Letter(s) from Sheila Khalifa to Paul (Ireland)
Letter 1
Greeting to you my Dearest Friend, I know that this is letter is bound to take you by surprise and I feel you would hardly expect to read from me since we are not familiar with each other yet. I am writing this mail with full of tears. After reading your profile, I decided to explain everything about myself to you because almighty God has a reason for me to know you. Am ready to be with you if you accept me with all your heart and I also finding out that almighty God has a reason for me to know you in this my present Predicament [unpleasant situation] My name is SHEILA KHALIFA, 25 years old from Haiti, and a daughter to late OSMAN KHALIFA of blessed memory who worked with Haitian embassy inSaudi Arabia for nine years. I lost my father, mother, and a brother during the earthquake which took place in Haiti on the 13 January, 2010. I am alive writing you because I am a student in Senegal and I was in Senegal during the time of the land-break and powerful explosions (Earthquake). I am writing you now fromSenegal since after the of my father I can pay for school fees than I don't have any choice only to seek asylum in Senegal now I am in refugee camp in Senegal. No shelter, no good food. Oh I give glory to God for us to be alive today! God is good and great! Before my fathers' sudden death, he deposited the sum of us $ 5.500, 000.00 (Five Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in cash with a security/vault company. Now that he is late, [I am younger] So I am searching for a reliable, capable and trustworthy person that can assist us claim, receive and safe-keep this fund in his/her custody in his/her country and relocate me to join him/her immediately after the claims as a result of insecurity of life and properties here in Senegal please indicate your readiness to assist me, so that all the information's about this fund will be passed to you immediately. And please I want you to keep this transaction to yourself only. If this transaction is properly executed am prepared to give you 20% of the total sum for your kind assist. Please i want you to call me on number of the person in charge of the Camp, when ever you call him, tell him that you want to speak with SHEILA KHALIFA in FEMALE HOSTEL (A). He will send for me immediately. +221-703-333-543
Dr. GOODLUCK JOHNSON I am hoping to hear from you soonest. Yours sincerely
Sheila khalifa
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