Scam Letter(s) from Cynthia Thomas to John (USA)

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Letter 1

About me..

I am a very passionate ,loving ,caring mother.with big heart of love and ready to share it with some one special.
am mixed African Spanish,Dad from Nigeria and mom Spain.i was born in Spain,before my dad and mom relocated to the states.
i grow up and school in California, im an RN nurse by profession,i worked in my field few yrs before i met my ex.we were so,much in love with each other and he asked me to stop working and be staying at home and taking care of things.i obey and did as he said.he is a business man always here and there so actually no time for me ,but i remain faithful to him and God,when i lost my mom things where hard for my dad so he couldn't control the heart break, so he relocated to back to Nigeria and stay with family,i do visit often,because i am close to family.we always visit during xmas period my dad is now based here in Nigeria since 5yrs now and working there..but i do visit some times to check on him. when the situation of my ex being too away become worst ,i don't know what to do..this time he don't even bother coming back home any more.for months he will be away and no words from him.he only call some times to know whats up and when i told him i want to start working because i am becoming more lonely and idle.but he wont allow me to work.after some times he visited and we spend some time together and i thought he is back but he lefts again.sooner i was pregnant and i told him he came back spend some time with me again and he left.when i gave birth to our daughter he wasn't there ,things became so much worst and i cant take it any more i called him and a girl picked the call it was another woman he was camping..i didn't know he was cheating on me all this time...but this time he came home and begged said one thing and the other i believed him and forget about it because i trusted him and i thought he was making the coins but instead he was eating the pussy..we moved on but it didn't stop there he starting acting strange and was trying to deny the baby saying all this while that he was away how is he sure that am not going out with another man,it was a very big issue and he was treating me bad i have to take it because i loved him so much and not ready to leave day he made it clear to me that he is leaving to china for a business trip and may not be back for some while.i waited and no way he stopped sending me money and i cant work because i just had a baby .to cut the long story short i explained every thing to my dad he asked me to move here to Nigeria and stay with him so he can take care of me and my baby
my dad was so worried and sorry for me,because am his only child and he thought that Chris my ex is going to take good care of me as he promised.when i told my ex about moving back to Nigeria to be with my dad he said its nice that i need to have a good life because he is having a good life where he is.i was so down and depressed, heart broken and betrayed,because i was so committed to him but i was denied and rejected so i decided not to have any thing to do with any guy again, my love for him faded away and i cant love any one again.but after some times with being around the new area with family i have to move on with my life because my dad always told me that the best man for me is yet to come and i believed that...this is the reason why i joined the site to see if any thing good can come out of it ,am a good caring mother.i take care of my daughter and i make sure i share all my time with her but now i need to look up for a better future for her and for my self.she is 2yrs now and soon i will start working and all this suffering will be over.. am enjoying being around family and my grandma who is always making me happy and i feel welcome but im still missing that special some one .am not giving up yet.
i have to stop here and now you know my fears in men and why i have been single and lonely and on the site searching.
do you mind distance and age in a relationship? for me i don't mind the both all i want is good life and be happy again
i am ready to relocate for love and be with the right man,am willing to relocate for love,yes i want to visit as well
i have attached the pics of me and my daughter as well
i hope you like them,pls send me urs as well.i want to have more of ur pics too
please i would love to have some answers of the questions below

Whats your bad experience in meeting a lady on the Internet.

Are you really serious about me,can you take the responsibility of being a father and a lover?
tell me do you mind the distance between us?

i am looking forward to hear back from you again
age is a number
take good care of your self for me


Letter 2

thanks for getting back to me
i would like u to take some time and write me all about u and tell me more about ur self and do send some pics as well

have a nice sleep


Letter 3

am glad to read from u again...thanks for the pics and thanks for telling me more about u and family
i like ur pics and i dont think u are old like u mentioned.any way i wish to know more about u and as well be part of ur future..i hope things work out fine between us...ur children are beautiful...

i hope to meet them some u use yahoo messenger chat IM?

if u dont u can download it on here.....its easy to chat live and get to know each other more on there


Letter 4

am 8hrs ahead of figure the time u can be online so i will be here waiting for u...i hope to talk to u soon...have a nice sweet weekend...kiss



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