Scam letter(s) from Alina Zozylia to Michael (Singapore)

Letter 1
Hello my love, Michael!!
I don't understand, how photos can be not mine??
As always I am happy to receive your letter and I am glad that you also as well as I wait for our meeting. I have already bought tickets to Moscow and I will go to Moscow today
In the evening. As soon as I will arrive to Moscow I will go to embassy and I will submit all documents for the visa. I will try to make all as soon as possible that not
To spend it is a lot of money for residing in Moscow. I am going to stop there in hotel, or I will rent apartment. I think that I can find the Internet in Moscow
And I will write cafe to you
At once as soon as I will have a possibility. I will keep you informed all affairs. I very much hope that you can help me with tickets and that already very much
Soon we will together! I hasten towards to my dream and I can't simply believe that already very soon I will find at last that I so long searched that I
Has found the person whom it is valid me it is necessary and with which I want to spend all my life. I hope that you feel too most, I am right?
I can't write to you much today because I should be prepared for my trip to Moscow still. I want that you knew that you are constant in mine
Thoughts and I will look forward your letters. Yours, for ever, Nadezhda.
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