Letter(s) from Tatyana Egoshina to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend!!!My name - Olga. To me 33 years. I live in the city of Cheboksary,republic Chuvashiya, Russia. I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol. I do not have children. I was never married. I for the first time use the Internet to get acquainted with the man!I very strongly want to have a happy life, and to find the love. Iwrite this letter to you from the Internet of agency. The name theInternet of agency - "Virdzhiniya". It is the Internet agency helps tofind to people - true friends, and some people search - for LOVE!!!With such purpose I also have come to it the Internet agency - to findthe good friend, the partner during lives, TRUE LOVE!!!Managers of agency have helped me to learn to use a computer. Andtoday managers of agency gave me some man's questionnaires - men whosearch for the girl for serious relations. I seen all man'squestionnaires which to me were given by managers of agency. But yourquestionnaire has interested me. I cannot explain it! I think, that itwas « a sign on destiny »!!! I very strongly hope for it! I hope thatin the future we can become good friends, and can be and more thanfriends … - I really hope for it!!! I very strongly hope that youappear that the man which I searched for all life!!! But if I was mistaken, or you do not want serious relations - tell tome about it! If you do not want to begin acquaintance to me, write tome the letter - and tell about it! I would be very glad to if you as have sent me the photo, and havetold a little about myself, and the life!!! I with the big impatienceand desire shall look forward to hearing from you!!! Write the letter on my address of e-mail: lonely-olga75@rambler. ru
-----Your new friend Olga!
mailto:lonely-olga75@rambler. ru

Letter 2

Hello my new friend Patrice!!!!I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. I really waited yourletter with the big impatience. I even worried a little!!! I worried,and very much wanted to see the letter from you. Many thanks to youthat you have answered my letter! THANKS!!! Now I want to tell more about myself:My name Olga. To me 33 years. I live in city Cheboksary, republicChuvashiya, Russia. But you already know it!!! Now I am engaged insearch of happiness in private life through the Internet. In a reallife I had some bad experiences of construction relations. Mensurrounding me not approach for me. Those men with whom I tried toconstruct serious relations, were not ready to this. I very much wantto create a warm married couple, to give birth to the child to theloved to the man. There are and still reasons on which I do not wantto marry for Russian the man. Much Russian men drink alcohol inplenties, do not respect women, do not concern to women seriously,afraid of the responsibility. It does not arrange me. I want to findthe man which will love me, to respect and concerns withunderstanding. I shall be very glad, if you will find yourself suchthe man. Now I work at « a house for aged of people ». I help people whichrequire my help. My work is not well paid. But I do not complain ofit. I can financial provide myself, and help the parents. My fatherand my mum do not work. My parents are on maintenance of the state (onpension). The state pays to my parents the certain sum of money ofmonth on which parents should live. I live with parents in a two-roomapartment. Relations with parents very good. We understand each othervery well. I always listen to opinion of my parents, as they very wisepeople. I very much love the parents!!! To the decision will get acquainted to the man from other country, Ihave approached very seriously. I understand, that there aredistinctions in culture, language … It does not frighten me. I wellenough know the English language. I can read, understand, talk inEnglish. The difference in the age of me as does not frighten. Ithink, that in the person the main thing - soul, a private world. Therest is not so important!!! I am ready to change cardinally the life,and to begin a new life. Changes do not frighten me. I as understand,that there is a problem that we live far apart. I realize alldifficulties. I long time postponed the small sum of money. I think,that it will help me to make a meeting with the man with which willdevelop relations. But about it to speak still very much early. Ithink, that you have understood what I the person, and my purposes ina life. If I have interested you I shall wait with the great pleasurefor your further letters!!

P. S. Patrice, many thanks to you that you have sent me your photo!Your photo very much was pleasant to me. You very beautiful the man. THANKS!!!
-----Your friend Olga!
mailto:lonely-olga75@rambler. ru

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Patrice. I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. It is reallypleasant for realizing, that our purposes in a life are similar, andwe have already a little common. Having read your letter, it seemed tome, that you the interesting person. But you need to open more, notbeing afraid of anything. When I write to you the letter I open thesoul. I never deceive. I write only that really occurs in my life. Ido not want anything to hide, and to try to like you "violently". Iwant to remain myself, and to try to construct the future with the manwhich will respect, and to appreciate me. About love to speak stillearly. I think, that a word "love" - very valuable word. I also shalltell a word « I love you » only when I shall be completely sure in theman and when real feelings will really appear!!! Us divided hugedistances, we live in the different countries. All this is veryinteresting, and is new to me. For example, it was always interestingto me find out as people live in other countries. Why people searcheach other not looking that between them for the big distances. . . Itis very interesting To me!!! How at you an affair? How your native?I'm fine, it is especial after I have received your letter!And now I have some questions for you on which I want to hear theanswer (the fair answer): 1. Your full name?2. The birthplace?3. Whether you still want to have children?4. On your intentions in construction relations with me how many areserious? 5. Whether you can arrive to Russia for a meeting with me?6. Who in family should be the leader, and under what conditions?It will be very interesting to me to hear answers to these questions. Whether on these questions I can understand much between us common! Ido not think, that people should be absolutely similar with eachother, and with identical interests. I think, that everyone shouldsupplement each other. Such relations I think - an ideal. As suchrelations are interesting and durable. Namely such relations, I alsowant to construct!!! It is a little about itself:My day begins that I rise at 06. 00 o'clock on morning jog. I run in acircle of our park which is located not far from my house. I think,that it is very important for health. And health is very important!!!I the girl, also want to have own child. I want, that my child was themost healthy, and the beautiful child all over the world. I think,that such dream at each girl who is going to give birth to children!And for this purpose I go in for sports to support a state of health. After morning jog I accept a bath, I have breakfast, I gather forwork! My working day begins at 08. 00 o'clock, and comes to an end at17. 00 o'clock. As I spoke in the previous letter, I work at « a housefor aged of people ». I help aged people in their life. It is validvery much difficult work, but also very interesting work. Every day Igo for work, and find out something new. In the rest of the time I amengaged in useful rest. Tuesday and Friday are days in which I go to asports hall (I I am engaged in aerobics). My day off revival. This dayI usually meet the friends, and we go in theatre or at cinema, orsimply we walk on our remarkable recreation park. To you, probably,apparently, that at me remarkable lives in which already all is????But it not so!!! All my friends already have second half which theylove, and at me is not present. But now at me the friend who is veryfar from me - YOU has appeared!!! And I want with each letter more andmore and more find out about you!!! I very vigorous girl with goodsense of humour. At me gentle disposition, I can go on concessions, Ican find the compromise with the person. It is very difficult for meto give up to the person if he will ask to render him service. Andinside, me tenderness which I can sometime give the favourite personoverflows. I want to love and be loved!!! Whether the man rich orpoor, beautiful or not so will be unimportant for me. For me it has novalue. The main thing it that at the person in soul. The main thingthat the man was beautiful soul. Write to me more about itself, I verymuch want find out you better. Ask to me questions that you want toknow. I well write and I talk in English, at me will not be tounderstand what problems of you. Do not take offence at me if I within1-2 days cannot answer you. I cannot write every day to you becauseInternet - agency to be far from my work. I shall try to write to youof the letter as it is possible is more often. And I ask you make toomost!!! On it I shall finish the letter, and I shall look forward tohearing from you!!! P. S. I wanted to ask you one more thing!!! To me have told in agencythrough which I correspond with you, that in the Internet now it is alot of swindlers. These swindlers name - scammers. To me haveexplained, that these people play with feelings of other people, andentice from them money. Managers of agency as have told, that it willbe difficult for me to prove to the man, that I am not the swindler. But it does not frighten me. I want to tell to you at once, that Iplay in what games!!! I search for true love and serious relationswhich will lead to marriage!!!Patrice, excuse, but I have not sent you a photo in a skirt. I havesimply overlooked about it. I shall try to send you a photo in thefollowing letter. Ok??? I wait for your answer!!! -----Your friend Olga!
mailto:lonely-olga75@rambler. ru

Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Patrice!!!Thanks for your letter, I read your letter, and I have understood all,that you to me have told. I want find out you better. I want to knowabout you everything if certainly you do not want anything to hidefrom me. For this reason I set to you those questions which interestme! I hope that you will always answer my questions. It is veryimportant! Also know!!! - if something interests you, I ask me!!! Ishall always answer your questions! The more we shall know about eachother, the we "shall be "closer" to become each other!!! I shall try to tell to you about myself more. I hope that it will beinteresting to you. Earlier we liked to go on the nature with thegirlfriends, in Campaign and on fishing. It very much was pleasant tome, very much. I very much love the nature, simply I like to be on thenature, on true to the nature. . . , clean air, animals, a wood - I liketo remain in private with the nature! But now it is hard, becausetickets began to cost dearly, and the salary on work does not raise. Ilove the work, but me so irritates, that money occupied in our lifesuch great value. It is bad on mine!!! Because of shortage of moneypeople lose an inclination to other values of a life. You, the my dear friend Patrice, probably, have noticed, that Ivery creative and spiritually emotional person. I like to look cinemaand to go to theatre. To like me the Russian comedies and melodramas. Very much to like me foreign comedies, and I love horrors, terriblehorrors - but I like to look these films only with the favouriteperson. I always present myself when to me it will be terrible, buthere I feel a man's hand beside, and embraces of the favourite personin whose hands to me not that it is not terrible. I very much do nothave it!!! We with my family live in a two-room apartment. The biggest room forreception of visitors, in it I live, and mum and the daddy live in abedroom. But my favourite place in an apartment, it kitchen. Because,I very much like to prepare for a meal. At us very friendlyneighbours. We frequently visit to each other. My best girlfriendlives in the next house. We are familiar with her since the childhood. We have grown together, and we know all secrets each other. We alwayssupport each other a difficult minute. But my girlfriend Lena, forsome reason has not approved my idea to get acquainted with the manthrough internet. My girlfriend has told, that with me can simplyplay. But I so do not think. Let I still know more few, but I think,that you not such person. I hope that you really good the man, and youwill not play with me!!!??? But all the same I am very grateful to thegirlfriend. She though speaks, that against my idea (acquaintance tothe man through the Internet), but all the same me supports!!! Mygirlfriend asks me every day - what you? About what we talk? Iunderstand the girlfriend - in fact she wishs me of good luck in thislife, and she knows me very well! My mum always for me on the firstplace, it undoubtedly. And my mum supports me in all myundertakings!!! I shall tell to you why I started search beloved in internet. InRussia it is very difficult to find good the man! Whether I do notknow you heard, the my dear friend Patrice, something about ourcountry whether or not. As I already spoke, Russian men very stronglyare fond of alcoholic drinks. A circle of interests of Russian menvery narrow. They do not think of the future. They are not able toappreciate women, and see in us only servants and the partner in bed. It it can sounds very roughly, but so. . . I Certainly, I know what not all Russian men absolutely such. But I wantfind out, and to try to construct the relations with not the Russianperson. Therefore I have decided to begin the searches in internet. Ithink, that I acted am correct. I have written to you because you haveinterested me. I shall be never I shall tell lies to you. I hate People which tell lies. It is very a pity to me for ours very muchdifficult time, it is bad, that there are such people, very bad!!! Iam confident, that the god of them will punish, for it. . . But I hope,at me all will turn out! I think, that I should not search still forsomeone any more. To me It seems, I have found the one for whomsearched. I speak about you the my dear friend Patrice. WithImpatience I wait for your letter. P. S. Patrice, many thanks to you that you have answered my questions. It was valid very important for me. THANKS!!!I as wanted to ask you, my dear Patrice - whether you celebrate a femaleholiday which refers to « on March, 8 »??? This holiday is devoted toall the woman of the world. In Russia all people celebrate thisholiday very well. All men give gifts to the beloveds, prepare themfor pleasant surprises. All men of Russia this day (on March, 8) -make so that their women most were happy on all globe. I love thisholiday. But with me beside there is no man which would congratulateme, and has made to me a pleasant surprise. But I am glad to that you,my dear Patrice, have appeared in my life! I very strongly hope that weshall sometime celebrate this holiday together. I simply very stronglywant to feel myself as that woman for whom prepare for a pleasantsurprise. I want, that to me too on this holiday have presented anygift. It is not important for me, that it will be! The most importantthat I have felt « a sign on attention » in the side. It is very apity, that you, my dear Patrice, at present cannot make for me it. But Iunderstand all! We live too far apart! I very strongly wait for thatmoment when I can give you gifts, and receive gifts from you. I tenderkiss you, and I embrace! And by the way, I cannot write to you theletter on March, 7 and 8. In these holidays the Internet the agencywill not work! But I shall try something to think up! To me veryboringly and alone to live without you, and your letters!!! -----Your friend Olga!

Letter 5

Hello my dear Patrice. I thank you that you have written to me. It is very pleasant for me toreceive, and especially to read your letters. With each new letter allof us it is more and more we find out each other. It very much ispleasant to me!!! And you, my dear Patrice, it is more and more andinvolve me as the man more!!! I am glad to this event. I very muchwant to write to you every day and on some letters, but I not alwayshave time. I hope, that it does not push away you from me. I think,that we should begin more and more and trust each other more. I think,that it will be the big step in ours relations. In this letter I shall tell to you a little about the city, and I wantto give representations about the our future relations which I wantthat developed in good side!!!! CHEBOKSARY - capital of the Chuvash Republic, its the administrative,economic and cultural center. In structure of Cheboksary three areas -Kaliningradskyi, Lenin, Moscow and Zavolzhskoe territorial management. Cheboksary - city with a centuries-old history. In written sourcesCheboksary are mentioned since 1469 when Russian soldiers have stoppedhere on the way in Kazan hanstvo. However as the settlement it existedmuch earlier. According to archeological excavations on its a placesince a boundary XIII - XIV centuries there was a bolgaro-Chuvashsettlement. Today a population of city of 453,2 thousand person, the area of city- more than 23 thousand hectares. I can tell about sights of my city of Cheboksary very for a long time. But it is time and proceed to our relations. As this most important,that interests me. Our city very good, but here as you have alreadyunderstood, is not present worthy men. Almost all Russian men do notrespect women and consider, that the woman has no what right. And forme it is necessary the man with a rich private world which will like,and to respect me. I have gone to the Internet - agency and have gotacquainted with you, my dear Patrice! I think, that you such the manwhich is necessary for me. I as very strongly hope that I likeyou!!!??? And I really hope that we relations will develop!!! I as think, that men from abroad respect women. I am right??? Yousuch??? You respect women???? To me 33 years. I think, that it is timeto me to start to create own family, a home, to give birth to thechild!!! I long time saved money, and now I have enough to arrive toyou. I do not want to hurry event. But I think, that find out eachother on 100 - for this purpose it is necessary to meet face toface. But it will take place only when we shall mutually want it!!! Ifwe shall decide, I shall arrive to you, or you can arrive to Russia. It will be very serious step in ours relations about which we shallspeak later!!!!! I think, that in relations is important not onlylove, and trust and understanding. In the head of the family shouldstand the man, but the man should consult on the woman - to accept hercouncils, criticism to discuss problems mutually. I can takecompletely all works on the house on myself. I very much like toprepare. I shall prepare you such dishes, that you will overlook aboutbarchelor meal. As I shall work to support the our budget. And as soonas we shall be ready to a birth of the child we shall make it! I hope,that I do not frighten off you, asking these questions so is fast. Iam sure YOU that the man which is necessary for me, I hope forreciprocity. Patrice, it was very pleasant for me to receive your congratulations,and your flowers! It is a pity, that I could not feel, as thesebeautiful flowers smell. . . But all the same - MANY THANKS, my dear Patrice!!!On it I shall finish the letter, and I shall look forward to hearingwith the big impatience! Warm and sensual kiss for you!!! -----Your dear Olga!
mailto:lonely-olga75@rambler. ru

Letter 6

Hello my best friend Patrice!!!I very much missed your letter and very much waited it. I already feelthat I began to not know badly you. Today I have come little bitearlier to the Internet agency, than usually - but your letter stillwas not. I have waited, but not for a long time - and itlong-awaited!!! My lovely, I in the last letter have not named to youone more reason on which I have decided to get acquainted with the manon Internet. I do not know, why I to you have not told to you of itlast time. But now I shall correct the mistake. I shall tell all toyou!!! My mum, I remember in the childhood, have told to me that eachperson in this world has that person with whom he sooner or later willbe together. This person will be his second half, notwithstanding -what he races, nationalities where he lives. . . , all this is notimportant, it simply destiny. And mum has told to me: - « When youwill see it the man, can young, and can old (it not important) youwill feel, that it is that person. . . . , also can you will not believe,my dear Patrice but when I have seen you I had any strange feeling. Ido not speak that it you my destiny, but I believe words to my mum. Ihope, that you that the man which I searched. . . I hope, that youunderstand me, that I write and I try to answer all your questions. Ithink, that you understand, that the overall objective in my life isto find that only thing the man with which I can go through alldifficulties of a life, together to meet pleasure, occurrence ofchildren, to grow them, to surround with care, to give them the happychildhood!!! I so dream of it!!! I think, that you understand me. . . You really become the close person for me. And when I do not receiveyour letters 1-2 days I start to worry! If you cannot write to me theletter for any reason more than two days if at you an affair or yousomewhere leave - that please, write to me even one line!!! Tell, whatyou cannot write such quantity days that I did not worry, well? Weshould trust each other, because without trust it is impossible tolive! As my mum has learned this me. My mum has lived already longlife, and much knows. Because of it I am trusted mum on 200 . My mumhelps me in all. And I as help in all to the mum. My mum very stronglyis afraid of that the man from abroad can cause me an intimate pain. Ias very strongly am afraid of it!!! Yesterday on the TV showedtransfer. There it was spoken that many men get acquainted with girlsthrough the Internet that in the future to deceive the girl. The maninvites the girl to arrive to him, and speaks - that very much likesher. The girl trusts the man - and leaves to him abroad. But when thegirl comes to him abroad the man starts to beat the girl - forces tobe engaged in prostitution!!! I understand and I believe what not allmen are identical. I do not speak, that you too the same man! I startto trust you!!! You, my dear Patrice, have very much liked me. Yourletters mention strings of my soul! And I very strongly hope that inthe future we can be together. On it I shall finish the letter. Write to me as soon as you can!!! Iwait for your letters with the big impatience!!! My dear Patrice, alsoremember!!! - I always think of you!!!!! Warm kiss and gentle embraces for you, my dear Patrice!!! -----Your dear Olga!
mailto:lonely-olga75@rambler. ru

Letter 7

Hello my lovely man Patrice!!!At last I have an opportunity to come in the Internet agency tocommunicate with you. I am very glad to receive your warm letter whichcheers me up. All your letters cheer up me. We like are familiar verylittle, but I already have very strongly become attached to you. Itsimultaneously frightens me, and simultaneously pleases me. Frightensme because I very strongly am afraid to fall in love with you, and mylove will be not divided. I cannot sometimes understand you up to theend. I cannot understand your feelings which you test to me. It can beconnected by that at me not such high level of a spoken language. Iask you to be completely open to me, and to speak only that youactually feel to me. I hope, you, my dear Patrice, will take advantageof mine advice, and will be more trustful and are open to me!??? Ivery much hope for it! I am very glad, that I have you! You are veryclose to me spiritually. It is very easy for me to communicate withyou. I have told to the girlfriends, that I have found very interesting theman, to which at me very big sympathy. All my girlfriends were glad tohear it as my girlfriends wish good luck to me. By the way, mygirlfriends transfer you HELLO. I as have told to the parents aboutours with you relations, about ours with you virtual communication. Ihave told to parents, what you remarkable the man. I have shownparents some your letters which you write to me. I have told toparents, that our sympathy to each other very big, and can develop inbig and clean love. I hope, you remember, what I spoke in the lastletters about a word « I love you »??? You know, my dear Patrice as Iseriously concern to this word!!! And it seems to me, that very soon Ican tell it to you. I do not want "to look" very far in ours with yourelation as I am afraid "to maleficiate" all that occurs between us. But I very much want, that our sympathy to has each other developedinto LOVE!!! I have decided to tell it to you as today on my eyes there was aunpleasant case. Today I have seen, how one grandmother was broughtdown with the machine, and has broken to the grandmother leg. I havehelped the grandmother, and have caused medical aid. When there hasarrived the doctor, I have helped the grandmother to sit in themedical machine, and they have gone to hospital. Now it is necessaryto be very cautious in the street because drivers of automobiles govery quickly. It was very a pity to me the elderly grandmother. But asa whole I am happy, and to me not that cannot spoil mood because Ihave YOU!!! I have dream which I want to carry out: I want carry outwith you Christmas. I think this holiday very good. It is a divineholiday, and it spend in a circle of family. I think, that if we shallcarry out it together, us who when cannot separate. And our love willbe eternal!!!! If all this will occur in a real life, and at us theopportunity to meet I have decided to buy a computer to my parentswill appear. It will be the best way to communicate with them throughthe Internet. I shall make utmost, that depends on me. I shall makeall documents for trip to the fastest terms only to be with you!!! ButI again look too far. I like to dream. As in dreams it is possiblemake everything, that you want, and there are no obstacles!!! I shallfinish on it the dream. And you like to dream??? Or you have got usedto live a real life??? I tell more about myself. I like to listen toeverything, that you speak!!! How your affairs? Than you are engaged at leisure? How your mood? Ihope, that at you all is good, and you frequently think of me!!!???Today on work I saw the man which has brought mum to me for work. You,my dear Patrice, remember, where I work??? I work in - « the house foraged people ». I asked the man why he so makes, but he anything to mehas not answered. It seemed to me, that he does not love mum, and hasdecided to get rid simply from her to not look after for her. As at meon work basically only those older persons which do not have relativeswho would look after them. I talked to the grandmother. Thegrandmother very open, interesting person. I do not understand, suchpeople, as her the son whence undertake. She has given all youth, thehealth, the love to the son when brought up him. And he so acted. Ihate such people. I very much love the parents, and never I shall act,thus, with my parents. A lot of interesting it is possible find out onmy work. My work very much is pleasant to me. It will be a pity to meto leave my work if I shall be going to arrive ever to you. But forthe sake of you I shall be ready on much!!! I have not noticed, howhave flown by time, it is time to me to go home! And when I shall comehome, I shall try to fall asleep quickly to see you in dream. I strong embrace and kiss you! -----Your dear Olga!
mailto:lonely-olga75@rambler. ru

Letter 8

Hello my lovely Patrice!I was very pleased to accept from you the message. When I read yourmessage, in me even were on eyes of a teardrop pleasure. I see, thatwe are necessary the friend the friend. No seldom I go to church, andabout me ask about you and ours about occurrence. How you there it isfar from me? I here very much without you people. You in eas alwayswith me. You show very strong interest I was very pleasant to feel it. I started to think very much of us with You which waits for usforward. Write to me all problems, which you Interest. I shall be verypleased to answer you on them. You now, the second man in this world,it to me necessary most of all. The first man – my mum. I very muchhope it that our norm of a meeting the future plumps. To me give verymuch gratitude to you, that you trust me. Through the Internet it - asit - is not present natural, we should take in the hands each otherand consider to count the friend the friend in eyes and to speak, berelative it as the world is perfect. In I very good mood. I want toknow all. To me you are very important. When I started to be copied toyou, I had that that hope, it in us with you everyone will be good. With each your message I have the witness which I have found, thatthe man, that to me is necessary. I also as you want to see, to towhat you will trust to me very much faster it, it would be desirable. I want to trap you tenderness. I research that building spiritualemotional man of establishment specify also it shows the purposes ofeducation of a set. I want to you to inform, that my feelings andwords concerning you always were, I are sincere also always perceived,that we we are placed the main trust of privacy, it the union wouldbe, when it is essential. Now I am confident concerning all 100 ,that I can to you to trust. And you, that the man, it to me necessary. When I read your message, I saw in it your sincerity and behaviour ofthe appendix to me. I have made of your message for me immediately themain conclusion which is probable, will be, it to expressed in threewords "You the best the man". Today I even felt so highly, in me all has comeso easily because my ideas have been directed concerning you. I asknew, when I think of you, and you think of me, and it has been heatedup be washed up I oppress also a body. To me became sad. I feel, thatto ours relations are under construction on privacy. But we shouldtrust to the friend the friend, without it we cannot simply exist. Today, when I the prolonged trace home, I thought of it so to me torecognize you concerning it. You see between us there should be a fulltrust, and we should know without a delay each other all. You probablythink, that I examinesuch not modern, but I, it for the first time Ishould have affinity with the loved man. Now in me the main propensityto you, I do not know, why but it - valid. Sometimes such dreams dreamme which is it is a shame to me to you to speak, be relative it. Thisdream dreamed me today in Night. " We have a supper with you in you, at home and then we go to you indream, and we start to be borrowed with you love. " But in time a Iknow storage about without a delay very small floor , only visionmembranulas also would like to study a maximum with you concerning it. Excuse me which I speak with you so sincerely, but I think, that youshould know concerning me only. I would be happy to visit you - limenfrom my desires. My feelings to you are reflected in this poem. Mylove - Slowing down up to I am similar to a burning flame know yourname In, we my heart, I live, I cannot without you, develop, washlove, you can make it only. Give me all your love, and I shall giveyou be washed up And for ever two of us to be incorporated I want toplease yours the reason, body, and souls, I want to be unique lovewhich you know me it can be young, but washing love, it is pure. Wehave lonely hearts, Together we - Means which I examine, hold so manysecrets, I can inform only to you, but where - To wash up the soulmate, the god only gives me a key For love which we know only, it isrequired, we would like, respect relation to trust, and contact you, Ishould be incorporated, mine the reason will be easy, with my heartwill admire, when I find you, in one we shall grow, but remember, Allfrom us enter, and we this world which everyone leave, I shall waityour answer. -----Your dear Olga!
mailto:lonely-olga75@rambler. ru

Letter 9

Hello my beloved pleasure Patrice!!!!
How at you an affair, how mood? How you have carried out the day? I'm fine. Even it is wonderful!!! I very strongly was glad to receive today from you your letter!!! My dear Patrice, to me to like with you to communicate, and to have with you common interests. When I receive your letter, that my person always arrives a smile, and I feel high temperature in my soul. Thanks for it!!! Thanks for filling of my soul with pleasure. I thank you, my dear Patrice, for filling of my heart with such pleasant feelings!!! I am madly glad, that there is such person as you which always will understand, will support me, will calm!!! I am very happy, that in my life YOU have appeared! Thanks your parents that your parents have brought up such good person as you, my dear Patrice! It is a pity to me, that I not near to you at present. I very much would would like to be with you. To be about you when to you it is bad, and you could calm me when to me it is bad. I very much would want it!!! Find out it is better than you, to know your merits and demerits. Though I think, that at you, there are no lacks! All this gives sense of my life! I do not know that with me! I go on work, and constantly I think of you. I think of you 24 hours per day!!! I do not know, that it!!! My dear Patrice, yesterday I have approached to mum and have unexpectedly told her: - " mum, it, apparently, that person whom I searched. I still precisely do not know, but I feel. . . ". Also know, what my mum has made??? My mum has simply smiled and has told - we shall go to eat, my daughter. . . I am surprised to mum. My mum at me the best!!!!! And my mum transfers you, my dear Patrice, huge HELLO and the respect!!!
I hope that you does not push away from me that I speak about the feelings. But my heart began to feel pleasure! I do not know, that to me occurs. I wait for your letters and news, as something especial. I am very glad to see your letters each time when I receive your letters. Your letters of me warm me, my heart!!! I go for work, and I can not simply wait the end of the working day to read your letter! Girlfriends speak, that I have fallen in love, and that on me it is visible.
I am very happy, that have got acquainted with you! I very much miss under your letters, and always I wait your letters. I want to tell to you, that you now are not lonely in this world!!! You have the person on whom you, my dear Patrice, can rely a difficult minute!!! Patrice, I always - in any second of the life - shall help you everything, than only I can.
On it I want to finish the letter, I need to come back home!!! But know, my unique Patrice, that I shall always think of you, and very much to miss on you!!!!! Also remember, that I always with you! Write to me soon letter, I shall wait very much …

Your dear Olga!

Letter 10

Hello my love Patrice!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. Your letters, give to me confidence about development of ours relations. And I have more and it would be desirable to write to you more. But most of all I wait for our meeting - when I can see, press to a breast, feel your gentle kisses, and at last make love to you! Yes, I really want all it!!! We very for a long time waited, and come the moment when it is possible to start to take the first step to our further future, new life in which we shall be only you and I!!! I want to tell to you, mine loved Patrice, that I have made all documents to receive the passport for travel abroad and, to begin make the visa. I very for a long time waited for the moment when we shall take the first steps to our meeting. I as once again want to repeat to you that at me is money that I could make - the passport, the visa, to buy tickets aboard the plane!!! To you, my love Patrice, is not necessary to spend for me your money because I have the money. I saved money long time, and now I have enough to arrive to you. I knew, that will be necessary money. And I not in any case did not want to take money from the man with which I shall build relations. As knew, that the meeting can change all my life. And including ours relation to each other. I am right??? But I am sure on 100 , that our feelings only become stronger, when we shall be together!!! I have started talking about money at once as in the last life to me have broken heart because of money.
It has taken place 1,5 year ago. It was very hurt me, and I long time could not go through it. I did not touch a computer 1,5 years as was afraid, that it can take place once again. I did not want to speak about it to you as it was in the past, and it is very hurt to me to recollect it. But I do not want, that between us there were secrets about which we would not know. I want to ask at once your pardon that I did not speak you about it earlier. I simply did not want to recollect it. But you, my love Patrice, became very much the close person for me. And I want that you knew about me all!!! So I have decided to tell to you about it!!! 1,5 year ago, I corresponded with the man from USA. All went at us well, and we thought about marriage. That the man has invited me to itself(himself) home in USA. At that time I did not have money for such travel, and I have asked at him the help. I have told him, that I have no money to arrive in USA. After I have asked at him the help, I did not receive from him letters of 5 days. For the fifth day to me there comes the letter from which to me it became very bad. It was the shocking letter!!! All these days which I did not receive the letter from it the man, I thought, that with him something happened. I thought, that at him any problems, and he cannot write to me the letter. But when I have read that letter which I waited for 5 days I could not keep some tear which flew from my eyes. Contents letters was very short. The man started to speak, that I deceived all time, that for me were necessary only his money. And at the end of the letter he has named me - SCAMMER. I very for a long time cried, and could not understand - why he so acted with me. I till now do not understand, why he have thrown me. I have understood, that at it the man the most important in a life is his money. And I him was completely not necessary. That the man at all did not love me. He loved only the money!!! My heart has been broken, and I wanted to die.
But my parents have supported me in a difficult situation. I have calmed down, and started a life all over again.
I ask you, my love Patrice to promise to me - that you never will throw me, and will love me all life!!! I do not want, that to me again have broken heart. I for some time have ceased to trust in true love.
But after I have met you the feeling which name LOVE, has returned to me!!! I am grateful to you for it. I love you, Patrice!!!!
Today I was in the Internet agency, and found out concerning trip abroad! I have found out that I have opportunity to receive the "working" visa almost in any country. I write to you through tourist Internet - agency which gives such opportunity. The agency works not the first year, and many girls have left abroad through this agency. Agency through people in Belgium will find to me work, and will send me there as the worker. After arrival to you, my love Patrice, we shall get acquainted closer. If we shall be solved on serious relations we shall collect all documents that make for me the visa of the bride!!! And as soon as we shall make all these documents I can remain with you for ever. I think, that it is very good idea! What do you think, my love Patrice???? If all will go, as is planned, we with you very soon shall together!!! It is my most treasured dream!!! I shall give you all my love!!! It will be the best time in my life, and I think in yours too!!! What do you think of it???
I know, that you want find out as I concern to sex!? I had no sex very much for a long time. But I shall be make for you, my love Patrice, everything, that you want in bed!!! I think, that the woman should make all for the the man. I very much like to be engaged in sex. But for me the most important that I liked the partner. And if I shall not love the man I shall not be engaged in sex with him never. For this reason I had no sex very much for a long time, because I whom did not love. I send you a photo which shows all beauty of my body. I hope, what I do not frighten off you the frankness?????? I while shall stop on it. I shall wait, that you will answer. I love you!!!

Your love Olga!

Letter 11

Hello my love Patrice!!!
How are you doing? I hope that at you all is good. Today I shall write the short letter because I write to you to a lunch break from my work. I have 15 minutes in which I want to inform you only good news. First - I love you, I feel it, I cannot explain it, in fact I did not meet at all you. But it is valid so. I LOVE YOU ALL my HEART!!! You are soon convinced of it …
Second, I want to inform you, my love Patrice, that I have the passport for travel abroad! My passport for travel abroad will remain in agency while to me will not make the visa to your country. In agency to me have told, that remained to very few to time before I shall receive the "working" visa. I am very glad to this! And you, my love Patrice, are pleased? You are pleased to what already soon we can see each other??? This agency is very fast makes all documents. I could not imagine at all that in short terms I can prepare for all documents to arrive to you, my love Patrice!!! When managers of agency have told to me that my visa will be made approximately 1-1,5 weeks - that I all over again have not believed! I have carried out very serious conversation with managers of agency, also have looked all documents. And only then I have believed managers of agency. This agency works not the first year. This news has very strongly pleased me! I really am glad to that becomes ever less time before we shall be together. After to me will make the visa, to me inform about it. I will need to go to Moscow to get on interview where it will be solved the problem - whether to give out the visa whether or not. My love Patrice, I really very strongly worry! In agency to me have told, that is not necessary to worry. The visa to me will give out without problems. I have thought, and I offer you the following - after reception of the visa, I shall not come back home. I want to remain in Moscow, to order tickets, and the earliest flight to take off to you! What do you think of it, my love Patrice??? I hope, you as are happy, as well as I????
I very much want to begin a new life with you!!! We shall enjoy with you each instant of our life. We together shall walk, hold each other for hands. I shall prepare for you for a supper, on a table there will be candles. After a supper we shall carry out not forgotten night … I can dream of it long time, but it is time to me to run for work. I love you and I hope, that you do not take offence, that I sometimes have not time to answer all your questions. Soon I shall arrive to you and, at us will be much more time that find out each other. I wait the letter from you. I send you one million most gentle kiss!!!
P. S. I love you, Patrice!!!
In this letter I want to give you my home address!!! It means that I trust you on 100 , my love Patrice!!! I am very glad to that we together!!!

The address: Russia, republic Chuvashiya, city Cheboksary, Street of Gagarin 8

My full name:
My name - Olga
My surname - Ivanova

My love Patrice, and prompt replies to your questions!!!:
1. YES, certainly, I am ready leave Russia to arrive to you. I make it because I have grown fond of you. I very strongly want to see you, to embrace, and kiss!!!
2. Concerning a marriage is a complicated question. But I can answer on with confidence on 100 percent - that I am ready to this. You have really won my heart. And now my heart belongs only to you, my love Patrice!!!
3. Certainly, I shall try to send you those photos which like you. But understand - at me now very few a free time, that make new photos. I am very strongly loaded by preparations for travel for you, my love Patrice!!!
4. - I shall never send naked photos to you. I do not know - whether you will take offence at it whether or not - but this my decision.
Charm you can see all mine only when I shall be ready to this. And it will be not through the Internet and letters, and in the real world when we shall be together!
I love you, and I wait for your answer with the big impatience!!!

Your true love Olga!

Letter 12

Hello my love Patrice!!!
Each your letter for me, as a drink of fresh air. And people cannot live without air - just as I cannot live without you!!! I am glad to receive your letter. With me everything is all right. How are you doing? I hope, that you as strongly wait for that moment when our hearts will incorporate. I think of that day when we shall be together every minute. It adds to me energy, and I would like to make all documents, as soon as possible!!! I did not think, that will be so difficult to make it! I every day something make to make all documents for arrival to you. I need to go much on different instances. I stand in turns much to sign this or that document. And everywhere, where I would not address - everywhere are necessary money! For example - I today went make various inoculations. I have very for a long time stood in a queue, and have paid considerable money! It is good, that I saved money. I have money for making all documents, and to arrive to you. But I every day very strongly get tired! I simply do not write to you about it to not load you, my love Patrice, the problems! I do not want, that you regretted me, and offered the help! I the strong woman. I want to make all! I do not want to be "burden" in our relations! I love you Patrice!!! I love you all clean heart!!!!
I very strongly want to begin a new life with you in which there will be only a love and understanding - composure. I very much wait for that minute when I can see you. I very strongly love you, Patrice! And I feel and I know, that there was not enough time before I shall be in your warm embraces. It will be the finest time in my life. I thought much, dreamed, as all will occur. I have a lot of dream as we shall spend time together, and it will be fine!!!
Today I went to agency, and found out concerning my documents.
Managers of agency have told, that is possible already at the end of this week or in the beginning of the next week, I should go to Moscow for reception of the visa. When I have heard this news I was very glad. In me tears - tears of pleasure have appeared!!! You understand about what I speak??? Every minute that day when we can be together approaches - and it very strongly pleases me. As to me have told, that in Moscow I shall pass interview which determine - is possible or it is impossible to give to me the visa. I very strongly worry in this occasion. I need in your moral and sincere support, my love Patrice!!! But I think, that all will be good. I hope for it. And the manager of agency has told, that it only formality. To me will ask some questions which I should answer. In the end my questionnaire will check up, and if all is good, to me will give out the visa. And it will mean, that we on one step are closer each other!!! After my visa will approve, I shall buy tickets to you, my love Patrice. All this is absolutely close!!! HURRAH!!! There were some days before we shall be together. I am very happy. I did not think, that documents will go so quickly. In agency to me have explained it to that the agency works on a direct line with the Moscow embassy. And all documents pass very quickly. It is very good for us as I and you very much would like to see each other as soon as possible!!! I am right?
When I shall come to you I shall be the happiest woman on light - in fact I shall be near to the beloved. Patrice, I am very much in love with you!!!!!!! You are on the other doomsday, but I feel, that you - my second half, and I should be near to you up to the end of our life. This feeling has struck me as soon as we have got acquainted. You remember what I spoke you in the first letters??? In me as though something has turned over. I still then have thought, that you my second half. But the first impression can be deceptive. But in our case it has not proved to be true. You really appeared that the man, with which I with the great pleasure divide the heart and soul!!!!!!!! I am really glad, that I have finished the search of the man. I am really glad, that I have found the the man. I am really glad, that I have found YOU!!!! When I shall leave from the plane and I shall see you, I at once shall rush to your embraces. I shall very strong embrace and kiss you. I am sure, that it will be very much the most gentle kiss all over the world which remain in our memory for all our life as it will be our the first KISS!!! Then, I think, we shall go to you home, I can have a rest a little from road. Then we shall have supper, and then I long time shall caress you - kissing all your body. I shall give you, my love Patrice, all my tenderness which so was for a long time saved in me. I can dream very for a long time of it, but it is time to me to go. I love you!!! I shall wait for your letter!!!
One million most gentle kiss for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P. S. My love Patrice, very much was not pleasant to me that you check me and play with me! Unless you do not see that I very seriously concern to you, and to ours relations!!!??? I hope that you any more will not be make it! I really have very strongly grown fond of you! I really want to arrive to you, and to begin a new life with you!!!

Your true love Olga!

Letter 13

Hello my true love Patrice!!!
I am indefinitely glad to receive your letters. Every day, I was more and more and I think of our meeting more. I think that moment when we can become loving each other pair in a reality. All our e-mails are certainly well. Our letters to each other has very much pulled together us. We have very well found out each other. And about the help of our letters to each other, in our hearts the LOVE has appeared!!! But letters will not give us those feelings, emotions - which we can test in a real life!!! I am sure that our meeting will connect our hearts which are overflown with our love each other. I very strongly love you, my prince Patrice!!! I am ready to repeat it every second. I every day live ideas on you, dreams about our the first meetings, and our future life. It supplements me! It helps me to live!!! As I cannot live without you any more!!! I did not think that I can so strongly to grow fond of the person only under electronic letters. But it happened! I have really grown fond of you!!! And I very strongly want to see you, to embrace, Kiss!!!
My parents transfer you huge HELLO. My parents as are happy for me, that I have found the man of the life, and the dream. I talk with mum about you, my love Patrice much. My mum and mine the daddy are very strongly glad to that I have met the man with which I am ready divide the life in the life of that! I spoke with my girlfriends about you. My girlfriends too are very glad for me, even envy me a little. But it not bad envy!!! My girlfriends are really glad for me in all sincerity. I talked to parents that there can be in the future I I shall leave to you, my love Patrice, for ever. My parents listened to me, and cried. I understand the parents. I the only child at the parents. And it is very difficult for my parents to realize that I already became the adult woman - and I want to begin the new life, and to have the family! But my parents support me, and wish me of good luck!!! My parents understand, and bless me!!! I shall miss on them, but in fact we can communicate through e-mail. It very much pleases me. And sometime, in many years, we with you, my love Patrice, shall travel to Russia. We shall necessarily travel to Russia that you could get acquainted with my parents, and I shall introduce the girlfriends to you. What do you think of it???
I was engaged in aerobics today. I like to go in for sports!!! I understand, that I should go in for sports is more often to be always harmonous for you, my love Patrice. After aerobics I went to agency. Managers of agency have told to me, that in Sunday 29, I to be already in the city of Moscow - on interview in embassy to receive the visa. I was very glad to hear this news!!! That day when us separates only a few time also has come. I am very glad, that our meeting will be very fast!!! I every night see dreams, as we with you occupied sex. We are on the big bed, and you kiss me during all my body. It very much raises me, and brings huge pleasure. Then I begin make to you massage with aromatic oil. We of caress smoothly pass in sexual games. Massage slowly passes in to caress language. I start to lick your neck, a breast - then I proceed am lower, and I start to kiss your stomach. But it only development of our pleasures. Then I go down downwards, and I start to caress your member the mouth. I caress you, my love Patrice, until you not achieve pleasure. Then you take me your strong hands and start to caress me until your force to not be restored. Then you carry out the most courageous erotic imaginations, and make with me everything, that you want, while again you do not reach pleasure. I love you Patrice. With you I can embody all my erotic imaginations!!! You, my love Patrice, can make everything of what you only dreamed. I hope that you will not laugh at my dreams! I really tell to you all that I think! I love you Patrice!!!
I shall finish on it the letter, and I shall wait for your warm words and your precious letter!!! I love you. Soon we with you shall together. HURRAH!!!!!

P. S. My love Patrice, I as wanted to ask for you some information which will be necessary for me!!!:

1. The name of the airport where it will be more convenient to you to meet me?
2. Number your cellular and a home telephone number?

I hope that I soon will have opportunity to call to you. I very strongly want to hear your voice, my love Patrice!!!
And I want, that you knew!!! - I DO NOT DOUBT CONCERNING YOUR LOVE TO me! I simply did not like that you checked my love to you. You understand? UNDERSTAND and KNOW!!!!! - I love you all heart. I very strongly want to arrive to you, and to begin a new life with you! I love you!!!!!

Your true love Olga!

Letter 14

Hello my love, my princePatrice!!!!!

I the happiest woman in the world!!! Thanks you, my love Patrice, that you have made me such. Tomorrow I shall go to Moscow. I very much am afraid of it! I heard, that the city of Moscow - not friendly city, and there it is a lot of criminality. All this is very terrible for me. I in general very strongly worry! I never left the house earlier. But you know, that you, my love Patrice, are very important for me. I am ready to make all for the sake of you, and our further future!!! I love you Patrice!!! After I shall arrive to Moscow - I at once shall inform that to you as I have reached. I do not want, that you spent the nerves! I shall tell to you everything, that I shall be make. In this or next day my arrival to Moscow, I shall go to embassy on interview. Though to me also have told in agency, that it only the formality, and nothing to worry - I all the same very strongly worry and am afraid. Now your support so strongly, as never is necessary for me earlier!!! If all will pass well I shall be very happy!!!
After my visa will approve - I shall buy tickets aboard the plane which will fly to you, my love Patrice!!! As soon as I shall get tickets aboard the plane I at once shall write to you the letter. In that letter I shall give you the information of my arrival to you - that you, my love Patrice, could meet me at the airport!!! I really am very strongly happy to all changes which have happened in my life - when you have appeared Patrice. This best, that occured in my life! Thanks you for it! And I as want to tell to you, my love Patrice, that my parents as thank you!!!
I have just left work, I left for ever, I have left!!! For the sake of you mine loved I am ready on all. I shall depart to you through half of globe that we with you were happy all stayed life. My mum has prepared for a gift for you, my love Patrice. When I shall arrive to you is there will be a surprise for you. It really very good gift. I did not think at all that my mum can present this thing to you!!! My mum wants to save us and our relations from all obstacles which can happen to us in our life. At me such strange feeling inside - since tomorrow's day at me will begin a new life, and in this new life you, mine loved Patrice, occupy the most important and most important role. Now I shall live for the sake of you! You have won my heart!!! And now my heart belongs to you to one!!! I love you. I shall be make you the happiest the man all over the world!!! I shall meet you from work, I shall prepare you for a meal, I shall care of a cosiness of our dwelling. I shall love you! I shall live for the sake of you! When I shall arrive to you, you find out as far as strongly my feeling to you. I very much, very strongly love you!!!!!
On it I shall finish the letter as I should go to collect a thing. As I should say goodbye to girlfriends, relatives, parents today!!! I understand, that we shall communicate through e-mail, but I shall miss all the same on them. I shall write to you all news as soon as I shall arrive to Moscow. I love you!!!
I strong whole also embrace you, my love Patrice!!!!!

Your true love Olga!

Letter 15

Hello my love Patrice!!!
I so strongly worry, that I forget everything, that wanted to tell to you! I remember only that I very strongly love you all heart!!! And I very strongly am glad to that already very soon I can see you. I very strongly want to see you, to embrace, and strong strong to kiss! I love you Patrice!!!!! I hope that you as are sincerely glad our meeting!!!
My mood very good. I am indefinitely glad, that a meal to you. At last we can see each other, after so long correspondence. In letters I opened to you, my love Patrice, all soul and heart. You know, what I the person, what private world at me. And in some days you, love of all my life Patrice, find out - what I the person in a real life!!! In me it is valid a lot of love and tendernesses which I want to give you. Last night I have collected houses of the girlfriends, native to me people, parents - all those who to me is valid very much dear. It was a farewell supper in a circle of family. All of us said goodbye, exchanged electronic addresses, simple addresses and other information which will help us to communicate. Evening has been filled with a good atmosphere. All have wished me of good luck in a new life. Parents have blessed me, and ours with you relations. All has passed well!!! The truth I and my parents had tears on eyes. It was very difficult for us to realize that I depart from native to me of people. I never earlier abandoned them. But my parents are glad for me! My parents send the regards to you, and have told - that you liked and cared of me!!! I cannot write for a long time, but very much I want, as very much I worry. I still had 30 minutes before I shall sit on the bus which goes to Moscow. I should be in time by the bus. I shall write to you already from Moscow. On it I shall finish the letter. I love you, my prince Patrice!!! Thanks you that has made me the HAPPIEST WOMAN IN the WORLD!!! I love you!!!

Your true love and future wife Olga!

Letter 16

Hello my true love of all my life Patrice!!!
How are you doing? With me all is good! I am in the city of Moscow.
Only I very strongly worry!!! I am indefinitely glad to that I have arrived to the city of Moscow. I have arrived not only that, and some time back. I simply could not write to you the letter at once as at me was much have put. Trip from my city of Cheboksary up to the city of Moscow - was not too pleasant! Patrice, you remember, that I told what much Russian men drink alcohol in huge quantities?! I think, that if you do not remember, necessarily know about it! About it knows all world!!! And so - such men were in the bus. To me has very much carried, as I sat far from these men. These men have started to drink alcoholic drinks directly in the bus. I was simply in the SHOCK. Them was three persons. The bus driver has tried to forbid - to drink to men alcoholic drinks, but they did not listen him. In the answer only shouted and threatened the driver. I have been very much frightened. At that moment I very strongly did not have you, my love Patrice. I know, that if you were near to me - that you would protect me! I am right??? It was valid to me to go very terribly in this bus with these men. I all road was afraid of that these men will stick to me. I all road thought of you, my love Patrice!!! But on one of stops where we stopped, there were employees of militia. Employees of militia deduced these men from the bus, also have taken away with themselves. All passengers of the bus were very pleased with it. And all have safely reached the city of Moscow. At station of me the manager of agency through which we have got acquainted has met. The manager of agency called Olga. We have gone to office of agency which was near to station. Managers of agency have once again explained to me that it will be necessary to speak in embassy to receive the visa without problems. I have remembered all, and even have written down on a leaf of a paper. Now my excitement began less a little. Managers of agency as have allocated to me a room in a hostel that I could carry out there some time. It was valid very well. To me gave keys from a room and have told how to reach a hostel. And at the moment I am going to go in a hostel. But I should write to you the letter. I only wanted to tell to you, my love Patrice, that at me all goes well. I want, that you did not worry! Now I shall go in a hostel, and I shall receive rest. Tomorrow at 12. 00 o'clock - at me interview in embassy. Yes, the small overlay has turned out. Interview should be today. But in embassy it is a lot of people which as pass interview. Managers of agency has explained to me, that it is better to me to pass interview tomorrow. Tomorrow will be less people, and I should not wait for the turn for a long time!!! As soon as all to end, I at once shall write to you the letter!!! On it I shall finish the letter. Remember and know!!! - I very strongly love you, and we very soon shall together!!! I love you, Patrice!!!!!!!!!!

P. S. Loved, I have no with myself the camera. Because of it I cannot send you now the photos. Already very soon we shall together. I love you Patrice!!!

Your love Olga!

Letter 17

Hello my love and (very strongly I hope!!!) the future husband Patrice!!!
I at all do not know how to begin the letter. As you already know - today there was my interview in embassy. Today on interview I "have been simply killed"!!! I now shall tell all to you, my love Patrice. And I ask you!!! - read the letter attentively, and try to understand me!!!
My interview began at 12. 30 o'clock. Though should begin at 12. 00 o'clock. At us in Russia constantly all affairs made at the wrong time!!! But in it there is nothing terrible. I have gone through it! Interview all the same began. I and 11 more person were in reception of embassy. I have gone on interview of the third under the account. I very strongly worried and afraid of this interview!!! Managers of embassy have started to set to me many various questions. But I was ready to these questions. I answered very adequately!!! Managers of embassy have told, that all is good. My visa have approved!!! I was really very glad. I wanted to run at once in the Internet of cafe to inform you this good news! I was so happy, that have overlooked about the following procedure!!!
Then I have gone to another cabinet in which reserve tickets aboard the plane. There as there was a manager of embassy. It was very lovely girl. It was easy for me to communicate with this girl. First of all, she began to ask me, whether all my documents are ready - documents that I could travel in Belgium. I have told, that all is good! And I can fly to you, my love Patrice. We very lovely talked to this girl. And in our conversation very serious problem about which I did not know earlier "has emerged"!!! It appears to me it is necessary to have at itself cash to take off from Russia. About it of me who did not warn earlier. And the sum of "cash" - 1500 euros. When I have heard this news to me it became very bad. Managers of embassy have brought waters, and have calmed me. I was simply in a shock!!! I have asked embassy to contact agency through which we have got acquainted. I wanted find out why me have not warned. Managers of agency have told, that warned me. This rule has been written in the contract which I concluded with agency. This point was in the contract! Probably I have not noticed it. You, my love Patrice, should understand me. You saw how strongly I worried! I ask you to forgive me for my offence!!!
I as have found out for what was necessary to have so much money, at a start from Russia. It appears, this money confirm that I can contain myself (to pay for an apartment to eat, pay for travel, and another) first time in the another's country. If I shall not have this money, me will not release from the country. I speak you fairly! You knew, that I never deceived you, and I do not gather it make never. I did not want to ask yours the help. For this reason I have not written to you the letter at once after ending interview. I simply was afraid to make it!!! I till now very strongly am afraid of your reaction. But I continue very strongly to hope that our love to each other can overcome all obstacles!!! I very much hope for it!!!
First of all, I have gone to the Internet of cafe to contact my parents. I wanted to ask their help. I as have asked the help not only for the parents, but also at girlfriends. I have carried out some time in the Internet of cafe. I waited for the letter from the parents. When I have received the letter I have begun to cry. My parents have no money to help me. Parents simply do not have money in general. As my girlfriends can help nothing to me. I have left from the Internet of cafe, and for a long time cried. I did not know, that to me make. Patrice, understand!!! - I really did not know, that I will need additional money - cash. I did not know, that I will need to have 1500 euros. If I knew about it I all over again would discuss this question with you, my love Patrice. I thought, that I should receive only the passport for travel abroad, make the visa, and buy tickets. On it I had money!!! I spoke you about it. And I did not ask you the help to arrive to you. I thought, that all will be much easier! But I was mistaken …
I as have been very strongly surprised with that tickets aboard the plane cost is very expensive. I have asked, why so!!!??? Managers of embassy have explained to me, that cost of tickets aboard the plane, still includes insurance. This insurance as is necessary to sit in the plane. This insurance costs 215 euros. On this insurance at me is money. I took little bit more money, than it was necessary for me. And with insurance I can solve this problem!!! But to take off to you, I should have 1500 euros - NECESSARILY. It very strongly upsets me as I have no this money!!!
I spoke managers, that this money are not necessary for me. I spoke, that I fly to loved to the man, to the future husband - to you, my love Patrice. But managers of embassy have told, that it is a rule of agency, through which I made all documents. And the contract cannot be broken!!! Patrice, I really very much love you, and I want to be with you. I very much want to begin a new life with you!!! I want to execute all our dreams of which we dreamed! To me who is not necessary in this world, except for you! My heart belongs only to you to one. I speak you it in all sincerity! You and know it, is not that so??? I all life searched for the man which I shall grow fond so strongly, and I have found are you, my love Patrice. I was really very happy, knowing, that we very soon shall together. But now I on half of way to you. We are protected from each other only by one problem - cash. Our happiness is prevented only by this money. I ask you to help me with this problem. I know, that you worthy the man!!! And I am sure that you will not throw the beloved (me) in a difficult situation. You will help me to find exit, whether not so???? As I should show this money (1500 euros) only!!! I shall not spend this money. In it there is no necessity. I shall bring your money with myself!!! As soon as I shall arrive to you I shall give you your money. I promise you it!!!
Understand me correctly!!! I saved money, on which I now arrive to you, very long time - 1 year, or even is more!!! 1500 euros are big money for me, and my family. I cannot independently find money. At present I ask yours the help!!! I ask, that you have helped me!!! I ask you, my love Patrice - the help to me!!! If you can help me I shall arrive to you the very first flight of the plane. I very much want to arrive to you, my love Patrice. You are necessary for me in this life!!! I very strongly am afraid, because of this problem, to lose you. I do not want to lose you!!! I love you, and I want to be with you!!! I want to begin a new life with you, and only with you!!! Now all depends only on you, my love Patrice. I can hope only for your help!!! I shall finish the letter. And with the big impatience to wait for your letter, and your ideas, concerning this situation …
I strong whole also embrace you, my future husband Patrice!!!

Your love Olga!

Letter 18

Hello my loved and future husband Patrice!
Many thanks to you that you have quickly answered my letter! I very strongly worry. I even now when I write to you this letter, I very strongly worry! I simply did not know that I will need to have so much money. If I knew it I would save this money. It is very a shame to me to ask you the help. But it is a unique way at present - that we could be together. And as pleases me that I can give you your money at once as soon as I shall arrive to you. As you have understood, my love Patrice, I shall not spend your money. (cash 1500 euros) I should SHOW this money only. As soon as managers of embassy will be convinced that I have all necessary money, I can get tickets aboard the plane. And as soon as I shall make it I at once shall write to you the letter. And in that letter I shall give you the information of my arrival to you, my love Patrice! When I shall arrive to you I at once shall give you your money. I shall give them directly at the airport where you will meet me. I promise! I ask you to not worry at all about it!
I as want to thank you, my love Patrice, for your support. Your support is now very strongly necessary for me. I did not think, that I will have any problems with my travel. I was sure that I can arrive to you without problems. But I was not right. I simply for the first time travel. I hope that you forgive to me it!
As I have found out at managers of embassy how I can receive your money. Managers of embassy have explained to me, that at present in the world there is such system of transfer of money which refers to WESTERN UNION. I heard the first time about it. And for this reason I very much attentively listened, and even some moments wrote down. Managers of embassy have explained to me, that such system of transfer of money is in any city of any country. As to me have told, that it is very reliable and fast system of transfer of money. But when I have heard, that money come approximately for 30 minutes I in general was in a shock. I am never simple earlier collided with it. And all this information - very new information for me. I think, that for us with you, this system of transfer of money will be the best exit!!! As I have found out concerning that, as what information am necessary that you could send your money, and I could receive your money. Appeared to receive your money - me it will be necessary to show the passport in Bank. When I have heard about it I was upset a little as my passport lays in embassy. And all my documents are sealed in - "complete set" of documents. But managers of embassy have told, that will give out to me the passport that I could receive your money in Bank. I was very glad to this. So now everything is all right, and I can receive your money!!! I now shall write to you all this information. I ask you - READ very much attentively!!!

The information which is necessary for you that you could send me of money:
1. My full name - Ivanova Olga
2. The country - Russia

The information which is necessary for me that I could receive your money:
1. Your full name?
2. City, whence you will send money?
3. State, whence you will send money?
4. The country, whence you will send money?
5. Quantity money which you will send?
6. MTCN (control number) - managers of Bank when you will send money should give you this number. And that I could receive your money without any problems I should know this number, and the information!!!???

On it I shall finish the letter. I very much hope that you will help me quickly. And I very much hope that very soon I can see, embrace, kiss you, my love and future husband Patrice!!! I ask you about one!!!
- make me the happy woman, the help to me! And I shall make you the happiest the man on all white light!!! I love you, and I shall wait for your letter and your help!!!
1000000000000000000000000 of the most gentle and sensual kisses for you, my future husband Patrice!!!

P. S. Loved, I saw about what you have asked me - that I have told to you the dream of our first rapproachement. Understand, my love Patrice, I now very strongly worry. And I cannot think of about what you ask me now. I hope that you will not take offence at me for it. I really hope that you will understand me! And I shall not tell to you about my dreams better, I shall show you all in the real world when we shall be together! I love you Patrice. I wait for your prompt reply!!!

Your true love and future wife Olga!