Scam letter(s) from Amina Ashim Tabara to Paul (Ireland)

Letter 1
Dear Beloved One,

Compliments of the day to you, how are you doing over there with your entire family? Well let me firstly introduced myself to you which i hope you will still do the same in your next email to me. I am Mrs. Amina Tabara, Wife to late Mr. & Mrs. Arturo Tabara from Philippines . My hobbies are, meeting people, reading novel, listening to music and cooking which my best interest in life. Regard to my biography life and my entire family my Husband was murdered on the month of (September 2004) base on political crisis, due to the fact that he was the Leader of the Philippines Communist Group(PCG) then. Since the death of my late Husband i have been hospitalize right here in Philippines for some time due to my illness(Cancer of the throat/heart) also because of what my late Husband’s relatives are doing to me. They wanted to claim every property that belongs to my late Husband, because i am the Widow my late Husband why because i supposed to know where my late Husband kept his documents of the properties and as i am mailing from my hospital room/bed with tears on my face. i wish you can come down to Philippines to see what i am passing through right here in Philippines .

But understand that i cannot chat with you or call you because Msn And Yahoo Messenger is not installed in the laptop that i am using here in the hospital and we are not allowed to use telephone in "post operation ward" and "intensive care unit ward".

Before the death of my late Husband on the month of September 2004 , he sincerely called me on his bed side and told me that he had a sum of $5m US dollars (Five Million US dollars) That he keep in a SECURITY COMPANY in Abidjan, before his untimely death which he concealed the fund in a metallic trunk box as family valuables and deposited it with the security company instead of a bank because of security reasons base on the fact that he was the founder of the strongest rebel opposition group in PHILIPPINES then.

He also used my name to Deposit the fund as his only Wife for next of kin, he enlighten me that it was because of this he position that he was betray by his business associates and also advise me that I should seek for a foreign partner in any country of my choice where I will transfer this fund and use it for investment purposes, I want you to assist me to used this fund for an investment purpose, such as “Real Estate Management”.

So i want your re-affirmation that you are capable to help me transfer the consignment as what you will have to do after i have sent all the necessary documents to you, is just for you to contact the security company as my late Husband's business partner and find out what it will take the security company to process and transfer the consignment to you through their diplomatic courier service.

I am willing to do anything to assist in the liftment of this consignment to you only if you assure me of ensuring that a charity home for ***/AIDS will be built with part of the fund in my late Husband's status and name. please I want an answer to all questions as listed below so that I can be more assured that you are really genuine and ready to help me before sending you the documents of the deposit and the security company's contact details that you shall use to apply for the consignment release and liftment to you:-

1.if you are ready to keep the transaction as top secret because I do not want my late Husband's relatives to know about this consignment in Africa after they took possession of all my late Husband's accounts and properties in Philippines.

2. Your capability and credibility in handlinga this transaction in every ramification.

3. your credibility and reliability as to avoid betrayal from you or seating on the entire fund when the trunk box is finally received by you.

4. That all my instructions as the initiator of the transaction would be taking for the betterment and hitch-free of the consignment liftment to you.

I will highlight you more on what to do as soon as you send your details and the proof of your identity so that I will have all the confident to entrust the transaction into your care without any fear and for us to proceed with the claim proceedings without further delay.

On the receipt of your response I will send my personal photographs, my medical report and my international passport for your view so that you will have the confident to go at any length to help me.

I am soliciting for your speedy response to my email with your full details and proof of your identity so that we can proceed with the consignment release and liftment proceedings without further delay.

I await your urgent response in this regard.

Best Regards,
Amina Tabara.
Letter 2
Dear Beloved One,

Thanks once again for your endeavor to help me reach out my only need in life, may god continue to bless and multiply your endeavors. i want to assure you that i will provide you with all the details and documents that will be required by the security company to process the trunk box liftment to you in my next mail as far as you promise to be honest to me and if you are capable to process the consignment liftment.

But i wish to let you know that i will not be disposed to pay any fee because i have been hospitalized for a very long time, i am even owing the hospital management and dispensary units some huge sum of money which i hope to pay once the consignment is received by you. But understand that i don't need any telephone communication in this regard because of my health condition and also i cannot chat with you because Msn and Yahoo messenger is not installed in my laptop that i am using here in the hospital and we are not allowed to use telephone in "post operation ward" and "intensive care unit ward" which this rule is similar in the big and teaching hospitals in your country also. If it is about internet services we are allowed to use mini radios, tapes and laptops only and if your laptop have WIFI it can catch the internet network services of the hospital which is the benefit that i am enjoying by communicating with you right now.
Besides my trust for you i will insist that we must exchange personal identity before we will proceed so that if anybody goes contrary to agreement the person can be reported to his embassy with the personal identity. i wish to let you know that i do not have any need for material things now or need to lie for any worldly things or money because i am trying to reconcile with my god incase i finally did not survive, all that i seek now is salvation and god's intervention. please i want you to always put me into prayer and beg god to forgive and accept my soul if this cancer decides to take my life though i believe that even if all my tests and medical reports proof that i may not survive i am sure that god makes a way only with impossible things because if it is very possible it can not be called miracles, so miracles come after hard times and impossible times.

I want you to understand that it is the will of the lord that this consignment is still existing till date because after the death of my late husband his relatives took possession of all his bank notes, documents and his other investments just because i am a woman, even his companies was sold, but they never knew about the consignment and the content because it was not deposited in a bank for security reasons which this was all that i inherited from my late husband.

I have made adequate inquiry about this transaction both in financial aspect because before i do anything with anybody i must be very plain and transparent with that person. from the explanations of the security company i was meant to understand that when you submit the application to the company, the security company will acknowledge receipt and commence verification to find out if you are the real owner of the consignment or if you are duly authorized to apply for the consignment release and liftment by the original "next of kin"(me) which will be done before they will give you the details of the consignment.

Then after the security company has completed their verification they will also cross-check the deposit documents and details that we shall submit to them to see if it corresponds with the deposit details of the depositor (my late husband) in their digital file to finally confirm that we are his real next of kin and if it corresponds they will proceed to process the consignment liftment to you through the designated address that you shall submit to them. note that if the details and deposit documents that we shall submit to the security company does not correspond with the details on their digital file our application will be disqualified by the security company and they will not accept to collect the airway bill shipment and processing fee from us because they will state that we are not the original next of kin to the depositor and for that reason the consignment will not be lifted to you which there will not collect any fee from you for any processes or liftment since it will not be released to you.

But if the details and deposit documents that we shall submit to the security company corresponds with the details in their digital file the security company will agree to process the consignment liftment to you, so it is only on this note that the security company will require you to pay the official "airway bill shipment and processing fee" which will be less than $800:00 and this is definitely the only fee required all through the transaction and till you receive the trunk box in your country/address that you shall send to them.

The other need for the airway bill shipment and processing fee as explained by the security company is that it will cover the expenses for the preparation of all the shipment documents needed for a hitch-free delivery and the air liftment charges to lift the consignment by flight to you besides all necessary certifications that will be done to ensure that the consignment will not be opened or searched in any custom/security posts till it is received by you in your address/country.

So the task ahead of me is to ensure that i will be able to get all the correct information’s and data that will be required by the security company to approve the consignment liftment while the only task ahead of you which you must accept before we proceed is to help raise the fee for the airway bill shipment and processing if the security company agrees to process the consignment liftment to you after their official verification.

So haven explained this to you in details i want you to acknowledge the understanding and acceptance completely before i will send all the necessary documents of the deposit and the security company contact details to you so that you can send your application for the consignment release to the security company immediately.

For your re-affirmation i have attached my medical certificate international passport and two of my pictures for your view so that you will have the confident to help me at any cost.

I await your urgent mail after your final consideration so that i will send all the necessary documents and the security company's contact details to you if you are ready to comply with the terms explained in details to you regarding the funding of the transaction if we pass the “text of consignment ownership" and if the security company approves the liftment in your favor.

I await your urgent response so that we can proceed.

Thanks for your tired less effort, love and understanding.

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Amina Tabara.
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