Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Fedorova to Lyke (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

How are you Dear? I hope that all is well. I am glad to yours the letter! I did not expect that you will answer my letter soon!
I'm fine as well. I am very glad that you wrote me letter, because you are very interesting to me...
and I think that in life you are better then in internet.
I hope we will continue our relationship.
Let me tell you about me pesonaly.
My name is Mariya, my father when i Was born tell at once this is my lovely dougter and her name will be Mariya. It was in the childhood..., but I have not strongly changed, especially my character, I think that you can see my appearance on a photo! ;).
But nevertheless I think. That appearance not the main thing in the person... soul it is more important.
I live in Russia, Republic Chuvashia. it is in region Volgo-Vjatsky of Russia.
I am 29 years old.
I have university degree, there I beginning to learn English in detail, I like English and I understand that it is important in the modern world.
Now I just try to study the English language, but I "limp" grammar.
I understand English well, I have no problem for me to read your letter, I hope that you understand me too...
I try to study other language, but it is difficult also I not always I can understand it, therefore in library many people use the translator, here it, it very much help it.
I just want to tell you that in life I am looking for a man for serious relationship! I have a strong desire to find a man from your country.
I try search true person, becouse I'm christian girl and for me religia has a not small part of life.
In Russia, I can not find "real" men! I do not know why, but perhaps I just do not notice men in Russia. This is a long time to write...

At university I studied at the Biology faculty and now I work as the expert of quality assurance of production. I like my work, after all it is important, that people bought only the qualitative goods.

That about me personally I am really interested creation of family... I'm looking for warm relations, I am looking for confidence... I'm looking for love!
please write me about yourself that you are looking for in life?

I am slim, as you see in my photo. My height of 169 cm, my weight - 54 kg.
I do not want to brag, but I have a good shape:).
I try to maintain their shape. I have no diet, I eat almost everything, but at the same time, I am not fat. I can even say that I love to eat. :-) especially sweets :)
I always love the parents and my father from childhood always spoke me that main thing in a life for girl it to be the good wife for the husband and good mother for children, and I think that it is the truth. For me it is the main value in a life.
Family is the most precious gift of God to people.

I hope you can sent me some of your picture! And please tell me yourself...
I will wait for your letter!
Sincerely, Mariya.

Letter 2

Where are you Dear??? I hope you Has received my letter???? I hope that you will answer me today! I understand that I could not answer your letter soon! On it there were circumstances! Write to me please if you are interested to have relations! ok??? I shall wait for the letter! Sincerely Mariya.

Letter 3

Sweet! In my first letter I could not write all of you about myself, I wish to continue the story now, I hope, you not against :-) I will not begin to hide, what dialogue with Internet, it for me the new and neolearnt way, therefore I very much hope, what communicating with you we will have many good time! :) I can speak about myself much and at the same time I can miss the some as character of the person is many-sided. I would say that I am energetic, joyful and kind girl. That about my education as I have already told to you that I was born in Christich family and has received similar education, education in Christian traditions. My English language - is imperfect, so, please, ask me if to you something is not clear in my letters. As I really worry about this. Sweet, give I shall tell about that place where I live. Cheboksary is a city which is in area Volgo-vjatsky, it is very beautiful city. It located on right I protect the rivers Volga. It is one of the smallest cities of Russia, the population only about 5000000 thousand person, but despite of it we have the status of city. I think that city easily to find on a map of Russia. Here there live good people. But meet also bad, I think, that it is in each city or town so. So it is possible to tell, that it is usual city. I was born and have grown in this city and Verkhoyansk to me very much is pleasant to live here. If to you it is not difficult, could you tell me about that place, where do you live? and what relations you are looking for? I search first of all for understanding and trust - I think, that it is the mortgage of family happiness. My dream to create strong family, family with love, caress and understanding. I think, that for today I have informed you on myself much, and that to me already is time to finish my letter! Faithfully your Russian friend Mariya!

Letter 4

How you week end Sweet? Are you well???? I am very fine today! Today very good solar weather! I very want say you! I did not see you in a reality, but I thinking and recollecting about you, I already represent you, such what you in usual life. I very much like to learn all new. I am very curious! Have you liked a photo which I send to you? I see that you the good person and I can trust you. As I have already told to you earlier I'm Christian and for me it is very important to create family. I have absolutely forgotten to tell you about my family, it is shame for me. My family is my is pride. My father name Eduard he the captain of a fishing vessel, he works already very long time, he the former militarian, but I think you heard that in Russia very difficultly to be the militarian and consequently about have left army and allready 15 years engaged in fishery, it our family does not bring many money but nevertheless he like his work, my mum Amelia she is housewife and she is my best friend :)!!! I very much love my parents. It is unique that sadly that I have no brothers and sisters. As my mum tell God has given them the best gift in a life she is the daughter - me. About my cooking hobby! By the way, I said to you, what I like cooking? Some times back i heard Proverb: "The way to heart of the man lays through his stomach". I very much like cooking, and in general kitchen for me the most important room in home! My favourite product is fish. I like it so much! Also I like to prepare desserts, various cocktails. What about you? Do you like cooking may be? :) I will be glad, if your letter comes earlier Smile :) We have tomorrow big Christian Orthodox holiday Happy Easter! I will write more tomorrow! Your friend Mariya.

Letter 5

Sweet, How your spring mood???? Yesterday we celebrated Easter! I also went to church! I since evening painted eggs and cooked pies! we paint eggs in different colors, and on Easter day we excahnge them, and tell each other while doing this:" Jesus resurrecteed!" -" Indeed resurretced!" -) do you say anything on this holiday too? It is so interesting "Many countries many customs" the proverb runs, and this is really so. I love holidays because except the fact that they bring joy and happiness into a family, it unites all tthe people!!! and this is a very important and a very good thing. We need to be united, all the people, like brothern. Also it was very interesting to me to learn about you even more, and I ask if you will have time answer some my questions. What do your friends and family think about me? When you have received your education? How you like to spend the free time? What is the time you work? In what days you have the day off from work? I work six days in a week. In Sunday I am free. And if you cannot receive my letters, I mean has match work. But I will try to write to you every day if I can not to you I will write to warn of it you in advance. , I wish to be with the person who will give me tenderness, love and passion with which we will meet every day our life together. And we will enjoy love every day and to bring each other happiness and good mood. All this depends on mutual understanding people, the man and the woman should understand each other at first sight, and from half of word. Trust - the most important source of creation of attitudes between the man and the woman. And if people wish to create good relations to not break off them up to the end of a life, It is necessary that everyone trusted each other, and lie never. I dream of finding in this world of the only thing the man for love and marriage, to be together with it and to be true to it. The main thing to be favourite and still will arrive to us. I think so. You agree with me? , I like you and your letter very pleasant to me. On it I ` m finish the letter, I hope that I ` ll receive your letter it soon. With best wishes Mariya.

Letter 6

Sweet ! The spring inevitably grows! There will be a green grass! On trees there will be leaves! The snow has already thawn! It would be desirable love and to be beloved! Hormones play an organism! You agree with me my Sweet???? Tell me how are you?! Tell me about yours mood. It is very interesting to me. I had difficult day at work, I have revealed many infringements in trade and consequently all my evening will be occupied by the report on this work :( I very much don't kike work with papers. You know today I have work in shopping center near with museum... wow... I have absolutely forgotten to tell you about the main sight of my city... It is a museum open-air, it is a museum of olden time. In this museum the life of people in last time is shown. It became interesting to me, and, not for a long time I have decided to visit this museum and, wished to feel on myself what be in last time, in the past, thus being in the reality. I should tell, that it is unique sensations. really... How you like to have a rest? For example, I like, to have a rest on the nature, especially in village where the beautiful nature. I like to walk on coast of river Volga, it proceeds about that village. I go there usually when I have holiday on work, or in the days off. There are come my relatives, my cousins sometimes, and we together go to make barbecues. Are you like shish kebabs? What kind of film are you like to looking? What kind of music are you listen? What you favorite film! My favorite film are "Perfumer". You look this film? I like films about love and serials, and also I like comedies. But I haven`t more spare time for looking cinema because I working a lot of time. Usually I listen the radio because there are many different kinds of music, I like pop, rock, blues, and relax music. Sometimes I have a time which a not good, and in this time I like to sing songs, but not very well. It seems funny and silly but I do. I wish to learn from you about your job. , are you like your job? Are you go to work with pleasure? Have you many friends and colleagues on your work? I think that yes. Ok stop! I wished to write longer letter but unfortunately I need to go to work! I shall write tomorrow again! Kiss and Hugs! Mariya.

Letter 7

My Sweet! Where are you?????????? I very miss you letter! Please write me today! I am very interested in correspondence with you! Please, please answer me reciprocity! Sincerely! Mariya.

Letter 8

Hello my Sweet! Have a good night???? I am very good sleep today! And now i get up and go to my work! Today I have started to work at 5:30 am. While I went for work I have got under a rain a little and the footwear has wet! in my town now not snow! sometimes a rain, in the street is wet. What weather at you? But all this cannot cause bad mood for me, in fact I read your letter and I write to you, and I'm happy from it ;).I would like to tell you still more about my character. I'm open person, many people like with me. Probably, therefore i have a lot of friends in my life. Especially at work. But you know, I have one question interests, is interesting to You to communicate with me? I very much like to talk with you... I tell you a lot of things about my work. I have a question, have I tired you with stories about work? some time it seems to me. You so interesting and remarkable person! Your very much like me, and I think, we can be fine pair, what you think about it? ;) :) we we speak to you all about pluss, but almost I do not speak about minuses. In fact each person has minuses in his character, and it is important to know. But it does not mean, that I shall be disappointed, if I will know about any your minuses of character. it is only my interest! I have one BIG minus, constantly I try to arrange the person up to myself. I do not wish to concede to anybody, I obstinate. but to you... Sometimes I happen too strict, and I can be captious even in smallest and imperceptible things. These are minuses of my character, I think this is my minuses. I hope, you can accept my minuses. You know, I think, if people feel to each other something, whether it can be love or friendship they always can forgive each other all of them minuses. And even more, will help to get rid of many minuses. You agree with me? I very much hope that sometime you will help me to get rid of my minuses. Ok, I suspect today will suffice to speak about all vital issues. As though it would not be desirable to spend for it a lot of time. Therefore I should tell, that today at night I have woken up with ideas about you, you were in my night dreams :) and I have thought that would be just fine to meet you. wish you hear me? I am assured, that you similar me dream of it. On this fine note I am compelled to finish the today's letter. I shall be glad to continue our conversation later. I have some materials from my work, which need to be made necessarily today in the morning. Would be remarkable to feel now your smile which will be only for me! have a good morning and day! your Mariya.

Letter 9

Sweet Heart, Today am free from my work also I have a lot of time to write to you about much! now it difficult to Me think about someone else or somth else, except for you. It so is strange, but I like it. I am cheerful, and, thinking about you, my life to become twice more cheerfully! I thought, in what our correspondence can be result. may be, I hurry, but I think, that once we shall enjoy together morning tea or coffee. I very much would want that the God has helped us to meet and be together always... Sweet, you know Today I have recollected fine memoirs of the childhood! I would like to tell about my childhood that you represented me well, certainly, if you not against this. I understand, that letters is not the best variant of dialogue, but we have only that... :( I think, that the childhood - the brightest and not forgotten period in our life. Then you do not think about problems, you are still clean before the god and you do not excite world vanity, you are free, there are no cares, simply live and enjoy a life. I hope, you understand me … My childhood has passed together with my grandmother and mum as I spoke you earlier my father was frequent on business trips, for me did not not enough him, but I understood that it is necessary for him to contain family and to earn money but as soon as he came back home I was the happiest child!!! :) But nevertheless My childhood, has been filled only by the brightest paints of a life, I with pleasure recollect the days of the childhood! Speaking about the childhood, I think. Will correctly touch a theme about childrens are you agree?! I love children! It is madly pleasant to me to think and speak about children …! My friend Faina has a child, I often take a free time with her child Egor. I have many pleasant emotions! present me of children! And what about you?! What do you think about that?! You wish to have children from your beloved wife!?! Tell me about it! I dream to walk with children in park, to play with them in a sandbox, I shall prepare for him and my future husband the most tasty dishes, I want to give children all that i have no in my childhood! I want give all for my future children! you probably have tired you with my letter! But all that I have written it truly my desires and dreams! I very much hope that you have similar dreams and desires! I shall wait your letter! I shall wait your letters!! see you soon! hope and pray that God will keep you in all! your forever Mariya.

Letter 10

How are you Sweet???? At us today weather was adjusted! Today very warmly! I have already replaced a spring wardrobe on summer! Today at me again it is a lot of work! you know I have at work a lot of work. It is necessary to prepare many reports - I am tired from all this vanity and a holidays are definitely necessary to me. 3 weeks of continuous paper work is required to me, only then I shall be less strained by work. I think, will be good thing about some holydays, maybe you have some offers? When you can take holydays from work? I to wish to go to holiday in the end of May! If You want, I can descend in travel agency and learn some information on my possible stay to You. But for this purpose I should know Your details: full address and nearest airport where I can arrive to You. As soon as you will inform me this information, I will go at once to travel agency. I hope, that is fast our meeting will be carried out. I many times in the life have been deceived! I not so successfully had relations with men recently! I am afraid to make Error, I am afraid to be mistaken in you because you like me very much. Certainly I very would like to meet You and to spend remarkable time together. I also very much to visit you! Please write to me, I will wait for Your letter. With warm embraces! Always Your Mariya.

Letter 11

Hello my Sweet! How are you???? I am well! I yesterday have gone to travel agency and have studied a few information concerning mine Possible stay to you. To begin with it it is necessary for me to leave The visa and the passport for go abroad plus consular payments and payment for travel agency services. The tourist of the visa, it to allow me To be in your country 14 days. Registration of these documents occupies Approximately 3 weeks also will cost 368 euros. This sum also includes the medical Insurance cost. Further it is necessary for me to buy tickets. Cost two tickets makes equal 416 euros. But it is necessary for me to buy two Tickets (there and back) as without a return ticket will not let in me In territory your country. The full sum necessary for me for stay to you, is equal 368 + 416 = 784 euros. Dear, I did not expect, that such big sum will be To appear. For me it is huge money. I tried to borrow this money but it is impossible! I could borrowed only 250 euro. I do not have such sum. I do not know that to me to do, it is not convenient to me to take your money, but I do not have exit, I very much wish to be with you, and I would want that we lived with you together. Eventually I never received remittances, and I do not use bank service. I spoke today to the girlfriend, and it to me have informed, that the most reliable, convenient and fast way to send money is Money Gram system. We have it in uur city. You know something about it? You have it system in you city??? In my city Monay Gram it is accessible in each bank or post office. Also you can us western union system! It also is fast! For tranfer money you need my data: Mariya Smirnova. Russia, City: Cheboksary, Street: Mira 18-2. Post code: 428000. I swear that you will not be disappointed in me never! I with huge impatience wait for our a Meeting. I very much desire to spend with you time. I am adapted with you on Serious relations, I think, that you also. As my Sweet, I wish to tell to you, that if you can help me tomorrow, or today I can begin official registration of papers, and we can meet you as i have a vacation from work since May, 29th, My angel, I hope that you will help me. Please answer me soon, I will wait for your letter. I will go for my work now! With a gentle kiss, Always Your Mariya.

Letter 12

Sweet Lyke! It very important! I once againe went to travel agency, and all have very well learned concerning my trip to you, my dear, this oldest agency in our city. Make the visa for me, it is possible in two ways: It is very important! Travel agency offered me to solve the problem and it will take me less time if I use Full Package of Service (FPS.) FPS includes additional payments for a category of the visa, consular services, preparation for interview with commission, The insurance, passport, completely paid tickets, class economy a class. I Can fly to you only from Moscow. FPS the package enters the insurance (at refusal issue of visa, the insurance company will pay money for FPS, the visas agency remove all the problems and thus increases the chance of getting a visa without excessive delays (I can get a visa in a 14-20 days after payment). The travel agency, gives a firm guarantee in reception of the visa, and an insurance policy, will defray all charges if me to not give the visa. I thought for a long time and came to the conclusion that this variant is the only right for me. Condition obligatory, payment FPS to make for 14-20 days, up to my start to you, my dear. Otherwise they will not accept documents concerning the visa. My love! Please transfer me money today! I have borrowed some more money then i think! To me need now only 430 euro not more! i will go to have my breakfast now! I will waite you letter soon! Love! Mariya.

Letter 13

My love! You should understand that my documents already have started to make out! I need to pay all! We have no other exit! 1) when you will be capable to transfer me of money??? 2) write to me exact date! At me a vacation will soon begin! To solve to you! I should go now to work! I shall write to you tomorrow! Very much I hope that is serious in the relations to me! Please read attentively my letters! Answer all my questions! It is very important! Please take care! Love! Mariya.



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