Romance scam letter(s) from Daria Zvereva to Grant (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello. I am glad that you have answered me my letter, I see that you too are interested in acquaintance. Well I can tell about myself, I live in Russia as you know in city Kazan, very beautiful and fascinating city. As you know I is lonely, I wish to find to myself the man which to me were a support and that could be for me dream. Now about yourself, me of 26 years my hair color light, you can see itself them in a photo. Mine put a birth 23iiya?y, my growth 170, my weight makes 57 kg, I like to eat but moderately, my dream to find to myself the purpose of a life. I am interested in you and I wish to correspond with you.
Now I shall tell to you not much about my family, I live together with my mum who very strongly me loves also I it too, it for me while a support. I very purposeful person, like to be pleased lives, to go and simply to think, know at us in Russia speak everyone studies on the mistakes, and it is valid so, in fact basically all and happens? / not we search for mistakes and they us so should be and all. But I try to execute the aim laid down self.
It now sits on pension, at home is engaged in cleaning, and I work
the manager.
I hope that to you of it enough, and about all about steel we can talk in the following letter.
I shall be glad if you can write to me every day and we shall learn each other more.
I wish you to lead well put.
I with impatience shall wait for your message.
Ekaterina from Russia.
Letter 2
Hello matts! Today I have woken up with good mood. Because I hoped, that you will write to me. But when I have come here now to the Internet of cafe and have seen your letter, to me was so pleasantly, and I have simply smiled. Yesterday I all the day was on work and is not much tired. My business basically go very well. At home my mum too by way of.
In this letter I would like to tell to you about that why I search for the man not only in the street but also on the Internet, this all because I was disappointed in usual men, all from my country not such what I want the man, in fact the main understanding and I cannot understand that they want, speaking that they want serious attitudes and families they mean that it simply mistake, and on the Internet all to another.
You understand I hope me. You know my work takes place from documents and all main thing, I try to work perfectly why I achieve good opinion of my boss. I have as the girl-friend on work we with it very much are friends and we live beside. I do not know it will be interesting to you or not but my salary makes 321 $ to us with mother suffices for a while.
I saw and heard many stories about that that many happy families develop of the union Russian and foreign men, I have decided to believe in it. I think that I shall find and I shall not be disappointed in it opinion.
I do not try, to visit restaurants because very much it is not pleasant to me as there prepare. matts you are able to prepare? My best dish which I am able prepares for it a potato on the French and meat salad. As I spoke you, that I work in the company as the manager. When at me I like to listen to good mood classical or what be cheerful music. It supports my mood. You like to listen to music? Certainly it is very pleasant to me to speak you all about me, and to me it is pleasant will as learn all about you because now for us it is important to learn all that we with you are able to do, and what lacks are at us with you. It will be simple in the future then to us on is much easier concerns to any things. I hope, that matts agree with me!!!
Than you like to be engaged at leisure? You are engaged in what kind of sports? There Is at you a family, brothers of the sister, mother the father? How you concern to girls? I shall be glad to hear from you that my story about yourself you was disappointed also with you will answer it.
And I hope, that I shall see your letter too with the beautiful story about your life.
Your friend from Russia Ekaterina
Letter 3
Hello like !!!
How at you business, how at you new day? Thanks for yours so a prompt reply. It has made day really brighter. I read your letter with greater interest to you as to the person and as to the man. I never felt such close spirit from other style of a life which you represent living on very far point of globe. But I believe, that we remain the same people. We love, and we smile, we hope for the best. You - one of the best people with which I ever communicated in my life. Though we communicate through e-mail, I believe, that it not so is excellent as real conversation. In the past I really ignored communications of the Internet as did not understand, that it could be so bright and is delightful.
Today I wish to tell to you about the family, that is about mother.
We live very interestingly and peacefully, I as have the cat her name is Dusya, I very much love animals. When since morning I leave for work that my mother remains together with my cat in together in an apartment. The most interesting here begins, my cat litters and my mum cleans everything, it is necessary to observe it. It so is ridiculous)))
Whether you love animals there is at you a cat? My mother of 58 years. It worked as the bookkeeper in a household shop, there with it very much respect, as it worked in this shop very long, approximately 20 years. I very strongly love it
Whether tell to me frankly you are able to do people happy?
I as would like to know as there is a life in your country? Tell to me you it is adjusted seriously or simply for correspondence? I hope my questions you do not confuse also you concern to them as to due!? Now I finish your letter and as I shall wait for yours another of the letter. Do not forget to write to me, as your letters for me greater pleasure.
With best regards Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hello dear matts! How at you business, than you today have been borrowed? These are dear congratulations, I am happy to receive news from you again. Today I thought the majority of a part our acquaintance, and I have arrived to idea, it is the Internet big - helps people to find soul of marriage even in this case far - in a various corner of the world! My dear matts, know I you would like to understand actually that search? Know I would not like to understand that you play, I would would like that you have understood me of that I I want simply want serious attitudes, and I would not want that we did not have what that not concepts. Know I as wished to tell to you that to me very interestingly with you to speak me to be wound that that you to me you write also I respect with your words. My darling I am glad to that that we have found contact here and now we can speak. We can speak so? What wishes on the future at you is?? I hope that you understand me.
I would would like that you have given me of more attention, I shall be glad to see it I shall as give you of more attention as you think to you it is pleasant? I would think of that what to build the future do not understand me not correctly go a life short, I wish to build family.
I hope that I do not press on you the desire, to me it would be very pleasant if you have understood me and have told the opinion.
I hope that you with me will be frank also I to find understanding in you.
Now I again finish the letter and as with greater impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you! With greater respect Ekaterina
Letter 5
Hello my dear. I did not receive your letters very long. Some days. Why you do not write to me. I every day wait for your letter. A life
The life reduces different people, it pushes people to each other.
People, absolutely different which never met and never heard about each other, suddenly collide in turn, in a corridor or somewhere at a stop.
People to whom it was fated will meet, meet.
New people - new feelings. Feelings accumulate, confuse and form a ball, but in it three ends: one end-present, always in hands, another - the past, spins somewhere with a number, it always can be seized if strongly to want, the third end-future, the imperceptible end, we can hold it in hands only when it becomes the present. And again all is weaved into one hard and confused ball which all we name: "Life".
Write to me, if I to you so road.
I shall wait for your letter.
With love Ekaterina
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