Scam Letter(s) from Elena Lapshina to Nico (USA)

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Letter 1

Greetings Nico.
I am glad. That you have answered me. Really it is very pleasant for me. First of all I want to find out how are you doing?. Nico I understand, that have not given you representation about my life. I want will be corrected, and to tell to you all. I was born in Taganroge. It not the big seaport. All my childhood I bathed in the sea. I love salty water. In Taganroge I have left high school, and in the age of 17 years I have left in Ekatarenbyrg. I have arrived in University. At university I have studied the English language, and now I easy speak and I write. On a speciality, I the technologist of the food-processing industry. I studied much, and now I have many specialities. Except for the technologist of the food-processing industry, I have a speciality the manager in restaurant business. I have received this speciality after passage, the president of the program of a training for a new profession of the staff. And now I have the international diploma. Nico I have a little taken a great interest, and left from my story. After the ending of University, I have left to work in Kirov. And now I live in this city.
Nico my parents have died. My mum has died 4 years ago, I the daddy has died 6 years ago. I loved my parents, and very strongly I miss on them. From make related at me there was a native sister with her small son. Sometimes I to a hedgehog to them on a visit. I love my sister. Nico I work, as the technologist at the Processing factory.
It is good work and she is pleasant to me. I work, five days in a week, and I earn 140 $ dollar a month. For Russia it is good money.
Nico I have no special hobbies. When that for a long time I saved cards. But now I am not fond of it. I love walks in park. Picnics on the nature. Nico I hope, that mine the story will give you the best understanding of me. I also want to find out all about you.????? Tell to me all about itself. About your life. I shall wait your answer.
Yours Nadezhda.
P.S.I have removed my structure. Because I want to concentrate on correspondence with you. Thanks for a photo.

Letter 2

Greetings Nico.
I am glad to see your letters. It so is good. How are you doing????.
With each your letter, I find out a lot of new about you. Nico I also try to tell to you all about me. If you have questions do not hesitate. I shall answer all your questions. Nico yesterday was good day. I went to cinema with my girlfriend. This film refers to " Love to dogs is obligatory ". It is very good comedy. It is a pity to me, that you were not with me. We would laugh together. Nico this film as the girl searched to itself for the guy, through the Internet.
I advise you to look this film. I very strongly like family comedies.
Nico glad with you there is a cinema. I love cinema. After viewing cinema we with the girlfriend have gone to park. I like to walk in park. If I have free time and go on foot to park. There it is very quiet and good. It is possible to think, and to dream. Nico you like to dream. I like to dream. It seems to me, that all people can dream. It so is good in our dreams all well. Nico I began to notice, that I think of us. There can be it will seem to you silly.
But I build pictures. What can be our life. Know to me so it would be desirable, that our correspondence would be terminated by a meeting in the person. This meeting will give us concept about us. Full concept.
You think also??. Nico in park of my city sell, a shish kebab. This favourite dish of Russian people. Him always eat on the nature. A shish kebab this pickled meat which prepares on a fire. It so is tasty. I want to sit with you, at a fire and to look as the shish kebab prepares. Nico it is pleasant for me, that on other side of the ground there is a person to whom it is interesting as has passed my day which wants to find out me. It is fine. Nico tell to me at you there are places in which you like to go, dream. You dreamed of us. Simply dreams. I hope, that they I do not frighten you. Nico forgive, that sometimes I do not write to you for a long time. I have no computer of a house, I write from the Internet of cafe. It seems to me, that it does not become a barrier to our acquaintance. For me the big pleasure, that I write to you and you write to me. I want to find out you. Nico tell I can count you my friend????. It is important for me. I want to send you my picture. Nico I want to answer, on your question. Kirov, is located in the Kirov area. I went in Ekaterenburg after school. I was not afraid.Thanks for a photo.
Yours Nadezhda

Letter 3

Greetings Nico.
I am glad, to see your letter. Also it is pleasant for me, that you have divided my alarm, concerning my unsuccessful trip to the bus.
Nico I have good news to you. I went to passport visa service. To me have told, that for trip to you, it is necessary for me to change a photo on my passport and all. In my passport there is a black-and-white photo, and is now necessary color. Nico I went in a photo interior and have made a photo. My passport will be ready in three days.I am glad, that that I can see you in the person. Nico today in Internet - cafe the short day. They want to do preventive maintenance of the equipment. Therefore I cannot write the big letter.
Well. Nico every day I think, about you and about that on what our life will be similar. In my head there come only good ideas. I think, that all will be good. Nico most important, that we understand each other at a mental level.It is big plus, in relations it is very important to understand the partner. It seems to me, that I completely understand you.
Nico meeting in the person, will let to us know much. We can see eyes each other. We can hold hands. It will be fine. Our first night. From such ideas it becomes good me. Nico earlier I lived other life. I simply went for work, and house. My life was boring. In it there were no new sensations. Now all has exchanged, I feel changes to the best. In my life has appeared, the person which I value. My life from a bog, has turned to the rough river. And I with a head was dipped into it.
Nico it seems to me, that the life gives us chance to start all with a new line. To begin a new, best life. A life in love and understanding. I want it. I want to see you in the person, I am glad that to me such chance drops out. Nico I wish you good day.
Successes in all affairs. I wait for the answer.
Yours Nadezhda

Letter 4

Greetings Nico.
I am glad, that you write to me. Nico I for the first time correspond with the person through the Internet, it seems to me that to me at once has carried. I have found the the man. Nico how are you doing?. All is good?. At me everything is all right. Every day resembles a holiday because every day I am closer to you. Nico I am glad, that in your letters I see understanding and support. We look at many things equally. Nico I assure you, that I shall make everything, that in my forces for our happiness. Nico every morning I am engaged in gymnastics. I want to hold my body in the good form. I dream to leave with you in your city. To go with you on road,
and all men turn around and envy you. I want to hold your house in cleanliness and the order, to prepare you for a good meal. To do everything, for that that you would be happy. It is my dream. Nico I recollect what work it was necessary to me to make the passport. I did my passport more than five months. I submitted the application, waited for analysis of my application. Passed conversations. I collected set of an information. About mine health, my work. It was very hard. But now I understand, that it has been made knowingly. You my award. Nico I am sure, that when we shall see each other in the person, our feelings will start to grow, with new force. It seems to me, that the first year we shall spend all free time together. It will be simply healthy.
Nico most terrible thing in the world this loneliness. The lonely person has no full happiness. As speak in Russia " one in a field, not the soldier ". I am glad, that this proverb will soon not concern us.
Nico together we can win loneliness. And our life will start to beat in a new key. I cannot transfer all my experiences. It so is hard for making in one letter. Nico today I had conversation with my chief. I have warned him, that have found the good person. Also I have told to him, that I think, that I shall leave to you. My chief has understood me. He has told, that will not prevent my dismissal. Also he has told, that on my work for me always there will be a place, and I at any moment can return. But it seems to me, that I shall not come back any more to my work. Nico my girlfriends envy me. Many of them also have no husbands. They are glad for me. Many speak Nico " bring to us grooms of friends Nico ". I understand, that they joke, but in each joke there is a share of the truth. Nico I should finish my letter. It is time to me to run. I shall wait for your letter.
Yours Nadezhda X0X0X0X0X0X0
P.S. On my last photo family of my girlfriend



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