Scam letter(s) from Natalia Burlakova to Peter (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Peter !!! I have received your letter and for me this great pleasure. It very much and very pleasantly for me which you write me and do not ignore my questions. As some men, and sincerely answer me my questions which I to you a set. I feel even on the remote distance your good-natured character. You very pleasant for me. When I come the Internet - the cafe in me begins the best minutes. I adore to read novels of love of Romeo and Djuleta, it is the most favourite novel. And lyrical verses. I like to look melodramas. I have been amazed, with mutual love, both people. I dream of the same huge love. I loved the person in the past it, named Anton. We have spent good time with it. From the beginning in all of us it was good and it is remarkable. But later it has changed. Anton became more rough to me. It has given me not enough time. At me was not insufficiently it. I trusted and hoped, which in all of us will see the reason with it, but all remains as. And as soon as it on me has removed a hand and has struck me. And after that case we with it leave. I do not wish to recollect and think of it. As it has caused to me many pains. Well? It became for me a lesson. I will not make more such mistake. My first love seemed to me of the last. And after that I did not have a person. Now I communicate only with you, and I do not have other person.
Tell to me about your love. If you can Well? I assure you it for me, that it will be important to know.
I wish you success and all advantage.
I would like you to send my photos of my apartment of the house!!! You can send me too yours photos your house. Elena. P.S - I in a condition to play a piano. My girlfriend says, that in me it is good :), it turns out.ha ha ha!
Letter 2
Hello Peter !!! It is very pleasant to me to see your letter to me today. It for me gives pleasure to read you again. Thanks you for it!!! How your life? How mood? How is the weather at you in a city? Today I visited my aunt and when we sat at a table and drank tea. And tea was very much and very tasty?! You love tea? And, that I have distracted. I have told to my aunt about you. I have told, that have got acquainted with the pleasant person for me. She has certainly started me to ask, why I about it did not speak to it earlier. But I it have explained it also it me have understood. It was very glad for me. She has asked, what I would show it your photo? I to it have told, that I will show to it as soon as I can.. You not against? I believe in God. I very often go to church and I pray. Because in church I can pray for all my dear people for me. I pray, that marks would have a sound health and in a life was as small as possible problems. And I pray, what I could find the person which will to me to liking. Though we have got acquainted on the Internet. I believe, that you are the good person. And I believe, that we became more is more close to each other. You agree with me? I will finish the letter and I will wait for your new answer. Elena. P.S Is an old ancient Russian image. It to me has passed by right of succession from the grandmother. It very much for me expensive. The picture rescues me and protects from troubles and troubles.
Letter 3
Hello Peter !!! Your photos are very beautiful. Thanks you for your answer to me. I wish to know more about you. I spoke to you in the last letter on a family. Now I will speak about myself further. Since a day nursery I was impressionable the girl. Approximately in this age I had a division of parents. Mum always abused the daddy because it often used alcohol. All it has been postponed in my heart, and for me it is always heavy to recollect it. But time passed, and wounds have been cured. Then I lived with the grandmother. It learnt me to all to the most good to her death. It was the most person expensive to me. It was fair and fair. And in me it was brought up. Better I to you will tell as I have got acquainted with my girlfriend Irina. We lived at one entrance, but on different floors. And as that in the evening when I ran home. We have casually faced with Irina heads. We have fallen and kept for heads. As she was ill us. But from it the moments we became the best girlfriends. I Irina very much love also I to you I will send its photo together with me. And you have friends? Character in me very strong. I always overcame. And with all difficulties in a life to me had to consult one. Sometimes I obstinate, but rather. Basically I always soft and fluffy. And what your character? To me to like to go in for sports. I take a great interest in poetry and classics. I like to read novels and verses. I very much like to spend time among the friends. We often go with them on the nature. We prepare meat and we have fun. We talk and tell different histories. It is very cheerful? You are proud of me?? I when did not smoke and did not use drugs. And I do not use some alcohol. Elena. P.S - My girlfriend transfers you greetings.!!
Letter 4

Hello Peter !!! It is pleasant to me to see your letter to me. I am glad, that I have a possibility to you to write. I very much like your pictures and you on them are very beautiful. I search for the present love. I wish to find the person for the sake of which it is necessary to live. I want, that you would be frank with me. Only then it is possible to see the person and it is understood. You the person on which I have paid attention. I want, that you would write to me more about yourselves. As I want you the nobility and to learn more and more. I wish to know, how you spend the days of week. It will be very interesting to me. I will try to write to you as much as possible about me. I want, that you could study me as it will be better. You ask me my surname. My surname Suchentsova. I am very glad, that we have a possibility to communicate. E-mail letters it is a remarkable way to communicate. All it reminds me medieval noble novels of love when letters have been sent by means of pigeons … It so romantically … you with me agree? I would like to hear your voice. I would like to see your fine photos. You can leave to me the phone number. If I have a possibility I will call you. Well? I will tell to you about a life. I have been born in a city in which I now I live. I have finished high school and I have no higher education from - for absence of money. At school I have studied English and the French language. In English I talk better than in French. My dream to visit what be the country. I when was not in other countries.. But I will wish to look very much the world. I know only the city. My favourite colour - it is dark - dark blue, I very strongly love the sea. Earlier I worked as the seller of cosmetics for women ORIFLAME, but have soon closed it. And I had to leave from it. Now I work as the tutor. There I work 3 years. I am very sociable. And it is interesting to me to know people new to me.. You have interested me. Certainly I would like to work on more successful work but it is difficult to find such work in my city. I dream, that I would enter the university and to receive higher education. But in Russia it is expensive. I wished to become the lawyer always. But I cannot study as the lawyer. I buy on superfluous money to myself books on jurisprudence. And when I have time I read them and I try to understand. Now I live in small apartment of parents. My parents live separately from each other. When I was small mine the parent have divorced. It was very difficult. Constant scandals and shouts. Usually it not to like me to recollect, but I wish to tell to you it. Later they had a new family and I could not live with them. Therefore my grandmother became my relative. The grandmother since the childhood learnt me to live. She wanted, that I would be fair with people and did not repeat an error of my parents. But later in 2003 there was a terrible. At me the grandmother has died. It was very big trouble for me. My grandmother has died of illness of heart. Let's change the subject. It is not easy to me to speak and recollect it more. I think told by me of it enough, that you could know about my family.. I very much love soft toys?!! I grew in a family one. I did not have sister and the brother. Mine mum called Nadya and daddy Sasha. I do not have driving licence, but I like to go by the car? ha ha! I when was not in marriage and there were no children.. I very much love children!! I simply adore them. I would like to have children with my beloved. That's it on it I work as the tutor.!! Tell to me about your native if to you not difficult. Well? I hope, that it was interesting to you to know me even more. I hope, that my long letter have not spoilt to you mood. With impatience I will wait from you for the answer. Elena.
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