Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Agapitova to Peter (Kenya)

Letter 1

I am glad that you have decided to answer me. For me it is very interesting to get acquainted with the person from other country. And in general learn new people. New cultures. How you look on relations with the girl from other country? As you see mine profile had no photo. Therefore with the letter I at once want to put a photo. I hope you it already have estimated. I shall be very glad if you will send to me your photos.
I know, at appearance acquaintance has the role, but nevertheless for me the internal part of the person always is more important. His values, character, ideas, dreams. In this letter I want to speak you more about my internal part, about that that I want to find in the person.
I already spoke you that I live in Russia, mine the city it name Tambov . Likely it is interesting to you why I have decided to search for the person from other country. To me of 26 years and I till now could not find the person which has good values of family, a pleasant internal part. The majority of men in Russia think that the wife is their property, and have no respect for the wives. I want will find the person which to estimate not only my appearance, but also my private world. I wait from the partner of mutual understanding, respect.
I want to find serious relations. Certainly I understand all over again we should well learn each other, all over again to be good friends. I think that partners first of all should be the best friends. Without it it is difficult to build serious relations. How you think you are ready to serious relations? What qualities want You to see in your assistant to soul? I believe that it would be possible to find the person what to lead with him all life. A happy life. I do not want to create family which to collapse in some years.
I the cheerful and optimistical girl. I always look forward with a smile. I love dialogue, an entertainment. I like to see a smile. And I want to find the person similar to me. The person which it is able to be pleased lives, or will learn this with me. I really want to learn you better, become possible you we can good friends and we shall look that will turn out from this further. Write to me about itself. I the inquisitive girl. Than you like to be engaged in weekend? What do you do for your work? I work as hair stylist in a beauty salon, and very much I love my work. It allows me to get acquainted with new people. I have a good opportunity to do people more cheerfully and more kindly. You ask as? Very simply, I do people beautiful when the person is beautiful and self-assured, at him the mood improves. When he leaves our beauty salon on his face pleasure. Probably who that from passers-by having seen the happy person too will smile to him in the answer. I compare my work with work of the artist. Only I draw not a picture. I draw the person.
You love animals? I love animals, but unfortunately at present I have no any pets. You have a pet? Cat or dog? Who from them is pleasant to you more? Well I think for the first letter it enough. I shall wait your answer. Katya
Letter 2

Hello Peter !!
I am pleased to receive your answer. It is very good that you have answered me, I mean could interest you. And you can understand my English language. I studied the English language at school, then continued it at university. But unfortunately I had not enough practice and consequently my English is not perfect. I want to study the English language very well, that between us there would be no barrier of language. After perusal of your letter I understand that in many respects our ideas converge and we search for one and too. It is a pity a little that you live so much far, we could leave simply in restaurant and have supper together then certainly achieve our purpose it would be much easier. But it only dreams and we shall live a real life. I think that that is given to us hardly, then is appreciated much more. And if we were line probably and never would start talking. Also have not paid attention against each other. For me at the first stage of acquaintance it is much easier to write letters, in the letter it is much easier to express ideas to the stranger. I want to find only serious relations, to create family and to have children with the favourite person. I want to find the person with a rich private world and open heart. Now I shall tell to you a little about myself. To me 26 years. Mine birthday on June, 12th 1979.
My city to be approximately in 500 km from Moscow. To live in Russia it is very good. Here my friends and native, but here are not present what prospects. I wish itself to realize, but here it it to not turn out. I studied at university, as a speciality of the jurist. To study has finished one year ago, year worked as the jurist the adviser in firm. But this trade did not arrange me and on it this I have decided to go to work as the hair stylist in a beauty salon. In my present work I very much like to do girls beautiful. Besides this work demands less time and accordingly remains to more time for private life and for correspondence with you.
I have many interests, but unfortunately recently I have not enough time for it. I like keep up behind the body, two times a week I go to a swimming pool, it very much helps to support my body in the good form. In the summer I very much like to go for a drive on roller skates. And as soon as I have free time I with pleasure do it. I have grown in very good family.
My parents very much love each other. They have got married in 20 years and till now their love to each other does not die away. In the past to year they have noted 25 years anniversary of a joint life. I was brought up in very good traditions. I dream to create the same family, and to be good mother.
Now my parents live in village not far from city. I to them very often go as I on them miss also they on me too.
My mum very good person, true an angel. I have no what brothers and sisters, but I have many good girlfriends. We are friends since the childhood and we feel each other true sisters.
I hope this letter has satisfied your interest enough. And I would interest you in that that you continued to write to me. I with impatience wait your answer.
I kiss you in a cheek!!! (do not get puffed up it while only a friendly kiss) Katya
Letter 3

Hello my Dear Peter !!!
I am happy to receive your letter again also has received a photo, only I ask do not send me such photos more, and that is not so pleasant for me. Our correspondence decorates my day. My letter makes your mood better? I now with impatience wait for day when I can read your letter. Unfortunately I have no computer in the apartment, but recently near to my house the center of the Internet has opened, and I write to you from it. Here there can come any interested person and for a payment to use the Internet. It is very convenient also I is grateful to those people which have made it because with their help I could get acquainted with you. I very seriously concern to your letters because it seems to me that we with you very much approach each other. I think that in not the far future we should meet, but certainly all over again we should learn each other much more .I am now serious in creation of family. I want to meet someone with whom I can create family and have children and lead all my life. I want cares of children about the husband.
To give the love and it is warm. I am ready to leave everything to make it! I am not afraid of difficulties.
It is very good that we write each other and I seriously hope that our correspondence will turn in what that greater.
Yesterday I visited the parents, and we had good conversation. I have told to her about that that have got acquainted with you. She was glad for me and wished us of good luck. Also that the god would give us chance sometime to meet.
If you want it what to learn about me, please ask. Do not change. I shall be pleased to answer your questions. Now I finish the letter and I wait your answer. I shall be happy to read your following letter. Bye Katya
Letter 4

Hello my Lovely Peter
How are you today? Hope all is good also you have good mood. You are glad to see my letter in yours inbox ? I am always happy to read your letters, it became an integral part of my life. Your letter is similar to a drink of fresh air in hot desert. When I read your letter, I try to present your voice, your eyes which look at me. Also the impression of that that you close is created, I very much would want to write more often to you, but unfortunately it is very difficult also we should be pleased to that that we have. I began to think frequently of you, sometimes I very much would like to find out that you do during that moment when I think of you where you and than are occupied. You frequently think of me??? It is very interesting, there is a person in other part of the world who thinks of you. Tell to me about your dreams? I frequently present as we walk along the street simply having joined hands, it is possible in on avenue in green park. Or on night street, in the sky it is a lot of stars and the moon. It is always very romantic for me. It seems to me, any most usual action to become romantic when beside the desired person, which person you love, the person to which belongs your heart. It is very interesting we are familiar more recently, and I already share with you such ideas. You likely think that I the big dreamer?? I think that we should know about each other much more and consequently I write to you it. Dreams it is the confidential world of each person if the person divides it with another, means at them much in common and they little bit more than friends. What do you think of it?? By the way Peter, I want to speak , if will meet you the interesting girl in your country, and want with her to get acquainted. Recollect me, and speak her, that at you already is girlfriend, she lives in Russia. I would want that you knew, I very much hope for continuation of relations. And I think you mine boyfriend. You are not scared??? Certainly it is a joke, while we only friends on correspondence, as all of us still very much far apart. And not the fact that we shall meet shortly, but in Russia speak, that in each joke there is a share of the truth.
It is interesting what your voice? You have a rough or soft voice? You are able to sing? I like to sing, in the summer we with friends frequently go on the nature. We take with themselves tents, sleeping bags, the foodstuffs and on the days off we leave for a wood. Most of all in it I love a circle of friends around of a fire, it too very romantic conditions. Burns a fire, the guitar plays, and all of us together sing songs. Likely for many miles it is audible as we sing songs. You love the nature?? You sometime leave in a wood with friends. It seems at you refers to camping?
I very much would want to hear your voice, even to speak by phone. I think that we sometime should do it. Unfortunately I have no any phone of a house. I did the order for installation of it, but in Russia all this is done very for a long time. To me have told that it will occupy some months. But I shall not lose hope to hear your voice.
Today after work we with my girlfriend plan to go for a concert, it some kind of comic evening. It is prepared by students of university in which we studied. When we studied there too prepared similar concerts. In Russia it is very much distributed, and it is meaningful competitions. Each university has the team, and they compete between the friend the friend. It refers to club cheerful and resourceful. It is difficult for me to explain to you all correctly in English, but I hope you that have understood. Teams simply compete at whom performance will be more cheerful, think out different jokes and cheerful scripts and then show it. Well now I shall finish my letter because the lunch break on my work comes to an end also to me it is time to come back to work. I with impatience wait your answer. Kiss Your Katya.
Letter 5

Hello my love Kamau! I am happy to see your lovely lines. I love your letters and always wait your letters with big impatience . It is a happiness, that we have found each other! I could not hope that I met you in the internet. I admit that I did not believe in force of the Internet. I did not trust that I will find the love in the Internet. Now I feel the big pleasure that I have found you. You became very dear to me. I have found the new purpose in my life. I thank the god and destiny that I found you. I thought of us and our love for a long time. I consulted with my mother. I have made the decision! My mother have supported my decision. They told that is necessary to struggle for the present love. I thought about it much. I want to travel to your country and visit you soon! We should meet and learn each other better. I think it is a best idea!!! How do you think? Our love should get a new step. I cant wait for meeting you! Now I finding out about necessary things for coming to US.
What do you think about it? At the last days I had many dreams about us. I saw you in my dreams. I constantly think of you when I am not sleeping. You always with me. I wanted you to know I LOVE YOU! Do you think of me? Do you have dreams about us? Tonight I had a dream that we were walking on the beach in the sand. We were holding hands and talking and laughing. It's like I just know that we are going to get along together so well. I can see this in my mind. We say as the mind sees we believe. Like seeing the future. I could feel the warm sun in my face and I could see you smiling. You looked to me that you were very happy and content. I saw you in a white summer dress and with your bare toes in the sand and water. It was like a movie, a film that we were the actors. I really dream alot. Yes?
I cant wait for you next letter! You answer is very important to me.
Do you want me to come soon? Now I will go home and go to bed to think about you, my dear.
I love you. I need you. I miss you. I dream you. kisses
with Love
Letter 6

Hello my love Kamau!
How are you? Today at night I thought of you. To me it became lonely very much. I want to see you soon. I want to embrace and kiss you. I want to be with you beside, I want to walk with you,To touch your hair, To hold your strong man's hand Kamau I long searched for the dream very much. I long searched for the knight of heart.
To me it is hardly trusted that I have found!!! Also that it you! Probably I sleep? Probably all this dream? Pinch me:-))) No if it is dream I want to sleep all life. It is sweet dream very much!
My dear, this slow becoming crazy! Probably both of us crazy?
All my girlfriends speak, that I become inattentive.
Sometime we shall be together! And all will be good.
All my and your dreams become a reality. We shall be together and any troubles and To mountain can not prevent to become to us happy!! I love you my unique and dear XXXX With love yours Katya.
Letter 7

Hi my love Kamau!
I am happy to read your letters.
I miss you very much and want to be with you.
I don't know what you think about it, but I love and know that only with you I will be happy.
I require your care, love and in your warmth.
I can not imagine, that I will do without you.
I require you, my love each day I will dream of our meeting..
I want to become your wife and to be with you always.
My mum speaks that we love each other and should be together.
In my dreams I see us together and when I rise to me become very bad, because I see, that you are not present beside.
We will be happy only together.
I want to make by that happy in the world.
And I trust, that I will yours soon, my love.
You are right, that only sometimes the way to heart to the man lays through his stomach.
I very much like to prepare. I like to experiment to do different dishes.
As I am able to bakee pies and pies of a different kind. Thanks for a history of the doctor.
Very touchingly. She has very much liked me. I will wait for your letter and hope at meeting.
I love you.
Your Katya.
Letter 8

Hello my love ! How are you my dear? I am fine! Now I have received your letter and I am very excited.
Your words have touched my soul, caused my heart to yearn for your existence, and filled many hours of my thoughts.
I am happy, that you like idea about my travel. It will be a huge event in our life!
Imagine, we can meet and spend our time together. It reminds a sweet dream. As if a fairy tale. And I think, that should be so. I think, that we are special people.
And our life will be especial. We will have the especial destiny not similar destinies of other people!
I start to prepare to trip, all my friends very happy for me! I have an important news. I found out about my travel and have found the following information. It is necessary for me to make a visa and a passport for travel abroad. The consulting firm will help to issue all documents. They can legalize all papers and give to embassy of the USA in Moscow. It will waste time approximately two weeks.
After that I can fly to you! Unfortunately there is also a bad news. A cost of services tourist firm expensive. Seven hundred hundred Ninety the American dollars(790). Now I am in a hard situation, I dont know what to do. Unfortunately I have a low salary and I cannot pay all charges.
I asked my family and relatives. They cannot help too. I do not know who can help me to come to you.
I am eaten with my conscience to ask you the help. I dont know is it right.
Probably you can help me with payment of these charges. I just want to be with you soon! As I have no cellular telephone. I have known something. I have found a way you can help me.
It is the world company Western Union. (
It is engaged in remittances between the countries.
You should know this information: Country: Russia
City:TAMBOV 392000
st. Soviet, 1a 217
Name:Ekaterina Lastname:Agapitova Address of filial WU: (7 ) (075 ) 2724301
TAMBOV , 392000
I must know your full name, full address. My dear if it will not cause inconvenience to you, help me please.
Because nobody can help me. You became for me very much close and special man.
Our love should develop further. The god has chosen us among millions people and has arranged our meeting. It is our destiny, it is our chance. We should be happy together. We should not suffer in loneliness. You have presented me hope, you have warmed me a heat of soul. Has illuminated my petals with light of heart.
You have given me new hopes. My dear. I wish to be with you now.
I will wait your answer with impatience. Forever yours,
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