Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Dmitrieva to Ron (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my kitten Ron!!!
the Given letter is addressed personally to you, it contains all that I have not had time to tell. Therefore read the letter up to the end, here it is not enough! I very much love you. When we shall meet??? When you can send me of money for documents??? While I thought of prospect of this letter, it has cast over me some ideas. Whether you can recollect, having directed the sight in the past when it was good you with somebody when you have felt a unexpected inclination to the person when you have realized, that both of you appreciate and protects they and the same values. This really rare, but bringing satisfaction feeling demanding something especial. To me what feelings I personally was absolutely uneasy to recollect experienced during such rare moments when I feel the magic connection with other person. I managed to test them, only being near to you. And as far as you have been surprised to what I have admitted to you love what so our meeting will turn? I to tell the truth, did not expect it, as earlier with me never anything similar was, therefore and now I am in any suspended condition. Can, you will agree, and will become mine the guy for ever. Recently I have understood, that I should make something very effective to draw your attention. This phrase precisely describes a situation in which there is a lonely guy for whom one girl - I is necessary only!!! Still yesterday I stood at a window both the sunset looked, and thought, that you see the same. The same sun to which and would like to tell: you Will see my love - send the regards to him from me! His kiss from me the red, gentle beams. How it would be desirable to guess, whether touch these words your heart? Let not I, but my words will touch gently you. Feel them warmly, feel it. Let it as is possible will not leave you, lovely Ron longer! I very much appreciate you and I value you. To you could seem, that I test to you passion, but it not so, I feel in relation to you love. Each person is afraid to hear a word in the life is NOT PRESENT. That recently was the adjusted, safe life, in one instant can turn to a heap of ruins. Precisely the same as for one day it is impossible to construct the failed building, it is impossible for Short time and without laborious work to cope with tragedy at a spiritual level. Externally all Will look almost normally, but in soul. OX, Ron! To you make a declaration of love. This most Sincere, that can be in relations between people. I you love only that you are. It is the supreme form of love! All right.
Write tell something. What you about me of opinion now. Well I stop.
The pigeon will not sustain the greater. Happily!
Natalia kiss you
Letter 2
Hello my friend
I recently have received a user's box. So if you want to send me letters and a photo or cards.
That you can use it. As I would be glad to gifts and souvenirs from you. It operates better than a letter box in an entrance of my house. Mail of Russia badly works and a lot of larceny from letter boxes.
So this way for a sending is the best.
The address of my box: Russia republic Mari El settlement Medvedevo a user's box 38 zip 425200.
To write I was necessary settlement Medvedevo do not remember wrote to you whether or not that I live in settlement Medvedevo. Our settlement became area of city.
Our city for a long time was united with our settlement, but post offices have remained nevertheless different.
Therefore do not write - Yoshkar-Ola. It will be correct - settlement Medvedevo.
Letter 3
Hi my dear Ron. The babe, I am very glad to your letter. You promised to send 500 dollars for reception of documents shortly. But has already passed half of month, but you till now about it do not speak by anything. When you can send money? Why now to heart the small lump of fear makes the way?! I am afraid to lose you, your strong, but gentle hands, lips, eyes which more recently looked at my photo with undisguised adoration. And what now? Now I even am afraid to tell to you about feelings, because, it seems to me as if you cool down to me. But how I can keep it warmly in your heart?! So it would be desirable to see at last that you, to embrace and will keep that warmly. I love you, understand - I LOVE!!!! I never can cool down, hear?! Why, well why so it is hurt me?! Such sensation as if heart break off on small slices. I cannot smile, pretend more, that all is good. I can not, you hear?! I alive, babe. Dear, you have adhered me to yourself. I now am not able to live without you. Simply the help to me at the given stage, enclose the warm palm in my hand and I shall make for you impossible. My love Ron, please, embrace me, stroke on a head and tell, that you always will be near to me. Natalia letter 4 she recieved my money...
Letter 4

Hi mine Ron.
I have safely received from you money. Many thanks. It means that you will soon send money for preparation of documents for trip to you? When you can make it? Thank for photos. They very beautiful. At me are not present words, really are not present, and I do not deceive! I still in confusion. Probably, so is more nobody in a life of me will surprise - you my main opening. Whence in you such wisdom to which come in the course of time, and do not come at all more often? It seems to me, or you really respect women? It is a rarity! It is necessary to tell: (Thanks) your parents, can be put in education?! Why you so have suddenly fallen down me? Whence? How? With what purpose? Why I? I have not deserved such gift! There can be you write to me from the world, can be to you it will not be possible to put on notes of a reality the ideas and to carry out conceived? But you are right - the main thing to want, and I very much want! I want itself I do not know that, it is difficult for me to make it aloud, this desire lives inside me, at a subconscious level. As a matter of fact, it is uneasy to guess, about what there is a speech - all women without exception want same, and it not a secret. All of us want love. Men and women such different, from different planets, but, perhaps, and to them this is necessary, only they is rare in it admit. You there, absolutely far, I cannot touch you, as well as you cannot kiss me. From it to me it is a little sad, but it is light grief. Tell to me something, leave from a fog. What life at you? It is very interesting to me. Now everything connected to you, matters. Open to me, ask me about something, I shall hide nothing from you Ron. Do not overlook - you are very dear for me. And for the sake of your love I am ready very much on much. I love you.
I wait yor letters Natalia
Letter 5
Hello my lovely Ron.
I am very glad that you will send me money. Yes you can send it through the Western Union. I can receive money from you here easily. Whether I only do not know it is possible to send money through the western union on my account. I am very glad that you can to help me financially. You very kind person. I love you more with each letter. To me really would help now money. As it starts to come to an end at me, and I cannot soon write the letter to you frequently. But if you will send I shall try to write to you every day. I found out about a remittance through the Western Union. Employees of the Western Union have informed me the information which I should send you. When you will come in branch of the Western union, you will tell to workers of the Western Union my name - Natalia Dmitrieva and the address of the western union in my city: Bin Bank PROLETARSKAYA, 14 YOSHKAR OLA, 424036 Russia or VNESHTORGBANK PALANTAYA 112 V YOSHKAR-OLA, 424000 Russia. You may go on a site and may choose any branch of the western union which are in my city - Yoshkar-Ola. To me have told that I can receive money in any branch of our city. There to you will give a ten-character code the password which you should send me. I am very strong on you I miss. I can not wait when I at last can see you. I constantly think of you, and I think of us with you. So it would be desirable to appear together with you on a coast of any river or it is better on a coast of ocean. I never saw ocean, likely it is very beautiful. I constantly ask myself - why to us so difficultly to meet. It is really necessary to apply many efforts to find and keep the happiness. You my happiness and without you are very difficult for me. To me difficultly is one in the empty. While I live only dream of you. You are necessary for me as air as water. I very much hope that soon we shall together and nothing can separate us. We shall be the happiest pair in This severe world. I very much would like that our meeting has taken place in the near future.
With impatience I wait for your answer. Yours Natalia
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