Scam Letter(s) from Melissa Harrington to Chanoch (Israel)

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Letter 1

Hello dear Hanoch

Thank you very much for your letter once again and i am very happy to hear fom you soon once tell a little about myself...i am 33 years old single girl working as a hair dad is Australian and my mum is a Ghanaian and i am here in Ghana with my mum since my dad has passed away and do you know Ghana?...i am a girl with a good sense of humor and optimistic..for fun...i like nature,museum,listening to music,watching movies,like water sport and also sometimes shopping....and i am there in Jdate to see if i can find myself that will be leading us into long term relationship and even marriage...and well...who knows...i hope we talk more and to see where this will lead us to...anyway....i dont have a skype now but i will try to let my mum register one for me tonight since she knew more about computer and for us to talk more there and to know each other are my pics for you and you can tell me more about yourself and also send me some of your pictures through this my email....and what is your skype id so i can add you on my list when i register one....looking forward to hear from you soon
your new friend

Letter 2

Thank you very much for your letter and i am very glad to hear from you...well...i have been here on skype looking forward to talk to you but it seems you always not there on skype and i was also thinking that maybe you are not so serious to me so if you think you are very serious to me as i am serious then...i think we can always talk on skype since i always come there to look after you...i am online there now and hope we meet there soon..anyway..this is my more phone number that you can send me sms since the mouth pin of my phone is spoil when it hit on the floor and you can't hear my voice when i the best way is for you to send me sms and here is my mobile phone number +233547676228
your dear one

Letter 3

Hello darling and how are you doing today? hope you are fine as i am doing fine also here just that i have missing you so much and wish i am there with you in your arms now darling but i hope that is going to be very soon darling and try to send me your photos too since i have really missing you so much you so much and many kisses from me to you
your dear love



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