Letter(s) from Victoria Reznichenko to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1

Hi,my dear friend !

Thank you for sending a letter to me,I was really happy to receive it.
You seem to be agreeable and interesting person and i`ve found something common between you and me.
I hope our communication will be developing in a good away.
Thank you for the really interesting and beautiful pic!I appreciate your healthy way of life,i feel your young soul!

Now I`d like to tell you about myself in details. My name is Zoya I`m a winsome girl of twenty seven. I was born on the 20th of January in 1980.
I live in Kypyansk, Kharcov region ,a lovely town in Ukraine. It is not so far from Russia so my native language is Russian.
I graduated from the East Ukrainian Pedagogical University and have a diploma of a teacher. So I work as a teacher in primary school.
To be true first I didn`t want to work in that sphere because of small salary but now I love my job with all my heart. It brings me not enough money but pleasure. I have amazing understanding and warm relationship with my pupils. I find myself as a teacher because I like to take care of somebody and make my folks happy. I love children very much and dream about my own son and daughter. There is so much love in my heart and I need to give it to somebody who deserve it.
I live together with my mother and my younger brother. I have to work hard to fend for ourselves because my father died in an automobile accident six years ago and we don`t have a provider now.
Father`s death was a heartbreak for me because we were the dearest people and I adored him.
I have been lonely for nearly two years after that accident,I didn`t want to communicate with antibody. I miss my daddy so much!But before this misery had happened my parents were very happy together and I know what an ideal family should be!
I was trying so much to find my real love but my attempts weren't successful and I`m disappointed in menfolk of my native country because most of them are boozy,idle person which treat women badly so I decided to try to find my love through the Internet. You never know where and when you will find the LOVE! May be it is you?:-)
Frankly speaking I was a little bit afraid of such way of acquaintance because I`m too gullible and frank person and there is so many rascaldom in our cruel word!
But I have heard that foreigners are generous,affectionate men which appreciate kind-hearted and easy-going Slavic women. I hope you are suchlike person!
I dream about happy fireside with good-natured man,whom I could trust and share all the interests and wishes,whom I could give all my unspent tenderness and attention and who would always understand me.
I have likeness with Cinderella and I hope for my prince coming!
I`m so romantic girl and I`ll try to do my best to make my husbant`s life bright and pleasant.
By the way from my own experience i can say that male`s appearance is not very important indeed because man should be generous and kind first of all.I`m looking for my soulmate, soul is more important than appearance for me.
So as you see I`m a sensitive but optimistic girl. Despite all my problems I believe in my future happiness and fulfillment of my dreams.
I don't know English, UNFORTUNATELY;-( so I use translation agency. I would like to learn English but because of financial difficulties in our family I don't have such a chance now.
So if you are interested in me write me back I want to communicate with you,my new friend!)I`ll be waiting impatiently for you answer!!Hope till next letter!


Letter 2


I was extremely happy to receive your answer!
Your letter brings me joy and keep up my spirit!
I `m glad to communicate with such a good person like you!
Honey i was exited by your long sincere letter, i feel your soul through it,you are generous,kind, frank and strong person,you are a man of my type!))
Maybe you will visit me one day and will see Ukraine?))

Now I will try to tell you more about me. My mother is musician so I play piano very well. I am fond of music,it is rise my mood when I feel tired of my problems!

In general I am a given person and I always like to try something new. I am good at cocking and gardening. Flowers brings beauty in my life so I like to take care of them!
I can be well homemaker,close friend and good lover to my love man.

I don`t have much friends. I try to communicate only with people, whom I can really trust, whom I can tell everything, and I know they will never betray me. I feel lonely, because I don`t have a loving man who would be always next to me and support me in the times I have troubles and difficulties. You now, I believe in love at first sight, and I feel that you are a very special man, the man I have never met before.
I hope I can trust you,and I hope my feelings are mutual!
Please,tell me more about you!I want to know everything because you really interest me!So it is time to finish,my friend

I will be think about you!Hopefully waiting for your letter!


Letter 3

Hi,my dear LITTLE KITTEN!!

Thank very much for your letter again. How are you today?
You know,I wait for you each letter impatiently,I reread them many times before going to bed and slipping they brings me pleasure and happiness!
Your words are more and more sweet in each letter, and, of course they make me feel more and more happy and charming with you.
In spite of that we didn`t know each other very well, and we didn`t write a lot of letters, for some reason it seems to me that we are have been close friends for already many years. You have become so close to my soul that I want to share with you with all of my thoughts. Don`t you think that there is a very special connection between us?
I have never thought that it is possible to get attached to a person so much in such a short time, but this is exactly what happened to me. There is something in you, in your words, in your face, that charms me more and more, and, to tell you honestly, most of all in the world now I`m afraid of losing this connection which seems to appear between us.

You know,last night I had a marvellous,fantastic dream,it was...about YOU!!
You came over me for a weekends and we had a meeting at last!
We were walking through the streets, talking without a break,kissing and kissing. People was looking with bewilderment,but it was no matter,we were so happy and it seems that there is nothing important for us except each other!You know,were were speaking even without an interpreter!
It was fantastic!I didn`t want to wake up and I fell happy after watching that dream!
Oh,I wish it was a truth!
As every person and every woman especially, I like dreaming. I dream about my future family (who knows, maybe even with you), about my future kids (if God let me have them), about respect and love in my relations with future husband. I dream about everything which can make me feel happy. And what is your biggest dream? Of course if it not your biggest secret at the same time:-) What can make you happy?
If you had an opportunity to live in the other country, what country would you choose? I am just curious about this.
By the way, do you believe in destiny are you a romantic person?
Do you believe that we have the second part in this big world? As for me, I am very romantic and sensitive!

I feel that something is going on with me, something that tells me that I am starting to fall in love. Guess with whom?:-)
I wonder how it feels with you, does our relationship influence your life in general, and if yes, in which way?I`ll be waiting for you answer!
Ok,my sweetheart,it is time to go!

With hope of your soon letter,
With care and affection,

Your Zoya

Letter 4

Dear Sir,

We are writing to inform you about the problem your lady Zoya has. As you were informed by Zoya, she has been using the services of the translation agency.

The name of our agency is "Pervocvet". We give mainly the services of translation, interpretation and using Internet. But in some cases we also provide the services of delivery.
Please, accept our apologies for contacting you from the e-mail address of your lady, but she asked us to do this in order not to have any misunderstandings. We have access to her mail box, as in this way your correspondence is going quicker because having a possibility to open Zoya's mail box, we are able to translate your letter at once and when your lady comes, she receives already translated variant of your letter together with the English one.

Zoya is a client of our agency. She has been using our services of translation the letters from you and for you, but for the moment she has some problems and is unable to pay for our services. Unfortunately we are not informed about what problems exactly she has because this is outside of our competence to ask such questions.

Zoya asked us to write you this letter and to inform that she is unable to write you back. She received your last mail, but cannot pay for the translation of the letter to answer you and to explain you everything personally.

We take right to suggest you our services, if you are still interested in lettering with Zoya. She has a special account with our agency, this is not the account in the bank, it is with our agency particularly.
If you are ready to help Zoya, you may contact us either to this address with the sign "For Pervocvet", or to our own e-mail address which is info_pervocvet@mail.ru and we will send you all the necessary information concerning our services and methods of payment.

We also should inform you that you won't find our web site in Internet because we don't have it. We are not a marriage agency and that is why do not need to have our own web page. All the information you may receive writing us to our e-mail address.

If you have any other questions, you may write us, and we will always answer you at once.

The administration of the translation agency "Pervocvet"

Letter 5

Dear Sir,
Zoya is worried about you, as you don't write anything and don't inform when the correspondence will continue. Please, tell us, if you are going to continue your communication with Zoya in order we inform her about this. Thank You in advance for your answer.

The administration of the agency "Pervocvet"