Scam Letter(s) from Evelina to Roberto (Italy)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend roberto!!
All over again want to tell that to me pleasantly that you have responded to my note to you.
Also I hope that it only began also our correspondence As you already know me call Olesya and I live in Russia. City in which I live refer to as Penza.It is small but beautiful enough city which is in Moscow area.To me of 27 years My growth of 169 sm and my weight of 55 kg. I have blue eyes I never was married. I long enough am in loneliness.
And I as well as any girl would like to have children in general to create high-grade amicable family.
I want to tell slightly about my biography. Penza it is city in which I was born. I live in him with my mum.
The father at me is not present because he has left my mum when she was still pregnant.It is a sad history and I shall not go into details.I have studied at university of 5 years and have received the red diploma.
I all life dreamed to work as the teacher at school.But at me it has failed to be employed on my speciality.
As at us in Russia it is very difficult with workplaces.I insurance agent- I work and now.
As I very much love sports and I am engaged in aerobics.You may not worry concerning understanding of English language I well understand English I can write and translate.I went on rates of English because I know that this language now everywhere is necessary.I write letters from the Internet of the center.Because from the childhood my mum has learned me to all.
I am the unique child in family. I do not have native brothers and sisters.I hope that perusal of this letter has helped you slightly to learn me.I want you to ask to tell to me your biography so we can become little bit more close to each other.
On it I shall finish the letter to you my friend. I hope for your fast reply.
Yours faithfully

Letter 2

Hello my friend roberto !!!!!!!!!
I am very glad to tell you hello again!Thank for your next good letter.I admit to me it was very pleasant to read your letter again.
I not the master in a spelling of letters but I try that all of you have understood. In this letter I shall try to tell about myself little bit more in detail. As to music that I prefer popular Russian music. My loved Russian group it " Premieres minister "
From foreign music it is pleasant to me Robert Miles.Sometimes music helps me to relax. As I wrote to you I am engaged in aerobics because support of a figure for me is important. And in general I care of the health. I am engaged in aerobics two times per day.
I visit Fitnes-club. I want to inform you that I very much love sweet especially ice-cream.And in general from food I prefer Russian kitchen. Mine loved dishes it is a soup from a nettle .My loved color blue and dark also I prefer clothes of these colors.I want to tell to you that I was born on January 8 And when your birthday and who you on a horoscope? What your loved color? What color your eyes and what growth at you? You have hobby? How you relax? I think that on it is possible to finish my next letter.
I shall wait your answer with impatience.
Yours faithfully

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend roberto !!!
I am very glad, which has received your letter. It is very pleasant, that you continue the correspondence to me.How you??? How - you, work????? I hope, that you have today a good day.I know very much not so "to your country, only this which I have read in newspapers, and I observe me TV.You know, that I work as the insurance agent.I wish to ask you. My dear I saw your country showed on the TV. I very much liked your country. At you in the country all is very developed. Your country very beautiful and people in your country live very good and kind Please inform me on it. I would not be against the nobility "to your country more. On TV speak that your country very good for carrying out of holidays It - whether the truth really. I ask, that you informed me on it. Well??? To me certainly very much it is not dexterous to ask you about it, but I would like it, we have been opened for each other. How you look at this My dear? I ask, that you informed me on it for me, it is very important. And on it I finish the letter. I ask, that you have written me the letter as soon
as possible. Well??? I will wait for your letter and the big impatience!!! Please answer my questions. For me it is very important to know your opinion. I felt similarly as to, similarly, similarly very happy when has received the today's letter from you.
Tomorrow I will search for your answer.Have good day.

Letter 4

Hello my dear roberto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very pleased to receive your prompt reply.I very much waited for your letter.
I very much frequently think of you within my day.In the evening I speed up the center in the Internet to write to you the new letter.
I already spoke you, that I write to you my letters in the Internet the center.It - very much regretted, that I have no any computer any house. Earlier I had no any need of it.The Internet which the center is about my house, therefore I can visit it without problems.
With each new letter we investigate each other much better. My dear I very urgently would be, would like to hear your voice.
But I already informed you, that I have no any phone any anyone, and it - the big problem for me. I think, that it - the most important thing in the house.I would like to speak with you and to hear your voice. And if that I shall hope that I can find phone and as soon as, I can call to you. I shall wait during this moment with huge impatience. I think, which on a voice is possible to study people much more.
I shall try to find a way to which we spoke. Even if it borrows not enough time, but it will be very important for me.I very much want to continue with you attitudes.It is very pleasant for speaking with me with you. Between us very big distance, but in the future I would like to see you close to me. But while it only dreams. I hope, that it will be legality of speed. I wish to you the perfect day.
I with the big big impatience shall wait for your letter.

Letter 5

Hello my love roberto !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very pleased to receive your letter today.For me the great pleasure to answer your letter.
I am very grateful to you for attention and interest to me. My love, I want you, I shall be possible to ask, that I have named you in letters my love? I think, that it will be pleasant for you. It - very much regretted, that we, while - far apart.
We are divided one thousand kilometers. But I think, that we can break all barrier with the help of language of love.
Even the most difficult obstacles have no any force close to such strong, clever and cautious person as you My love I should remember day of our romantic meeting all life. I very much want to speak about love. I a lot of time dreamed, as we sit in a fireplace. Candles soft, pleasant light. Wood of fire will be small beaten interrupted in a fireplace. We look against each other and all our ideas concerning love. I very much similarly to clever and strong people which have the point of view of representation concerning a life.
I try to surround me with honour and sincere people, having one rare feature to which kindness addresses as. The love to me means freedom. Freedom of a choice of the favourite person. If the soul of the person is remarkable, his weaknesses remain not noticed.
The love allows me to look at the world on new.. I would like to have such understanding and affinity for the sake of which I shall be ready to give all. What do you think of all it? What is love in your opinion?Please answer my questions. Our life has met. Let them to burn as a bright star of our surprising love. I shall wait your answer. I hope for destiny. Love and kiss.
Yours Olesya!!!!!!!!!!!



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