did notwant any attitudes. And only after a while I have decided to addressin the Internet and as a result have met you ;) Favourite, this bestmy opening ;) I am happy, that have met you. I think, that to theperson who has invented the Internet, it is necessary to put amonument.I Didier, at me is good news to you. Today I could visit a travelcompany. And the manager has informed me very pleasant message. Thematter is that available my passport for travel abroad and soon shouldsend acknowledgement that my tourist visa is ready, for it I will needto go to Moscow. These are very good news, in fact already soon we canmeet. This business of several days. Nevertheless I am am afflictedtill now with that fact, that I will need to pay off with myneighbours. Improbably, that such situation has occured to me duringsuch time. The darling, the sum which I should pay to my neighbours isequal 1050 euro. When I talked to my daddy it could help me only at arate of 200 euro. Unfortunately, at it any more was not. At me as is200 euro which have remained from those 400 euro which you have sentme. In fact, I have spent for agency only from them only 200 euro.But, now I do not lose hope and I use the best efforts to find the sumnecessary for me. I trust that all will manage.Favourite, I with impatience wait for ours with you of a meeting. Eachnew day approaches us to this moment. It is a pity, that today Icannot sit and wait for your answer. But, tomorrow I hope a little tocommunicate to you. My most gentle kisses...Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 12
Hello my favorite. I noticed that you're almost the entire eveningwaiting for my letter. I am pleased that you think of me. My sun, Ijust always think about you. I am very sorry that I did not write youearlier. Unfortunately, today I am working very hard. I was able tofree himself only recently. Today I had to do a lot of paper work andso I had to stay. I hope you're not angry with me.My Didier, I just look forward to our meeting with you. And this eventwill be the most magical in my life. I am happy that met you. If itwere not for the Internet and a little luck, we would never have met.But it happened and now I am glad that I have you. Beloved, I realizedthat you think is not correct reception of my visa in Moscow. But, Imust tell you that the agency with whom I have contracted an agreementwith the Moscow embassy and so I need to go to Moscow. Also fromMoscow directly, will my flight to Toulouse. Please, do not worryabout it. Indeed, the move from St. Petersburg to Moscow takes just afew hours. So nothing wrong with that.My favorite, I want to thank you for what you want to help me in mysituation. I would like to take this money from someone from myfriends and travel freely in France. But unfortunately all my attemptsmet with no success, because my friends just a difficult situation andthey just can not help me. I still need 650 euro, so that I couldfully pay off my neighbors. Favorite, and I need the money now. Itried to explain to my neighbors about my present situation, but theydo not send me to a meeting. I am very sorry that it happened. Dear,I'm not comfortable talking with you on this subject, but I now haveno choice. My angel, you can help me now? I do not want to discuss itwith you. But, soon to be ready, my tourist visa and I have no time. Ihope that everything will cost.Beloved, it is a pity that today we are not able to talk on MSN. Irealized that you went to the family, in order to get some lunch. Iwish you the most pleasant taste;)I love you and you are forever in my heart. Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 13
Hello my angel. I am glad to receive your letters. Dear, I miss youterribly and not less than you want to see you. Today I am againwriting to you a little late. Unfortunately, I have not had time towrite to you sooner. I noticed that you are again waiting for myletter. Now I do not know whether you at home when my letter willreach you. But, I want to tell you today that I probably will not waitfor your answer. In St. Petersburg, already quite late. And theweather was cooler. During the day it was warm and a lot of snow toconceal. And now, as the water turned into ice.My sun, I again want to tell you that you are right and my neighborshave no right to keep me here in Russia. But the point here isdifferent. At first I tried to explain to them about my situation, butwhen I told them that I'm going to travel to France, they answered methat I had given them money before my trip. I promised to give themthese tools. Beloved, you must understand me. I can not leave Russiahad not given them full of these funds. Moreover, I would be veryinconvenient to leave, not giving them this amount. Please do notthink so, that like I care about my meeting with you. I first met thisremarkable man as you. You always understand me and with you I cantalk about anything. And our meeting with you, it's all about what Idream so much now. And I sincerely regret that I got such a ridiculoussituation. Beloved, I believe you ... I believe that you can help mewhen I'm in France. But, as I said, I want my neighbors to pay thatamount before I leave to you. I hope you understand me. Beloved, Ibelieve that everything will be fine and we will meet again as weplanned.My angel, tomorrow I'll probably go to my parents. It is possible thatthis will be my last time, when I see them before my departure.Therefore, I would like to say goodbye to them. After all, I'm notgoing to see my parents more than a month. But, I'll be they do nothave a very long time and will return in the evening. So, I am sure Iwill write to you in the evening, and perhaps earlier. On Monday,March 8 in Russia will be a holiday. This "Day of Women."Interestingly, while in France there is such a holiday? ;) I'll waiton you greetings;) Favorite, I really miss you and look forward to ourmeeting with you. I believe that everything will cost. Because we havealready done much in the way to our meeting with you. And it will notbe a barrier to us.I love you and always think about you.My most gentle kisses. Enjoy you work. Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 14
Hello my angel. I am pleased to re-read your new lines. Probably nowyou are at work. I hope that you have everything in order and workwith you as all good. Beloved, I realized that because of me you foundanother extra work. But, I want to tell you that this is not worthdoing. It is not necessary for me to make such sacrifices. Dear, I donot want you even more tired. I hope you understand me. I wonder whatkind of work?Today I went to my parents to say goodbye. I previously congratulatedfor my mother to tomorrow's holiday and we all sat together and dranktea with cake. I just said goodbye to my dad, and again thanked himfor what he could to give me some support in my situation. In the cityI returned about 1 hour ago, then I went home, changed clothes andimmediately went to the internet cafe to write to you. My angel, Ivery much miss you. I understand your concern, and so I want topromise you ... Dear, I'll definitely come to you, as we agreed. Forme it's more than a promise to me is a dream that I have here so I canimplement. I am very happy that I met you. And yes, on the way to ourmeeting with you we have already done a lot. And it would be extremelyfoolish to stop now. Moreover, I would be very hurt by this.Darling, I think a lot about you. Indeed, it is very surprising ...After all, we never saw each other, and moreover, we have never evenheard the voices of each other. But, we have great feelings for eachother and it is wonderful. I am always with a sinking heart I readyour letters. And now, I want to know you on a physical level. Totouch you, taste your tender lips. Darling, forgive me for indiscreetquestion. But, I really very interesting. And when was the last timeyou had sex? I apologize if you suddenly to this question was toorough. But, I really very interesting;)You want to know about my past. I can tell you about it. Although Iwanted to tell you about this at our meeting with you. Well, well. Asa child I was pretty good kid and my parents did not complain to me;)In high school I was almost an excellent student and had many friendsmany of whom I continue to communicate here in St. Petersburg.However, many of my friends have already left the city and liveelsewhere. At university I studied at medical school. But it isalready clear. Even when I was at university, I was looking for work,in order not to ask the parents. A few years later, after I started tostudy at university, my parents moved to live outside the city. Bythis time, I was already an independent and trying to cope witheverything yourself. Incidentally, when I studied at university, Irarely saw my parents and very homesick for him. Only later, when Igraduated, I began to see them more often. Well, dear, of course, youcan still write a lot. But the rest I would like to tell youpersonally if you do not mind. And I can do it very soon. Favorite,once again I promise you that I will come to you and will doeverything possible in order to be with you.My treasure on this I'll finish my letter. I hope that today you donot get tired too much at work.I love you and always think about you. You're in my heart. Eternally yours Elena.

Letter 15
Hello my angel. I was happy to talk with you yesterday on the phone.Your voice is very wonderful. Beloved, I wish only that we can not seeeach other. But that's okay, because soon we will be able to do this,we can see each other. Please, do not worry about that, my call wentout very expensive for me. In fact, this is not true and I do notregret the money spent. After all, I could hear your voice. You know,when we spoke on the phone, I imagined that as if I am close to you.This is really a wonderful feeling.My Didier, I read that tonight you'll be at work. I want to say thatthe last time you really work hard. I hope that you are not veryexhausting. When we're together, and if some days you're going towork, then after you finish your work day, I'm going to do fordifferent relaxing massages;) Believe me, I'm very well doingmassages. You fatigue "as the hand lift";)Beloved, I wish that I can not give you my phone number. You know, atone time I even had two mobile phones. But unfortunately they are allbroken, and now I'm just not up to buying a new phone. And home phone,I no longer use. But it's not important. At the meeting we will beable to speak and without the phone;) My sun, I was tired to wait forour meeting. The closer we come to this event, then the longer are thedays that separate us from you. And it is very difficult to realizethis, because it wants an early meeting. But, then, after a few years,these days seem just a moment. Darling, I love you. Your words abouthow we'll make love to me very excited. I have all the grief and thedesire to want you madly.From your letter I understood that you want to send me in the amountof 300 Euro. Favorite, I really am very pleased that you want to helpme. But, I want to tell you that tomorrow we will not need to send methe money. The fact is that first I though would have to agree withsomeone about how to borrow another 200 Euro. I hope you understandme. Beloved, when I burst into tears with my neighbors, then I need togo to Moscow. I think that on Monday or Tuesday I will be able to doit. In Moscow, I got my tourist visa and then I will only have tocontact my travel agency in order that the agency booked me for aplane ticket. And I think that after I get my tourist visa, then thenext day or the next day we can be together. From one thought of thisI want to shout with joy;)Dear, I hope that today you had a very good day.I love you! You are my treasure! Eternally yours Elena
Letter 16
Hello my favorite. I am happy that I can write you again. Your lettersalways bring me a sea of pleasant emotions. Beloved, I am happy thatmet you. You are the most beautiful thing that I have;) I love you.I also noticed that you have waited for my letters home. It is a pitythat I could not write to you sooner. My day went well and at worktoday, I almost never tired. My whole day, I almost had that thoughtabout you. But, recently all my days are mostly taking place in this.Darling, I read that today you want to go to the movies with a friend.In my opinion, I never heard of this movie as "daybreakers". But Ihope that tomorrow you will be able to tell me about your impressions.I hope you like it.My angel, yes, I remember what you told me about the bikes. Forgive mefor not writing to you about it. I remember that you told me that youhave ordered for our bikes. Of course, it will be wonderful. I wouldbe happy to go along with you on the bike. This will be a verywonderful moment.My parents live about 50 km from Saint-Petersburg. This is not so far.And when I go to them, then I take the bus. Unfortunately, they do nothave a landline telephone. Beloved, we no longer use fixed linetelephones.Favorite, but you understand me correctly. Yesterday I asked you thatyou never sent me money today. I think that we should not rush intothis. In any case, the tourism company, I'm only on Monday. Darling, Iwill let you know that when you want to send money. Okay? Tomorrow I'mgoing back to visit my dad. I want to ask him that he tried to borrowsomeone else remaining 200 Euro. I hope that he will be able to do so.Because for me it is very important.I'm going to leave tomorrow morning. But, I will return the sameevening and will write to you again. Dear, I hope that you will have avery good lunch today. In any case, I wish you a pleasant time.I love you! I look forward to our meeting with you and already tiredof waiting for this moment. Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 17
My favorite Didier. I am glad to see new letter from you. I have justreturned from my parents. I have a very good news;) My dad was able tofind my 200 Euro. He talked with his friend and his very good friendagreed to help. Beloved, I am so glad that now my anxiety went awaysomewhere to the side. Now, I can totally tune in to my journey toyou;)Today I woke up around 9 am and at 11 o'clock I was with my parents.mmm, my mom cooked a delicious cake and I took her recipe;) But, thispie is most like apple pie. Beloved, when I'm with you, then I willprepare a cake for you;) you really like.I read that you're a little tired today. So I wish you a pleasantstay. Activities needed to man. And if I could, I would alwaysbrighten up your holiday ... Would do for you something special tojust past the massage;)My Didier, I realized that tomorrow night you're going to work. Still,I beg of you, that you do not send me funds tomorrow morning. The factis that I do not have my passport. My passport is still lying in thetourist company. Tomorrow I'll drop in tourist company and try to pickup my passport, unless of course he will not need them. Darling, ifall the same, I can not pick up my passport, then perhaps we couldmake a transfer directly to my neighbor. I'll talk to Viktor, the nameof my neighbor. But I hope that all the same I'll take my passport. Ifnot, then I think that we could take advantage of this option.Dear, yes, our history with you, this is really something amazing. Butif we now think this is a problem, then a few years, I'm sure that wewill be together to laugh over this. How do you think? ;) Beloved, Ibelieve that you and I will be very bright future. You are a man ofwhom I dreamed. With you I'll be happy. After all, I love you.Tomorrow I'm going to go to work in order to formalize my request toleave. Soon have to be collected in the road. While many of the thingsI have already made, but there are still a few points. Beloved, I amvery glad of my visit to you. It's magical.I love you! You are my treasure! Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 18
Hello my favorite. I am pleased to re-read your letter. Now you'reprobably at work. I hope that you have everything in order. Today Iwent to work the same way and shape to my request to leave. Mydirector has signed my petition, and now, I have to leave. Now I donot need to go to work;) Beloved, I am sure that next week we arefully able to enjoy the presence of each other. It would be great.I still have some news. My angel, today I just went to the touristcompany to pick up my passport. But, unfortunately, the travel companycould not give it to me. The fact that my passport still need them.Favorite, but as I told you that we could use this option, as do thetranslation directly to my neighbors. I just talked to them and theygenerally do not mind. Viktor's wife agreed to help me in this.Beloved, we are with her namesake. Once you are able to transfer, thenI along with my neighbor'll take the money and then I pay the of mysavings. Dear, I leave it to you information: Name --- Elena Last name --- Filiseeva Country - The Russia City - Saint-Petersburg 196128 Street - Varshavskaya street, 23, Apartment 22 My angel, I am already tired to wait for that moment when I can seeyou. But, for some reason, when you become closer to the goal, thenthe days become longer. Perhaps this is because of what you want isthis. But one thing I like is sure is that soon I will see you. Andthe more I do not need. Dear, I love you and happy from what I haveyou. You are my treasure!Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 19
My favorite Didier. How did you sleep last night? Now I am writing toyou from internet cafe and I am already in Moscow. My angel, to behonest, that last night I slept just disgusting, because this trainwas awfully stuffy. My darling, now I want to include my luggage inthe luggage room and then I'll go to the embassy to get my touristvisa. I will write you more after I'll go to the embassy. I hope thatyou have everything in order. I love you. Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 20
My love Didier! I am glad that you have answered me quickly. As youalready know recently I have come from embassy, have come into theInternet-cafe and here I write to you the letter. I shall try to tellto you about all.. My love when I went to embassy I was in turn ofmore hour, I have waited the turn and have come into a cabinet to theemployee of embassy. I have been assured, that almost at once to mewill give out my visa but all has appeared not so simply as I assumed.The employee of embassy has asked me, whether I know that at customs Iwill need to show the proof of the well-being. That is I will need toshow to them the certain sum which refers to as a living wage. Ishould show this sum of that they would be assured that I shallillegally not work in your country and that I shall not be to requirewhat. This sum pays off from quantity of days which I shall be in yourcountry. To me have told, that my visa tourist and is given a minimumfor one month and that absolutely not important how many days I shalltravel. The living wage will pay off from quantity of days on whichthe visa namely for one month (30 days) is issued. I have asked theworker of embassy about that, how many makes this living wage and ithas answered me that, it makes 50 euro in day. That is the sum of aliving wage makes 1500 euro.To me have told that it is necessary to show to them this sum cashes.As the worker has told to me that such rules exist already for a longtime. I have told in embassy, that I shall go to you and I shall notrequire there is nothing but they have told to me that I cannot avoidit. In my opinion it is very silly law.This sum I will need to be shown all in 2 places: in Embassy, what toreceive my visa and at customs, that would let out me from thecountry. To me have told, that this money to me will not need to bespent and it will be necessary to show only but even in such situationI do not know that to me to do. Darling Didier, I shall wait for youranswer and I shall sit here in the Internet-cafe. I very strongly loveyou and I shall wait for your answer. With love yours Elena
Letter 21
My favorite Didier. I am happy again to read your letter today.Beloved, I again want to thank you for what you are willing to helpme. I really do nothing about it and knew, even in the tourist companydid not tell me anything about such. Darling, you are right betweenour two countries really have many stupid laws. And why do they onlyneeded? After all, everything would be much easier if it were not forthese laws.My angel, you're probably now going to work. I want to wish you apleasant working day. I hope that you have everything in order.Beloved, we are with my dad just returned after a search of hisfriend. Unfortunately, we could not find him. We went to the addressin which he purports to live. But, unfortunately, we have no oneopened the door. Most likely, no one was home. Then, we knocked on hisneighbors and they told us that he still lives here, butunfortunately, there is very rare. And then we left.My sun, I realize that tomorrow you want to send me the money. I readthat you want to do it about 11h French time. Of course, the embassyat this time still should work. I think that there will be no problemobtaining a visa at a time. My Didier, I think it would be better ifyou do transfer to the name of my father. Do you think? I believe thatfor security purposes would be better! I hope you do not mind. Youleft me a lot of addresses Western Union in Moscow. But,unfortunately, in Moscow, I still very poor guide and do not even knowwhat the address would be for me the closest. I invite you to chooseoffice address Western Union, and then I just try to find the nearestbranch here and get your money. Moreover, I think that the WesternUnion office address is not so important. Darling, I leave you detailsof my dad and I think that the translation must specify SaintPetersburg, as well as in the passport he indicated residence permitfrom St. Petersburg: Name - Pavel Last name - Rybin Country - The Russia City - Saint-Petersburg 196128 Street - Varshavskaya street, 23, Apartment 26 Beloved, I look forward to our meeting with you. Tomorrow I will beable to get my tourist visa and then I will only have to book my planeticket. My angel, I am happy that soon will be able to hug you andkiss. Well, now I'm a little tired. Today I am almost on my feet allday and night, I slept very badly because of the travel by train. Weare with my dad want to go to the camera store to pick up my things,which we left him there in the morning. And then, you will find somenot expensive hotel to spend the night there. I'll be back in anInternet cafe in the morning.Dear, I love you. I am glad that I have you. You are my treasure! Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 22
My favorite Didier. I am glad to read your new messages. How are youtoday? Are you all right? I hope you're OK. Today I spent the wholeday on his feet. Still, I have very good news. Beloved, today Imanaged to get my tourist visa. And then, travel agency booked me aplane ticket. My angel, unfortunately, we fail to meet tomorrow. But,we will meet again the day after. Now I will write you details of myticket. I hope that you can find me: Moscow - Toulouse Flight KL904 Departure: 26 March 2010 17:25 Sheremetyevo a / p Arrival: 26 March 2010 19:05, Schiphol Arpt City transplant Amsterdam (AMS) Flight KL1313Budget Departure: 26 March 2010 20:20, Schiphol Arpt Arrival: 26 March 2010 22:15, Blagnac Arpt Also I have the tickets in the opposite direction. Darling, I'm soglad that soon we will be with you. Loved, I agree with you. How manyof us out a great team. But now it's all behind us. My sun, nownothing will stop our meeting with you. Yesterday, we spent the nightwith my dad at his friend. I went to bed pretty early, but my dad andhis friend for a long time talking and of course drank a littlealcohol;) After all, they are very old friends.My angel, today we will also spend the night at a friend of my father,and tomorrow we just have to sleep with him. Darling, I want to tellyou that I was very bored. All this time I only invigorate thinking ofyou. I love you and I'll be so glad to tell you these words in hiseyes. You are my treasure and will always be in my heart. Do notforget about our first night of love together:) I am very eager torespect you.Okay, now I'm going to go. I will write you more tomorrow. Darling, I love you! Good you sleep. My most sweet kisses. Your future wife Elena.
Letter 23
Hello my favorite Didier. I apologize for not writing to you sooner.I'm sorry, but I have a very bad mood. I have a mountain and I'mreally very bad. I will try to tell you about what happened. Today,when my dad went to the house of his friend, then we crossed thepedestrian crossing. At this time I was in front of my dad, and myfather was behind me. And suddenly I heard a loud scream and the noiseof the brakes, which caused me to look back. And what I saw led meinto shock. I saw my father, who lay unconscious on the road. And Isaw a black car, which quickly went away. I rushed to my father, whowas unconscious on the front of my eyes were tears. I really was veryscary at this point. I called for help around us and some of thesepeople began to call an ambulance. After 15 minutes an ambulancearrived and with them was the police, which I began to explain that mydad hit by a car. They also asked me what was the machine and Iconsidered the number of that machine. But, unfortunately, I could notsee the number of this machine, I could tell them only that the carwas black. And then, the police began questioning witnesses. When theambulance arrived, they immediately put my dad on a stretcher and thenput it in the car. I told the doctors that I am his daughter and Iwant to go with him and do not let him alone. Then we arrived at thehospital and my dad still remained unconscious. He was immediatelyplaced in intensive care, but I was not allowed there. Today, I spentthe whole day in the hospital, but my father never regainedconsciousness. Favorite me so bad, I always feel like crying. Idecided not to go for a long time in Internet cafes, to tell you aboutthis terrible news.Darling, now I'm going to go to a friend of my father, so as to informhim about it. After all, he knows nothing. Perhaps he had alreadyreturned to work. My angel, then I want to return to the hospital. Ihave to spend the whole night. Now I'm in shock over the incident. Ido not know if I write to you today. Perhaps that anymore.I hope that you have everything in order. Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 24
Hello my love. How are you today? I hope you're OK. I just came in aninternet cafe and decided to write to you. I have some news. Today Ispent the night in the hospital and I was waiting for that moment whenmy dad comes to mind. And you know, I was so happy that he could cometo his senses. I really felt very good when I could again hear hisvoice. I am so worried and not even know what to think about it. Iclimbed into my head different scary thought. But, as if nothinghappened. However, the state of my dad is not very good. He constantlycomplains that he has a sore leg and head. But, thank God, that therewas no amnesia. He still remembers, and even about what happened.Darling, I really was very happy that everything worked out. Thedoctors told me that he will need to do some more tests of my father.I hope that everything will be fine.My angel, I do not know how to tell you about it, but I'm only a dutyto tell you about it. Honey, maybe we will not meet today. We need topostpone our meeting with you. After all, I can not leave my dad inthis state here all alone. Favorite, I really very painful to talk toyou about this, but try to understand my position. My father now needsmy support. I hope you understand me.My sun, I love you and you'll be forever in my heart. I'll wait alittle more here for your letter. I hope you write me soon. Your Elena.
Letter 25
Hello my favorite Didier. Now you're probably at work and I wish you apleasant time. My angel, I am very sorry it happened. Darling, I alsonoticed that I have now a lot of problems. I do not understand how allthis could happen to me. But, I'm glad that you could understand me.After all, with my dad really befallen trouble and I just can notleave him here all alone.Today I was in the hospital with my dad and I talked to your doctorabout the state of my father. My angel, forgive me, but now I have nogood news. On the contrary, I have very bad news and I am again veryreluctant to talk about you. The fact that the doctor told me thatwhen he examined the leg of my father, he found a violation of themeniscus. He wanted to tell me that now requires surgery, which costsmoney. Then, I asked the doctor how much it would cost and he told methat it would cost about 75,000 rubles. Darling, I still do not liketo pay the money, or be in danger of amputation of the legs. He alsoexplained to me that this is a very serious operation and it needs tobe done soon. Darling, I still have your money and I can ask somemoney from a friend of my father, it is possible that he could somehowhelp. Dear, you must understand, I am nothing remains, how to pay forthis operation. I just passed my tickets at the airport yesterday, andsoon I will be able to get money from them. Beloved, I must solve thisproblem, I must help my father, because he was in dire straits. Pleasedo not think badly of me, I never wanted to bring you the pain andtrouble. Most likely, now I have a black belt in life. But, be that asit was not, my angel, I have a really big love for you and I'm glad Imet you.Beloved, now I return to the hospital with my dad, and then talk withyour doctor. I hope that you can understand me. Darling, I'm verysorry that it happened. Forgive me. I'll write you tomorrow, Ipromise.My angel, I love you. Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 26
Hello my favorite Didier. I am pleased once again to write you aletter. Darling, of course, everything that happened to us, we atleast do not deserve it. I do not understand how such a thing couldhappen and I think it's just not plausible. It seems that the earthreally is amazing stuff. But, be that as it was not, I am sure that wecan handle it. We can handle everything. Because, I want to stay intouch with you and maintain close communication with you. You thoughtthat because of all that has happened I'll throw you? No, dear,nothing would make me leave you. Because with you I could feel suchwarm feelings, I want to thank you for it. Thank you for your love. Myangel, I love you and do not want to let go. I want you to be with me,but it seems that fate really decided differently. You know, when Iwent to the airport, which give out my tickets, I did it with tears inhis legs. I so wanted to come to you. But at the same time, I couldnot leave my dad. After all, he is now in a difficult situation and Iam really afraid for him. I hope that everything will be fine. Italked with the doctor and he told me that the whole operation will beheld in Moscow, and he also said that tomorrow or the day aftereverything is settled. Dear, I am really scared now. I will pray toGod that my dad was in order.Beloved, you'll be forever in my heart. I will never forget how youhelped me. You're really very good man and that whatever happens I canalways rely on you. Thank you for all your words of support. How manytimes have you been telling me these words. But, really, when I readthem I feel better. Now I just keep pressing for a friend of myfather. He even gave me the key to her own apartment and sympathizedwith me. So he always helps, they can. Still, my father is very goodfriends.Darling, honestly, I am very tired to be in this Moscow. It's just amad city. And I would not want to live here. My angel, I read that youwould like myself to come to me in St. Petersburg. Who knows, perhapswe needed to do so immediately. Of course, if you would like to comehere myself, I would be glad to meet you here. But, I'm not even surethat I can take leave in June. Indeed, now that's my vacation and thenwill leave just a month. I do not know if I can then still take a fewdays of rest. Favorite, and when you want to start preparing thedocuments? Does it take a long time? My favorite, in any case, I madlywant to see you. You'll be forever in my heart. You are my treasure!Forgive me for all the troubles that I brought into your life. I love you. Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 27
Hello my favourite Didier. I am glad to read through your new letters.
The darling, your letters help me during this hard time for me. My angel, I am very happy, that I have you. Believe, too that happens very would not be desirable to trust me. But, it happens also anything with it will not do. The darling, all that to us remains so it to live further and to trust that we necessarily shall meet. But, after all gone through and when we shall meet we in much more time shall be glad our meeting. How you consider? In some years we shall recollect all these troubles and we shall be dared above them. Well, probably, besides that happens with my daddy. Here there is nothing ridiculous.
As though I wanted, that this all has not occured.
Now I have come from my father. It as lays in hospital. I talked to doctors in occasion of operation. But, meanwhile, they speak nothing to me particularly. Probably, that tomorrow they can make this operations or in some days. You know, not definiteness starts me to irritate it. I have told it, that you spoke, that it is impossible to pull and necessary, as soon as possible to perform operation. And doctors answer me it, that it is necessary to prepare for the necessary equipment and possible to pull a little and speak, that I did not worry. But, as in such position I can not worry. To me it is very heavy now. My angel, today in Moscow was two terrorist attacks... It is awful!!! Have thundered two powerful explosions and as to me have told that not few people were lost. To me was so terribly. It happens early in the morning and at this time I still slept. In streets the small panic at once has begun. It really any damnation. I can thank the god that nothing happens with me and with my daddy. Favourite, so not you do not suffice me. At me such feeling, that only with you I shall feel in safety. I so want in your strong hands. It is a pity, that between us very big distance.
The darling, I have not understood from your letter a little. You wish to come to me in September or in June? I very much want, that we have met as soon as possible. I as have understood, that you would like to send me phone. But, how it can be made? To me it is pleasant, that you have not forgotten about my birthday. You really very good the man. My angel, now I again wish to visit my father, and then I probably shall go to sleep.
I constantly dream of you. Thanks, that at me is you.
I love you.
Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 28
Hello my favourite. As always I am very happy to read your letter. How has passed your campaign at cinema? Film was interesting? I Hope, what yes. My angel, at me is very good news. The darling, today have performed operation to mine to the daddy on a leg in the afternoon. I wish to tell, that operation has passed all successfully and without superfluous complications. First to mine to the daddy have entered a narcosis, and then the surgeon has started to operate. The surgeon was really very good and it has made all how it is necessary. Favourite, I was so is glad, when doctors have told to me, that all has passed successfully. I am valid very much and is very glad... Now, I can calm down a little. However, my daddy while anywhere will be not not translated also by us shall be here in Moscow. Let it will be better so, than on another.
The darling, to me it is very pleasant, that you wish to send me phone. Certainly, I would like to hear your voice every day as we are separated with such big distance. Whether also me it will be absolutely not important this phone last model.
My angel, today I was nervous, as never. And if it is fair, I now very strongly am am hurted with a head. In Moscow there is very remarkable weather. At night this city very beautiful. The darling, I have understood, that you would like to come to me in July in spite of the fact that I shall work. Certainly, I could receive you. You know, that I shall be happy to live with such the man, as you. But, me will be extremely not dexterously if I should work, and you will wait for my returning at my place. I mean that I would not like to leave you one. Than you will be engaged when I shall be on work? Favourite, as anybody is not necessary to me except for you. You my unique and I shall always love you. I very much do not have you.
The darling, now I am in Moscow, and my friends in St.-Petersburg. So I have nobody to confer here how us to be together. Favourite, I simply have belief that we necessarily shall together. Certainly, I very much would like, that we have met, as soon as possible. The darling, forgive, I should finish my letter. I am very tired and now would be to have a sleep not badly a little. I wish you pleasant dreams. You for ever in my heart. I love you. You my hero.
Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 29
Hello my favourite. Forgive me for the yesterday's letter. I am really very tired and have written to you enough not clearly. The darling, I hope, that you do not become angry about me. Today I managed to sleep well enough and I have just come from hospital. My daddy is enough in a good condition after operation, but the truth, it is still weak enough. I hope, that it can soon recover. I am already tired to be here in this Moscow.
Mine Didier, certainly, if you can come to me in June I shall be glad to meet you here. You could live together with me and thus you should not remove a hotel room. I think, that it is remarkable idea. Only here it will be not convenient to me to leave you one while I shall work. But, if we do not have other choice it is the most suitable variant. You know, that I madly wish to be near to you and as soon as possible. I cannot tell what to meet in June it so quickly as it would be desirable but as I understand, now we simply do not have other choice. And why only between us such big distance? The darling if we lived a beside we already probably for a long time have got married ;))
Now I again wish to come to mine to the daddy. It is necessary to bring to it of fruit. I have bought to it the whole package of oranges, tangerines, bananas and apples. Doctors have told, that vitamins are now very necessary to it. My mum probably will be in a shock when learns about all happened. I managed to ask my neighbours in that they have gone to my mum and have told that we with my daddy shall be late in Moscow. But, I did not speak them the true reason of it and accordingly my mum as nothing knows about it. I even am afraid to tell to it about it. Probably it will abuse very strongly me. Favourite, now everything, that remains so it to read to me your remarkable letters. In Moscow I happen only in three places. It at mine the daddy in hospital, in the Internet of cafe and in an apartment of the friend to my father. By the way, this friend so seldom appears in the apartment. Usually it lives at the mistress ;))
Favourite when that and we can make love.
I love you.
Eternally yours Elena.
Letter 30
Hello my Didi. The darling, tell, you sometime lost native to you people? Today I had an awful misfortune. The darling, me so it is bad now. I hardly constrain myself in hands. You cannot present that at me happens... Favourite, today in the morning to me send neighbours of my parents on the house. When I looked in an eye I have been very surprised by that they to me send. But, when I have opened it a door and have let in them the apartment they have asked me that I have sat down as they have for me very bad news. To me till now it is very sick about it to recollect and when I think of it it seems to me, that it is any mistake. Neighbours of my parents have informed me very awful news. The matter is that today my daddy at night has died. When I have heard these words for an instant it seemed to me that is any joke.
But, then I have understood, that of such things do not joke and moreover, these neighbours to me to joke over me would began to come.
As though I would like now that it has appeared a joke.
After they have informed me on it I was in a shock. I did not know what to tell. But, then I have taken myself in hands and have asked them... How it could happen? They in every possible way calmed me and spoke, that I the daddy had « a heart attack of a myocardium » at night. As they have informed me, that my mum very much waits for my arrival. I at once have started to gather and together with neighbours of my parents of village for the bus. All road me shaked and threw in tears. It is awful. I do not understand, why so have occured? The darling when I have seen my mum it was in an awful condition. Around of eyes it had awful bruises of that it had to cry much. Then, I have seen the daddy laying on a wooden board and too could not constrain some tears. I could not believe, that now daddies are not present mine. To me at once it became very terrible, but when I have looked at my mum and saw how to it it is bad, I have tried to take myself in hands and to calm it. There still there were ambulance surgeons who have revealed the reason of death. As there have arrived employees of militia and doctors have given them a copy of the application for the reason of death of my father. When all have parted, we with mum hardly as have transferred the father to a bath and have washed, have shaved it. Then we have taken four stools have put them opposite each other, have put boards, have thrown with a blanket and a pillow and have laid my father. We have put on it a suit, have brushed it and in Hands have put a handkerchief and have put a candle. Mum now on a step does not depart from my father, and now all is near to it and cries. It is very a pity to me my mum, I see how it suffers also to me it very painfully to see.
Now I as am in an awful condition. I have returned to city along toward evening as I needed to visit the memorial company. My mum now not in a condition to go and consequently I need to do all most. Believe, to me it is very difficult. Nevertheless I managed to visit " the memorial company " and it was possible to learn about the price. The price will be very great 51135 roubles in euro it is 1355 euro. Then, I at once have connected with my director on work. At this time it was at home. I have told, that at me very serious situation and that is necessary to meet. When I could see my director I at once have started to tell to it about my trouble. And I have told, that now to me am necessary money to organize worthy funeral of my father. I have asked, that to me have paid out wages or advance payment. But, my director could give out to me not the full salary, to be exact 200 Euro. I do not know, that to me now to do and where to get other part of money, adequately to spend the father to last way. On Tuesday it is already necessary to bury the father, to time remains at me very little to get money for funeral. As I have already ordered a coffin for my father and should bring in its evening. I had to spend for this all 200 euro.
To me till now to not be trusted, that daddies are not present mine more. It seems to me, that now I to a train to my parents and as always on a threshold I will be met by my mum and the daddy. As though I would like to change all. But, it is not possible.
Favourite, now I am going to go back to my mum. Within the next few days I shall not work. I should be near to my mum and to calm it. Mine Didi, I shall try to come tomorrow into the Internet of cafe to write to you.
To me it is very bad...
Yours Lena.
Letter 31
Hello my Didi. It is pleasant to me to read the letter from you. Even now these difficult minutes your lines warm me. I thank you for your condolences. It is really awful. I till now cannot come in myself after such. To me till now to not be trusted, that daddies are not present mine more.
I have lead today's night in the house of my mum. To me it was very terrible for it. It very strongly experiences and consequently now I try to be as much as possible near to it. To me as it is very sick, but for my mum I try to seem strong. I very much try to console it these difficult minutes.
Today in the afternoon in the house of my mum have brought a coffin for my father. In city I have arrived to come just into " the memorial company " and to write to you the letter. As though it sadly did not sound, but I and did not manage to find enough money adequately to bury my daddy. We with my mum yesterday tried to take this money on loan from neighbours on the house, but unfortunately, we did not manage to find enough money. We could borrow only 450 Euro.
Unfortunately, it it is not enough to pay in " the memorial company " and adequately to spend my daddy. Favourite, nothing remains to me how to ask you about the help. Mine Didi, please, you can help me with it? I understand, that I ask you about the help any more for the first time and to me again not dexterously it to speak you. The darling, I do not want, that you thought that you bring to me one only misfortunes. For me there were only two favourite persons. It you and my mum. Therefore, that happens think, that you bring to me one only not happiness. I trust, that in the future we shall live happily. But, now, at me very much a hard time. I experience death of my parent and to me it is very bad. Certainly, now I would like to speak about any financial problems, but unfortunately, I should do it.
Mine Didi, believe, I very much require now these means. But, I necessarily then shall give them to you. The matter is that my mum wishes to put in pawn the house. But, it needs time. Therefore, I think, that to your arrival, my mum can put in pawn the house and after that, I at once shall give you this money. My good, understand, now to me as this money and are never necessary to me as your support is very necessary. Favourite, it is very complex to me to speak about all this with you. Do not throw me... You are very necessary to me. The darling, I shall wait for your answer here in the Internet of cafe. Please, write to me.
Yours Lena.
Letter 32
My sun, believe to me, I do not become angry about you. I know, that you wish to help me. Believe, I would not began to ask again you about the help if I could see other output from this situation.
Unfortunately, the destiny has disposed so, that at me again does not remain a choice. Favourite, now for me it is very important, that you are at me. Even, when to me it is especially bad, I can find a consolation in your words and lines. I love you! Now I have only two persons favourite to me. It you and my mum. And I do not wish to lose still someone. To me it is very sad... Daddies are not present mine more.
Favourite, I have understood, that you have read through my last letter. Therefore, please, find the decision. I shall necessarily give you this money back as soon as we with my mum shall have it from sale of the house. Believe, I shall necessarily make it, I shall return all what you have helped me. Favourite, I want, that you were a number with me now. It is a pity, that I cannot find a consolation in your presence, but I can find it in your lines. Thanks you for all your warm words. You very good person. Therefore, I love you!
Now I am going to go for the bus and then I shall go to my mum. I promised, that I shall return much earlier. It was necessary to be late.
I shall try to write to you tomorrow after funeral.
I love you!
Eternally yours Lena.
Letter 33
My darling Didi. Here, as I promised you I write to you tonight. Today I had very heavy day and morning. Today passed funeral of mine of the daddy. You know, earlier I never could think of this day. Just now I understand how it was good earlier. It is very difficult to really person to live without favourite and native people.
Funeral passed as it is necessary to see off the person in last way.
However, people from " the memorial company " very much hurried up. In fact, I practically last day have addressed for their services and consequently they should organize funeral very quickly. They have taken a place on a cemetery, to dig a hole in the ground and still they should put soon a monument on a tomb of mine of the daddy. To make a monument with a name of my father for this purpose time is necessary. This day weather in the wonderful image became better... There was no rain and places looked out the sun. All these three days in the house of my mum was many people. They are friends, friends and it is simple comrades of my father. They in every possible way calmed my mum. It were very heavy days. But, even now it be not become better. Me very much and very much does not suffice my daddy. And now I really am afraid for my mum. Now it is necessary to it very difficultly. In fact, it will spend a great bulk of time in loneliness. But, I shall necessarily try to visit it as it is possible is more often. In due course, this wound will begin to live. Many people speak, that " time treats ". I agree with this expression. Today, when in the ground laid down my daddy to me it was especially sad. On my eyes there were tears and I have suddenly recollected myself small and how my daddy cared of me. I very much would wish to appear again these warm days. Believe, to me the warmest and light memoirs came to a head only. Probably to all people in similar cases light memoirs are recollected only. But, anyhow I would like to think about bad.
Favourite, now to me especial it is sad. But, now I already understand, that mine daddies are not present also it to not return. I again shall lead today's night together with my mum and is possible, that tomorrow I as shall be at my mum.
The darling, I have read through, that you tried to borrow money from the friends. Believe, it is a shame to me, that I in general have lifted such theme of conversation with you in such situation. But, I did not have a choice. I have been lost and I had a shock.
Nevertheless, I could find a way out. But, for this purpose I had to take the installments. The darling, I hope, that you understand, if I shall not burst into tears with this sum at me can write off my property. The darling, please, I shall try to make still something... For me it is very important to pay it in " the memorial company ". On risk there is my property. Favourite, I very much would not like to speak with you on similar themes but as I already spoke you, I shall necessarily give you all back. Favourite, I require still in 700 euro. Understand, I in any case need to be given this money. In fact, people tried and have made for mine the daddy worthy funeral. If not it I do not know where my daddy now would lay. I ask you, help me.
My angel, I have not forgotten about papers. I shall necessarily make it. On it I shall finish my letter today. I shall wait for your answer tomorrow.
I love you!
Eternally yours Lena.
Letter 34
Hello my favourite Didi. Forgive, that has not written to you yesterday. But, yesterday I was not in city. I was at mum. Today I write to you enough late as I have more recently returned to city. I called in today to St.-Petersburg in the afternoon but only to come for work. My mum has come to the senses a little and feels a little bit better. Today there will be a first night which it will lead in loneliness. Tomorrow I will need to return for work.
These days were the most awful and sad days in my life. I never shall forget it. I till now remember, how it was unusual to receive such terrible news about death of the close person. I need to pray only that my mum still more many many years. I have just now started to understand that parents are not eternal. It seemed to me Earlier, that I have mum and the daddy and so will be always. But, now I look at this all other eyes. It is very a pity, that so it has turned out.
Today I talked to my director in occasion of payment in " the memorial company ". Probably, that it can help me with this payment. But, I in any case should fulfil this money. 700 Euro in Russia very rather big money and consequently any person cannot is simple so to me to give them. Moreover, still it will be necessary to pay off with neighbours of my mum at a rate of 500 Euro. I understand, that I have climbed in deep debts, but it is not terrible. The main thing, that I could spend my father adequately. Today have already brought and have established on a tomb of mine of the daddy a monument. On this monument there is a photo of my father. It so is sad.
Sometimes the life is very unfair. But anyhow, as you have told, the life proceeds. I shall long for it constantly and to live with it. Favourite, how you? How pass your days? I have read through, that to you called from embassy and ask a paper. Well, I shall try to make it tomorrow. Though, I till now have no account for my apartment. Most likely I shall have the account only on Sunday as such accounts always bring in target on a mail box of my apartment. But, anyhow on Monday I shall try to send you all papers.
Favourite, I hope, that you by way of.
Eternally yours Lena.
Letter 35
My favourite Didi. It is pleasant to me to read new letters from you. Today I for the first time for some days managed to sleep well. My day has begun with morning and I have gone for work. Yes, you are right, when the person works, it forces down at it sad ideas. It is better, than simply to sit without business. Now most likely you are on work. I hope, that you will have successful day on work. What plans at you on target? Tomorrow I probably shall go to my mum and I shall lead together with it all the day long.
My director has agreed to pay my duty to them in " the memorial company ". But, as I to you have told, I in any case should fulfil this money. Probably, that I should leave for business trip. However, I do not know about, whether it is exact. On Monday I shall speak with my director more more in detail about it. But, anyhow I am grateful to my director, that it could help me with it. In fact, if not it at me could select a part of property simply. It is any nightmare... I am glad, that all has managed.
My sun, I as with impatience wait for our meeting. On Monday I shall try to send you all necessary papers. It is the passport with my photo and the account for an apartment. I am right? I Hope, that your flight will pass under the plan. Favourite, now especially you do not suffice me. I understand, that when you will be a number with me to me it will be much easier. Therefore I want, that you always were a number with me. Mine Didi, I once again wish to tell to you thanks for your support these difficult days. For me it was valid to read very important from you it.
Today Friday and probably I shall lead my evening of the house. In St.-Petersburg weather in comparison with yesterday has not changed at all. In city on former as hot the sun also shines.
The darling, probably at me already is not present anybody more dearly you. I love you!
Eternally yours Lena.
Letter 36
My favourite Didi. How you today? I hope, that you in the full order. As always I was very happy to read the new letter from you. For today my working day has come to an end. The darling, I should tell to you not so good news. Please, do not worry with me it was compared nothing. As you have understood me, I really should have some trip from St.-Petersburg. Today I talked to my director and I probably should leave from city for very long time. My director has told to me about it on Friday, but I have not apprehended it seriously as it spoke me about it so not confidently. But, today it has told to me, that it is necessary to fulfil that money which it has paid for me in " the memorial company ". Moreover, it has told, that it understands how to me it is heavy now and this trip will distract me from that burning which has appeared at me a little. I wish to tell to you, that I shall have business trip on work. I should leave for a countryside and to work, as the doctor. My director has explained to me, that there easy enough and very well in the summer. It spoke me, that a number there is small lake and the river. Favourite, as though to me it was not sick to speak, but similar, that you should cancel your travel to St.-Petersburg. Mine Didi, my business trip will begin with June, 1st and will be prolonged in current of all summer. Thus I can return to St.-Petersburg only in the autumn.
My sun, do not think, that I have agreed with pleasure on it. Believe, I wished to explain to my director that in the end of June I shall meet the person from other country. But, my director has not gone to me on a meeting. The darling, believe, I needed to do nothing how to go on it. The salary there will be on the order above, than that which I now have. But, nevertheless it not the most important. This business trip is considered, as a part of my work and consequently I am simply obliged to carry out it. Most likely you did not hear, but the state now wishes to provide with medical aid many rural places. And consequently many doctors now send in similar places. Favourite, me as it is very sick that to us will not be possible to meet in the summer. In fact, I so long wait for our meeting, and now we still should postpone it. But, if all will be good, in September I to you shall come. That money which I shall earn will suffice me to pay off with debts and to organize my travel to you. Favourite, I understand, how you are now upset reading it. Believe, I as am very upset. But, I simply do not have other choice.
Mine Didi, I love you. And that it was not compared, I shall always wait for our meeting.
I shall wait for your letter tomorrow.
Eternally yours Lena.
Letter 37
Hello my darling Didier. I am glad to read new letters from you. Howyou today? Forgive, that has not written to you yesterday. I had towork very long. In this letter, I send you a copy of my passport, andhere the account for my apartment I shall send you a little bit later.Unfortunately, I yet have not received this account. Probably, thatthe account was simply lost. In fact, to us put such accounts in mailboxes for apartments and to such boxes has access each person.Therefore any could take it. Do not experience, I descend inmanagement of buildings and I shall try to take the account directlyin a place of payment.I thought above those words which you have told to me in the letter onTuesday much. To me it was very sad after your words, but actually Ican understand you. Between us there were some disagreements. Suchhappens, when pairs quarrel. The darling, but I do not wish you tolose. You are very necessary to me. I do not think, that I can findthe man which will be better than you and even if such the man existsit is not necessary to me. You are necessary to me only. Certainly, ifyou wish to come to St.-Petersburg, I not against. But, how you willlive in my apartment when I will not be? I mean, how you can getthere? To Me are not necessary money which you wish to give me forrent of my apartment. In fact, my apartment, it and your apartment.You know, I could leave a key from my apartment at my neighbours. Whatdo you think of it? At me 26 apartment, and my neighbours have 25apartment. I can leave it keys and warn that my foreign the man willlive here when I will not be ;) You wished to leave to me phone and Ithink, that you could leave it phone. And then, when I shall returnfrom business trip I could take away it from them. How you consider?Do not experience, my neighbours very good and respectable people. Nowit is very important to me to know your opinion. If you agree, I shalltry to warn as soon as possible my neighbours in it.The darling, on June, 1st I will need to leave. Most likely I will notmanage to return to St.-Petersburg prior to the beginning ofSeptember. I shall very far from city. It is very a pity to me. Thedarling, most likely now you in Mont de Marsan. How passes your timethere? I hope, that you in the full order. I have read through, thatyou had a hurricane. In St.-Petersburg many days there are rains andweather here at all does not please.Mine Didi, I love you! Eternally yours Lena.
Letter 38
Hello my favourite Didi. I am very happy to read the new letter fromyou. Forgive, that I write to you so late, unfortunately, I had to belate on work. How you today? What plans at you on target? You willwork? Now I have two days of days off and probably these days I shalllead together with my mum. Tomorrow in the morning I shall sit down onthe bus and I shall visit my mum. The darling, I shall try to returnto city in the evening to write. On Monday I shall have my last day inSt.-Petersburg. At me in a life recently so has much occured.Probably, that my departure now this best decision. Though I try topretend, that I'm fine, but I till now cannot come in myself afterdeath of my father. Really such wound at once to not heal. I till nowgrieve on mine to the daddy.Favourite, in this letter I send you the account for the electricpower. I think, that this account will be enough. I hope, that withyour trip will be everything is all right. I understand, that you haveserious intention to visit St.-Petersburg and consequently I cannotdissuade you from it. But, as I to you have already told, that myhouse, it and your house. And if you will arrive here you can doeverything, that you will want. Only I wish you to warn, that you didnot rustle at me in an apartment ;) My neighbours do not love noise.Sometimes it even irritates me. By the way, I already have had time totalk to my neighbours. They agree to store at themselves a key from anapartment before your arrival. So, when you will arrive toSt.-Petersburg and it most likely will be late at night. In it thereis nothing terrible. I shall warn my neighbours of your late visit. Ithink, that from the airport you will need to take a taxi. Usually thetaxi takes a payment at a rate of 200-250 roubles. Therefore I ask youthat you have calculated the sum. Tell to the taxi driver my addressand it will necessarily bring you. Usually at the airport taxi driverswho more or less know English language work. I think, that you canunderstand each other. After you will arrive to my house do not forgetan apartment of my neighbours. It is an apartment 25. Well?Necessarily remember this number. My neighbours very good people, butin English speaks only Oleg. He/she is husband Svetlana. Thereforewhen you will come to them most likely you will speak with Oleg. Itknows English language and you only will need to name the name and totell, that you man Lena. They should transfer you a key from myapartment. Favourite, it is not necessary to me to leave any money.When I shall return from business trip I will have enough money to payoff with debts and to come to you to France. Moreover, at me evenstill remains. Therefore you can leave only phone and a computer. Thedarling, and you can leave to me web cam? If yes, it would beremarkable. In fact, then we can see every evening each other throughthe monitor.The darling, I hope, that St.-Petersburg is pleasant to you. You forcertain here can find set of beautiful places.I love you! I shall wait for your letter tomorrow. Eternally yours Lena.
Letter 39
My favourite Didi. I am glad to read the new letter from you. I hope,that you by way of today. Forgive that has not written to youyesterday. Unfortunately, at all there was no time. Yesterday I had tocollect all necessary things which I wish to take with myself in atrip and as I have allocated a few time to say goodbye to mygirlfriend. Today I did not work and consequently has decided to go tomy mum to say goodbye with it. To my mum it will be very heavy withoutme. I hope, that during my absence all will be good.Tomorrow I am going to leave from city in the afternoon. I will have abus. The darling, most likely I cannot write to you tomorrow and atall I do not know, when I can write to you. But, I shall do the utmostthat we could hold contact.Favourite when you will be to St.-Petersburg be cautious.Nevertheless, Russia, it not France here again can occur everyone. Andin occasion of a taxi I am confident, that you can take a taxi atnight. They should work round the clock.My neighbours have no Internet, but Oleg has work where it should dealthe Internet. Therefore, if I will have any questions I shall ask itabout the help. It is a pity, that I should leave for such moment. Iwith impatience wait for autumn. After summer all will be by way ofand I am confident, that there nothing can prevent to us. We cannecessarily meet, and before we can speak with each other through webcam.The darling, I shall grieve very strongly on you and your letters.Certainly, if I will have an opportunity to call to you I necessarilyshall make it.I hope, that at you all is good. The darling, I wish you to spend timepleasantly within the next few days.I love you. Eternally yours Lena. 03/06/2010Hello my Didi. I am happy, that I can write to you my letter again. Imadly grieved on you these two days. How you today? Favourite, at meeverything is all right and I was well enough arranged here. City inwhich I am refers to "Kotlas". I do not know, whether you can find anyinformation on this city as it is enough not the big city and in myopinion it is more similar to village. Here I could find a computerfrom which now I can write to you. However, I can write to you notevery day as I cannot have access to this computer every day. With mehere there are no my colleagues and I am perfect one. But, do notworry, I already could get acquainted here with some people. Here veryfriendly people. This city is more close to the middle of my country.I could arrive here only today. First I needed to go by train, andthen only by the bus. Here good enough weather and very good climate.Favourite, I wish to tell to you, that everything is all right.Today at me good enough mood as I again can hold with you contact. Ihope, that preparation of your travel to St.-Petersburg passes underthe plan. I know, that for you this situation with my apartment seemsvery strange. But, please, do not hesitate. Settle down at me and Ifeel, as at home.You collect to take what things with yourself? Day which I spent Tolast in St.-Petersburg there there were rains. Probably, that nowrains have already ended. But just in case take with itself warmclothes.My good I constantly think of you. You are very important for me andprobably I already never shall meet the man better you. But, evennobody is necessary to me except for you.The darling, I love you! I Hope, that you can prohonour this letter. Eternally yours Lena.
Letter 40
Darling Didier. I do not understand that happens!!! I do not know whyOleg there was no house. In fact, it promised to be always at home atthis time and in any case to meet you. Probably, that there wassomething very serious then it had to leave the house and not havingwaited you. Very much also it is very a shame to me, that so it hasturned out. In fact I promised, that all things will be where easier.It is very a pity to me, that you had to sleep on a floor of myentrance. In that case it would be better to come at all to you toSt.-Petersburg. Probably now you had very bad impressions about mycity. It is very a shame to me.At least I became worries less, when have read through that you couldmeet the friend by name Nina. I do not remember, but on mine younothing spoke me about it earlier. I hope, that it can give to you thenecessary help. I am very glad, that you have such friends. Iunderstand, that now for you registration is very important. I verymuch hope, that till Monday you can contact Oleg. Unfortunately, I didnot have any news from it. The darling as now I cannot call on a phonenumber in any way which you have left to me. As I simply do not haveopportunity. In this city with it all is very bad.Favourite, I at all do not know how to express how it is a pity to methat all has left so ridiculously. I hope, that you even can takepleasure in beauty of my city. Though I understand, that things couldbe much better. Favourite, as a last resort I hope, that you canremove hotel. I am not confident, but on mine you spoke me that whenyou will be in St.-Petersburg that you earlier wish to leave to mesome money. I wish to tell to you, that it is not necessary to leaveto me this money and consequently spend them for hotel is better.Well? I shall ask the god that with you all was good. Please, listenNina. It is guided in city is much better.I shall expect from you news tomorrow. I worry...Yours Lena
Letter 41
Hello my Didi. I do not understand, why you all have apprehended it soseriously. In my last letter I wished to tell to you " Yours Vika ",that You designates " viktoriya ". In Russian viktoriya designates astrawberry. You understand me? And vika, this reduced from viktoriya.That is I wished to tell to you " your strawberry ". The darling, Ithought, that you knew about it. In fact, you already were in Russiaand I thought, that you could learn about it here. It appears, that itnot so. Mine Didi, I did not wish to get you in error, but I reallythought, that you know about it. Forgive me if I have forced you toworry. But, me in fact as it is insulting. You know, you any more forthe first time doubt of me and my honesty. Certainly, this time I havegiven you an occasion to doubt in me as I thought, that you know abouta word meaning viktoriya and vika. And consequently I ask from you forthis pardon. I do not argue in Russia at some women there are namesVktoriya. But, I do not think, that there are women which have nameVika. I hope, that you can understand me. Now I shall never subscribefor you a pleasant word, and I shall simply write to you " Yours Lena". That you are more in me did not doubt. Yours Lena.
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