Scam letter(s) from Maria Koroleva to Arthur (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Arthur! How are you? My name is Maria. If you would like to communicate via this email address, please tell me more about yourself. I shall be very glad! I also tell you about myself in my next letter. I send my photo. I think the photo you like it! I look forward to your prompt reply. Kiss bye
Letter 2
Hello Arthur! How are you today? All well? I am glad that I saw your letter and our acquaintance continues. I hope that our familiarity will be good and enjoy both of us. Arthur, you already know that my name is Maria. I am 25 years. I am currently working as a waiter in a cafe. And my day off - Sunday. I have little free time. All mine free time I spend at work or at home. I live my mom's apartment. I have no sisters or brothers. My hobbies the music and books. I know how to play the violin. Arthur, what are your hobbies? Hobbies? I ask you to tell me more about you and your life. I am very interested to know you better. I never getting to know the men on the internet. I think that this will exciting and enjoyable. Here is my another photo. On it, I and my cat Tommy. I'll be glad to see your new photos!
Arthur, tell me why you decided to seek his destiny in the Internet? What do you like do? How to imagine the perfect woman? I look forward Tomorrow will get back your letter. I wish you Arthur good mood and successful evening. Bye bye.
Letter 3
Hello Arthur! :) I'm glad to see your response to my letter. I really wanted you to wrote to me. My mood today is good. My mood depends on the weather and from the people who surround me. Today, all day, I was at work. I am tired. Working as a waiter - it is very difficult. All day from 8 to 17 00 on feet and run. But I smile at people and I'm good. I am very glad to receive your photos. It's really like me! I want to tell about myself. I live with my mother in the village. My village name Belavka. And is located in Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia. I think that you're surprised. What I live in Russia. Or you may have already guessed from the name of my Russian and English. I think that my English is good enough. I want to confess that I do not like talk about my life. I do not want to fully and immediately disclosed to people. I want be a mystery. After all, every woman should be a mystery. You agree Arthur? Arthur, I beg you not to hurry matters for me. Eventually, I'll tell you more about me and my life:)) Arthur, do you agree? I'll tell you a little about yourself. My eye color - Blue. My dark hair color - brown. My height 165 cm, weight 56 kg. I think that today I will finish my letter. I do not want to bring you inconvenience. Perhaps you have now is not the time to read a long time my letter. I wish you Arthur good rest and good evening. I want to again receive your letter. And I'll be very happy read it tomorrow! Until tomorrow, Arthur! Kiss :) bye bye P.S. I forgot to say that I am sending you my new photo! :)
Letter 4

Again hello Arthur!!! I to see glad again your letter. I very much like to receive the letter from you. I also wish to see much your photos. My day has passed today as usually. Anything new. I rejoice that there has come spring. Also it became warm. I very much love the sun! I very much love the nature. I like to walk in wood and to go on picnics with friends. I also love animals and plants. At my place it is a lot of indoor plants. And I very much like to look after them. Arthur, and what is pleasant to you? Of what you dream? What the interesting there is in yours a life? I ask you to tell to me! I wish to tell again a little about my life. In the childhood I well studied. I had a bent for to foreign languages. And I have decided to enter the institute. And to connect my future trade about English language. And I have entered the institute. My village very small. And in it there are no high schools and institutes. And I had to move to Nizhni Novgorod. Because there there is an institute and faculty of the international relations. And 2 years ago I have finished institute. I studied at faculty of the international relations. A speciality - regional studies (the countries of Europe and America) - English language. On this speciality I can work as the tutor and the translator English language. I think that it is very prestigious trade. I well know English language. Also I can freely speak on it. But in due course my knowledge decreases. And sometimes I began to be mistaken and my knowledge has worsened. Because constant practice is necessary to me. Arthur, you understand me? In a city Nizhni Novgorod I lived in a hostel. I very badly know a city. In a city I worked as the tutor of English language in an elementary school. For children with 1 on 4 class. But I had to leave back in my village. At mine mum health has worsened. And now I again live in my village. In my village there is not enough work. And I have found unique work. This is the waiter in local cafe. The cafe is called a Taurus. Arthur, and what you can tell about your work and your history? I ask you to tell to me about your friends, the relatives, close people. All is interesting to me. Probably we still are very little familiar also you doubt to tell to me it. But I ask you not to be afraid. You can tell about all to me. I not the spy and I do not bite :) I kiss you Arthur! For today I will finish my letter. Your new friend and probably is more Maria.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Arthur! I am very glad to see your letter. How are you doing? As mood? I think you'll be glad to see my new message. And I am pleased write it :) I am very pleased that we were all good. I am glad that our acquaintance continues. The most important thing that we like! My dear friend Arthur, I to see very glad again your photos. They simply remarkable:)!!! Your photos very much like me. You very nice man. Probably it is a lot of women round you. And your appearance very attractive. It not the flattery - is a truth:) Arthur, you very much like me! I ask you to send to me more and more a photo in each letter. I very much wait your new photos! How was your day? What's new? My day as usual. Nothing new. We doing general cleaning in the cafe. Washed walls, floors, tables and chairs. In the cafe, General cleaning is once a month. I can not say that my work I like. I'm just a waitress. And this low-paid work. And it is hard work and not prestigious. I want to do much in this life. And I want to make my life It was an interesting and successful. I want to find a good, high paying job. But in my village and town is very difficult to find work. I always try to look for work. But always say that there is no work and a lot of people fired. I think this is due to the world crisis. The reduction of jobs. In our village was a factory for the manufacture of bricks. AND The plant is already shut down a month ago. The factory went bankrupt and all fired. I think that in your country, too, was or is economic crisis. But in Russia everything differently. Always very difficult to find work. AND very small salary. The average salary in Russia for a month - 6000 rubles = 200 dollars. Now I have a salary of 5600 rubles. And it is less than 200 dollars. You do not think I complain to you for my life. I just want to know what life in your country. Cerns you know what I was studying at the Faculty of International Relations:) I often watch TV home. And I'm interested in news that take place in the world. I love romantic, love movies. Also, comedies, dramas and serials. I like love serials. Arthur, I think that you do not:) Men are not like such films. We mum in the evening watching TV. And we really like the series - "Spellbound Love". This is a Russian TV series. And I think that you have not heard about it. I have no home computer. I write to you from Internet cafe, which is located near the lady. I am very glad that we met! And I think that our friendship will be more closer. I want a serious relationship. I want that I had a family. And perhaps in the future children. Certainly need to work together to address these questions. Think. And only after having children. Arthur, do you agree with me? I earnest about everything. And I want to make my life changed. I want happiness love. Today I am very tired at work. And I have to go to rest. Arthur, I want see your letters every day. For me it is very important. And I want serious relationship with you Arthur. And it needs to be constantly in touch. I kiss you Arthur! I ask you to write me! :)
Letter 6
Hello darling Arthur!!!!! I am very glad to write you the letter again. Arthur, I very much like to receive the letter from you. I want that you wrote me as much as possible letters. I want serious relations with you Arthur, instead of simply friendship. I wish to meet and communicate once really, instead of through letters. I think that it sometime will occur. For now we will enjoy our letters. Arthur, how today your affairs? What the new has occurred? Arthur, I am again glad to see your photos. I am very glad. When I see your new photos. They very much like me. I ask you to send me your photos as it is possible is more often. Arthur, you very much like me on this photo. I simply admire your photos!:) My day has passed as usually. All the day long I was on work in cafe. And I also am very tired. Work as the waiter very much weariness. And I very much get tired. But I with pleasure go to the Internet of cafe after work. And I am glad to read your letters again. Arthur, you love my letters? I am pleasant to you? What in me it is pleasant to you except appearance?:) I wish to be in your eyes not only the beautiful woman. But also clever and intellectual. I wish to be your best friend and further serious relations. Arthur, you want that we had serious relations and in the future we have met? But at first we should learn each other better and to find out our compatibility. And then we should dare on more. You understand me? I to you already told that studied at institute. I very well studied. And we with the girl from institute have been directed as students on an exchange to Romania. And we there lived almost month. We lived in a hostel. And very much it was pleasant to me! I am very glad that I have visited abroad. The institute has taken care about our passports for travel abroad and student's visas. My passport for travel abroad operates till now. And I think that I should once try to travel in your country. What do you think of it Arthur? Arthur, today I am very tired. And I am compelled to go home to have a rest. I wish you all the most good and pleasant. I will be very glad to see your letter again. Yours Maria.
Letter 7
Hello my darling Arthur! I am very pleased to again write to you Arthur. My day passed as usual. Nothing new. I worked all day. My days of dull and boring. But when I come to internet cafe, my mood rises. And I like dawn of your letters. I feel warm and cozy with you Arthur. I am glad to your letters. And you Arthur, I like very much. How was your day? Arthur, I do not have phone number. I do not have in general any phone in my village. Unique phone it on post office. Arthur, i beg you to give me your home and cell phone number. Probably I soon can to call to you with post office. I also wish to speak on the phone with you. I very much wish to hear your voice. Arthur, I really want to come to you in the near future. But I have no money to come to you. I do not know that it is necessary to come to you. My mom was still sick. She has chronic heart disease. She has high blood pressure and diabetes. This is very scary symptoms. And such a disease causing heart attacks and even death. I think you understand this and met with this disease. My mom once in six months in the hospital. The disease is incurable. I worry about my mom. And a lot of money spent on medicine. I always wanted to go out of my village. I want to find my man and live the rest of my life with him. Do you think I can find a good job in your country? Arthur, what do you think? I think that one day my life changed. And I will find my love And I will dwell in the house of my future husband. My dream - to find love and start a family. This is - my dream. After all these qualities in a woman laid down by nature. I want to take care of my husband and be his best friend. Arthur, what is your dream? I think that in a few weeks or a month - my long vacation. And I think that my vacation, we can meet. What do you think about this Arthur? Do you want us to meet? Maybe I can visit you? I think it would be very fun and memorable time! I really want to visit you and your country. I want to know each other better and communicate together. I send you again my photos. I was looking for photos of my mom. But it seems I have no photos of my mom. I'm sorry. I very much wanted you to see my mom. I kiss you, Arthur! Your Maria
Letter 8
Hello my darling Arthur. Your letter is warmed to me by a soul. I am very glad that you do not forget about me. I am very glad that our acquaintance continuation. And I think that with each letter we become closer. Arthur, I am right? I think that we became better to know each other. Arthur, I think that the difference in age means nothing. I not young and you not the old. I ask you not to worry because of an age difference. I consider, that the man is more senior, the it is wiser and is serious in relations. He more skilled also wants serious relations and marriage. He does not want game. I ask you to forget about ours age! Arthur, you very much like me. And your letters bring to me warmly and pleasure. I wait every day your letter. On work I think of you Arthur. I recollect you and your words. And after work I go to the cafe Internet again to read your letters. Arthur, I thank you for all warmly and care. With each your letter I think that we are familiar for a long time already also we relatives. I could not even present to myself, that to a smog to find in the Internet of the friend. I can talk to you about much, feeling freely. You think also? Unique people to whom I trust - my mum. But now all has changed also I is very glad to it. And now I can trust you Arthur. And my life becomes easier. I very much want that you were for me as a support in all. The man that I felt comfortably is necessary to me. Also could rely always on this person a difficult minute. I want that my man care of me. Always the help to me in all. And we had a mutual understanding and we love each other. I wish to love and be favourite. Arthur, you do not represent as me difficultly without love. I have got tired to be one. The man and that it love me is necessary to me. After all the person cannot without love. I simply to die of misfortune and loneliness. In mine the village is not present men which I have grown fond. You understand me Arthur? Here men simply animals. They do not want love. They rough crude muzhiks. And they only to use women. After all we weak and defenceless. I want that my man has protected me. And that my life has changed together with it. Arthur, I wish to leave from here. I do not wish to live in a dirt and poverty. I wish to create a family. I wish to find my love and to be happy. I want that my man has presented to me happiness and love. I want that it has made all - all for our happiness together. Arthur, you understand me? Arthur, you will make all - for the sake of your love and happiness? My dear Arthur, I have received all your letters. I have checked up also all correctly. I ask you not to worry. I to read all your letters. And I to inform you your code word - With-. Helier. I not to take offence your izz friends. I understand that they do not trust me. And we are still a little familiar. Also there is many fraud and a deceit. But I not to concern their number. I of idle time the Russian girl. And I do not need riches. Arthur, you understand me? You can not trust me. But you to be mistaken. I have kept your address. And I will write you the letter. I will go on mail. And I to send you the letter. I already wished to make it. And I already went before on mail and learnt. And me have told that I can send you the letter. But this letter will come very long to you. Also it is required from 2 till 4 months. Arthur, you understand? I to thank you for your phone number. I will call to you as soon as I can. I very much wish to speak on the phone with you. Arthur, I wish to leave my village and to arrive to you. I do not wish to live in my village. And I wish to arrive to you. So it will be better for me and you. My photos were made by my mum and mine friends. They have been made at various times. But I do not have own camera. They not the professional. I ask you to send me these photos again. I again to give you my photos. I think that you will love me and my photos. Arthur, I to give to you it is a lot of a lot of a kiss. I with impatience wait for the following your letter. Yours Maria.
Letter 9
Hello my darling Arthur!!! How today your affairs? I hope everything is all right. My mood is raised. I am simply happy, that again I can write to you. My love Arthur, I want first to come to you from Moscow to London. If you will be the first to come and together we will leave – it will cost very much money. Arthur, do you understand me? And I really want to come to you. A year later, together we will go to my mom.
I cannot see a photo in the last of 2 letters from July, 16th. And I not to see a photo in the letter from July, 14th. But in it I to see only your photo on the passport. You understand me? muzhik - the *****, rough, ***** Russian man. And such it is a lot of in my village. There are no decent men. Last photos and a photo on lake were made by my mum. It removed me. I am very glad that they like you. After work I have come home and have started to make a supper. I have prepared a fried potato with mushrooms. This my favourite dish. We with mum had supper. My mum has noticed that I began to smile more and joyful. And she has asked me - Maria, why you such happy. And I have told mine mum about our acquaintance. My mum very much was surprised, that I to get acquainted with the man. She never saw me with the man. And it is unusual to it. Arthur, I am very glad that I have told mine mum about our relations. My mum has told to me that I should be cautious. Because many bad men. And they want only ***. But I to mum have told what you good Arthur. And I to mum have told about our correspondence. Arthur, I can trust you completely? I ask to forgive me. I think that I can trust to you of 100 percent. I think that you never will hurt me. On work I missed on you. I you want wished to read your letter. Arthur, you very much like me. Arthur, I think that I start to fall in love with you. I think that it very romantically. My mum has approved our relations. And it is very glad for me. And I am very glad that have got acquainted with you. And I want that our acquaintance has not ended never. I want that you wrote to me every day. Arthur, we necessarily should meet sometime. And we should communicate in a reality, and not just letters. We can descend in cafe or in restaurant. And it is lovely to talk for a supper. Or to descend at cinema, on any romantic a film. And I think that we will pleasantly spend time. I again send you my photos. I think that they will like you. I Kiss you my darling Arthur. Your beauty Maria
Letter 10
Hello my sweet Arthur! How today your affairs? At me all okey! But I It is again very tired after work. I again with pleasure write you the letter. I am very glad that I can To communicate with you. We so far apart. But at me such feeling That we are close. And we are pull together by our letters. And our relations in Letters. I come to the Internet of cafe with the big pleasure to see Your letters. Your letters wait for me as if you wait for me. And After I will read your letter, to me it becomes very good and Easy. To me it is good with you. Before we were not familiar, I It was very lonely and unfortunate. But now I feel better - after all you are at me. And I to a kind my future together with you. Arthur, you want that we had one future? It is very a pity to me, that We now not can speak really with each other. I think that in the reality when people see each other, brings dialogue more Pleasure. I very much would like to speak more with you. And you Arthur became To me very much dear. You understand me? Certainly I understand that we still Few time are familiar. But at me as though I you knew such feeling to Our meeting. And I searched for you Arthur. My mum speak to you - hello! My mum has noticed that I have changed. I began a thicket to smile and at Me there was often good mood. I think that you Arthur so it is good You influence me. And you have given me a life drink. And my life has hanged. To Our acquaintance I was as a vegetable. I communicate with people and I a little I do not see a daylight. I only see my work and after work my house. I A little where I go. After all in our village there is no place to go. And I do not have time To go to walk. I need to work to contain itself and the help To my parents. And now all my free time I try To spend with you. My darling Arthur, I ask you not to hurry up. I should plan reliably my trip to you. I at first should learn all. To learn where to me to address. I should address in a passport office. And there to me owe the help. I think that to me to receive the help the visa to England. When I learn all, I to inform you Arthur. My darling I could not write to you on Sunday. And I can write only today. I ask to understand me. I to work much and very to be tired. After all I should contain me and mine mum. And also it is necessary to pay accounts for apartment and to buy to meal. And before I to arrive to you, will pass 2 more - 3 weeks. My darling Arthur and if I to leave right now? And I will not go on work. And I can write to you is more often. And my mood will be better. But who will contain me and mine mum? Probably you Arthur, can the help to all of us this time? Arthur, I can leave with my work tomorrow? You will contain us with mum and the help with payment of an abacus and products and clothes? I will be very glad! My honey Arthur, I can consider now my way to you. On the TV I heard that 1 pound = 42 - 43 roubles if I am not mistaken. I precisely know that from Belavka to Nizhni Novgorod I will go by the bus. And to go approximately 3 - 4 hours. In Nizhni Novgorod I will take the train or the plane. I do not know how many time I will go to Moscow. But a train I think that approximately 6 - 8 hours. And by the plane nearby 2 - 3 hours. I should learn all it precisely. And I will inform you Arthur. From Moscow to London I will fly by the plane. And I think that the return ticket necessarily. I will inform you on it when all to learn. My darling Arthur I also very much want to speak on the phone with you. But I do not have phone. I will call to you with post office. I think that I to call to you on Saturday or Sunday. But it is very expensive. And I cannot call for cost other phone. On post office, I should pay itself money after conversation for everyone minute. Arthur, and Russia cannot be measured in English Pound. And the American dollars and rouble are more used. And I think that for a call tiresomely approximately 40 - 80 dollars. I do not know how many it in pound. But 1 dollar = 30.6 roubles. Arthur, you understand me? My darling Arthur, you can the help to me with payment phone call? I do not know how many to us with mum it is necessary money for purchase of products and other things. Also cost the cafe Internet approximately 100 - 150 dollars. My sweet Arthur, it is very difficult to me to accept money from you. But now I cannot refuse from your help. I am very grateful to you for your care and the help. But I do not know as I can receive about you money. I and at mum do not have bank account. And I think what to make it very long and it is necessary expenses. You can know any way how to transfer to us your money. Arthur, I heard about system the international transfers worldwide. I heard that there is a company of MONEY GRAM And the WESTERN UNION. Arthur, you heard about it? But I do not know as to receive your money. I will go tomorrow on mail and there to learn all about these companies. My dear Arthur and if me to buy the computer home? And when I to arrive to you, washing mums can write letters to us. And now I can write to you. And it will be more convenient, than to go to the cafe Internet. What do you think Arthur? I think that the computer cost approximately 300 - 500 dollars. I with pleasure will give you my full address. My full name - MARIA, a surname - KOROLEVA. I I live: the country - Russia, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast ', village Belavka, Bitter Maxim's street 8. But I ask you not to send me the letter and valuable things through post office. I think that your letter will not reach me or more month. Arthur, you understand me? Arthur, I very much would like to write to you more. But I think that at you There is no many time to read my letters. It so? You always are in time To read my letters? Or my letters too big and it is a lot of questions? but These questions we learn us and we become closer. I think that you understand me. Mine darling Arthur, I should finish my letter. To me It is necessary to go home. Already late. I kiss you my sweet Arthur! Yours Maria

Letter 11
Hello my sweet Arthur! Today my mood very good. I am very glad to receive again your letter. Your letters very much please me. I very much love yours the letter.
My darling, post office and cafe it is not so far from my house. And I to go on foot every day. Shop where are on sale the computer in next village. My darling now at me is not present money for the cafe Internet. Because of it I to ask from you the help to pay the cafe Internet before I to buy the computer. Also is required time to spend the Internet for the computer. Also it is necessary to pay the Internet for installation of a line. And I have counted that for this purpose is necessary for me approximately 100 - 150 dollars. It not only for the cafe Internet. You understand me Arthur?
And it not for 1 hour using the Internet. My sweet, I have written you approximate cost phone call. And it not for one call. And I do not want that it has turned out so that I cannot pay after conversation. And I to write you cost a long call. After all we cannot speak only 1 time and 5 minutes. I want to speak on the phone with you longer. You understand me my love Arthur? You are right Arthur. I can agree that the husband can provide the wife. And I should not refuse from your help. Arthur, I once again went on post office. And there to me gave the information as I can receive from you money through the Western Union. I will receive not on washing post office.
And I will go to the Bottom New city and there to receive your money. Because the post office in my village does not accept money from the Western Union. Arthur why you cannot send money? I after all have given you all data. And they should send necessarily without the bank account money. To me have told that it is not necessary. You need to draw out money about your bank account. And to go to the Western Union already about cash. And you should give my data: full name - MARIA, Surname - KOROLEVA, City of reception of money Nizhni Novgorod - zip 603005, the country – Russia You can descend tomorrow in the Western Union and try to end 100 pounds. And I think that I necessarily to receive them and all will be good. I ask you to descend necessarily. I do not have money for the cafe Internet. I have received all your letters. And I to read all your letters. And I to answer at once questions from some letter. But sometimes I to pass and forget about questions. And I to forget about a code word. I to inform you from last yours some letter - Codeword St. Martin, Codeword St. John, Code St. Martin. I will learn at familiar to mine mum about the bank account. Probably is at somebody. My honey, at you is not present campaign of Money gramme ( I heard that it is more reliable company. My honey Arthur, ring on mine a hand this usual ring. It at all from gold. It is a gift of mine mum in my 16 years. And I to carry it many years.
Arthur, I think that we all become closer and closer. Your letters warm to me a soul. And I cannot present, as I can live without you Arthur. With you to me it is very good. I feel that you my person. That person which is necessary to me for ever. You my second half. And you my part of a life. Arthur, you will agree with me? What I to mean for you ? You are ready to withdraw me on a world's end and to remain for ever together? With you , I have changed also my life became full. And my mum thanks you. She speaks that her daughter has very strongly changed and there was a life pleasure and happy. I wish to thank you, Arthur, you have returned me hope and belief. That else there are real men in this world. Now I have understood, that you - my unique man and you are very necessary to me. I think that we should be connected one destiny and one life. Arthur, it not mere words. I to speak you it with all my heart. Certainly it is very inconvenient me. I very constraining girl. But I cannot hold it in my heart. I wish to shout with happiness. You my man and I want you for ever. I want that we have met in the near future. In a week or two, I will take my holiday. And I wish to arrive to you on a visit. Arthur, you want that I have arrived to you? You want that I to remain with you? I can take my holiday on 2 - 3 months. And it is possible even more. And we will meet you. And we will check our relations and feelings. I think that you too very much wish to approach with me. My mum thanks you. You my rescue from melancholy and a pain from loneliness. I talked to mine mum. I have told to it that I wish to meet you Arthur. And my mum to resolve to me. It trust to you. And I am assured that we have made a correct choice.
Arthur, I want that you cared of me. And never to throw and not to do to me it is sick. But I am assured that you the good person. And you never to offend me. Arthur, I should go to the cafe Internet constantly. And I should spend many money for this purpose. But I wish to write to you every day. And not one, and some letters in day. And I wish to see your letters as it is possible is sorry Arthur. I kiss you my sweet Arthur! Your beauty Maria
Letter 12
Dear Arthur, I thought you had a little more sense than to be taken in by the Russian "girl" I am certain it is a scam and I have read that eventually such relationships lead to money leaving the old bloke and going somewhere where it cannot be traced or retrieved. I would give it all up now or you will be a real loser. Do you honesty think that such a girl in the picture would have any motives with an old **** except money? Tread very carefully and play bowls instead.Bernard.
Letter 13
Good evening my love Arthur! I have received from you 3 letters today. Money Transfer, Hello Wednesday - Codeword Trinity, Hello Wednesday 2. Here this title your letters. I am very upset Arthur. You not trust to me. Certainly I understand you. After all we are still a little familiar. And we have not met still. And at all of us ahead. And we very soon to meet. My sweet I ask you trust to me. You owe trust to me. After all the love is trust not love, and is painful. Arthur, you understand me? I ask you not to listen your friends. And the trust to me, before when will take place our meeting. I not a deceit you. I love you Arthur. And I love you such what you am. I to fall in love with you heart all by mine. And I not to cause you a pain. My heart is ill from our separation. Arthur, you understand me? Why so it has turned out? Our relations and our letters were always good. And so it has turned out that you have listened your friends and the brother. And now you not trust to me? So cannot be. Arthur, you surprise me. You my future husband and I want to be with you nearby. You not old **** also are my photos. I do not know as to prove you it. I do not have own camera. And I cannot make new photos now. I send you my old photos. And as soon as I to receive the camera, I to make to you my new photos. Arthur, you understand me? You to ask from me a photo of mine the passport? But in my village there is no photo the scanner. It is roofing felt to in a city. And I need to scan my passport. I to make it only after to go to a city. Arthur, you understand me? You can not trust me. This your right. But you should not break my heart. And it only your bad mood. And I am assured that you will change. And you will understand that you for me mean much. And I want to be a part of yours life. After all we have found each other and I love you Arthur. Now I have a headache. I am very upset from your letter and your mistrust. I will write to you later. I kiss you my future husband Arthur. Your love and bride Maria
Letter 14
Hello my darling Arthur! I am very glad that again I can to write to you. I am very tired after work. And I wish to sleep. Today I very badly slept. All night long I thought of you Arthur. What our destiny and the future life? I think that we are very compatible. To me it is good with you. How today there has passed your day? What the new? Than you are engaged today in the evening? My sweet, I understand that at you it has not turned out to send this money. I not to blame you. Today I all the same could not receive them. After all Ineed to ask for leave in advance with work. After all I work till the evening. You to understand Arthur? I think that the bank works to 17 or 18 o'clock in the evening. And I should go in advance from work. You understand me Arthur? Arthur, I can ask for leave from work on Tuesday, on the next week. And you should go on Monday to your bank and send this money. And I will go on Tuesday morning to the Bottom New city. And to receive your money. Arthur, but I necessarily should receive a confidential code on Monday evening. I have understood that I should remember additional also a question on the test: "What is my Mother's maiden name? "- the answer -"BARNARD". I have understood all. My darling I will receive your money on Tuesday. You can send to the first bank which you have written. I approximately know where it is. I ask you not to worry. My angel Arthur, I will be very glad to go with you on rest. And it will be unforgettable minutes of our happiness. I am very gad! I love you Arthur! But I could not look at it in the Internet. I understand in it very little. And I could not see it. I want to see all it is my eyes, together with you my sweet Arthur!!!! Yours for all life. I love you Arthur.Your love Maria
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