Scam letter(s) from Yana Tihomirova to Paul (Canada)

Letter 1
Greetings my new acquaintance!!!
In the first I to wish be sorry that I could not to answer you earlier. When I to write to you on your profile on a site of acquaintances I could not believe that who that will really answer me. And I really not to trust in it.
Therefore I long not to check my mail box.
I to wish to tell to you that it is my girlfriend to advise to find the friend on a site of acquaintances. About its profile I to write you my message. And today when I to come to ask on work it me, to answer you to me or not.
I to tell what absolutely to forget to check my mail box. And now when I to see your letter to me, the first my sensation is surprise.
I am valid for the first time on a site of acquaintances. And consequently I was sorry that I could not to answer you earlier.
Really I to have so it is a lot of work what to forget to think about my private life. And after all already it is time. To me of 30 years and I to think that second half is time to find.
I to wish to tell to you that I to choose the man from your country, because my girlfriend as to correspond with the man from your country. And she to tell to me that in your country real men and to advise to me as to search for the happiness.
Certainly I not so to trust love in the Internet but as speak at us in Russia all can be.
I to wish to plan nothing for the future, but all can be. For now I to wish to make friends with you, I to want that you to become wash the friend. You agree?
I to think that remarkably to have it the friend in other country. I never to be in your country and not to have friends in your country, but I to think that it really interestingly and consequently if to you as it I with impatience will interestingly wait your answer.
Yes, by the way my name is Aleksandra, and how your full name????
Well that my new friend from other country, me is time to go, but I will wait your answer.
Yes, by the way my girlfriend to send you regards and to wish our of good luck....
So long!!! PS: nearly has not forgotten, I to wish to send to you my photo, will be glad to see and yours as....
Letter 2
Good morning Kayla
I got your message while I was on the road coming back from work and I just briefly memorized your email address .Unfortunately as soon I got home ZOOSK block this message and I'm not sure if you email address is correct..Would you please confirm your email so we can communicate with each-other.
Letter 3
Good afternoon Paul.
As your mood today. I very much hope that you have remarkable day.
Many thanks for all your new photos that you to send for me. It was pleasant to me to receive it again. And I will be certainly very glad to receive in the future.
We have really fine weather today. Now I have a lunch break and consequently I to run in the cafe Internet to see your letter.
And today I wish to continue ours with you conversation. I think that to you it interestingly.
I only wish to show you my life and to tell who I such and as I to live and than to be interested. I can sometimes be very curious and consequently be not surprised! OK?
Usually my day begins very much early and late comes to an end. All time I to spend on work and only sometimes with girlfriends to go to the cinema. I very much to love cinema. I to love comedies. In our life and so a lot of bad and sad and consequently I think that directors should do more than good films which to cheer up. I to love not only Russian films but also foreign as, for example such as Fantomas or a mask with Jim Kerry in a leading role.
Paul and you what to love films? You often to go to the cinema?
I with pleasure would descend with you on a comedy and we could spend time perfectly.
As I very much to love music. I love different music. All to depend on my mood. It can be a slow composition when to me sadly or fast when to me is cheerful. And still I love music as a hobby, it is classical music.
I as to like to go to theatre and to visit circus. The circus is a medicine as a hobby. You have so many positive emotions that all negative emotion at once to disappear.
Paul and you would like to descend with me in circus. You were in circus? We in Russia have many various circus representations and often to come to our city the circus.
As in our city there is many cafe. It can be summer cafe or cafe with a dance hall. All of them remarkable.
You know Paul if you to come to us I would think that necessarily was pleasant to you.
Paul tell to me about that as in your country people have a rest. It really is very interesting to me. You have cafe? Circus? Or that that still...
It so remarkably to write each other letters and to tell about that as two absolutely different cultures to conduct the way of life.
By the way I have forgotten to tell to you that two times a week I to go on water aerobics. I to support the figure and to watch over the health. I not to smoke and drink only good wine in small amounts. I know that the man to have many such bad habit how to smoke a cigarette, and I have no insult if you to smoke a cigarette.
But the woman should not do it.
And still I have dream... I never never saw ocean and I time in a life would would like to see this remarkable creation of the nature. I think ocean this magic place. I would give half of life to live near to ocean. It would be a fairy tale for me.....
But it only my dreams.
Today I wish to send you still some my pictures. These are one of last my photos. I to hope that they will be pleasant to you. Certainly from them you cannot represent my exact growth and weight, therefore I wish to tell to you that my growth of 66 centimetres of 1 metre and to weigh I no more than 56 kg.
Paul I wish to ask you pardons for that that there can be I that that to tell not so. But I really do not wish to have from you secret and consequently my soul is opened to you.
Really it is very interesting to me to tell it with you. I very much to hope that you as. I have the friend in other country and it is magnificent.
Now it is necessary for me to go and continue my work, but I with impatience will wait your answer. Please I to ask you not to postpone the answer to my letter because if you will long not write to me I I will think that I have offended you and to me it will be not so pleasant.
To appointment my darling Paul.
Letter 4

Paul you have answered me today and for me it is the big pleasure. Now when I have a few free time I will write to you.
Today I wish to tell even more to you about myself and about the life because our first letter was only the beginning of our acquaintance and I want that all of you knew about me and I about you. Therefore do not hesitate to write to me about itself, I wish be for you the true friend to which you can to trust all your secrets. I think that we should hide nothing about each other and then we will be is more close to each other through our letters, and I will try to understand you in all.
I wish to begin today my letter with that that I really to live in the remarkable country Russia. Though I think that each person to love the country and that place where he to be born above all. I to be born in Omsk area in the city of Samara. It is a remarkable city. I have arrived to it a city to enter the institute and now I to work as the nurse in polyclinic of cardiological branch. I very much to love the work and consequently first of all I wish to wish for you Paul huge health.
In free or lunch time I can go to the cafe Internet which to settle down near to our polyclinic and to write you the letter. Therefore I to warn you for earlier that if suddenly I not to answer you at once your letter, not to worry about it, it means that I really or had a lot of work and could not be released or the cafe Internet not to work for technical reasons because at them happens such. I not to have the own computer of the house and consequently to write to you only about the cafe Internet. But I that I will always promise to answer you your letters.
In the city of Samara we with my girlfriends with which together work we rent apartment. All of them already to have second half and to meet men, and only I till now one. But now I know that I have you Paul and not to be upset about it. Certainly now we can communicate with you only through our letters, but I to hope that sometime I necessarily to acquaint you with my remarkable girlfriends. By the way you can see them in a photo which I send to you.
I do not live with my parents because they to live in the country which to settle down in 70 kilometres from a city. But I often to come to them and to bring from a city various gifts.
My mum call Nina Petrovna. It to work at local school the teacher, and my daddy already on pension and to be engaged in an economy. It to be the military man and consequently early to leave on pension. As with us to live my sister Irina and my grandfather. I already spoke to you in my first letter that my grandmother already has died and consequently my parents to care of my grandfather.
We to have the small wooden house and an economy. My parents to have at themselves a cow who feeds us and even dresses. Mum hands over every morning milk which to give our cow Masha, and to have from it small money. We not rich people and always earned on bread fair work. My mum always wanted that I as well as it was the teacher, but I have told my mum that I wish to be only the doctor and I will necessarily study as the doctor. And here now I to live in a city and to work as the nurse.
My mum is certainly glad for me, but it very much misses me and worries. I understand it, but I do not wish to throw my work and I wish to treat people.
Paul, you from the big family? Tell to me a little about your family! OK?
Unfortunately I have with myself no photos of my parents, but I will try to photograph them and to send them for you. You as can send photos of the parents and it will be interesting to me to look at them.
I not to have at all it is a lot of photos and consequently I send only those which I have.
It is necessary for me to work more many today. I should perform good work! It is very important! I will wait your letter.
I hope that this good letter for you. Yours faithfully, Aleksandra.
Letter 5
Very lovely of you that you have answered my letter Kozera because I waited for it. I do not know why I have written to you, but I very much wanted it and consequently have decided to get acquainted with you. I in general for the first time on a site of acquaintances and very much worried that you will not answer me, but you have answered me and I really to be very happy.
Certainly we still are very little familiar with you and to know nothing about each other, but I very much to hope what exactly ours with you of the letter will help us to learn more each other and to do our day more interesting.
I as to wish to tell to you that I am fine to understand English as we to train it at school, therefore I to understand all that you to write to me.
I know that you could not see my photo on a site of acquaintances because I do not wish to have the letter from other men and consequently I send some of them to you and I very much hope that they will be pleasant. In the future I as will be very glad to see and Kozera which you can send your photos for me. The only thing I very much to ask you that you to reduce them in the size that I could receive them without problems.
Now you can represent my person and I would like to tell a little to you about my life.
To me of 30 years and now I think that it is the most suitable age to start to create family. There can be therefore I to go on a site of acquaintances to search second half. I very modest girl and I for me to write letters more it is better than acquaintance in a public place. Through letters I can transfer without modesty all my soul. I wish to tell to you at once that I to search only for serious relations and consequently to ask you as to be with me sincere and not to play with me in games because I very vulnerable person.
I could not find the happiness in Russia. Always that that to stir to me. And now I to trust in that that my second half to be in Canada.
Today I cannot write you the big letter. To the first because I to write to you from my work at leisure, and I do not wish to load you into the second too big information on me. I want that ours with you relations developed slowly and mutually. But if to you really interestingly learn about me more I can to tell to you in my following letters, on my work, on my family.
Now it is necessary for me to run and carry out my work, but I will hope very much for that that I will necessarily receive from you the answer and you make my day happy.
Good luck!!!
Letter 6
Good afternoon my darling Paul. Allow to name please to me you wash the darling. It so is pleasant for me.
You to ask my address, of course, write down:
The country Russia,
The city of Samara,
Street of Lenin,
The house 5,
Apartment 18.
I in general very much to like to do to people the pleasant. Probably because I the kind person. I am not able to refuse and is always glad to help all than I can. I think that if I had the husband that all did only for the sake of the husband.
Paul I since the childhood dreamt of a strong and amicable family. I dreamt that my husband will strongly love me and even went on courses of the hairdresser and the cook to care of the husband. And now I am able not only to cut men and women, but also it is good to prepare. Most of all I to like to do a borsch. Likely you already to hear such dish. And still I am very tasty to bake pies. For the weekend I often to do meat pies and dried apricots and my girlfriends are always happy with that as I to bake pies.
Paul you would like to try my culinary art? What you to prefer for a dinner? I think that I could prepare any dish, well can sometimes be with your help.
I often to give to myself my life with the man. I still never lived with the man, but now I think that I am ready to it and is ready to light the life to the husband. I wish to care of the husband. I wish to love it and to be favourite.
I know that men love is tasty to eat and I am obligatory to prepare for the man is tasty. For me it would be only in pleasure.
I wish to smile only to the man that it was happy. I wish to do so that my man received pleasures from a life, we could learn each other not only to languages but also that how correctly to live in Canada and I you as people live in Russia. It so is interesting...
But now it only representation about that that I want. This my representation about the future life.
For now I only can write to you and only through our letters learn you and that that you to want from a life.
As you to represent your future life my darling Pawel. Tell to me Pawel. What you wish to see the woman? It is very interesting.
Today we with my girlfriends go to cafe to celebrate put a birth of one of our girlfriends. I think that we will perfectly spend time. I think that today I will tell to my girlfriends about you. I know that they only will be glad for me because I am happy that I to have such remarkable friend by name Paul.
It is pleasant to me to write you letters and to tell to you about itself. I feel that to you as it interestingly. I am opened to you with all the heart and as you to ask to be sincere with me.
Now it is necessary for me to run for work. But I go there with good mood. And you I wish as only all most the best.
Always yours Aleksandra.
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