Letter(s) from Comfort Sakyi to Matt (USA)

Letter 1

Oh dear...Don't be worried about the pictures..I told you the first pictures i sent you was my late sister's pictures and i told you i want you to see my late sister so if you don't remember then am sorry about that but the second pictures i sent you is my own pictures...Trust me why should i send you two different pictures telling you is me...I can't do that but i was thinking you will be happy to see my late sister's pictures but i can see you are not happy with that so am sorry about that okay......Take care and stay blessed....Yours Comfort

Letter 2

Monday morning or afternoon.

You can send it through my Uncle and this is the Information that you can use to send it:

ZIP CODE: 00233

Letter 3

Hello Darling,
How are you doing and how is work dear?Is long time we met but all the same i hope you are fine..I hope you will be happy to see this sexy pictures of me..lol..Try and send me yours so that i can see you too.
Darling the reason why i have not been coming to online to met you is,I have problem with my internet and i owned them for past three months now so i don't have the connection at home so i have to visit a friend on mine to send your offline there but i need to talk to you more and know you better than this.

Darling i want you to do me favore so that i can connect my internet back at home so that i can talk to you anytime you are online.I want you to help me with the amount of $250 U S DOLLARS so that i can pay them back.I know is not easy for you to do that because you don't know me much but trust me,You are the only one i can ask to help me and no one else can do that for me.Try your possible best for me so that i can go and pay it be Tuesday morning.Try and send it

Letter 4

Woooooooow...I am happy to hear you saying you will help me but i want to know from you,,,I have been trying your cell but i can't reach you why?Is always on voice mail.Please can you call me or text me?00233548331387.Darling don't worry about sending the money to my uncle because i Live with him and i have misplace my idenfication card so thats why i want you to send through him.I trust him and i know he can't hide my money...He gives whatever is mine to me so please try and send it so that i can pay my internet bills Tuesday please...I hope you have the Information already that you can use to send it.Please don't disappoint me..I trust you and i believe you will send it to the info again.................


I will be waiting to hear from you soon.Try as much as you can to send me the money so that i can pay for the internet bills dear..I will be happy to hear from you saying you have send it and give me the needed details about it....Thank you.

Yours Love

Letter 5

Oh dear..am sorry if i didn't mention to you first but i hope you are not angry with me?So my Love are you okay with my explanation now?I hope to know you are mine forever and i will do anything to make you happy my love if you only love me as i do....Darling please when are you going to send me the money so that i can get my internet connected at home?Please try your best for me so that i can get my internet connected Darling....I have my school Id Card now so you can send through me Darling...And this is my Information

ZIP CODE: 00233

Please try as much as you care for me to send me the money Darling