Letter(s) from Janet Mark to Jim (USA)

Letter 1

My name is Sidi Ali meaning Rose Flower and i am 32 years old, i am single(2 years ago).I am originally from Venezuela and presently living in Ghana. Am a mix race my mum is a Venezuelan and my dad a Ghanaian. I moved here with my dad and brother when my mum passed away from a serious illness while we where still young. My dad also later died and i am living with my uncle now with my younger brother. I have been use to the weather here and i really love been here in my fathers land. Africans are very good and trust worthy and i have ever regretted been here. I work as a sales girl in a supermarket I'm a Hard working lady and very friendly.i have no Kids and Never Married.

Letter 2


How are you doing today, well i read your mail and am very sad to hear you don’t believe me. Those are my pics and someone must of stole then from me. That is all I can say is it is me in the pics. Please do take very good care of your self and am looking forward to hear from you soon...