Scam letter(s) from Olga Polkovichenko to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Good day my Dear !!!!! How are you? I hope you are fine and covered with an atmosphere of peace, I am so happy that you are interested in me. I seek my interest to find you as a good and honest person. I want to be close with you and if you accept me then I will tell you about myself and I will send you my photos and I hope to hear from you.
Dear, thank you for your attention!!!!!!! Alena with love
Letter 2
Hello my dear!!!!!! I am so happy received warm and kind letter from you)))))
I really want to get to know you better and make a direct contact with you. Maybe Destiny can lead us...who knows)) I only believe that we must struggle for happiness, do you agree with me??
Please tell me about yourself. I want to know what do you think about love and relationships. I am looking for a real love because you know I'm tired of fakes in this world. I am not here for playing games, I want to find my soul mate and just to be happy, it is simple to say, but not easy to do. But, anyway, I hope that I am not asking for much))
So a little about myself. I am 35 years old. I was born in Kirovohrad.
It's a small town in the center of Ukraine. Kirovohrad is famous for its outstanding people such as Tarkovskiy - a famous soviet poet, Kropivnickiy - he was an amazing Ukrainian actor and director of numerous plays and many others. I live with my father, as my mother passed away 4 years ago. I was a late child and my parents slobbered over me. It was hard to loose my mother, after that I understood that family is the dearest thing that a person can have. Now I take care about my dear father. He needs my support very much and my heart feels with joy when I see a smile on his face.
As for my personal life, unfortunately, it was not full off happiness, but I can't say that I am sad, as I try to be positive thinking person and believe with all my heart, that I will meet my destiny here, anyway, I won't loose this chance!!! So, when I was 20 years old I got married. Now I understand that I was too young to start a serious family life. We were together for 10 years, but I was unhappy and lonely...
My husband never understood me. He was rude to me and he didn't care about me.
When he started to drink, it was the last point and I couldn't be with him a minute more. We divorced. It was hard, but gave me a hope for better life. Dear, all I need is support and man's warmth. I'm lonely for 5 years already. I don't have children, but dream to create a friendly and united family. I have a cousin, her name is Anna. She is married and has a lovely child, Alexander. I adore him, he is so cute))) I give him all my warmth and care. I really like to play with him and make presents for my lovely Alexander)).
As for my work, I was working as a nurse at the local hospital. I like dealing with people, help them. But, because of the economic crisis in Ukraine the hospital wasn't financed enough and I was fired. I had to look for a new job. And you know, God helped me and I quickly found a job of cosmetic consultant and thank's to hard work I'm a manager of beauty treatment for women now.
Honey, you know, I'm fed up of being alone. I want a beloved man by my side to feel his touches and kisses. I want to share with him all that I have. If we feel each other to be born to be together, I will do everything for my man, because I value his wishes and desires. I'm so lonely in this world.
Maybe you will save me??
The only friend I have is my dog. Her name is Tosya. She has deep and understanding eyes. I adore her. She is my best friend, so clever and cute!
Now your questions, dear)
Color eyes - gray

Natural hair color - ***** blond

Dress size - 36

Favorite foods - sushi

Favorite fragrances - Chanell)

You drink the wine or spirit? Favorites? - no, i do not like)

Smoke? - noooooooo So, I think that is all for today. Please be open with me because I want honest and real relationships. With love, yours Alena
Letter 3
Hello my darling!!!! I am so happy to receive your letters. I really want to get to know you closer. It's so important for me. We need to fell each other better. If you don't mind, honey, I'd like to tell more about myself.
I think that woman must be a woman. God create women as fragile creatures that need defence and care. Unfortunately, men in Ukraine don't understand it. That's why women need support from their beloved man. Every relations should begin from respect to each other. I think that family is the most important thing in the world.
Lots of things depend on woman. She should support a warmth in the house and wait for her husband from work.
I dream to create a friendly and united family. I really want to take about my beloved husband and our children. Cook tasty food for them and help to solve any problems. I want to please my man and comfort him. I like **** clothes and underwear. I think that *** is important part of relationships. Do you agree with me, honey? I don't have any limitations in it. Loving people should be open to each other. They should trust each other and value wishes and desires. I can be wild and shy. It's all depend on our mood and fantasies.
Honey, I am so lonely in my bed. It's so cold without you. I am tired of my loneliness. I need to be loved, feel your warmth and care. Only thoughts about you and hope for your love help me to breathe.
Please, save me from this solitude. I believe that we create something special together. Do you agree,darling? Only yours Alena
Letter 4

Hello my dear))) Today I woke up in a bad mood. The sky was grey and dull.
But when I saw a letter from you a bright smile appeared on my face))
Darling, I am so happy that you are interested in me!!
It's absolutely amazing! Honey, thank you very much for your response.Darling, how are you today? How is your mood? I am interesting in every detail from your daily life. I want to know as much as possible about you. I'd like to tell you a little about my childhood. I hope that you don't mind, honey. When I was a little girl I often visited my grandmother. I remember that sweet days when I was a lovely little girl. I liked to play hide-and-seek with my friends, climb the trees.
I was a real fidget!! I adored to swim in the river in a hot weather.
I remember one day when I found a rabbit with a broken leg in the forest. I took poor animal home. My grandmother helped me to take care about the rabbit. I gave him a name Ushastic. When the rabbit recovered we set him free. I was upset to let him go but my grandmother explained to me that forest is his home. I love my grandmother very much. I often visit her with my father.
I am going to visit the gallery of modern art with my father. We often visit different museums and galleries together. I am so happy when I have a possibility to spend more time with my father. I am interested in art, especially, in current tendencies and its development. Some artists mixed various styles for creation of particular effect. I think that every picture is a small world of artist's emotions and feelings. Do you agree with me, darling? Honey, you are the reason of my smile and my inner joy!
I want to be happy, to love and to be loved by the only man, my man, my beloved. I want to please and comfort my only one. I think that I deserve it.
Maybe, you are looking for me and I am for you. What do you think about it, darling?
Honey here is the information that you asked me to give you)
My first name Alena
my last name Lobova
Country : Ukraine
Post code: 25017
City: Kirovohrad
My address: Lunacharskogo street 36
Now your questions)
1) What interests you about me? - i have been looking for serious man who will be able to appreciate and to treat me with respect. I do not know why but it seems to me that it is you.. And my heart also tells me this)
So, I see my letter is too long already, I just wanted to open myself for you and expect the same from you. Let's be honest, open and trust each other from the beginning.
With all my love Yours Alena
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