Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Nikolaeva to Daniel (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Daniel!
I am so glad to your letter, and I ask you a pardon, for that what not with could answer quickly to you, and I hope that you forgive me and can answer me very soon, to me it will be pleasant, if you answer my letter, ok?
If to tell about myself I the woman modest and brought up in a good family, I love sports, I like to read books, I against a drug and against smoking because I consider that any person should be healthy, and health is the main thing, and all the rest then will be, you agree with me my friend Daniel? It is interesting to me to learn your decision!
I write to you from the Internet of cafe and I hope that we can correspond every day, and you want it?
My name is Tatyana, me of 27 years, I from Russia and I think that distance which to be between us, will not prevent our dialogue, whether not so? I lonely, yet would not meet the man which there was my future a man, and I have decided to find through the Internet because many people through the Internet find the second half, and I hope that we can learn each other more and I with can become your second half!
My friend, it is very pleasant to get acquainted for me with you.
Daniel Please, write to me about you directly! What your full name?
It will be interesting to me to learn about you more, and I hope that you wish to correspond with me if there is no that and tell I you I will understand, ok?
I finish my letter here now.
I will wait your letter tomorrow and I hope that you with can answer me my lovely friend.
I send you my pictures and I hope that will like you, and as I will wait your pictures and I hope that you can send me them in the following letter.
It will be pleasant to me to receive your answer and I with impatience will wait for tomorrow, and I hope that with the big pleasure to me with can answer!
Your new friend Tatyana!!!!!!
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