Letter(s) from Olga Herashima to Mohamed (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Mohamed. How are things going with you? What weather at you.

In our city the temperature reaches-7 degrees though last year at this time already was More coldly. I do not know why at us if it is possible so to say, warmly. The global probably has affected Warming, or natural crises. I do not understand the weather forecast, but it not to like me, Earlier at this time was cold and in air there was what that celebratory mood. I appreciate Winter for that that snow and all every day lays so it is beautiful, that at you in a shower arises feelings Love to live, you start to realise in what fine world live, and at you appears Composure. But this winter not to like me, at me such sensation that now autumn and All such grey. I consider that each person is influenced by the nature, depending on weather, from The green world which us surrounds. What do you think in this occasion?

Today my day has passed as usual grey day, as our weather. Anything especial does not happen, In such days you ask yourself a question, I live? After all anything especial does not occur, there is no splash Adrenaline in blood, is not present the iridescent, unusual moments. But know I try not to despond, and to do most To itself unusual acts, gifts. Today I have decided to look a film "You Don't Mess with the Zohan", where In leading roles Adam Sendler, is my favourite film actor. This film left in 2008, and I it yet Looked, it is confident that this film can to cheer me up.

Mohamed, on it I finish the letter. I hope that shortly I will receive from you the answer. Ol'ga

Letter 2

Hello!!! How your affairs, whether why you have written me all well with you with your native? I hope that all normally nobody is ill at me, but to me all the same not on myself i cant find to myself a place as i do not receive from you letters, i wish to congratulate you on coming day of the enamoured i wish the most good that all was at you and that has found the love this year, i hope that i will be a part of it as you to me are not indifferent, i hope that can again read your fine letters, i wait for your answer tomorrow yours Ol`ga

Letter 3

My angel Mohamed!

I was glad to receive your letter. Dear, i was today in travel agency, i have stayed there the whole 2 hours. We very long talked, and i signed documents on my trip. I so am strongly tired, i now would like only one to go home and to lay down to sleep. It on was tiresome so much. I at all did not know that such to do documents on travel, i thought That it is all simply and not difficult, but there isnt all so simply. Today, i have made all as to my contract, me only it is necessary to pay in addition some sum of money.

Mohamed, i wish to tell to you the basic part of my travel, it is cost of my trip to you. i did not think at all, that all will be costs so expensively. My trip in general costs 1600$, basically all sum of money is distributed, on tickets and for the visa. As i spoke to you my visa there is 250$, a passport for travel abroad 70$, and insurance, it costs 230$. I dont understand what for to me insurance, after all i will arrive to you basically airline of Russia "Aeroflot", it is the reliable and qualitative company, i am confident that to happen nothing. And still the trip enters into cost of my travel to Moscow, it is 50$. And the ticket to the airport 1000$. I could pay only 600$, i even had to take a few money from the parents. Dear,it is inconvenient to me to ask you, but me does not suffice on the ticket 1000$, you can help me with this sum?

Dear I should pay money shortly, to me have already approved my visa and a trip in your embassy, to me have told that such chance does not need to be missed because your embassy very choosy and as to me have told, the statistics of approval of travel in embassy of your country makes 2-3 travel on 10. I hope that you understand me, can help me. Now i will go home and i will have a rest, day for me has stood out very strained. With love yours Ol'ga

Letter 4

Hi my Mohamed!

I have just come running from work to share with you the impressions about a film which I have looked. Remember I to you spoke that I wish to look a film "You Don't Mess with the Zohan", it is the most ridiculous Film which I looked, there such ridiculous moments that was necessary to stop a film and to laugh, This film has very strongly cheered me up, this film about new representation of the Super Person. I already Has advised this film to all my girlfriends and friends. It is simply super ridiculous film!

Mohamed, I think that will not take offence. But today I have told to mum, that I communicate with you. At it At once there were many questions: what at us with you? At us serious intentions? Where do you live? And all in such spirit, We to it talked long. But I to it have told that at us with you while anything especial is not present, simply you like me. Also that we only have begun recently dialogue. Probably all mums are identical, they worry about us even if to me would be 40 years probably mum all the same gave to my advice and worried about me. Sometimes I am angry with it, but all the same That there was no I always will love it!

Well, Mohamed, while. On it I will finish the letter. I apply the photos, on one of them I with the girlfriend In our cafe. My girlfriend call Anastasia, it my best girlfriend, we gain each other, when to whom that From us it is bad. Well everything, is time to me. While, while Mohamed. I will wait for your letter.


Letter 5

Hello Mohamed

With each your letter I start to realise that you like me more and more. You know, I find In you a related soul. It is similar to that that I know you already long time. I hope that such beginning of mine The letter to you will not surprise, it is simple to me today why that would be desirable to tell to you that I think of you. I consider You the nice, clever man. Mohamed as it interestingly turns out, I wished to talk simply with You to become good friends, but I feel that at us with you relations more than friends turn out. You You feel it? Tell to me that you feel to me, and whether you agree with me? After all we with you adults People also should concern feelings of the person seriously. I hope that you agree with me.

Still that I would like you to tell Mohamed, today we in cafe had a fight because of the girl. On mine The guy has invited the girl in cafe and when they sat in cafe, the guy of the girl has come. And here they have begun loudly To talk and even to shout, after that as usually in our country, fight has followed. Our security guards have begun To separate them, but at them it has turned out nothing. They have broken a lot of ware. But all the same, as well as all good, quickly Has ended. To the girl too has got, the guy which has invited the girl in cafe, has approached and has apologised before all Also has paid for all broken ware and even has added money for tea. Mohamed, I do not love fight, and I consider that they Have no sense, after all all of us civilised people, and always it is possible to talk and come to the general compromise. I hope that too you do not love fight. What do you think of such aggressive behaviour in a society?

Mohamed, I apply to mine to the photo letter where we with girlfriends have decided to attempt in our cafe. I hope that to you to like This a photo. I will wait from you for new letters.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Mohamed

I think that now I can name expensive because we have very strongly approached together. I see that our feelings are strong. You know, I wished to find easier friend but have turned out so I have found you, Probably it is destiny. Mohamed, I simply wished to communicate with you, and to become friends, but my feelings to you have passed to more serious level than simply friendship. I see that you have understood it in my previous The letter. Mohamed, I hope that you seriously concern me and you are ready to continue with me ours Relations, also it is ready to something to more serious than simply friendship. If it not so that and tell to me that you Simply you wish to remain with friends. Dear, you know I do not wish to be mistaken, because I already many times Was mistaken with men. And any more I do not wish to repeat the errors, and I hope that you will not disappoint me. It so Mohamed? I will wait for your answer. Because it is important to me to know your feeling to me, after all on it Also relations are under construction. Ol'ga

Letter 7

Hello my dear!

I am glad that you are ready to serious relations with me, and is ready to something to more serious. It has very strongly lifted to me Mood, I feel that you and there is which that person to me did not suffice all life. I so am glad to it that I Has found you, I at all do not know what to tell, but I feel that you and there is that half me from which I will find rest In a life and me it will be good, I feel that we a single whole. I can speak to you it is everything, but it only words, it is necessary To operate to be together.

Mohamed, I would like to meet you, what you think in this occasion? I am confident that if we with you want That at us with you all to turn out, and we will live perfectly. But I cannot make of the decision for you, I am ready to it To step that we were together. But business in you, whether you are ready to meet me? Whether you want this step? You are ready to it?

Mohamed, I do not wish to press on you, make of the decision and we can discuss it with you. We people understanding each other, We adult people also should understand an event essence, and should solve this problem. Well I will finish on It the letter, I will wait from you for the answer my dear Mohamed. Yours Ol'ga

Letter 8

Hello dear Mohamed

I am glad to receive your new letter. It is very pleasant to me to hear from you that you agree about our meetings. And we Will go to our general future together. I do not know that from us is required, but I think that it will be not so Easily as it seems at first sight. Road, I think that to me will be more convenient to arrive to you because I want To make to itself a pleasant vacation near to you in your country, after all I never was in your country, I think that At you it is very beautiful and interesting. You know, Mohamed, at us in the country it is now very cold also to you it will be not convenient At me. Is better will arrive to me. I hope that you understand me. What your opinion on it?

Mohamed, you know, I feel in myself more serious feelings to you, and in me all burns when I write to you or When I think of you, and it very much to like me. I very strongly wish to meet you, and to look in your beautiful, Gentle eyes. To stroke you on a head and to embrace as a plush bear. It is very amusing, but I so strongly would like It... I kiss you my bear Mohamed. I wait for your letter shortly, yours and only yours Ol'ga

Letter 9

Dear Mohamed,

It was pleasant to receive your letter. Means it is solved, I will arrive to you. You know, I do not know even that is necessary To make that I could arrive to you. I suspect it to me the visa will be necessary, I precisely do not know, but on my visa is difficult for receiving. But I will learn and be interested to it at travel agency, I think, That all of them will tell to me and will prompt that it is necessary to make is better. Tomorrow, I will learn about my trips to you, That is required. Probably I should tell that I will arrive to you and if it influences my travel I learn that is required from you.

Mohamed, today for me heavy day has stood out, I worked much. But you know, when I have read yours The letter, to me there have arrived forces and pleasure, you have presented to me a smile. As you do all letters, you very much Pleasant to me the person, and I hope that you will give me a smile and happiness every day and when we will be To live together, it gives me boundless forces. Only one thought of that that we will be together gives to me spiritual Balance. And it very strongly pleases me, you my pleasure Mohamed. Yours and only yours Ol'ga

Letter 10

My dear Mohamed,

Today at us in a city very remarkable weather, shines the sun, clouds gently wrap up the sky. On it is beautiful so much, during such times my soul rejoices for all live on the earth. People have got used to think about winter as about cold, boring time of year. But it not so, in winter is that unrestrained, beautiful, attracting.
and it very much to like me, i adore such days as today. It is not apity that i completely could inhale this fresh air to take pleasure in weather. Today, i was all the day standing, i so have much made, and have got tired, i think today i will take a shower, i will watch TV and i will lay down to sleep.

Dear, i went to travel agency and all have learnt that is required from me and from you. The first that to me it would be desirable to tell to you, that you should send to me the data. Such as a full name and a surname, the country,
Exact city, where do you live, yours zip code, your street, and your phone number. These data are necessary for me that i could facilitate my trip to you, i will fill your data on the statement for my trip to you.
Mohamed, these data in the following letter have gone to me,they are necessary for me.Still i have learnt that for me the visa is required, to me have told that the visa will be not expensive, and cost of my trip to you will be to depend on your. Tomorrow, i again will go to travel agency and I will write the statement, in following my letter i will speak to you more about my trips to you.

Mohamed, I have found new my photos where i and my mum Dinara, i hope that you remember it from my previous letters. Not paying attention to that that to it it is so much years on former looks perfectly till the present day?
What do you think? By the way to it 48 years. And one more photo me where i am in an entrance of the house.
I love, whole. Yours on centuries Ol'ga

Letter 11

Only my Mohamed,

I have good news to you. I went to travel agency and have learnt about the visa in your country, Also has written the statement on the visa.
The statement have sent in embassy of your country, to Moscow.

To me have told that It should consider at first, and then I still should fill biographical particulars, to send some My documents. I think that it will be not long and I can shortly make and receive all my visa. I Has never given it and to me it is a little terrible, and it is not convenient, I would like to make all well and perfectly, that not Was any problems. Mohamed, my visa will be costs for me nearby 250$.

Dear, represent we soon we will together, and we do steps to our future. We move ahead also it Me very much pleases. We can embrace together and talk it pleases me, for me this all new, and if You that know that about travel you say to me, that I still should make What to make better. It is unusual to me, and I know nothing about travel to other country.

Excuse that I write to you so shortly, all the day I will think only of you. Mine Tender bear, I kiss you gently on your lips. Yours and only yours Ol'ga

Letter 12

My angel Mohamed,

I had today a loaded day, i so am strongly tired. I so much never did for one day, i have solved a heap of questions, have made everything, and i am glad to it. Little bit later i will go home and at once i will lay down to sleep. You imagine, i worked today much and have made many dishes, basically it there were desserts, probably after that i cant pass and try that that sweet. And still i managed today to conclude the contract with travel agency about my trip to you to fill the questionnaire, to collect the necessary documents for embassies, there is your embassy wish to know about me all. Probably they it is simple want that your country was visited only by good people, instead of terrorists or people with bad intentions. But i think that special accustomings to me will not be and all will pass smoothly.

My tender bear Mohamed, thanks for your support, it now to me are very important, your words have given to me new force inflow. You so are strongly necessary, you very strongly do not suffice me my treasure. To approach day of our meeting, and we will spend with you all time, i hope that your work will not stir to it. The whole three months we will be to enjoy the friend the friend. I very strongly wait for this moment when i can press you strongly to a breast, and to be nearby. I love, miss, whole Ol'ga

Letter 13

Hello my dear Mohamed!!!

I am again very strongly glad to receive your new letter. You liked my dream? To me too, i never will forget it, also i want that it was actually, after all we are created for each other and should be together. I so strongly wish to be with you to embrace and kiss you every day. You are very expensive to me and i dont wish to lose you. I speak you these words, therefore what is the feelings to you are very strongly strong, and i never will get tired to speak you it.

You know at me today in a head the thought has flown, that i do not like you, and that i am indifferent to you. It so? I do not doubt in you, but i do not want that my heart has been broken in a dirt, after all you and are that person which to me very strongly it is necessary. Tell that you very much are in great need in me, i very strongly wait these words. Tell i have more about your feelings to me, that you think of me. If we were going to build our relations in the future, we should reveal each other. I want all it is the nobility.

Mohamed, today i again went to travel agency, to me have told that tomorrow the embassy should answer about my trip, I hope that it will be positive and it will be already possible to make out my visa. I will wait from you for new letters, yours Ol'ga

Letter 14

Hello my loved Mohamed,

Dear, I`m very glad to receive your letter. You know, i think of you every day, about our relations, that with us will be in the future, in my head good thoughts on our future climb only, i will be confident that at us you all well and perfectly. It is said that it is possible to fall in love with lives set of times for one life, and each time it will be different the person, but love it one! And for all life. Isn`t enough to one life to feel of all fine in this feeling and to love never late. I wish to tell you, thanks you big that you have appeared in my life, know, only with you i has understood, that to you i had only a love and anything else. With you i feel freely, me with you very comfortably, and only with you i have understood that such the present love, you supplement me in everything, you that person which was necessary to me all my life.

Mohamed, I`m glad that you have agreed to help me with the ticket to you. Dear, today i have learnt that is necessary that you could to send me this money. I went to many banks, and to me have advised in to turn into bank of the western union. To me have told that it is convenient, reliable remittance from any point of globe in another. I have gone there, and to me have told what to translate money it very simply you should go to bank western union in your city and send me money for my data. And when you will send me money to you will give confidential number which you should inform me without errors, without it i cant to receive your money. It seems to me that very conveniently, and actually it is reliable. Here my data:

Country: Russia
City: Volzhsk
Street: Truda 11
zip code: 424918

Name: Ol'ga
Surname: Petuhova

You can send me money without problems on my data. As you know i require in 1000 dollars that i could pay a trip and arrive to you. I look forward our meeting when l can arrive to you and when i will be included into the airport and i will see you, first of all i will throw all things and to runaway to you i will embrace you and to a kiss that this kiss was remembered to us with you for all life. With impatience i wait for your letter. Kiss

you... Love you... Ol'ga

Letter 15

Hi my love !!!
How are you?
How weather at you?
I expect division of your strong embraces in
Morning, stretching my back. Good Feelings. Ah!
I can see you, sending magic air kisses a hand!
You - such happy, delightful person!
I imagine our lips concerning also with breath
Excitement as you write. My blood rushes through
My veins! I caress your cheeks with my hands.
Touch your ears with my nose.

I examine me so successful to meet such a
The remarkable, playful, happy person it is similar to you.
I expect our marriage together to hold
You here with me for ever.



YOURS Ol`ga!!!

Ps my pleasure truly i will remain with you 90 days!!!
Here my new photo which i promised to you yesterday!!!

Letter 16

Hello my

Thanks for your sincere letter. I, certainly, expected to see a little other answer, but what to do. I understand, that you do not want to help me with money. But I any more do not know where to me still collected the money! I asked all friends, relatives... Than they could that to me have helped. But it is more... I do not present... You Are afraid or want to help me after visiting is has no value. Our meeting in general can and to be. If we now shall not help each other we should wait very for a long time for our meeting. Whether you understand, that if now to not pay the stayed sum to me the contract is necessary to break off and to pay the penalty! It will reject our time of a meeting for uncertain term or can happen, that we never shall not meet! It is terrible even to think. I love you! You love me so let's not complicate each other a life. I actually do not know where to me still to get money. Ask the friends familiar - there can be they can help us. I love you and very much I wait for our meeting, my angel

Letter 17

Hello my love is very glad to receive your answer, i am happy that our relations with you strong and that will not prevent us in it, my pleasure it is necessary for me to have at myself these 2000 dollars on April, 2nd as i have frozen my tickets both my flight and all documents to this number, you should understand me that i am in Moscow and at me only 200$ to live, your support is very necessary to me as i spoke to you when i will arrive to you that will return all sum when will get a job if will not show this money till this time all mine to the document will not be valid also to me is necessary again all to do anew and that that i now do not work because i has left because of that to arrive to you, you asked from me a copy of my tickets and so i cant send a copy as they are in an envelope and that that i can unpack it an envelope only in that case when will enter aboard the plane hope that my words to you are clear also you all will make that we were together!!! Your love Ol`ga

Letter 18

Hello my love!!! Is very glad to receive your letter this morning, my pleasure i wish to tell many thanks that you have helped me, but my darling it is necessary for me to know exact number MTCN, send to me please exact number, that i could receive this money my darling today i will shortly wait for your letter, i will write still in the evening!!! i look forward to hearing your love Ol`ga

Ps My darling you have told only 9 figures, and it is necessary 10 i hope that you have understood!!!