Scam letter(s) from Kelly Bates to Giles (UK)

Letter 1
I am a simple and honest woman who is a very happy and up front person. I see humour in everything and don't get up tight when things don't go as planned. I am able to adapt to changing situations and make the most of them. I am an eternal optimist with my glass always being three quarters full. Although I am an upbeat person it doesn't mean that I can't be serious when it is appropriate. I enjoy outside activities, going to dinner, movies, air shows, concerts, plays, walking on the beach, just plain walking, bowling travelling, meeting new people and learning new things
Letter 2
hello my love i woke up this morning and i had to look all over if that i will be so able to see you i looked all over for you and i could not see you but i tried to call you it was on machine i am really looking forward to talking with you so soon so that we are learning about each others i was online but you were not there as soon as that you are able to get online please call me so that i will be able to get online too you can tex me i am so happy that i have found you and i have found my soulmate we will have a great life and very happy future i will be today going to the immigration to see that i am able to renew my passport i will be going to the immigration office today so that i can be able to figure out on how i will be able to renew my passport so that we are gradually getting ready to be with each others as soon that we can i thank gOD I MEET YOU YOU ARE MY SOULMATE I HOPE TO MEET YOU SOON ONLINE
yours precilla
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