Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Skripwitsowa to Claude (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hi!!!! Well, first letter is always difficult... i think i should tell you a bit about myself for you to know me better. My name is Irene. i was born on the 18th of May and i am 31 now. I 'm 5,6, 56 kg. I work as a administrator in a salon of beauty and i reallylike my job. I think i can tell that i am quite active person.i adore to be outdoors, i like different trips and i like to travel a lot...Unfortunately, i was never abroad but i dream one day to visit many countries... Well, what about dreams i should say that now my main dream is to find my true man, my second half...
That is very important for me as now i feel that i am ready to have serious relations.... Hope we have the same goals with you...:) What to tell you more? I like to dance a lot and i visit dance school here... i adore to listen to music, to different one- depends on my mood...I like to swim when i have enough time to visit swimming pool. i like to read, i like to spend my time with my family and withmy friends.well,i think it is enough for now.
hope to get your letter soon, Irene
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