Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana to Alex (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear:)

Thank you very much for your letter and for your interest in me:) I hope that we can make our future together.Ok,we'll see.

Now i want to tell you more about myself.I live in Dnepropetrovsk, i work here as a khoreographer in the University.I like my job very much though i don't get so much moeny for it.
I was born in Krasnodon and my parents stay there evn now though i want to take them here very much.In Dnepropetrovsk i rent a flat and live there alone.
Well,i don't know what else i should tell about myself because i'm in the Internet for the first time and that's why i even don't know what i should write:)So i just want to tell that if you have any questions you can ask me,ok?:)

One more thing i wanted to tell you to be honest with you from the very beginning,i don't know english,i know that it'll be hard for us if we decide to be together but i promise to learn it,ok?:)
And now i use the translation firm.

Well,i'm waiting for your letter.
Bye for now....
Kiss you....
Yours Tanya

Letter 2

Hello my dearest Alex,
Every your letter is a smile on my face. And today when i saw that i got your letter i was so glad that it's even difficult to describe. I even can't remember when i was so happy for the last time. You brought with you happiness in my life. I'm a very sociable person and i always had lots of friends.But now most of them disappeared. Some moved to another country, others married and don't have time to communicate with me. So for the last several month i felt very lonely and forgotten appeared in my life.With you my life turned in one great surprise and unexpectedness.It seems to me that i'm ready to make different strange acts.
I'd be glad to move if we decide that we are the parts of each other.

It's strange for me to communicate with unknown person with the help of the Internet. And when i wrote my first letter i wasn't sure that i would find such a man as you are. I see that you are spiritually wealthy man and it's interesting for me to communicate with you.But i hope our relations won't stop here and they will grow in something bigger.
By the way what do you expect from our relations? I hope you are looking not only for the penpal? As for me, i can say with a confidence that my intentions are very serious.I want to find a man for making a family in future.So that in our relations would always be present such qualities: faithfulness, respect, honesty, mutual understanding, to be able to speak about everything, to support each other in good and bad times.When there is some misunderstanding we should find a compromise( i hate to quarrel).

Your Tanya

Letter 3

Hello my dear Alex,
Thank you for your letter. You can't even imagine how I was waiting for it. I was eager to read your letter again! Last night I couldn't sleep thinking that may be you don't like my last letter. And tomorrow when I opened my e-mail box my heart started to beat faster. I felt unconquerable desire to sing something beautiful. So happy I felt.
You really like me? Isn't it a dream?
Darling I remembered that I didn't write you anything about my ocupation. So, I'm going to improve it. The current year I have graduated from the institute. I studied to be an accountant. Now I work as the trainee at the caffee. I conduct their financial documents and I hope to become their real employee. Because I love the job and my collegues are very good, honest and pleasant people. That's why I'm doing my best to stay there. I often stay at the office after my working day. But I hope I cope with it pretty soon.
Darling, please write me more about your views on family life. From my part I can say that my husband must be kind and understanding person. I also think that a man must be strong in character and easy-tempered. I like prudent people. I imagine my family be strong and loving. I dream of coming home after the working day, tired and broken down and feel the helpness of my family which can give me more energy than anything in this world. And then next day full of life and happyness again go to work.
This is my model of the good family and I hope you share my point of view.
Do you?
So, I have to finish now, there is a lot things I have to do today.
Dreaming of your letter...
Take my hottest kiss!

Letter 4

Hello my dear,
Thank you for your great letter.Dear,now i have a great problem.I can't afford myself to pay the services of the interpriting firm anymore.Dear, i'm not used to ask for money but it seems to me that at last i've found you, my second part and i don't want to loose you at once.So it's my last letter.I won't be able to write you anymore.If you really want to continue our correspondence and discuss our meeting, maybe you'll have an opportunity to help me?I see that it's very impadently,and you may think that the only i want from you is money.But it's not so.I want you to understand that this situation appeared so unexpectedly,otherwise i wouldn't ask you to help me.But now i'm in difficult financial situation, except paying the interpreting firm,i have to pay for my flat which i rent and to feed myself.If you really want to help me,you can reach the translating firm directly at and ask them any questions you like.I hope you understand my situation...
I'm in despair.
Yours Tanya



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